Thursday, March 5, 2015

the Infamous "WHAT IF" Sports Scenarios MARCH 2K15 talking NFL Cuts, MLB 2015 Outlook, D-ROSE, @kdTREY5, Aaron HERNANDEZ, Ben SIMMONS vs Jaylen BROWN in HS Hoops, Malik MONK and Woo Pig Sooie, MARCH Madness, and more! #WhatIfSportsScenarios2K15

We are here for March 2K15
Sports Scenarios

1. "WHAT IF"...Featuring the two top High School Boys Basketball Players in Class of 2015 I said Marietta, Georgia Wheeler HS Jaylen Brown (Undecided) is better than Montverde Academy of Florida Ben Simmons (LSU) by a hair would you agree or disagree?

2. "WHAT IF"...D-Rose comes back with two weeks left in the season would you allow him to go all out or work his way back playing behind Brooks?

3. "WHAT IF"...I said former Pats or soon to be Patriots DT Vince Wilfork was a Steelers in 2015...would that be beneficial for both?

4. "WHAT IF"...I said the NATS will win the NL East with a 110-52 record would you agree or disagree?

5. "WHAT IF"...they do not find the Murder Weapon in the Aaron Hernandez Case is he still going to get convicted based on circumstantial evidence?

6. "WHAT IF"...KD's foot becomes a chronic thing threatening his career would that be a huge shock to all parties involved like OKC an Nike Basketball?

7. "WHAT IF"...I said Wisconsin's Frank the "Tank" Kaminsky will win the Naismith Player of the Year Award by a landslide would you agree or disagree?

8. "WHAT IF" were at a University like Arkansas Razorbacks playing for current Coach Mike Anderson he asked you to go see a potential Hog Player in Malik Monk (Bentonville, Arkansas HS) a Top 10 in Class of 2016 in the US...would you go if you played Monk's position and was a Freshman or Sophomore? (Reports are Anderson had the whole 2014-15 Hogs Hoops Squad at one of Monk's Games to see him play).

9. "WHAT IF"...I told you all the Hotels on the Vegas Strip were sold out for May 2nd for Pac-Man and the Money Team Get that shocking or par for the course!

10. "WHAT IF" ...OKC's Point God Russell Westbrook continues to "Rip the NBA Up" (Randy Moss Voice) should he be crowned NBA M.V.P.!

11. "WHAT IF"...I said the NL Central will be the best Division in the Show for 2015...agree or disagree?

12. "WHAT IF"...I said the Indian Head the Chicago Blackhawks will come out of the Western Conference and be in the 2K15 "Fight for Lord Stanley" Get that reality or where there is smoke there is fire and B.S.?

13. "WHAT IF"...I said Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns has a shot at being the #1 Pick...true or false?

14. "WHAT IF"...I said the Wichita State Shockers and Northern Iowa Panthers will be in the Sweet 16...true or false?

15. "WHAT IF"...I said Kim K got more cosmetic surgery is that that lame or does that get a who gives  F*** about Kim K?..I agree with the ladder!

16. "WHAT IF"...I said the Steelers will go after former Chargers CB Brandon Flowers is that true, false, or a reach as the Black and Yellow rarely go after free agents but must do so due to the fact they need major help on that "D"?

17. "WHAT IF"...I said Free Agent CB Antonio Cromartie will land in Philly with Seahawks Byron Maxwell...ridiculous or possible or not possible as one went to FSU and the other Clemson not Oregon?      

18. "WHAT IF"...I said the Memphis Grizzlies will come out the West for the NBA Finals...true or false?

19. "WHAT IF"...I said White Sox First Baseman Jose Abreu is my 2015 AL M.V.P. that going out on a limb or very possible?

20. "WHAT IF"...I said both Charlie Strong of Hookem' and Kevin Sumlin of Gig'em were off the Charts in their that hitting the nail on the proverbial head?

21. "WHAT IF"...I said Kevin Love will test Free Agency and sign with the Lakers as will Rajon Rondo this summer 2K15...would that be a coup for the Laker Nation?

22. "WHAT IF"...I said the Bears will cut both WR Brandon Marshall and QB Jay Cutler and move on would that be a great move in the right direction for the Bears or not?

23. "WHAT IF"...I said I would take Gigantes Madison Bumgarner in the MLB Playoffs as my #1 and Clayton Kershaw my #1 for 162 do you agree or disagree?

24. "WHAT IF"...I said the Kentucky Wildcats will go undefeated and win the National Championship...true or false?

25. "WHAT IF"...I said the Princeton Lady Tigers at 27-0 and #13 in the AP Top 25 will go to the Sweet 16 and make things happen...true or false and go Princeton Lady Tigers?          
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