Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Big BEN and A.B. News as STILLER Gang prepares for the Manning Mile High led ORANGE Crush!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as we get news on #7 and #84 before the Practice Weeks gets started! @Steelers @_BigBen7 @AntonioBrown84 #StillerGang #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Pittsburgh Steelers finally gets the MRI back concerning QB Big Ben Roethlisberger and it is 50/50. Through numerous reports Big Ben has what has been deemed as a Torn Ligaments and a Sprained AC Joint. What does that mean probably he will be relegated to throwing a short to intermediate passing game or not throwing at all.

As for WR Antonio Brown he will continues through reports to go through concussion protocol and he has to get through that with a passing grade before even thinking about getting a uniform for Sunday's Game vs the Orange Crush dba Denver Broncos.

Why is it Steeler Nation every time we play the "Bungles" out Key People go down and not for just a week but weeks or even Season-Ending IR like in Le'Veon Bell's Case?

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Le'Veon Bell (Left) A.B. in White (Right)

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