Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ORIOLES enter the BRONX ZOO where Few have Entered and Left with a SMILEY FACE....O's @ PINSTRIPES Game 3 Preview...Will YANKS drop A-Rod in Order?...Will O's Left-Handed Hitters take advantage of SHORT PORCH in Right? Both CLOSERS Johnson and Soriano will be on the BUMP in this one...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report OCTOBER Edition 12

The Orioles know it is a Whole New Series as they enter the Fall-Like Temps in the Bronx Zoo as Temps are suppose to be in the High 50s and tell what the Temp is around 9pm ET.

The O's enter the Game 3 with a New Lease on Winning Time Life as well as a Closer with his Confidence back after the Game 1 Debacle. The Yankees had their Opportunities in Game 2 and they may have to drop a Player or Two in that Line Up to get it going.

October 10, 2012
Game 4 Preview 7:30PM ET
@ Yankees Stadium aka the Bronx Zoo

BAL M. Gonzalez vs NYY H. Kuroda

Gonzalez is arguably the O's Best Pitcher on the Road and is 2-0 vs the Bombers in the Bronx Zoo in 2K12. Kuroda is is the Yanks #3-4 but has Good Stuff and is on a Few Extra Days Rest.

For O's Pitchers Hitters to stay away from...Ichiro, Cano, Tex, and #2

For Yankees Pitchers Hitters to stay away from...Chris Davis, Adino, and Mr. Jones

This is the most Pivotal Game in a 5 Game Series and who ever wins this Game Numbers wise will be favored to move on.

Yankees have to thinking about C.C. Sabathia in Game 4 with a Loss in Game 3. Meanwhile the O's have Arms and they will not come back with Game 1 Starter Jason Hammel one would think.

The SKIP-manship in this one is Stone-Cold Stellar with No Candyland and all Monopoly with Showalter and Girardi.      
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