Thursday, April 10, 2014

"All-SUNSHINE State" LOGO WATCH Fusions takes us through the Panhandle State with P.O.Y. and Planet Earth's #1 Player "King JAMES"!...Is there a ROOKIE on the Team? Did Heat Shooting Guard WADE County make the 1st Team? #LogoWatchFusions #HEATnation #MouseTownMagic

The Votes have been in for the State of Florida and a "Re-Count" is not in the Cards as it was a no-brainer Vote for Player of the Year but you might be surprised at who is on the 1st Team on the All-Sunshine State Team. There is a Rookie on the 1st Team as he will only get better. Also a Pistons and Nuggets Castoff who is the best Shooting Guard in the State of Florida and that includes Wade County of the Heat. There is also a Sixers Castoff that is a double-double walking as both reside in Mouse Town playing for the O-Magic and take that "Dwight of Three Stripes".

"All-SUNSHINE State" 2013-14

Player of the Year

LeBron James dba King James #Champs305
Nike Basketball LeBron 11  

75 Gms 27 ppg 6.9 rpg 6.4 apg 1.6 stls

1st TEAM

SG V-Oladipo #MouseTownMagic
PF C.B. #Champs305
SF King James #Champs305
C N. Vucevic #MouseTownMagic
SG Wade County #Champs305

Honorable Mention

SG "A2" Affalo #MouseTownMagic
PG Rio #Champs305
SF T. Harris #MouseTownMagic
SG Jesus Shuttlesworth #Champs305
C "Birdman" #Champs305

Oladipo will win the Rookie of the Year as they could have given him that award before Turkey Day 2k13. A whirling dervish on the Defensive End as his Offense will only get better as he competes on every possession and on every night. He will be a Shooting Guard before its said and done as the Magic needs them a dynamic Point Guard in the 2014 NBA Draft maybe Tyler Ennis of the 'Cuse.

Bosh defers because of Wade and James but make no mistake about it when the Chips are down he is a Top-Flight PF in the Logo. His numbers have taken a hit but he is the one player that helps the Heat in their Scheme but he is a Pick and Pop Player which means the Lane stays free and clear for Wade and James to do what they do.

King James...enough said as he is the 2013-14 Player of the Year on the All-Sunshine State Team

Wade County missed a lot of Game sin the 2013-14 season but no discounting the fact that he is still a Major Player in Winning Time and a Top 15 Player in the Logo still with his Knee Issues. Will the Heat Three-Peat and if thy do does both Bosh and Jams stay in the 305?

Nikola Vucevic was a throw-in in the Dwight Howard/Andrew Bynum Trade as he was "DNP" on that Sixers Bench. As Dwight tries to get his Mojo back and Drew appearing to be Dunzo Vucevic was a steal and guys are not walking around getting DNP's in the Logo now averaging a Double Double...that is rare!

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