Monday, January 16, 2017

Steelers, Falcons, Packers and Patriots star in the "AFTERMATH" in "A QB Driven League" as we talk Conference Championship Games....#HereWeGo #RiseUp #PatsNation #GoPackGo #Fight4Lamar #Fight4George #AQBDrivenLeague

The "Aftermath" is here as we settle into both the AFC and NFC Championship Games...

#RiseUp 36 #Seahawks 20 F

It took the Falcons a whole half to get it going but like that #RiseUp Tailgate before the Falcons hit the Phone Booth and out came the Dirty Birds Atlanta Pro Football went Grown Folks Business and was more physical and looked faster as they just took that game over.

Falcons QB Matty Ice from Chestnut Hill U Football has plenty of weapons and WR Julio Jones is just the star of all that weaponry. Do not forget about that underrated "D" as Red Jersey Collector Vic Beasley from Dabo Swinney U is the Sunday Business. They will host the "Pack" for the right to get to Super Bowl 51 and there will be Fireworks before and after that one!

#Patriots 34 #BullsOnParade 16 F

The Pats won but it wasn't convincingly as the Texans led by Jadeveon Clowney hit Tom Terrific many times sacking him twice. Now if Houston had more than a Pop Warner-Esque QB they would have made this one very interesting.

Brady and company still put up points but I have always said this when playing the Elite Qbs. The only "D" against them in most cases is keep them off the field by sustaining long drives and an A+ run game. Pittsburgh has that perfect recipe to create the perfect storm and forget what Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas said in Bleacher Report....

#GoPackGo 34 #Cowboys 31 F

I had the score right but had the Starboys winning this one. Packers QB A-Rog continues his masterful work on Sunday as he was clutch when clutch was called on. That throw to TE Jared Cook to get to the game-winning FG was A-Rog-Esque and now they get a date in Atlanta with the Dirty Birds.

As for the Cowboys the 2K17 NFL Draft should be easier and I can't wait to see former ND LB Jaylen Smith on the field in 2K17 as the Cowboys already have their 2K17 #1 pick in that young man. Dak and Zeke and that O-Line is Sunday Business and the 'Boys were all so close as America's Team is back in full effect and I love to see Cowboys Nation back in full force!  

#HereWeGo 18 #ChiefsKingdom 16 F

I am going start by saying you cannot win with Andy Reid and Alex Smith on the offensive side of the Wilson pigskin. That is not taking shots but Smith is worse than a game manager to me. In a game in his building where the opposing team could not put it in the end zone and you lose...that's unbelievable!

That's Steelers "D" is getting back to what it use to be but the Chiefs missed one and just ran into a hotter and better team. The Killer B's alone from a numbers standpoint went all over K.C. like KC BBQ Sauce....hmmm good!

Now Pittsburgh gets the Pats in what many saw coming and it will be must-see T.V.. Just think in 8 game sin the 2K17 NFL Playoffs the first six team held serve until Sunday as both Road Teams won!

The "Aftermath" in "A QB Driven League" will be back next Monday as we talk the two participants in Big Bowl 51 joining Lady Gaga...5-Star and that is powered by the Bluedude's Super Bowl Bash and Uncle Remus Chicken going Grab Pan x 2 with the infamous Chicago Mile Sauce!

Here We Go Steelers....      
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