Thursday, January 26, 2017

"MONSTERS 94 x 50" talking NBA's Top 8 Snipers dba Shooting Guards!...You know who is atop the LIST its "Fear the Beard" from Clutch City!...Who else is on the list with @JHarden13 is it #WeTheNorth "D2" from Compton and Jimmy Buckets from the "West Side Story Report"?...My Top 10 Snipers in "Logo Watch" 2K16-17! #MonstersSeries #LogoWAtch #NBASnipers @JHarden13 @DeMar_DeRozan @JimmyBuckets #CJMcCollum

James Harden of Three Stripes Basketball has been a whirling dervish act since leaving Thunder Alley in O.K.C.. Now fast forward to year 4 with the Houston Rockets and teaming up with Offensive Guru Mike D'Antoni #13 is playing at his highest level yet!

How high well M.V.P. Numbers as  he leads the "Logo" in Waiting Tables (Assists) with 11.6 per outing. Is Harden the #1 Sniper in the "Logo" for 2K16-17 you bet but who else joins him on the list and in order will be fascinating!

"Monsters 94 x 50"
Top 8 NBA Snipers
2K16-17 Season

* denotes a Shooting Guard not Small Forward on my list

1. @JHarden13 dba "Fear the Beard" #13 Three Stripes #ClutchCity

2. @Demar_DeRozan dba "D2" from Compton #TeamDrakeDrizzy

3. @JimmyButler dba "Jimmy Buckets" #WestSideStoryReport *

4. @CJMcCollum dba C.J. from #RipCity

5. @KlayThompson dba KLAYmetheus #DubNation

6. @DevinBook dba D.B. from the Valley of the Sun #PHXHoops

7. @RealDealBeal23 dba B-Dub from D.C. Hoops #WizKidsDC

8. Dwayne Wade dba Wade County #WestSideStoryReport 

"D2" from Compton

360 Degrees

Harden has been fabulous all year long with a 28.6 ppg 11.6 apg and 8 rpg almost a triple-double...

DeRozan might be the best all-around Shooting guard in the "Logo" as he is a big and athletic guard that is equally effective facing up off the bounce or posting up going "Mouse in the House"...

Jimmy at a 24.9 ppg clip as he and Wade County are both on this list as both are SGs in my guesstimation...

McCollum plays off Dame Lillard in Rip City but is just as lethal at the PG with all sorts of craftiness and tricks in his game with a Lehigh University Engineering Handle and that is as lethal as it gets...

Is Klay the best defender at SG on this list he might be as his numbers have fallen off due to the Easy Money Sniper joining "Dubs" but he is still big-time when the lights com eon...

Beal if he can stay away from Injuries could easily be Top 5 on this list as He along with Wiz Kids D.C. Point God John Wall when both are healthy and going are "Bad and Boujee"...

Wade County can still go as he give him the nod ever so slightly over players like Wes Matthews from the Mavs and K.C.P. dba Kentavious Caldwell-Pope from the Motor City Pistons... 
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