Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"MONSTERS 94 x 50" talking NBA's Top 8 Point Gods!...An argument that goes on forever in a day is it the Human Torch of #DubNation or Why Not? #0 from the Regulators Report O.K.C. or even Uncle Drew from the "Land"...my Top 8 Point Guards in "Logo Watch" 2K16-17! #MonstersSeries #LogoWatch #NBAPointGods @RussWest44 @StephenCurry30 @Isaiah_Thomas @KyrieIrving

There is no real answer depending on who you talk and the Bluedude's #1 NBA Point God is solely based on the 2K16-17 season because if we start talking of all-time I would be writing until we get to Buck Rogers and the 25th Century.

It is a real argument and one that is hotly contested throughout sports talking the Big 4 the Logo, the Show, Ice Games (NHL) and Grown Man Tackle Football! This is the Bluedude's Top 8 NBA Point Guards in order and I stand by this:

"Monsters 94 x 50"
Top 8 NBA Point Gods
2K16-17 Season

1. @RussWest44 dba Why Not #0 #ThunderUp

2. @StephenCurry30 dba Human Torch #DubNation

3. @Isaiah_Thomas dba the I.T. Guy #GreenTeam

4. @KyrieIrving dba Uncle Drew #CavsNation 

5. @Dame_Lillard dba "License to Lillard" #RipCity

6.  @JohnWall dba Wall-Star #WizKidsDC

7. @KLow7 dba K.L. of Team Drake Drizzy #WeTheNorth

8. @CP3 dba CP3 #newClipJoint

the I.T. Guy 

360 Degrees

Russell Westbrook averaging a Triple-Double for the season as we go to press....c'mon now like I need to say anymore!

Curry doing what Curry does as the numbers are down but they added the Easy Money Sniper #35...

the I.T. Guy in Bean Town leads all players in 4th quarter points and they always talk about size but never the size of that "Valentine" dba your Heart...Thomas is 82-Game Business and nothing else! 

Kyrie has the best Handle (N.J. Turnpike Rush Hour) in the "Logo" and he might be the #1 PG on this list at making the play at the end of regulation whether that be a shot or the play! 

"Dame Dolla" has Bars and the pride of the "Town" Oakland CA is a complete PG and his offensive tools are ridiculous...he better be an All-Star this season Coach Kerr from #Dubs24-7-365

Wall-Star the #1 point god not named Russ Westbrook at getting to the rim from one baseline to another really a true One-Man Fast break...

K-Low says he will opt-out of his contract at years end but he needs #WeTheNorth and his Partner in Crime "D2" dba DeMar Derozan from Compton CA and will be going nowhere so calm down Team Drake Drizzy...maybe the best defender at PG on this list... 

CP3 I think age is catching up to him but still solid but no longer at the top of the heap...
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