Thursday, March 12, 2015

MURRAY is it #FlyEAGLESFly or #CowboysNation or 2015 2nd round Running Back draft pick?...Bluedude Sportstalk "FRONT LINE" for March 12, 2015...Former Boomer Sooner Star RB DeMARCO MURRAY headed to talk to the "LINC" Mad Scientist the "CHIPSTER" and "BIRDS of Philly" as JERRY, STEPHEN, and the 'BOYS frantically wait back in Big D! @DeMarcoMurray #FlyEAGLESFly #CowboysNation

The worst case scenario for the Dallas Cowboys is unfolding right in front of their eyes...or is it? The Cowboys and Jerry and Stephen Jones could not reach an agreement on Free Agent RB DeMarco Murray as things are really getting dicey!

Now the former Boomer Sooner Star is on a Private Jet as we go to press and headed for Cowboys Rival the Philadelphia Eagles and this might be where Murray stays. The Cowboys still have slight leverage but most of the leverage now is in Murray's Corner with he and his agent and the Eagles as they will no doubt offer him a contract before he leaves Philly today back to Big D.  

The Cowboys have options as they hold the #27 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Wisconsin's RB Melvin Gordon a Jamaal Charles Clone but bigger might be a fit but he will be long gone as the Chargers at Pick #17 will most likely take Gordon if he is there after they let RB Ryan Mathews walk.

After that the Running Backs are everywhere and I am thinking the 'Boys might be able to get Georgia's RB Todd Gurley coming off an November 2014 ACL Tear for sure at #27. DO the 'Boys have more pressing needs sure they do. Can they take a chance on getting a RB in round 1 and pick up a Free Agent RB of course they can.

Another option if Murray come back and the 'Boys might sweetin' the pot. Then there is round 2 with RB's like Miami's Duke Johnson, Boise State's Jay Ajayi, Hoosiers Tevin Coleman, and 'Bama RB TJ Yelon who all have 2nd round grades.

Options options options as we will see how this one plays out. If Murray jumps ship the 'Boys will be fine. If he comes back the Cowboys will be in Salary Cap Hell for 2016 as WR Dez Bryant was franchised for this season.  It makes sense to go free agent RB and grab a RB in this draft in the 2nd round.

What we do know is Stephen Jones will not let "Pops" Jerry make a P.R. Splash and take that pick as they hit a Grand Slam last season getting Notre Dame's OG Zack Martin a 1st-year pro-bowler.    
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