Friday, March 6, 2015

Bloodline @wessywes2 of BLAZER MANIA down with an ACHILLES!...Bluedude Sportstalk "FRONT LINE" March 6, 2015 as WES MATTHEWS out for 2015 with an ACHILLES Rupture!...Can RIP City still move through the West? @WessyWes2 #trailBLAZERS #RipCityBlazers #BlazerMania #OnlyGameInTown

The worst injuries are the one where no one is around and watching it live and then replay I needed to no more. The Rip City Blazers with an eight game lead in the Northwest Division will be without unheralded Elmer's Glue Guy Wes "Bloodline" Matthews Jr. for the rest of 2015.

@WessyWes2 his Twitter Handle went down last night with an Achilles Injury and the replays confirmed that. Now Rip City beat the visiting Mavs last night but moving forward won't be as tough with the addition of Arron Affalo. He is a Matthews Clone which is a lock down defender at the Shooting Guard Slot and an above-average Driveway Shooter.

It will be Matthews arguably the Blazers Option 3A as Nicolas Batum is 3B they will miss the depth that Affalo brought to that 2nd Unit as he will be moved up to starter most likely. Looking at the Blazers Top Stat Leaders with Bloodline Matthews Numbers in the equation:

L-Train 23.3 ppg 10.5 rpg
Dame 21.2 ppg 6.1 apg
@WessyWes2 15.9 ppg 1.3 stls
Batum 9.4 ppg 5.6 rpg

Look for Blazer Mania Lead Man Terry Stotts to use Alonzo Gee in Affalo's slot on the 2nd Unit and they shouldn't skip a beat. Dorrel Wright and Steve Blake hold that 2nd unit down and that 2nd unit should still be formidable.

Hope for a Speedy Recovery @WessyWes2 and #GoRipCity...
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