Friday, January 22, 2016

BULLS 101 CELTICS 110 F..."SEE RED" fights uphill all game long after the C's took control in the 1st Half! Both BUTLER and D-ROSE outplay ISAIAH and AVERY but it was the C's Bench that brought the real heat! ..."WEST SIDE Story Report" do the BULLS have an Identity or is that yet to be seen? #CHIvsBOS #BullsNation #Celts #WestSideStoryReport #NBAEasternConference

IF you would have told me before the Bulls Contest tonight before playing the Boston Celtics that both Jimmy Butler (28 pts 14 rebs) and Derrick Rose (27 pts 7 rebs) would outplay the C's back court of Avery Bradley (21 pts) and Isaiah Thomas (22 pts 5 asst) I would have told you the Bulls win going away.

Then you throw in the Bulls Back court would shoot 20 for 41 and the rest of the team 18 for 48 I would have told you maybe the Bulls lose but it was close. Well after all the numbers spoke for themselves the Bulls take it on the chin again as the Celts Bench outscore the Bulls Bench Mob 30-17 and that was your difference in the ball game.

Bulls dug themselves a hole in the 1st half that took way too much energy to get out out of as they were down 64-49 at intermission. They closed that deficit to eight 90-82 at the end of three and was down 99-96 under the five minute mark. Boston would go on a 6-0 run all the way to the under two minute mark where Taj Gibson finally hit a shot but for Chicago it was too late.  

Chicago loses 110-101 as they fall back into a crowded  Eastern Conference that is slowly becoming a Cavs and Raptors World. Boston mush-improved moves to 23-21 and the Bulls fall to 24-18 after being 22-12 just two weeks back...go figure!

Now Chicago heads back west with a Prime Time stop in C-Land with "Believeland" as they get King James and Tyrann Lue on Saturday Night on ABC!      
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