Monday, January 11, 2016

NFL Wild Card 2K16 the "AFTERMATH" as it was truly "A QB Driven League" as all teams playing in "WHITE" Jerseys coming out of the MOTEL on Saturday and Sunday were victorious! #NFLWildCard #AQBDrivenLeague #RedFriday #StillerGang #12thManSpaceNeedle #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football

They say the "Cream rises to the Top" and looking back at the NFL Wild Card Weekend as we head into the Divisional Weekend is is nothing but a QB Driven League! All 4 teams coming out of the Motel and wearing white jerseys hit the Winner's Circle going Vitamin D Milk as the all 4 home teams stunk their joints up. Now we go the "Aftermath" of the NFL Wild Card Weekend"...  

#RedFriday 30 #BullsOnParade 0 F

Well Chiefs QB Alex Smith was "En Fuego" but after the opening Kickoff went to the House for the Chiefs it was over. K.C. WR Jeremy "Mac Attack" Maclin from Mizzou Nation has a high ankle sprain rather than a Torn ACL and that is good news moving into Foxboro to play the Pats.

Texans "Area 99" DE JJ Watt will reportedly undergo Groin Surgery on Tuesday as Texans QB Brian Hoyer was awful on the big stage in his first playoff appearance. Houston is moving in the right direction but it is "A QB Driven League" and #BullsOnParade needs to fix it and quickly!

#StillerGang 18 #Bungles 16 F

Where do you start as the Stiller's D was looking like that 3-4 Dick LeBeau Zone Blitz from a decade ago for three frames and then the Bengals got on track. Cincy leading 16-15 with the game in tow then blew it behind a series of 15-yard Penalties as LB Vontaze Burfict and Adam "Pac Man" Jones were the culprits. Let's not forget the fumble by Bengals RB Jeremy Hill to set up the Stillers game-winner as Big Ben hits the Phone Booth on his throwing arm and the Bionic Arm it was leading the Black and Yellow to a 18-16 "W"!

As a Stiller Head you just knew the "Bungles" at some point would show up and they did right before the confetti dropped in their favor...Pittsburgh now gets the Broncos in Denver in the Divisional Round!      

#12thManSpaceNeedle 10 #SKOLVikings 9 F

I am not going to talk Vikes PK Blair Walsh as we need to talk about the Vikes stellar "D" and 12's QB Russell Wilson somehow and someway pulling it off. The Purple People were in full effect mode for 3 frames until Wilson landed to two drives to get to 10 points. The Vikes had everything going for them on the game-winning drive late in the 4th and a 22-yard FG was missed wide left...Hawks move onto to play the Panthers and NFL M.V.P. Cam Newton and yes I went there...

#WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football 35 
#HTTR 18 F

Packers QB A-Rog along with RBS James Starks and Eddie Lacy drove it home for the "Pack" as they were down 18-17 in the 3rd. That Redskins "D" played tough and Kirk Cousins played well early as the game just turned to the Cheese Heads making all the necessary plays to get out of town with the win. Now Green Bay will ravel West to play the #BirdGang in #RedZone exercising some demons from that 38-8 Week 16 "L" in the #RedZone. Something tells me this game will be a tad bit different and it won't be a blow out either way!

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