Saturday, March 7, 2015

COBB re ups with #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football!..."SUNDAY TALK" going Free Agency at LAMBEAU Field as RANDALL COBB will re-sign with "PACK" for a reported $40 Million over 48 months! @RCobb18 #ARogOption1B #PackerNation #CheeseHeadsRuleNFCNorth

Yes just when you thought the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers #1B Target was going to skip town for greener pastures you thinking was ill-advised. Through numerous media outlets Packers and Free Agent WR and former Kentucky Star Randall Cobb will team up once again for some $40 million ($17 million guaranteed) for over 48 months of service.

Look the "Pack" knew to stay on top of the NFC North and keep QB A-Rog happy with all his weapons at his disposal re-signing Cobb was their #1 priority and they made it happen rather quickly. A-Rog target #1A Jordy Nelson got "Paid in Full" before the start of last season and Cobb's numbers the last 4 seasons are slightly better.

Taking a look at @RCobb18 Career Numbers 2011-14 with "Pack":

52 Gms (28 started) 309 Targets 227 Grabs 3,049 Yds  25 TD

52 Gms (28 started) 27 Attempts 252 yds

The "Pack" is now set moving forward offensively with both Cobb and Nelson in the fold...

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