Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ben Roethlisberger/Steelers News!...Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE January 25, 2K17 along with "Triple Diamond Chronicles" as we talk Steelers QB Big Ben will he go or stay and will the Black and Yellow select a QB in Round 1 of 2K17? @_BigBen7 @Steelers #SteelerNation #HereWeGo #Steelers #FrontLine #TripleDiamondChronicles


All the chatter the last couple of days has been about at least in Steelers Nation will future NFL HOF QB Big Ben Roethlisberger retires as he was quoted as saying earlier in the week, "I am going to weigh all my options"!

Now looking at it closer yes Big Ben should weigh all his options as he turns 35 years of age in March and has a laundry full of various maladies it that will take its toll. Does his take on what he might do have a lot to do with how the Black and Yellow exited the bet! Does lead man Mike Tomlin and that Steelers Coaching Staff need to tweak that staff they might have to starting with maybe O-Coordinator Todd Haley. Do the Steelers need to draft a QB to back up been and possibly be the future in round 1 if he is there at pick #30...possibly!

That "D" finally got exposed as the Patriots knew the Steelers were going to go Hybrid Tampa 2 Coverage mixed in with that Steelers Zone Blitz and they picked it apart. If anything how about moving to a little more man to man press coverage/bump and run and see how the "D" goes. Yes you need the personnel to make such a leap but the Steelers have that personnel.

Steelers Top 10 Plays in 2K16 Season

Here is the skinny looking at what we will get back from a Roster standpoint and immediate needs:

DT/DE/Captain Cam Heyward
WR Markus Wheaton (Contract is up/Free Agent)
WR Martavis Bryant (Off 1-year suspension)
#30 pick in Rd #1 in the 2K17 NFL Draft

Immediate Needs:

OLB/Red Jersey Collector
ILB (to replace Lawrence Timmons as he contract is up) 
Big Ben needs a back-up QB


Secondary...Can we mix in some Man Press Coverage/Bump and Run?
Edge Rushers need to be dynamic...Pass Rush/Hurries/Red Jersey Collections is directly correlated to Pass Defense  

360 Degrees

That "D" will get immediate help upfront with Heyward back into the fold as he will join Stephen Tuitt and 2nd-year to be keeper NT Jarvon Hargrave...

Timmons can still play but Pittsburgh needs another young/athletic player here in that middle to join forces with Ryan Shazier...

QBs in the 2K17 NFL Draft Class is not deep once you get pass ND Deshone Kizer, UNC Mitch Truibisky, and Clemson Deshaun Watson...all 3 will be long gone when the Steelers go pick #30!

WR Bryant will be a huge addition back if he is back mentally and can stay away from those demons...

WR Wheaton just cannot stay healthy and maybe he will take a Hometown Discount on the contract the Steelers will offer him if they offer him...Eli Rogers is a keeper one would think!   

As for Big Ben he still has three years left on his deal and he has to be thinking Super Bowl #4 and win #3... 

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