Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SPURS 90 WARRIORS 120 F...They say keep the "BLOWS" above the belt well don't tell the "CHAMPS" that dba "DUBS"!..."LOGO WATCH" turns into "FRIGHT NIGHT" on Planet ORACLE as #DUBS24-7-365 takes #SpursFamilia through the $3 Car Wash...with no rinse cycle! #SASvsGSW #SpurWars #DubNation #LogoWatch #LosSplashHermanos #DubsHasTheLarryO'Brien

Let's start with this keeping most of this in perspective as both the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors are on game #45 tonight in Planet Oracle. Two things might be a little different come late May  to early June 2K16 as the stakes will be higher. Lastly...can anyone really beat Dubs playing their game as the "Champs" are better than their Championship Season?

Slowly and methodically that 29-23 lead after one got bigger and bigger for Dubs. Then it was Stephen Curry dba Chef Curry cooking up more Carbs for #StrengthInNumbers dba #DubNation to run on as he goes for a game-high 37 points in just three frames. Take Curry and his "Brother from another Mother" Klay Thompson dba "Los Splash Hermanos" combining for 48 it was a wash.

G.S.W. led 62-47 at the break only to grow that lead to 95-66 by the end of the 3rd. Now mind you this the Spurs without Tim Duncan still had Kawhi Leonard, TP9. L-Train, Manu, D-West and a host of other Characters playing "Spur Wars" until tonight. San Antonio has just two starters in double figures in K.L. (16 pts) and D-West (12 pts) and had 25 Turnovers and coming out of the Motel no team can beat the Washington Generals with that many My Bad's!

The key stat was Dubs Starters outscored the Spurs Starters 67-41 and that my NBA Heads is Dubs 1's giving the Spurs 1's the Manic Monday Business and I don;t care what you had for breakfast! That "Tribe called Dubs Bench" was led by S-Dot Livingston, B-Rush, and Mo Buckets as they combined for 38 points as Dubs Extras!

G.S.W. moves to 41-4 as the Spurs fall to 38-7 that is three games back for Home Court throughout the Western Conference Playoffs as its a two team race as we go to press... 
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