Sunday, January 17, 2016

STEELERS 16 BRONCOS 23 F...STILLER Gang oh so close as the ONE TURNOVER in the entire game costs the BLACK & YELLOW in the 4th!..."Triple Diamond Chronicles" as the STEELERS exit "Winning Time" in the "Fight 4 LAMAR" Divisional! #PITvsDEN #StillerGang #OrangeCrush #TripleDiamondChronicles #Fight4Lamar

The Pittsburgh Steelers for nearly 3.5 frames was playing their game and their terms. Then that "Fumble" on a late drive in the 4th by Steeler RB Fitz Toussiant that cost the Steelers dearly as they were driving possibly to put the game away.  

It didn't all come down to that play as Peyton Manning did convert a 3rd and 17 on the TD Drive in the 4th after the fumble as it looked like that Steelers "D" was a little bit gassed by then not making excuses. Look Denver just made the "Plays" or the "Play" when they had to and Manning Mile High will get no Headline here as it was that Denver "D" holding the Steelers to 3's instead of 7's.

Now Denver moves on to face the New England Patriots in Foxboro and you know the headlines. Pittsburgh on the other hand missing top guys everywhere on offense played well enough to win as they had that Denver "D" guessing a lot...

Note: Big Ben Roethlisberger passes QB Terry Bradshaw for Passing Yards by a Steeler QB in "Winning Time"...
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