Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WARRIORS @ BULLS as the "WEST SIDE Story Report" goes Prime Time ESPN vs the Logo's #1 MOTEL Show!...DUBS and CURRY hits the MADHOUSE to take on "SEE RED" and the Madhouse BUTLER! #GSWvsCHI #Dubs24-7-365 #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport #StrengthInNumbers #BullsGang #NBAonESPN

The Second City is buzzing tonight not for just the home team their Bulls but the opponent. The #1 Motel Show in the Logo is upon us as Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors make their only trip to the Madhouse and of course there is snow on the ground and very cold on the West Side of the 'Go!  

After their record 28-0 start "Dubs" has cooled off a bit and since then they are still a more than solid 10-4 which has put them at 38-4 coming in. Those 4 L's have all come with Dubs coming out of the Motel as they are a scintillating 19-0 on Planet Oracle dba Oracle Arena.

Dubs also has arguably the best player on the planet in Stephen Curry and the Bulls Game Plan is simple...send the Red Jacket Madhouse Security on him the minute that Charter Bus pulls up with "Dubs" unloading tonight. His partner in crime Klay Thompson will also be in the gym and lookout as we need the "Splash Brothers" not to get overly excited on this night and stand at the money ball racks!

As for my Bulls and calm down everyone we have the East right where we want them. Now Chicago gets to see where they are at against the best Squad in the Association (talking W-L) as "Dubs" thumped "Believeland" on Monday Night like the Cavs took the Trophy from Planet Oracle.

Derrick Rose will get Curry and Jimmy Butler will most likely get Klay Thompson. The Bulls have an advantage in the paint as Pau Gasol will get Andrew Bogut but who will guard Draymond Green? "See Red" has been in need of a litmus test and now they get one in the Dawg Days of the Logo! That Bulls Bench Mob will be key tonight for Chicago as we take a look at the Keys for tonight's tilt.

GOLDEN STATE (38-4, 1st Pacific)
CHICAGO (24-16, 2nd Central)

"West Side Story Report" 
"Hump Day" January 20th, 2016 @ 8pm ET

Key Match Ups in #WarriorsvsBulls

PG Chef Curry vs D-Rose

2G KLAYmetheus vs the "See Red" Butler

"A Tribe called Dubs Bench" vs the Bulls Bench Mob 


Bulls must run all Dubs shooters off the arc and make them make a play off the bounce...

Warriors must keep both D-Rose and Butler under wraps or it will be a long night...

Transition Offense vs Transition Defense as the "D" must get "Ball Level" before the timeline and watch for the Shooters running out to the arc not to the rim...

Live Turnovers vs Turnovers....who wins? 

Glass Work talking Rebounding who wins? 

Key Front Line guys like Draymond and Pau must take it to another level...

Money Ball Racks...who shoots it better on this night? 

"Points in the Paint"...who wins?

Bulls must protect the Madhouse...will they?       

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