Friday, March 13, 2015

McFADDEN of RAIDERS Nation to COWBOYS!..."SUNDAY TALK" featuring "When in doubt go "WOO PIG SOOIE" as JERRY grabs ex-Arkansas Razorbacks Star DARREN McFADDEN!...Once a HIG always NOG and a HOG is going to stick together! @dmcfadden20 #CowboysNation #WooPigSooie

I saw this coming before Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray bolted to Philly. I was looking at the RB free agent list and saw Darren McFadden's name and told myself Jerry Jones is a Razorback and he loved McFadden over Felix Jones who he took a few years back in round 1 as McFadden was already gone to the Silver & Black.

Now Jones does a quick strike grabbing Run DMC as the Cowboys have to under a few assumptions. That O-Line can carry an above-average RB and we do not need to put Murray back behind them with large cap hit. Secondly the Cowboys will have to pay WR Dez Bryant major cash in 2016 and they need that cap space to be able to do so. Then Arkansas Razorbacks TRies as Jerry Jones played football there back in the day under the legend Frank Broyles and Jones roommate was none other than Jimmy Johnson...go figure!      

Now moving forward will the 'Boys still take a crack at Adrian Peterson as the Purple People appear to be under the thought process he is going to a Viking in 2015? Will the Cowboys draft a RB in the 2nd round as there should be a few there with huge upsides! Now Jerry has picked up Felix Jones and Darren McFadden why not go get their 3rd wheel at Arkansas Peyton Hillis...just sayin'!

Note: McFadden's Deal is reportedly worth up to $5.85 million as they might have to use 5.85 million band-aids on this dude!
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