Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The 2K16-17 Houston Rockets dba Team D'Antoni doing damage in the "Logo" through mid-January led by the @JHarden13!..."Logo Watch" is back with a #ClucthCity #RedNation Flare all led by the "Bearded One" @JHarden13! @Rockets #ClutchCity #RedNation @JHarden13 #TeamD'Antonio #LogoWatch

Just inn case you have not been paying attention to what I deem as the watered down "Logo" as the Bluedude's interest level to the NBA is even heading comes the new Houston Rockets. No there is no "Dream Shake" or "Clyde the Glyde" from Phi Slamma Jamma or even @TheJetOnTNT , "Venom" Maxwell, Super Mario Eli, Mr. Thorpe or even Big Shot Rob. There is the #2 ranked NBA "Fight 4 Mo" (NBA M.V.P.) Candidate James Harden the "Bearded One" in a new offense led by Rockets lead man Mike D'Antonio which looks like and feels like and even smells like a a match made in "Logo Watch" Heaven! (This team reminds of that Suns Squad led by D'Antonio that had Nashty (2-Time NBA M.V.P. under D'Antonio Watch, S.T.A.T and the Matrix among others except with Shooters as the "Logo" has evolved into a Money Ball Game)

As we go to press the Rockets doing their best #ClutchCity Rockets Impersonation at a robust and rather impressive 31-9 and no one saw this coming...absolutely no one! Behind that gaudy number of 16-3 after a home-cooked meals and 15-6 after the "Show", the After Party and coming out of the Motel the Rockets are a real threat in the West and to throw "Spalding Oranges at the Cavs Throne"!

James Harden in D'Antoni's System of a modernized Doug Moe's version of "Organized Chaos the "Bearded One" would be leading the M.V.P. Race if it wasn't for his dude in O.K.C. getting his Big O Digits on as in Russell Westbrook going Triple-Double nearly every night.

Look NBA Offenses are no surprises to anyone as every team knows whats going on it just comes down to those players in that system and the execution on a nightly 82-game basis. D'Antoni's key factors were getting more lethal shooters to spread the hardwood and Harden to become 68% "Get Buckets" and 32% waiting on tables and that is hard to do to go from Manager of the front and back of the house to the lead server but he has done this thus far with flying colors.

Key Additions...Ryan Anderson (14.2 ppg 41.1% 3pt Fg) and Eric Gordon (17.8 ppg 41.1 % 3pt FG) as they are #3 and #2 respectively on the Rockets at scoring and their specialty is the money ball. GM Darryl Morey has to get some credit as the System (D'Antoni) has shaped both Harden the #3 team in the west the Rockets and they look dangerous as we move into the dog days of "Logo Watch"!

As for James Harden's 2k16-17 Digits:

SG Arizona State 
Weapon of Choice...Three Stripes Harden Vol. 1

28.5 ppg 11.5 apg 8.4 rpg 1.4 thefts 
(8.8 FT Made/10.4 FT attempts per) 

53 pts 17 asst 16 rebs 
New Year's Eve 2K16

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