Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"MONSTERS on the Outside" 2K15 as we talk the SHIELD'S Top 10 Wide outs covering "Blades of Grass" led by JULIO of the "Peach Drop 3" and A.B. of STILLER Gang!...What about names like @NukDaBomb and Allen Robinson? #MonstersSeries #SuperWideouts #AQBDrivenLeague

The Monsters Series is back at Bluedude Sportstalk as we talk the Shield's Top 10 Wide outs in Yards for the 2K15 NFL Season. To no ones surprise Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown again amasses record Steeler Yardage as he topped his 2K14 Campaign with QB Big Ben Roethlisberger missing 4 games.

Then there is Rise Up WR Julio Jones of the "Peach Drop 3" (talking Julio, Roddy White, and QB Matt Ryan) who topped A.B. by a few blades of grass as both go Video Game Mode on Sunday in the 2K15 season.

Where was Wide outs like Dez Bryant, MEGAtron, and A.J. Green as we all had them three in the Top 5-6 Wide outs to start the 2K15 Season? Well injuries hampered Bryant, MEGAtron had  a slow start as did the Lions, and Green floats week to week as you never know what A.J. might show up and that is putting it lightly considering his immense talent.

Let's checkout the Top WRs talking "Blades of Grass" for the 2K15 season with their TDs in Parenthesis:

"Monsters on the Outside"
Top 10 Wide outs  
"Blades of Grass"

Note: TDs in Parenthesis

1. J2 #RiseUp 136 grabs 1,871 yds (8)

2. A.B. #StillerGang 136 grabs 1,834 yds (10)

3. @NukdaBomb #BullsOnParade 111 grabs 1,521 yds (11)

4. #MarshallOfGangGreen #J-E-T-S 109 grabs 1,502 yds (14)

5. @OBJ_3 #GMen 96 grabs 1,450 yds (13)

6. A-Rob #KHANStructionJags 80 grabs 1,400 yds (14)

7. Demaryuis T. #OrangeCrush 105 grabs 1,304 yds (6)

8. A.J. Green #WhoDey 86 grabs 1,297 yds (10)

9. Fitz #BirdGang 109 grabs 1,215 yds (9)

10. MEGAtron #RestoreTheRoar 88 grabs 1,214 yds (9)

@JulioJones_11 dba J2 
2K14 Highlights

360 Degrees...

@NukDaBomb dba Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins is simply delicious on the Outside as he torched all Islands that tried covering him. Then you think of the OBs throwing to him like Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, and Brandon Weeden to name a few. That's the Adult Flag Football League QBs in your league...

Then there is Julio and A.B. both grabbing a whopping 136 Wilson Pigskins...that is off the charts!

What about Brandon Marshall turning the clock back as he and Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick almost gets Gang Green in to "Winning Time" as "Fitz" turned the clock back to who he really is...a Clipboard Holder!

Odell Beckham Jr...Head and Shoulders the bomb!

Allen Robinson..Who? Yes Jags 5-Star Wide out Allen Robinson from Happy Valley U and throw in partner in crime Allen Hurns you have Bortles L.L.C. about to erupt on the scene in 2K16 you AFC South Haters!

Demaryius Thomas of the Broncos is cool but Emmanuel "Go Go" Sanders (dba Team E88 of the Stiller Gang few seasons back) his teammate carried "United In Orange"

Green of the Bengals is a bad man and when "On" he is a work of Art going 1 of 1 in the Shield...

Larry "Fitz" Fitzgerald I mean when does he stop as he continues to defy all odds and #11 of #BirdGang rarely goes deep so all those "Blades of Grass" is underneath coverage...that is 100% Country Crock Butta Cards Nation!

Calvin Johnson is a contract year comes in at #10 just in case you forgot about him....I am "MEGAtron" and we know Ramblin' Wreck Dude!

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