Monday, October 5, 2015

"MONSTERS at the DISH" talking RBI Leaders through the 162 in 2K15 and the #1 Dude is never talked about hidden in the ROCKIES some 5,280 feet above Ocean Water! #RBILeaders2k15 #MonstersAtTheDish

The NL and AL M.V.P. Races are tight as there is no clear favorite and don't give me that the "Millville NJ Meteor" dba Mike Trout will get another one on the Junior Circuit because he will not in 2K15. Having said that the RBI Leaders in 2K15 at least at the top you would have never guessed back on Opening Day! Let's go Top 15 RBI Leaders in the Show for 2K15 in "Monsters at the Dish":

"MONSTERS at the DISH"  
2K15 RBI Leaders in the Show
Top 15

Note: Combining both the NL and AL

1. N. Arenado 3B #ROX 130 

2. J. Donaldson 3B #BlueBirds 123

3. Crush Davis 1B #BirdLandUSA 117

4. Jose Bats RF #BlueBirds 114

5. E. Encarnacion 1B #BlueBirds 111

6. P. Goldschmidt 1B #DBacks 110

7. Big Papi DH #Carmines 108

8. K. Morales DH #KCRoyals 106

9. Y. Cespedes LF #Amazins 105

10. J. Martinez RF #MotorCityKitties 102

11. J. Abreu 1B #SouthSiders 101

11. A. Rizzo 1B #NorthSiders 101

13. M. Kemp RF #Friars 100

14. K. Bryant 3B #NorthSiders 99

14. Bam 34 RF #NATitude 99

3B #NArenado #ROX Baseball

.287 42 HR 130 RBI 97 R 43 2B 

360 Degrees...

The #ROX dba Rockies hot corner Nolan Arenado is going to make serious noise in the NL M.V.P. Voting as "Bam 34" dba Bryce Harper of the Nats is no shoe in...

The Toronto Blue Birds have three players in the Top 5 as they combined to knock in 348 Ducks off the pond...and throw in their front line pitching the 'Jays are a real threat not only to grab a Chip and a Parade Route but take a whole bunch of shine from the Maple Leafs in "North of the Border" it's all about Ice Games and nothing else!

"Crush" Davis bounced back nicely from a terrible 2K14 with 47 bombs and 117 Ribbies...can you say Duffel Bags of Cashola!

Big Papi cleared all his incentives and will be paid $11 million in 2016... with Plate Appearance Clause that could reach $16 million salary if he gets 600 at bats!

Jose Abreu of the Pale Hose tied "El Hombre" Albert Pujols as the only two players in MLB History to go 30 HRs and 100 RBI in their 1st two seasons...  

Rizzo and Bryant dba "Maddon Ball" Hitmen are the future Dynamic Duo in the NL Central and in the Show...and they are not done as they get the Buccos on "Hump Day" for a chance to get to the NLDS...#MaddonBall

Dodgers Castoff Matt Kemp quietly had nearly 600 at bats and went 23 HR 100 RBI hitting .265 and you don't think Dodger Blue missed that...

Morales gets to over 100 Ribbies with all that talent in that K.C. Line Up which is a feat onto itself...

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