Monday, January 25, 2016

SPURS @ WARRIORS going "Logo Watch" and "Squeeze the Orange" w/ PLAYBOOK for all NBA Heads to see on Planet ORACLE!....#SpursFamilia playing #SpurWars weighing in at 38-6 already crowned NBA Southwest Division Champs gets the defending World Champions #DUB24-7-365 weighing in at 40-4 dba #StrengthInNumbers with the Pacific Division Title already in the Trophy Case! #SASvsGSW #SpursNation #DubNation #LogoWatch #NBAMarquee #SqueezeTheOrange #HowTheWestWillBeWon?

Who would have thought until maybe early December 2K15 to mark this one on your NBA Calendars as we get the San Antonio Spurs at a robust 38-6 (14-6 out of the Motel) entering Planet Oracle playing  the mighty Golden State Warriors hovering at a 40-4 clip (20-0 in front of #StrengthInNumbers)!

The Spurs leading Star is 2K16 All-Star Game Starter Kawhi Leonard the pride and joy of Martin Luther Kings H.S. near L.A. by way of the SDSU Aztecs. Yes they still still have France Point God TP9, Argentina's Manu, and the U.S. Virgin Islands "Dunc" but they are running on those three plus K.L. and L-Train among others. #SpursFamilia looks like a Loaded Baked Potato with extra Chives!

Then there is "Dubs 24-7-365" who has turned a Raider Town into #DubNation dba #StrengthInNumbers as they have arguably the #1 entertainer in the "Logo" in Steph Curry. They also have lead man Steve Kerr back after Back Surgery and the Warriors are playing like they lost in the Finals in the Summer of 2K15. Curry is backed by his partner from "Los Splash Hermanos" Fame Klay Thompson and the rugged Custodian-Like jack-of-all-trades Draymond Green with "Iggy" of Planet Oracle and the Dub Nation Extras doing what they do...

(38-6, 14-6 Motel)
(40-4, 20-0 Planet Oracle)

"Logo Watch" going NBA T.V.
Monday January 25th, 2K16 @ 10:30pm ET
Planet Oracle 
Black Hole   

Let's talk #SpursvsWarriors w/Playbook



SG D.G. of AT&T
SF Kawhi
PF L-Train
PF D-West


PG Chef Curry
SG KLAYmetheus
SF Harrison
PF Draymond
C Andrew the Aussie


Spurs half court "D" on the Pick and Rolls with Chef Curry as the ball-handler must be crisp without hesitation...

Warriors need all bodies on the Glass as #SAS is an excellent offensive rebounding team...

Will Kawhi get Chef Curry as a defensive assignment? 

Warriors Dancers are always winning as its #StrengthInBeauty!

Spurs needs to keep #StrengthInNumbers dba #DubNation on their fannies and in their seats! 

Live Turnovers vs Turnovers...that is crucial for both moving forward in an high-octane game!

Run all Pick and Rolls to the Sideline with a Trap getting the Spalding Orange out of the primary ball handlers hands making someone else make a "Play"! 

#SpursFamilia Bench vs "A Tribe called Dubs Bench"...who wins? 

Super-Subs...Spurs Manu vs Dubs S-Dot...who wins? 

Spalding Money Ball Racks as the Spurs must contest everything and run all Snipers off the arc trading 3's for 2's...

50/50 Scrums...who wins? 

"Pops" vs Kerr as this is no Candyland as we play Chess in this one...X's and O's who wins? 

It's just Game #45 for Spurs and #45 for Dubs but don't tell them that...

Imagine this both #SAS and #GSW are a combined's game time finally as Tim Duncan will be out with a Sore Knee!                  
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