Sunday, January 22, 2017

Steelers @ Patriots as "A QB Driven League" goes "Fight 4 Lamar" in "Triple Diamond Chronicles" as we get Big Ben vs Tom Terrific near Bean Town!...Can the Steelers continue their onslaught and make it a perfect 10 Wins in a row?...The Pats at home are super tough and Bill and Tom have the game plan but can they execute that to beat a surging Stiller Gang? #PITvsNE #HereWeGo #Patriots #Fight4Lamar #LamarHuntTrophy #AFCChampionshipGame

This is what many NFL Pundits had drawn up when the "Fight 4 Lamar" started but many of those same pundits had the surging Pittsburgh Steelers losing to the Miami Dolphins and for sure the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now the plot thickens as those same Steelers come through the front door in the Northeast for Sunday Date Night with the Boston Patriots and that man again...QB Tom Brady and lead man Bill Belichiek. Steelers winner of 9 games in a row will get a Patriots Bunch that has also been on a nasty win streak as they have 8 game sin a row.

Something has to give as you have two of the best to do it in the last 12 years and both teams are eyeing a 9th Trip to the Super Bowl with Pittsburgh leading all NFL Teams with 36 Playoffs wins in totality!

(13-5, AFC North Champs)
(15-2, AFC East Champions)

Sunday January 22, 2K17
6:45pm ET
The Big Straight Razor dba Gillette Stadium

Sunday October 23, 2k17 
Patriots 27 Steelers 16 F 


Top 6 Things to get victory

Big Ben must take care of the Wilson Pigskin and not get caught up in A.B. getting single coverage and go with #26 especially in the Red Zone...

Steelers O-Line if they do the same damage they did last week to a very good D-Line from #CheifsKingdon...lookout as Le'veon Bell will go crazy and Sparty Up you Big Ten Fools!   

#26 and who else at this point playing like Clark Kent dba Superman, Xander Cage dba Triple XXX, Mr. Incredible and last but not least Tony Starks dba Iron get it! 

That Steelers "D" led by #22 dba Mr. Gay #23 dba "M2" #94 Mr. Timmons and #92 dba Mr. Clean as the young boys are all following in #91 #50 #48 #25 #28 #79 #31 and #90...can these gentlemen closeout Brady and that dynamic Pats Offense?

D-Line and Blitz Rush must get "Pressure" leading to "Hurries" on Brady up the middle of the field...

Can "Business be Boomin" in the Northeast...I think so? 


Top 5 Things to get victory

Brady & Brady & Brady & Brady & Brady...I will say no more as we need to hear more about this dude...

Pats front 7 and their approach to that new Steelers O-Line and the "Patience" of Le'veon Bell...can Rocket Scientist Patricia stop it? 

Patriots Run Game led by the R.V. dba Legarrette Blount and Dion Lewis and James White are really good and the Steelers must deal with them in that short passing game with the R.V. in the Red Zone...can Black and Yellow stop that? 

Pats Secondary led by Twin McCourty and Malcolm Butler can they slow down all those Steelers WRs led by A.B.?

All 3 Phases and the Pats will excersise this better than most...

Winner: #HereWeGo 27 #Patriots 23 F 

It feels and looks like that Steelers Train cannot be stopped no matter who is front of them. I might sound biased but this Steelers Team "D" has been impressive and that Run Game is special...Killer B's shall prevail including Steelers PK Boswell and take take that NFL Analysts and you know who the Bluedude is talking about not name dropping! 

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