Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 Five-Star NFL FRANCHISE TAGS going "SUNDAY TALK"...HOUSTON for RED FRIDAY...G-MEN down with J.P.P....Tight End CLAY for AQUA Boyz 305! #RedFridayBusiness #GMenTalk #AquaBoyz305News

The 2015 NFL Franchise Tags are in full effect as here are a few NFL Franchise Tags going 5-Star:  

Justin Houston OLB #RedFriday:

Are you kidding me they could ill afford to lose an Edge-Rusher that dominated last season and led Sunday in Red Jersey Collections. Yes Dee Ford is maybe the long-term solution that soon to be 2nd year player from Auburn but keeping Houston from #DawgSaturday makes sense!

 Jason Pierre-Paul DE #GMen:

Look the G-Men look like a science project on defense as they need help at every level but keeping a difference-maker that is proven has to be the give equation here. Now he gets the Franchise Tag and the G-Men can concentrate maybe on bringing in a few low-cost vets like Bird Gang Free Agent Darnell Dockett...Hmmmmm!

Charles Clay #AquaBoyz305:

Clay is a monster and they let go of 2nd WR Brian Hartline and still do not know what to do with highly-overrated WR Mike Wallace. With CLay at least they have something that can move the chains for QB Ryan Tannehill as it seems he and Philbin are on the proverbial clock in 2015.

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