Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Warriors @ Thunder as "Regulators Report OKC" in "Logo Watch" w/PLAYBOOK gets Round of two of not #DubNation vs #ThunderUp but @kdTREY5 vs @RussWest44!..."DUBS" got all over the THUNDER on Planet Oracle a few months back now the plot thickens with no KLAYmetheus for "DUBS" and no Steven Adams for O.K.C.! #GSWvsOKC #DubNation #ThunderUp #RegulatorsReportOKC #LogoWatch #NBAonESPN #ThunderAlley

It doesn't get any better than this in the watered-down "Logo" as we get game #2 of double-barrel action on NBA on ESPN talking "Dubs" from Planet Oracle taking on the "Regulators Report O.K.C." from Thunder Alley!

Forget the 2016-17 W-L its Kevin Durant versus Russell Westbrook with @kdTREY5 holding the upper hand from meeting one hitting "J" after "J" with K.D. yelling lay-up after every stroke. Can G.S.W. without star Sniper "Klaymetheus" Thompson hit the winner's circle with O.K.C. playing like they always do in Thunder Alley with extreme urgency led by #WhyNot0 dba former UCLA Bruin Star Russell Westbrook?

(35-6, 1st on Planet Earth)
(25-18, 7th West)

"Hump Day"
January 18, 2017 
Thunder Alley dba Chesapeake Arena O.K.C.

Lead Actors 


Human Torch #30
Easy Money Sniper #35
Lawnmower Man #23

Lead Extra "Iggy from Planet Oracle" #9  


Why Not #0
Vic #5
Enes from Turkey #11

Lead Extra "Bloodline" Grant #9


Can K.D. hold back his emotions where that 'Logo" Foundation was built and all his accolades were achieved? I hope that O.K.C. Crowd and Fan Base gives my dude all what they got on the good side because I still think he is coming back home next 'bout them Granny Smith's! 

Who on G.S.W. will slow down that whirling dervish wearing them lit Jordan 31s dba Why Not #0 as he will be locked in like the Steelers are locked in on Tom, Bill, and Bob Sunday? 

The "Human Torch" #30 will show up like the great ones always do and how will O.K.C. combat those Theatrics by Stephen Curry who at times can be so dynamic its like listening to Big Luther Vandross...not little Luther! 

Thunder Alley's hottest ticket to date...#ThunderUp do what you do but don't cross that line talking @kdTREY5...   

No Klay for G.S.W. and no Steven Adams for O.K.C....who misses who the lost as we will find out here shortly? 

This is a must-see NBA T.V. event and Westbrook has to be thinking it's another game but it is not as a Triple-Double might not be enough let's go Quadruple 10-10-10-10 talking points, boards, helpers, and thefts!

Transition "D" vs Transition "O"...who wins? 

Money Ball Racks...who shoots the highest percentage?

Coach Kerr vs Coach Donovan...5-Star!     

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