Monday, October 31, 2011


Week 8 Showdown in the 'BURGH.....STEELERS dominate 25-17 and even though the score looks close it never was. As PATS QB Tom Brady put it, " WE PLAYED on their TERMS".

The BILLS will be one of 2 TEAMS out of the AFC EAST to make it to the PLAYOFFS....what's the other team? And the BENGALS go to a difficult place to play and beat the BRAKES off the SEAHAWKS and drag them through the Fish Market.


ARIZONA @ CRAB CAKE: A 24 - 6 lead by the CARDINALS evaporated like RAIN on a HOT STREET in FLAGSTAFF. The RAVENS WIN but they say about this point in the SEASON You ARE what Your RECORD says you are.....ARIZONA Stand up Please. And if the RAVENS QB Joe FLACCO doesn't come to play next SUNDAY.....the RAVENS will be in jeopardy of not making the PLAYOFFS and what a DIFFERENCE 8 Weeks makes.

VIKES @ CAM'S PLACE: The battle of ROOKIE QBs and the VIKES PONDER shows the BLUEDUDE he knows exactly what he is doing with some NFL QB Moxie. you imagine if VIKES Head Coach Leslie FRAZIER knew what he had in PONDER he would have never picked up McNABB FAT A**.

The VIKES won the GAME but if the PANTHERS could match the BRAVADO and WILL to WIN that NEWTON and WR Steve SMITH come with every week....the PANTHERS would be in 1st Place in the NFC South.

JAGS @ the ENERGY Complex in H-TOWN: The TEXASN simply have RB Arian FOSTER every game and you don't. Now the JAGS have Mo JONES-DREW who is no SLOUCH himself but theyb also have a ROOKIE QB back their with Jones-Drew who seems to be in his MIZZOU Playbok still.

The JAGS and Coach Del RIO are in a tough spot but they chose to go with GABBERT in rightfully so. But compared to PONDER and NEWTON....he is BUCK ROGERS and the 25th Century away from being them....REAL CHOPPIN'

AQUA BOYZ @ METLIFE BLUE Gotham City: the G-MEN hung on to this one and their TOP 5 QB Eli MANNING has played extremely well by making the THROWS when he has to and no turning the ball over. it's them or the EAGLES for the NFC EAST.

And for the AQUA BOYZ...if you are going to LOSE on SUNDAY and be O-FER as in might as well be in the 305 with all those PRETTY THINGS around you LIKE the WEATHER, Building, FOOD, and..............BEACHES

WHO DAT? @ the LOU: You would think after seeing the FLOOR...that LaRUSSA had a HEAD SET on...PUJOLS and the PUMA Lance BERKMAN were playing OFFENSE. Really SAINTS....these are the types of LOSSES that come back to get you in WEEK 16-17. The Scary Thought is on HALLOWEEN the SAINTS have not WON on the ROAD yet...which means in the PLAYOFFS your are TOAST.

RAMS I don't blame you from being hyped after the REDBIRDS had their PARADE the BAD NEWS is it's only WEEK 9 Coming up and there is PLENTY more TEAMS waiting on y' the 49ERS.

CIRCLE CITY COLTS @ MUSIC CITY: the COLTS are now a WINLESS Team...they have pieces on that DEFENSE and QB Painter has played better. The TITANS needed a WIN and the COLTS happened to be on the SCHEDULE.......enough said.

COLTS Coach Jim CALDWELL has to WIN one.....and the COLTS if they don't WIN might get the #1 Pick...STANFORD's Andrew the SPURS when the ADMIRAL sat out a WHOLE SEASON and they got Tim DUNCAN the Next Season.....WOW.

'SKINS vs BISON CITY playing NORTH of the BORDER in beautiful TORONTO: John BECK.....Rex GROSSMAN....a Retail Store STOCKER...all the SAME GUY. Meanwhile the BILLS do what good teams are suppose to do...SAINTS...WIN.

AS for the 'SKINS and the SHANAHAN Project....some JOBS are Coach Killing this one of them....the HOGS and SMURFS are turning over in the NATION'S CAPITAL right now and DEXTER MANLEY even though he can't read this POST.

AUTOMAKERS and LIONS @ TEBOWING: And LIONS ILB Stephen TULLOCH you were WRONG for TEBOWING after that TEBOW PICK. But the LIONS and STAFFORD and MEGATRON went off as did the LIONS Defense.

As for the BLUEDUDE has stopped and is TEBOWING......has caught the FOOTBALL WORLD's EYES and now TEBOW himself needs to watch COACH FOX and ELWAYS' EYES...still TEBOWING along with some of my SPORTSBLOGsmurfs

FOXBORO FC @ the HOUSE the ROONEY's Built: 25-17...BRADY under 200 Yards passing.....PATS D holds up their end of the BARGAIN by getting shredded by BIG BEN...and Coach BELICHEK says We didn't TACKLE, CATCH, EXECUTE, and whatever...these fools will be ready the next time we play them unless OTHER TEAMS try to do the same. It's COPY CAT LEAGUE and WORLD...look at some other BLOGS.....trying to be BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.....NEVER

5-STAR CHILI TRAIN n BLACK n ORANGE and 12th ZONE: 34-12...Bengals Rookie QB Andy DALTON is getting it done. And for you people drafting players. How does a 4-Year STARTER with his resume go in the 2nd Round.....and Blaine GABBERT ahead of this guy in One Category....DIRECT DEPOSIT.

The SEAHAWKS QB Tavaris JACKSON wanted his job back and threw for over 300 yards and they put up 12 PUNTOS. The BENGALS look like they might be the AFC North WILD CARD which leads me to believe the RAVENS and STEELERS loser on SUNDAY might be a BIGGER LOSER down the ROAD.

DAWG POUND @ the STICK: the 49ERS did what they had to do and GOOD TEAMS do this.....WHO DAT?....HARBAUGH and Company have it rolling and the they will be the NFC WEST Playoff Team and now its a RACE to Home FIeld for the GOLD RUSH.

The BROWNS will get better and they came into the game the 4th Ranked Overall Defense. The BROWNS Offense has to get to SPEED like the DEFENSE and once that happens things will start to materialize for them.

AMERICA's TEAM @ the LINC: SEE CRIME SCENE the POST on this BLOG before this gives you everything you ned to know including who might be in trouble before the NEW YEAR.

BOLTS @ ARROWHEAD Boyz: Something told me the CHIEFS might get it CRACK-A-LACKIN' before the YEAR'S out. I think they stood back and said CHARLES and BERRY are one is going to feel sorry for us....and we have to STAR PLAYING...and PLAYING they have been doing as they get the CHARGERS tonight after BOLTS QB Rivers fumbles deep into CHIEFS Territory.....Seen that PICTURE BEFORE.

The AFC WEST is real interesting now with the BOLTS, RAIDERS, and CHIEFS all tied up at 4-3....the BLUEDUDE still says the SILVER & BLACK will pull through.

CSI Bluedude Sportstalk....SUNDAY NIGHT October 30, the LINC...Philly P A

Just sitting around last night close to MIDNIGHT and I get a call from the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK CSI Headquarters in the WEST SUBURBS of CHI CITY. They want the BLUEDUDE to get the NEXT thing BURNING and get to the CRIME SCENE in PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania.....ASAP.

The BLUEDUDE boards the GULF STREAM 7 called TERRIBLE 1 (at 0300 HOURS) and it's BLACK AND GOLD with the see the CODE in that STEELERS NATION.


Upon Arriving The BLUEDUDE sees CONFETTI of GREEN and WHITE COLORS. Then as I go down the BUS TUNNEL to the VISITORS Clubhouse the Door is Unlocked.

I uncover something I have seen before....HAIR of one of the RYAN know....ROB (defensive Coordinator for the COWBOYS and REX Head Coach of the JETS). After further investigating the HAIR it's ROB'S.

Now the CULPRITS were led by EAGLES PLAYERS Mike VICK, Brett CELEK, Jason AVANT, and RB LeSean MCCOY as well as a HOST of other EAGLES. The MASTERMIND behind these guys was none other than...ANDY REID...not EAGLES owner JEFFREY LURIE..he has TOO MUCH CASH and Pays for the GROCERIES but doesn't shop for them like ANDY and Joe BANNER.

AS I leave the LOCKER ROOM and go to the FIELD...I arrive in the END ZONE closest to the COWBOYS Locker Room and what do I see on the SCOREBOARD...EAGLES 34....'BOYS 7. A complete dominance on a team that was coming OFF of a BYE WEEK and should be better prepared to do BATTLE. It's not just Head Coach Jason GARRETT, and/or QB Tony ROMO...and ROMO in the PRESS CONFERENCE after the GAME....QUIT saying WE HAVE to LOOK at the TAPE....You have been saying that and the SAME MISTAKES....Try something else.

As for the Aforementioned ROB RYAN....who said earlier in the WEEK as I look at some of the INVESTIGATION PAPERS...."The EAGLES are the ALL-HYPE TEAM"...I have a haunch this is where it turned bad for the COWBOYS.

Imagine that a RYAN BOY CHOPPIN' It Up about another Team or what they are going to do. Further into the investigation Both REX and ROB are close to be put on the CSI BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK TOP 10 Most WANTED Offenders in CSI...NOT a GOOD LIST to be on....because these GUYS are not WINNERS on this list.

As for the DALLAS COWBOYS and OWNER Jerry JONES....If the BLUEDUDE has one more INVESTIGATION involving the COWBOYS.....the BLUEDUDE and STEELERS NATION will have to take over the FACILITIES as well as the CSI BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Smurf PATROL and LABS.

This CRIME SCENE is sponsored by my sons 3J and about 20 EL BEES of CANDY on HALLOWEEn Night they brought to the MUSHROOM....I am OUT...COWBOYS STEP up your GAME or else

The NFL MVP at MID-SEASON....WHO will it be?...CANDIDATES Please

We are rolling up on NFL WEEK 9 this week and We know the TOP TEAMS...Right?..the PACK...STEEL CURTAIN...EAGLES...PATRIOTS...and 49ERS.




* 171/239 71.5% Comp 2,372 YARDS 20 TD's 3 INTs 125.7 QB Rating

It's scary to say on HALLOWEEN that this GUY is better than FAVRE ever was REAL TALK. So ACCURATE, ESCAPABILTY, can Operate on the RUN, Quick RELEASE, Excellent FEET, and doesn't TURN the BALL OVER.

The PACKERS sitting 7-0 right now and I see NO ONE in the NFC that can Match-Up with them except the EAGLES And they have plenty of work to do before they can get to the PACKERS in the PLAYOFFS.

BIG Ben ROETHLISBERGER QB Pittsburgh STEELERS 2-Time Super Bowl Winner:

* 183/284 64.4 % Comp 2,302 Yards 14 TD's 7 INT's 95.7 QB Rating

I have been telling PEOPLE in the KNOW for a while that BIG BEN is NO what?.....Yeah he is unORTHODOX....YEAH he holds on to the BALL way too much sometimes...but he sliced up that #32 Ranked PATS D yesterday like he should have and the NEW WRs are putting him in the ELITE.

The STEELERS are not that OLD Run it Down your throat RUN GAME...they are BIG BEN and then everything else follows. Now if the RUN GAME with MENDENHALL can get rolling...the STEELERS will be in NAPTOWN in FEBRUARY 2012.

LeSEAN MCCOY RB Philadelphia EAGLES...ONLY NFL Player to score in every game played this season:

* 135 Carries 754 YARDS 5.6 avg 8 TDs 23 Rec 138 YARDS 2 TDs

They still have VICK but everyone GAMES PLAN for this RB who is has FEET and VISION that are among some of the BEST Running Backs I have ever seen. Last Night he torched the Dallas COWBOYS who by the WAY came into last Nights game as the #1 Rushing Defense in the LEAGUE at just under 70 YDS per. McCOY had 73 at the end of the 1st Qtr.

Where LeSEAN gets his catches is in the PASSING GAME as ANDY REID, the EAGELS Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, is the Screen Play CAller in the NFL...and always has been ever since he took over in PHILLY. The EAGLES will go as far as VICK and MR. McCOY take them.

Adrian PETERSON aka ALL DAY RB Minnesota VIKINGS....and Leads all RBs with 9 TDs :

* 167 Carries 798 YARDS 4.8 avg 9 TDs 16 Rec 125 YARDS 1TD

What else ifs there to say...the BEST RB in the BUSINESS and you could ask any Defensive Coordinator or any of ALL DAY's PEERS.

A Violent Runner at the Point of Attack who is always looking for CONTACT. Can also get to PAY DIRT if he gets to the 2nd LEVEL and beyond. He should make Rookie QB Christian PONDER's Transition into a STARTER a smooth one as you can see already they almost beat the PACK n beat the PANTHERS yesterday.

If A P had to work on anything it would be 2 Key Areas. Catching the PIGSKIN out of the backfield and of course not putting the BALL on the ground as much. If those 2 areas can improve the METRODOME ROOF is the LIMIT. The VIKINGS Offensive Coordinator has to know the Short Passing game with A P is an extension of the handoff.

Calvin JOHNSON aka MEGATRON WR Detroit LIONS.....leads the NFL Wideouts with 11TDs:

* 47 Recs 804 YARDS 17.1 Avg 11 TDs NO RUSHING Attempts to date

There is a REASON the LIONS are the flying high at 6-2 at the MID's because of their emergence of their #1 WR Calvin MEGATRON JOHNSON and QB matthew STAFFORD.

JOHNSON is a nightmare to cover because of his size.....6-5 235 EL BEES...and a vertical of over 40 inches. You simply have to put a BIG CORNER on him because a LINEBACKER too slow, DBs are too small, and in the REDZONE virtually unstoppable.

I would venture to say MEGATRON has 18-20 TDs at the END of the SEASON and he would be in the TOP 3 in the FINAL NFL MVP Voting with RODGERS and BIG BEN.

Those are the BLUEDUDE's TOP 5 NFL MVP Candidates at MID-SEASON. A few others to watch for on the list.....



Drew BREES QB New Orleans SAINTS

******STATS from

2nd Installment of the BST CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POLL known as the BCS....#1 up for GRABS in TUSCALOOSA Saturday....CLEMSON and K-STATE take HUGE HIT

The 2nd Installment of the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK College FOOTBALL Series POLL......and the battle for #1 will be played out on SATURDAY in TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA.

The #1 ranked BAYOU BENGAL TIGERS of LSU will travel to BRYANT-DENNY STADIUM to take on Nick SABAN and the #2 ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE.

A lot at stake here but there is a unique TWIST or scenario to this one. After the GAME BOTH TEAMS will still have the TOP Strength of Schedules out there and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a REMATCH on the TIGERS Terms in the BCS Championship Game in the MERCEDES-BENZ SUPERDOME.

The benefactors from this game will be who ever is behind both of these teams and the Oklahoma STATE COWBOYS would be in the Drivers Seat considering they can still BOOST their STRENGTH of SCHEDULE with BOOMER SOONER still on the SCHEDULE.

2nd Installment of the BST Championship Series POLL:

1. LSU (1) 8-0: The #1 Strength of SCHEDULE now they play #2 SATURDAY on #2's Home Turf..a WIN-WI Situation

2. ALABAMA (2) 8-0: Meets #1 LSU on SATURDAY and it would be more of a BLOW if they lose at HOME in the BCS

3. OKLAHOMA STATE (3) 8-0: They still have BOOMER SOONER to PLAY which could BOOST them even more...the REAL DEAL

4. STANFORD (5) 8-0: Beats MEN OF TROY in LA and they still have the QUACK ATTACK as an OBSTACLE

5. BOISE STATE (6) 8-0: A Victim of thier own CONFERENCE....but they will be in a BCS BOWL GAME...WHICH ONE?

6. OREGON (8) 7-1: Still has a LEGIT CHance of getting to NEW ORLEANS but needs help and must beat LUCK n STANFORD

7. OKLAHOMA (NR) 7-1: Right back in the Poll after RUNNING THROUGH MANHATTAN like Running with the BULLS in SPAIN

8. ARKANSAS (9) 7-1: Won't win the SEC WEST because of LSU n 'BAMA but will get into a BCS BOWL if they WIN OUT

9. NEBRASKA (NR) 7-1: BIG RED gets back in after handling SPARTY...can the HUSKERS WIN OUT to get to a BCS

10. SOUTH CAROLINA (NR) 7-1: Old BALL COACH has the "COCKS in the SEC EAST Saddle...LOSING SEC's Top RB LATTIMORE hurts them dearly

Others Recieving VOTES:

HOUSTON 8-0....QB KEENUM might be in HEISMAN Voting but can't play with the BIG BOYS

MICHIGAN 7-1....COACH HOKE has GO BLUE in the BEST Situation in YEARS

PENN STATE 8-1....JOE PA n the BOYS quietly moved up now everyone takes notice

CLEMSON 8-1....they must WIN all the way through ACC Championship Game

KANSAS STATE 7-1....still has OK STATE, 12th MAN, and Hookem' HORNS to play

NCAA Power Rankings Week 10....LSU and ALABAMA have a COLOSSAL Match-Up Saturday....CLEMSON and K-STATE both LOSE and more

Last week it was the OKLAHOMA SOONERS and WISCONSIN BADGERS biting the dust. Now for the 2nd WEEk in a Row the CLEMSON TIGERS and KANSAS STATE WILDCATS both lose. I have said if you LOSE......LOSE early and no one seems to be listening.

Now we are going to have a CHANGE at the TOP this time next week as the LSU TIGERS travel to TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA to take on the CRIMSON TIDE this Saturday. In what should be the BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL game to date...this season.

NCAA FOOTBALL Power Rankings for WEEK 10:

1. LSU (1) 8-0: Idle and look what the FOOTBALL GODS have set up for SATURDAY....DATE NIGHT with that ugly girl 'BAMA

2. ALABAMA (2) 8-0: It's funny they both were Idle on the same think the AD's didn't see this coming

3. OKLAHOMA STATE (3) 8-0: Destroyed BAYLOR like an INTRA SQUAD Scrimmage...SOONERS only real obstacle left

4. BOSIE STATE (4) 7-0: IDLE also.....MAYBE the HORNED FROGS next week...MAYBE

5. STANFORD (6) 8-0: LUCK was on their side SATURDAY as it took 3OT's to beat MEN of TROY but still n BCS Hunt

6. OREGON (7) 7-1: Beat WAZU WHAT........November 12th and 19th STANFORD and then USC

7. ARKANSAS (8) 8-1: Played with the COMMODORES and almost get BEAT.....HOGS can get to a BCS

8. OKLAHOMA (11) 7-1: Went to MANHATTAN and STRANGLED everything wearing PURPLE....still has a SHOT

9. NEBRASKA (13) 7-1: Took SPARTY out with NO PROBLEM.....November 12th n 19th @PENN STATE n @GO BLUE

10. CLEMSON (5) 8-1: Huge Loss to the RAMBLIN' WRECK of TECH.....just have to WIN out n see where the CHIPS Fall

11. VIRGINIA TECH (15) 8-1: Still hanging around n may get to ACC Championship Game

12. MICHIGAN (NR) 7-1: @ ILLINOIS then home games with BIG RED and BRUTUS.....can win them all and finish 10-1 HOKE for PRESIDENT

13. PENN ST (NR) 8-1: JOE PA picks up #409 and quietly the LIONS have been consistently winning

14. GEORGIA (NR) 6-2: COACH RICHT and the DAWGS needed a WIN over the GATORS..should WIN SEC EAST

15. HOUSTON (NR) 8-0: QB Casey KEENUM has had a MARVELOUS Career but can he get the COUGARS to a LATE DECEMBER BOWL GAME

BEST of the REST.....


Sunday, October 30, 2011

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Sports Shorts TAKE 3....JOE PA wins #409....STANFORD gets LUCKY in OT... BOMBERS pick up OPTIONS

It's TAKE 3 on the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Sports Shorts....and there are some really cool SHORTS out there to talk about.

PENN STATE FOOTBALL Coach Joe PATERNO gets WIN Number 409 and what does he do in an interview afterward....praises the WORK of the Gentleman he passed...the LATE GREAT Eddie ROBINSON of GRAMBLING STATE University who was at #408.

The BLUEDUDE has said this and will say it again....JOE PA is ONE of ONE..and a COLLEGE FOOTBALL Treasure....a State of PENNSYLVANIA Treasure..and a NATIONAL Treasure.....NO ONE does it BETTER, CLEANER, and more RESPECTFUL than Joseph Vincent "JOE" PATERNO....NO ONE

STANFORD's QB Andrew LUCK didn't have his A GAME but after 3 Overtimes he and the STANFORD RED survive at the LA COLISEUM. The GAME was pitted as LUCK vs USC QB Matt BARKELEY....and for the most part in didn't disappoint anyone.

Now the LOSS would've hurt the CARDINALS in a BID to get to the BCS National Championship and a WIN for SC would have gone for not as they are inelidgeable for Conference CHAMPIONSHIP or BOWL GAMES. Now LUCK n the RED have the QUACK ATTACK in their way.

The BRONX BOMBERS pick up 2012 OPTIONS on 2B Robbie CANO and RF Nick SWISHER. CANO is no surprise as the BLUEDUDE thinks CANO is the YANKEES best and Future Torch BEARER. Picking up SWISHER might be a little stretch but the YANKS and SWISH seem to be a NICE FIT for the most part and for his production in the NYC he comes SALARY CAP Friendly.

There will be 2 HUGE BCS SHakeups MONDAY....the #5 CLEMSON TIGERS took it on the chin at the hands of the Tech RAMBLIN' WRECK of GEORGIA TECH. the BLUEDUDE called this about a month ago when the YELLOW JACKETS were undeafeated and on a collision course for the TIGERS to come to TOWN. Now CLEMSON has to hold serve and win out to win the ACC and still get that ACC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME BID and a BCS BID.

The KANSAS STATE WIldcats were cruising all the way up to this part of their SCHEDULE and the BLUEDUDE has warned the CATS and their following that these teams were coming.

The SOONERS come into MANHATTAN KANSAS and break open a 23-17 Lead at the HALF a score 35 unanswered in the 2nd half. The WILDCATS seemed to be in another WORLD when the SOONERS knocked them down on their TURF and they couldn't get up...literally and figuratively speaking. The LOSS dashed the K-STATE WILDCATS hopes of a BCS BID but the SOONERS now stay on course for their in-state rival showdown with the BOYZ from STILLWATER.

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WEEK 8 SHOWDOWN PATRIOTS at STEELERS....BRADY loves playing the STEELERS...and can the LEAGUE's Worst DEFENSE stop BIG BEN......NO

The SHOWDOWN and for the STEELERS its the 1st of 2 at the BIG KETCHUP BOTTLE as they have the RAVENS coming in next week for a SUNDAY NIGHT Tilt.

It has been well-documented that PATS QB Tom BRADY is 6-1 vs the STEELERS and last season in HEINZ Field he threw 30 for 43 and 350 Yards with NO SACKS and NO PICKS and 3 TDs. Now BRADY has 14 Career TDs and only 3 Picks vs the you can say BRADY has STOCK OPTIONS in the STEELERS.

Now who gave the STEELERS Problems in that game last season was the Tight End Rob GRONKOWKSI who caught all 3 TD PASSES BRADY threw. GRONKS seemed too fast for the LINEBACKERS and too BIG for the CORNERS and SAFETIES. But then BRADY likes to throw it around and he has WELKER, BRANCH, HERNANDEZ, and CHad OCHOCINCO who yet knows his PLAYBOOK it seems.

They also come at you with a nice Running Back TRIO of Green-Ellis, Ridley, and Woodhead. That Group is among the best in the league in totality on the GROUND. So the STEELERS just get set back and put that 3-4 in nickel passing situations...they must also STOP the RUN.

Now the PATRIOTS have Problems of their own. They didn't really STOP BIG BEN last year as BEN threw for 30 for 49 387 Yards 3 TDs and 1 Pick. That 1 Pick was costly as it was a PICK 6.

The PATS are ranked at the BOTTOM in DEFENSE but they have good news as one of the TOP Inside Linebackers on SUNDAYS is back in Jared MAYO. He should help solidify the RUN D and help sideline to sideline pursuit with the other PATS LB Brandon SPIKES.

The STEELERS have a FAST WR Corp led by arguably the fastest WR in the LEAGUE in Mike WALLACE "DA KID". But the other 2 are really fsat and will give the PATS Secondary FIts if BEN has Tone 2.0 and GO GO Sanders.



PATS Tom BRADY 160/237 67.5% Comp 2,163 Yards 16 TD 8 INTs 104.8 QB Rating

STEELERS BIg BEN 147/234 62.8 Comp 1,937 Yards 12 TDs 6 INTs 95.3 QB Rating

PATS RUSHING 124 (10th) PASSING 350.5 (1st)
STEELERS RUSHING 117.9 (14th) PASSING 265.4 (9th)

PATS RUSHING 101.5 (8th) PASSING 322.2 (32nd)
STEELERS RUSHING 107.1 (12th) PASSING 171.9 (2nd)


PATRIOTS 474.5 (1st) in NFL
STEELERS 383.3 (9th) in NFL


PATRIOTS 423.7 (32nd)
STEELERS 279 (3rd)


Looking at the STATS something has to give as the STEELERS are TOP 10 ion BOTH Categories with the PATS #1 on OFFENSE and DEAD LAST on DEFENSE. The RECIPE for the STEELERS is to keep the PATRIOTS off the FIELD and keep the PATS D on the FIELD all day long. STATISTICALLY speaking they will fold and NUMBERS don't lie and if it doesn't get the PATS NOW and will bite them in their A** later....REAL TALK.

So who has the EDGE...all the ANALYSTS never go against BRADY and the STEELERS need to pull out the RAVENS TAPE on how to BEAT these GUYS. The RAVENS own the PATRIOTS and BRADY if you ask him he would probably say I dislike the RAVENS the most in the AFC.

PRESSURE up the MIDDLE bother BRADY and the STEELERS know it and so does the PATRIOTS. but BE CAREFUL they get no smarter than BRADY but the STEELERS have their own Fire Power as well with BIG BEN. They can't underestimate BEN and that OFFENSE.....the STEELERS O is SUOER EXPLOSIVE especially on the OUTSIDE.

THE SKINNY or the PRIMANTI BROTHER'S on this one: BRADY is 6-1 vs STEELERS but that D is going to cost him sooner than later and I think it is BIG BEN'S coming out party as he gets after the PATRIOTS and BELICHEK'S Scheme and the CURTAIN wins this going away to tell the WHOLE AFC and THE's coming through HEINZ...and see you FOOLS in CIRCLE CITY Indiana.


CRIME SCENE...TEXAS RANGERS....At the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME can cost you anything..even a WORLD SERIES

This is the only CRIME SCENE the BLUEDUDE has ever done where I am at a STALEMATE. The TEXAS RANGERS....TWICE last night...One Pitch away from their 1st EVER WORLD SERIES and then the 1st Team ever to BLOW 3 SAVES in one WORLD SERIES off the CHARTS.

Now a little over 24 hours LATER the RANGERS are neither INNOCENT or GUILTY..their just in the MIDDLE of some Tough Love.

CRIME SCENE......St. Louis MISSOURI....Downtown....BUSCH STADIUM.....Visitors CLUBHOUSE: The TEXAS RANGERS OHHH so close to have everything fall apart last night in GAME 7.

The RANGERS and their SKIPPER Ron WASHINGTON aka WASH...did everything right last night but close the DEAL. To give the REDBIRDS Credit is an understatement but to lose like the RANGERS did on the ROAD after for at least 8 1/3 innings of perfect PLAYOFF Caliber WRONG.

The RANGERS were 1 pitch away from their 1st WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in their CLUBS 40 year history...only for ST. LOUIS Native and 3B David FREESE to get the game tying triple on a ball that RANGERS RF Nelson CRUZ looks like he should have caught.

Then in the TOP half of the 10th Inning RANGERS CF Josh HAMILTON unleashes a BOMB to Right Center for a 9-7 RANGERS lead to only see REDBIRDS RF Lance BERKMAN to tie the GAME up with a Soft Liner to CF. I thought what McCARVER and BUCK was saying about the RANGERS Outfielders playing too deep might have cost them as BERKMAN's Soft liner to Center probably would have been caught by HAMILTON to end the game.

Then the RANGERS lose the game in the Bottom half of the 11th and the AIR went out of the RANGERS, Ron WASHINGTON, that LUBHOUSE, NOlan RYAN and his SQUEEZE, and the DALLAS/Fort Worth METROPLEX. the to face REDBIRDS ACE Chris CARPENTER in the FINALE...the RANGERS had NO SHOT.....just too much to ask for.

So hats off to the 2011 MLB CHAMPION REDBIRDS and to the American LEAGUE CHAMPION Texas have to look at this one way...the 3rd TIME is a CHARM.

VERDICT: CASE thrown out....but the RANGERS have to be thinking they got GAME 6 for all the MARBLES

Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's MEET the WORLD'S LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL Party....the DAWGS n GATORS meet again....this time with GEORGIA the only team RANKED

A real College Football Fan know exactly what I am talking about when I talk about the #1 College Football Tailgate in College Football every year. It's in the City of JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA and it is called the WORLD's LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY.

Everything is split here at ALLTEL Stadium...the PARKING LOT....which the TRAILERS and MOBILE HOMES start parking at the STADIUM WEDNESDAY. The STADIUM Seating is SPLIT in will see at the END of each end zone in the STANDS BLUE for the GATORS on one side going up and RED for the BULLDOGS on the other side going up.

It;s a PARTY that won't stop even after the game has ended and who ever WINS will Have BRAGGING RIGHT on the FLORIDA/GEORGIA Border for that WHOLE YEAR leading up to the next WORLD'S LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY.

As far as the actual GAME concerns...the BULLDOGS com in having WON 5 in a row and Head Coach Mark RICHT seems to have cooled that really hIT SEAT he was on in early SEPTEMBER. The DOGS lost back to back then to #5 BOISE STATE and #12 the GAMECOCKS of South Carolina and the OLD BALL COACH Spurrier. Now they have reeled off 5 in a ROW and come into the COCKTAIL PARTY at #22 and #2 in the SEC EAST.

The GATORS have had the misfortune of one losing Head Man Urban MEYER who retired last season for FAMILY REASONS and a Brutal Front half of the SHCEDULE in which they have played and lost 3 in a row to then #24 AUBURN, #1 LSU, and #2 ALABAMA in consecutive weeks. That's why the BLUEDUDE always says the BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL is hands down in the SEC and it isn't even close trust me.

The KEY PLAYERS in this one....

Florida GATORS (4-3, 2-3 SEC)


Georgia BULLDOGS (5-2, 4-1 SEC)





Player of recent memory that have played in this one....


QB Tim TEBOW Boncos
WR Percy HARVIN Vikings
LB Brandon SPIKES Patriots
TE Aaron HERNANDEZ Patriots
CB Joe HADEN Browns
S Major WRIGHT Bears
C/G Marquise/Micheal POUNCEY Steelers/Dolphins


RB Knowshon MORENO Broncos
LB Dannell ELLERBE Ravens
WR Mohamed MASSAQUOI Browns
OLB Justin HOUSTON Chiefs
ILB Rennie CURRAN Titans

All those player are playing on SUNDAY and there are a lot more from this RIVALRY.

Now does Georgia Head Coach Mark RICHT need to WIN this game....I would think so as he needs to get to the SEC Championship Game to save his job. The DAWGS have not been favored to WIN this game since 2005 so they need to get a W in the WORST WAY.

The GATORS need to help QB John BRANTLEY and RBs RAINEY and DEMPS need to have their best Foot Forward for this one. WHO WINS? .....the DAWGS just way more PLAYS Down Field as QB Aaron MURRAY is more seasoned than BRANTLEY.

The WORLD's LARGEST OUTDOOR Cocktail PARTY commences at 330PM ET Saturday.......and has been ongoing since WEDNESDAY of this week.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

NFL WEEK 8 Schedule Breakdown....Tom Terrific is 6-1 vs STEELERS.... EAGLES off of a BYE WEEK host the COWBOYS....n more

NFL Week 8 its the End of the 2nd Quarter of the NFL SEASON and the BLUEDUDE has a little explaining to do. If your Team is 5-3 or better going into the 2nd half of the season your in pretty good company. Which means if you do the same in the 2nd half of the season you will be a 10-6 Wild card team at worst.

Now the MARQUEE Match up this week is in the BIG KETCHUP Bottle in Western P A known as HEINZ Field where the PATRIOTS and QB Tom BRADY try to move to 6-1 and the STEELERS riding a 3-Game Win Streak of their own try to go 6-2. A lot riding on this one....HOME FIELD Advantage maybe throughout the AFC Playoffs....a Division Title....and possibly the #1 Overall Seed in the AFC. Now the RAVENS will have something to say about that but who ever WINS this battle puts themselves in the FRONT SEAT and maybe not the Drivers Seat.

NFL WEEK 8 Schedule Breakdown...powered by BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK and @bluedudesports on TWITTER:


CARDINALS @ RAVENS: You face the STEELERS at home and you get whipped almost in every PHASE and now you have to come EAST and play at 1PM ET to face a RAVENS Team that lost MONDAY Night to the JAGS.

Now CARDS QB Kevin KOLB has to go through the GAUNTLET facing the STEEL Curtain and now the RAVENS Defense that played well in J'VILLE only giving up 12 PUNTOS. KOLB needs some kind of Running Game and maybe RB Beanie WELLS is smarter than we were led to believe. He might have looked at the SCHEDULE and said," I can't play the STEELERS and RAVENS D back to must be crazy"....."I have got to come up LAME in the STEELERS GAME" and he did and is probable for the RAVENS Game.

The RAVENS need to get RB RAY RICE involved and then the OFFENSE will flow. Even QB Joe FLACCO isn't as effective if RICE doesn't get his touches. The RAVENS D will be up for this one...and GOOD LUCK WHISENHUNT you know the RAVENS from your STEELERS DAYS it's just that you don't have the STEELERS D on your side anymore.

WINNER: RAVENS 31-10....The REDEEM TEAM will be in Full Effect Mode

VIKINGS @ PANTHERS: The CHRISTIAN PONDER Experiment got off to a Great Start last week even though he didn't get the WIN he played exceptionally well considering he was facing the PACK'S 3-4 and Dom CAPERS.

The VIKES will come with a heavy dose of ALL DAY 28 and they need to incorporate I LIVE IN PERCYLAND Harvin somewhere in the Game Plan. Defensively the VIKES are a work in progress and they are not what they were 2 years ago. But they will have their hands full in stopping that 2-headed Monster at RB in WILLIAMS and STEWART as well as Rookie QB Cam NEWTON.

NEWTON has surprised everyone in the NFL but maybe himself. Not too many of the NFL Analysts though he would develop this QUICKLY and the reason being he doesn't look the PART. You can say what you want to the BLACK QB is always ATHLETIC......then WHAT? I went there so WHAT....where is Blaine GABBERT now he can't even HOLD NEWTON 's Under Armour Equipment.

The BLUEDUDE has always said that NFL Combine can sometimes be misleading in either DIRECTION..REAL TALK.

WINNER: PANTHERS..CAM goes Off again....35-13

JAGS @ TEXANS: The #1 Back in the NFL might be in this game or the 2ND Best RB in the LEAGUE in TEXANS Arian FOSTER. He put on a show in MUSIC CITY last week and CJ28 was no where to be found in that one. FOSTER had 100 TOTING the pigskin and 100 RECEIVING the pigskin. Remember the TEXANS don't even have Andre JOHNSON back in the FOLD after the Hamstring Injury he suffered vs the STEELERS.

The JAGS coming off of a HUGE Win vs the RAVENS will have their work It out as GABBERT sooner than later will have to make THROWS down the field to soften up the BOX because JAGS RB Mo JONES-DREW has been taking way too many hits with all those 8 man fronts in the BOX.

This game will be a lot closer than anticipated with the TEXANS And FOSTER too much.


DOLPHINS @ NY FOOTBALL GIANTS: OK the FINS were just in JETS Stadium playing the JETS now thy have to turn around and play the G-MEN in the same stadium and they will get the SAME L.

The GIANTS are the best team in GOTHAM CITY this season and they face an 0-6 FINS Team in Complete utter Disarray and playing for a coach who could have a NEWS Conference any day now.

The ONE thing to look for in this one is how the GIANTS D is coming along. I still think the G-MEN and EAGLES will get into the PLAYOFFS I just don't know where they will be seeded when they get there.

WHO DAT? @ RAMS: The NFL loves the SAINTS....last week the win less COLTS and now the win less RAMS. The Good News for the SAINTS is that BUCS have lost 2 out of 3 and the SAINTS seem to be in the DRIVERS SEAT with the BUCS having to come to NAWLINS' soon.

This game will get ugly in a hurry and the SAINTS will win but by HOW MANY?


COLTS @ TITANS: What used to be a good Divisional Battle has turned into the TITANS get a BONE thrown to them as they need a WIN in the worse way. The COLTS are just trying to survive at this point and their coach needs to put a couple of W's together and quickly. the COLTS are not an 0-16 Team.....REAL TALK.

The TITANS and QB HASSELBACK need to get RB CJ28 going and they might revive their PLAYOFF hopes. Ever since WR Kenny BRITT was out on IR with the TORN ACL...the TITANS have not looked the same on OFFENSE.

WINNER: TITANS....23-13..hopefully LOCAL TV only

400PM ET

REDSKINS @ BILLS: Just when the 'SKINS need a WIN they have to FACE a really good BILLS Team coming off of a BYE and a LOSS before the BYE Week to the G-MEN.

The 'SKINS have to solve their QB Problem and on top of that they lose RB Tim HIGHTOWER to season ending Knee Injury. Coach SHANAHAN needs to reach back and find something that will work because the 'SKINS it seemed like they were just 3-1 last week.

The BILLS need to get back to being balanced on OFFENSE and creating TURNOVERS on Defense. That was the FORMULA they had before the BYE WEEK and they need to get back to that Formula because it worked.

WINNER: BILLS...34-24..FITZ and Company show the 'SKINS they are PLAYOFF Bound

LIONS @ BRONCOS: STAFFORD vs TEBOW.....the biggest COCKTAIL PARTY.....DAWGS vs GATORS. The LIONS need to get a W to go 6-2 in the 1st half of the SEASON which would not put them in a bind the 2nd half as they still have the PACKERS twice and the BEARS once on the schedule.

TEBOW has to play better early in the game and often. Every time he starts the BRONCOS start slow and in the NFL you can only keep going to the WELL so many times. The BRONCOS need to establish the RUN GAME to help TEBOW east into the PASS Game. the BRONCOS D is coming around a little they have some play makers over on that side of the BALL led by MLB DJ WILLIAMS and ALL WORLD Corner Champ BAILEY.

LIONS need to RUN the ball to offset STAFFORD having to throw the BALL 50 times. MEGATRON and JUMBOTRON need to get their touches still and the LIONS D has to be able to STOP the RUN. We have seen this before...TEAMS that can RUN THE BALL...CAN'T STOP the RUN.

PATRIOTS @ STEELERS: It's been well documented almost like BRADY's getting married again. BRADY is 6-1 vs the STEELERS and the SHORT PASSING GAME in the Middle of the Field kills the 3-4 Zone Blitz. Ok the STEELERS know that and LeBEAU and TOMLIN you think are going to sit on their hands and let TOM do it again.

The PATRIOTS are not stupid and their Game Plan will be a little different as will the STEELERS Defensive Plan. Oh and did you know the PATRIOTS are 32nd Ranked on DEFENSE....when does that come into play. Big BEN ROETHLISBERGER isn't BRADY but he is BIG don't get nicknames on SUNDAY unless you can PLAY or you SUCK....he can PLAY. And don't be surprised if we don't TORCH the PATRIOTS Secondary with the NEW SMURFS in Black n Yellow....DA KID...TONE 2.0.....and GO-GO SANDERS.

This will be one helluva game and the DEFENSE that can get the other TEAMS offense off the FIELD will win this game.

NOTE: #56 for the STEELERS has been on a him vs the PATRIOTS O-LINE....if he can get to BRDY a lot it will be a long day for the PATS.


BENGALS @ SEAHAWKS: Te BENGALS D is for real and their ROOKIE QB will get tested in BIG Q in the great Northwest on SUNDAY. The BENGALS need a heavy dose of RB Cedric BENSON and a timely passing game with the rookie AJ GREEN and TE Jermaine GRESHAM.

The HAWKS have to get RB Marshawn LYNCH going and thy need to find GOOD QB Play. Last Week in CLEVELAND the HAWKS could only manage 3 PUNTOS vs the BROWNS.....something has to give.


BROWNS @ 49ERS: The BROWNS have the 4th Ranked Defense and they just cannot get anything from the Offensive side of the ball. QB McCOY has to start going down field and RB PEYTON HILLIS has been non-existent. What did I tell you about that MADDEN COVER.....NO GOOD...NO GOOD at all.

The 49ERS are putting somethings together and QB Alex SMITH is reborn under the tutelage of Head Man Jim HARBAUGH. The DEFENSE has STAR LB Pat WILLIS and a host of other play makers. the Offense has RB GORE, WR CRAB , and TE VERNON Davis. There are WEAPONS all over the field for the NINERS and they will use all of them. No to mention PR/KR/WR Ted GINN JR. who has finally found a home in the BAY.

WINNER: NINERS 45-17....NINERS are serious

820PM ET

COWBOYS @ EAGLES: The LINC will be going berserk and now only if the EAGLES can give the Home Folks something to CHEER about.

The COWBOYS have to get the RUN GAME going in order for QB ROMO to have any success. We have seen it way too many times when its on ROMO to do his thing he CAN'T DO IT. Or he tries to do too much and then we have the TURNOVERS in WAVES. Rookie RB DeMarco MURRAY showed off some of his skills last week even though it was against the RAMS its an NFL Defense.....RIGHT?

The EAGLES coming off of a BYE WEEK when they had to have a BIG WIN they got one at the EXPENSE of the REDSKINS in DC. Now with another Divisional Game they can make up a lot of ground by just winning this one and getting to .500 for the 2nd Half run. QB Mike VICK has to get RB LeSean McCOY involved and early as he has been the difference maker in their offense. Also WR JACKSON and MACLIN need to make their presence felt as well as the EAGLES need ALL HANDS on DECK.

WINNER: EAGLES...23- 17...the EAGLES are catching their stride

Monday OCTOBER 31st 2011 HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Bluedude Sportstalk and the BLUEDUDE

BOLTS @ CHIEFS: A key AFC WEST Divisional Battle and the BOYS from ARROWHEAD can make their presence felt in the WEST by beating the BOLTS and making the division and 3 team race.

The CHIEFS have been doing on DEFENSE of late as they had 6 Interceptions on the RAIDERS in the BAY last week. So the OFFENSE didn't have to do much and the CASSELL to BOWE connection has been in IDLE for a few games.

The BOLTS luckily don't have to go al the way EAST and they have to take care of BUSINESS or the RAIDERS and CHIEFS will be tied with those 2 teams with 8 to go. QB RIVERS and JACKSON and GATES must have big outings. As well as RB Ryan MATHEWS vs that CHIEFS D who is looking to get some TURNOVERS and trying to create some.

WINNER: CHIEFS....BOLTS still don't get it.....27 - 23

FALL SATURDAYS Edition 8....the #8 K-STATE WILDCATS host #9 BOOMER SOONER..#6 STANFORD at Men of TROY n more TOP 25 Games

Here we go Deep into the College Football Season where a LOSS now almost assures you of NO SHOT to the BIG EASY to play for #1. Point in Case the Oklahoma SOONER huge loss at home to the RED RAIDERS will most likely keep them from going to New Orleans.

Now this week the Clemson TIGERS, STANFORD, Wisconsin BADGERS, Michigan STATE, and Nebraska CORNHUSKERS are all on the CLOCK this week.

The BIG One is MANHATTAN KANSAS where the One Loss Oklahoma SOONERS vs the WILDCATS of Kansas STATE. If K-STATE loses it will send them to a Non-BCS Game and if OKLAHOMA loses it will definitely give them NO SHOT at BCS.


OCTOBER 29, 2011


11 MICHIGAN STATE @ 14 NEBRASKA: Now SPARTY having beat WISCONSIN is in a good place but can they close the DEAL in the BIG TEN. NEBRASKA won't play at home like they did when BRUTUS and O=STATE cam to town they will be ready.

The KEY in the GAME is the QB play for both in STATE's Kirk COUSINS and BIG RED's Taylor MARTINEZ. Which ever QB has the BEST GAME their team will probably win this game.

WINNER: STATE 27 - 17.....Defensively they are more sound than the BLACK SHIRTS

330PM ET

9 OKLAHOMA @ 8 KANSAS STATE: this is the GAME that will have HUGE BCS Implications. K-STATE's Head Coach Bill SNYDER knows this is one of the next four games he has with the BIG 4 in the BIG 12. STATE must WIN this game as they still have STILLWATER, 12th Man, and Hookem' HORNS on the Schedule.

Middle LINEBACKER Arthur BROWN leads a STOUT WILDCAT D and QB COLLIN KLEIN leads the Offensive attack for the WILDCATS. This will be STATE's First real test and the SOONERS have the better athletes but it will come down to more than that.

The SOONERS can still get to the TOP of the Mountain if they beat STATE here n K-STATE goes on to beat STILLWATER, 12th Man, and Hooke' HORNS....the SOONERS Strength of Schedule will be at the TOP.

QB Landry JONES must play better and that Vaunted SOONER D must contain KLEIN or it will be another Loss for the SOONERS.

WINNER: SOONERS 24-21...I just can't see the SOONERS losing 2 in a row....NO WAY


5 CLEMSON @ GEORGIA TECH: A couple of weeks ago I was under the thought that the TIGERS Road Block would be this game. But the RAMBLIN' WRECK is struggling and the TIGERS are rolling.

One Question...Can the YELLOW JACKETS STOP Freshman WR Sammy WATKINS of the Clemson TIGERS and how and the heck did he get out of the STATE of FLORIDA? The TIGERS are playing better than anyone in country and they have dominated their opponents in every facet of the game.

TECH will have to get that GROUND GAME going and eat the CLOCK up to keep the TIGERS Offense off the field. If they can do that they have a CHANCE plus a little bit of that DOWNTOWN ATLANTA MOJO.

WINNER: TIGERS...31-21..too much Sammy WATKINS and the TIGERS Offense

6 STANFORD @ USC: The game NFL Scouts have had circled for quite some time. Andrew LUCK vs Matt BARKLEY
and forget the HEISMAN Trophy this for STANFORD is to stay on course for the BCS Title game.

The CARDINALS come in not having really been tested and the MEN OF TROY know this. STANFORD also knows to a man that the TROJANS have better athletes in some areas. But LUCK knows he is the difference maker and the STANFORD RED just needs to stick to their GAME PLAN.

QB BARKELY, Left Tackle Ryan KHALIL, and WR Robert WOODS are future HIGH NFL PICKS and minus the SC Sanctions the TROJANS would be a lock for a BCS Bowl REAL TALK. They handled good Notre Dame team last SATURDAY in South Bend and they looked good in all 3 phases.

The TROJANS must keep attacking with a nice mix of BARKELY and the RUN GAME to keep the STANFORD D off balance. if the TROJANS can keep the CARDINALS and LUCK at bay they will score some points look out in the LA Coliseum SATURDAY.

WINNER: TROJANS....38-34 LUCK n BARKELY put on a show and that's the last TIME TROJAN Fans see BARKELY vs LUCK as both are TOP 5 2012 NFL PICKS.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AISLE 3SF.....2011-12 Top NBA Small Forwards...The BEST in the BLUEDUDE'S Package Store are in this AISLE...brands Like the KING, K D , and 'MELO.

Still building out in the Old PACKAGE Store and this AISLE 3SF is the BLUEDUDE'S Favorite because it has the Top BRANDS in the STore reside in this AISLE. Like that Brand out of the 305 you know the BOTTOM My M I YA-YO. Then you have that Brand in the middle of OKLAHOMA that's as smooth as silk and built like a POWER BALANCE Bracelet. Then the BRAND out of GOTHAM CITY......just like its NAMESAKE but the opposite on the Court.....a BIG BULLY if I ever saw one.

We have been through all the different Shelves in the STORE and the Different Areas such as the GLASS CASE and End Caps. Well these individuals are located all over the STORE because they are VITAL to the PACKAGE STROE's Growth in every day business.

Tonight We will have a TASTING or ROASTING or even a POW WOW on who the BLUEDUDE'S Package STORE has listed and at what listing.

Meet and Greet the Best BRANDS in the PACKAGE STORE...the 2011-12 Top NBA Small Forwards:

Remember these BRANDS are located all over the STORE and no need and getting assistance they are staring you in the GRILL.

1.LeBron JAMES aka KING JAMES aka KING 305 in the PACKAGE STORE: King JAMES used to be the most difficult Player to guard in the association until MAVS Assistant and Defensive GURU DeWAYNE CASY, now the RAPTORS Head Man, unleashed his KING JAMES RULES and slowed the OHIO Native down in the 2011 NBA FINALS.

Now in the OIPEN COURT he is UNSTOPPABLE like a LOCOMOTIVE with NO BRAKES and Denzel WASHINGTON chose not to STOP this one. He is a Fabulous PASSER as he sees the FLOOR like MAGIC.....his HANDLE is good enough to be on OCAEN DRIVE and WASHINGTON Street at High Noon on Saturday Afternoon on July 4th Weekend....that good.

The one knock on KING JAMES is that in a half- court set you van really slow him down as he is not as comfortable operating in that format. The MAVS put him on Front STreet and when it was time to PERFORM he was exposed and deferred to his partners in crime WADE COUNTY and CB1. Another knock on JAMES is he settles for too many Jump Shots as he is just telling folks he has no real GO-TO Move facing up or his back to the basket. And loves to go LEFT even though he shoots right.

MINUS all those SHORTCOMINGS he is the BEST SMALL FORWARD in the PACKAGE STORE and the most PHYSICALLY Gifted which on most night is the biggest difference in JAMES and his Opponents.

2. Kevin DURANT aka K D aka the DURANTULA aka DURANT 66 aka the PLASTIC MAN 2K11 aka KD MIXER in the Package Store: Yhe only reason KIN JAMES gets the nod over KD is JAMES' Physical Prowess outside of that MEET the #1 Guy the BLUEDUDE would start a Franchise with hands down.

The NBA is based on Open Looks and and an OPEN GAME and K D is effortless in his SHOT with unlimited Range and a WICKED HANDLE for someone listed at 6'10" and trapped in an ELITE Shooting Guards Game. KD can get you 25 in a quarter and when the game is on the LINE and takes a backseat to NO ONE even his sometimes knucklehead POINT GOD WESTBROOK.

DURANT showed off his ability this past summer by putting up 66 in the EBC Rucker PARK NYC Game and when you take your GAME to the RUCKER you put yourself in a situation where if you don't will be BLOGGIN' with the BLUEDUDE sooner rather than later. KD is that DUDE.....and CHOCOLATE CITY's Finest Brand

3. Carmelo ANTHONY aka 'MELO aka the BIG BULLY aka the BMORE Genuine Draft in the PACKAGE STORE: To the BLUEDUDE...the BEST All-Around Scorer in the NBA. At nearly 6'9" 250 plus EL BEES...'MELO can get from the ARC...take the MIDGET in the POST and take him cash...get a BIG out TOP and get his lunch money...and when its CRUNCH absolute MONSTER.

The Knocks on 'MELO are Rebounding and Defense and that's why I look at the KNICKS and wonder can they Become an ELITE Team in the NBA because their 2 Best Players don't REbound nor pLay D like they should. The BLUEDUDE will never SUGAR COAT anything...I tell it like it is..they make a lot of money and they have BIG FLAWS like other STARS.

NOW is 'MELO an ELITE TALENT...TOP 10 in my BOOK because the LEAGUE is based on GETTING BUCKETS at WINNING TIME and the LIST is a SHORT one and 'MELO is at the TOP with his ARSENAL.

The Other TIER of SMALL FORWARDS....because it DROPS off considerably after those TOP any ORDER

Danny GRANGER aka the NAPTOWN Strangler aka GRANGER ICE in the PACKAGE STORE: Smooth and as of press time only running up on the AGE of 27. A smooth 3 point shooting and can get to the rim with anyone Small Forward.

Gerald WALLACE aka G-DUB aka ALABAMA MIXER: He mixes with anything. He gets you rebounds, he defends, finishes on the break with the best of them, an occassianlly will hit the THREE....a coach's dream and the BLAZERS love him

Luol DENG aka LOU aka LOUchill: Is the PERFECT 3rd Option on a CHAMPIONSHIP Caliber outfit. An underrated Defender as well and his LENGTH on the DEFENSIVE END and the BREAK makes him a really good and efficient Small Forward.

Rudy GAY aka B-MORE's FINEST: Only RUDY played the Defensive END halfway like he plays the Offensive End..the GRIZZLIES would almost be as good as the THUNDER..real talk. A gifted Small Forward with BIG TIME's up to RUDY what he wants to ALL-STAR...or TOP 10 in the NBA for years to come he is that talented

Paul PIERCE aka the TRUTH aka INGLEWOOD's FINEST: P2 is what NIKE BRAND calls him.....still a tough cover when he is going..AGE is catching up with him but can still get you on most nights 20 plus and ten C's are of TEAM DEFENSE....

Josh SMITH aka josh SMIFFFF aka J-SMOOVE: I think if he can get out of ATLANTA his Hometown....he can do way more. Supremely talented and just a MONSTER athletically.....he right now doesn't know WHEN to say WHEN in key moments in the game.

Andre IGUODALA aka IGGY aka A I 2.0: A misplaced ITEM in the PACKAGE STORE I still think he belongs in AISLE 2G but can defend with the best of them and needs to be with a Contender so they can use him in that sense.

Nicolas BATUM aka the FRENCHMAN: Sneaky Smooth....plays off of PORTLAND's Guards and PF LaMarcus ALDRIDGE and is a perfect compliment to both parties. Excellent defender as well and is capable of filling up the STAT SHEET on most nights.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Going into WEEK 8 in the NFL teams are starting to position themselves for the NOVEMBER and DECEMBER Stretch Run. You can always tell who the TOP Teams are by How they played i WEEK 1 to the Middle of the SEASON. No one cares what you look like in SEPTEMBER compared to what you look like in NOVEMBER.

The AFC is shaping up to be a WIDE OPEN Playoff Hunt as the RAVENS come of of a BYE WEEK in a LAY a BABY CRAB in JACKSONVILLE...and then boarded the PLANE after the loss leaving thew BABY CRAB to fend for itself vs a JAGUAR.....C'MON RAVENS.

The LIONS continue their Free Fall and have to put one in WIN Column soon as they still have to PLAY the LAMBEAU BOYZ twice. The STEELERS are starting their traditional QE ARE WORKING are WAY UP to BEING GREAT again come WINNING Time.

WEEK 8 NFL Power Rankings...powered by BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK and sponsored by WILL the REAL #1 AFC Team...PLAESE Stand Up.

NOTE: Last Weeks ranking is in PARENTHESIS

1. PACKERS (1) 7-0: I am going to quit reporting what the PACKERS do until they lose one to help us COMMONERS enjoy the NFL SEASON.

2. PATRIOTS (3) 5-1: Coming off of a BYE WEEK and they move thanks to the RAVENS drinking that CAN'T get RIGHT Juice

3. 49ERS (4) 5-1: On a BYE WEEK and sure didn't need one.....QB ALEX SMITH is the WHAT?......yeah so much for the LUCK Sweepstakes

4. STEELERS (5) 5-2: like EVERY YEAR a STAPLE in the POWER RANKINGS towards the TOP now with HALLOWEEn around the CORNER #56 LAMAAR MEYERS is running around killing QBs

5. GIANTS (7) 4-2: They sit back on a BYE WEEK and the REDSKINS lose again.....the G-MEN have to take CHARGE of the NFC East

6. SAINTS (8) 5-2: The BEST NFC Team after the PACKERS and the MOST Explosive Team outside of the PACK on O...SAINTS are SCARRY at times

7. RAVENS (2) 4-2: SHAME on RAY LEWIS and COACH HARBAUGH...losing to J'VILLE and being Physically Handled a little....NO EXCUSE

8. BENGALS (12) 4-2: Don't look now...the JUNGLE is for GROWN FOLKS not a PETTING ZOO no longer..that DEFENSE is of 5-STAR CALIBER w/CHILI

9. BILLS (14) 4-2: On a BYE WEEK gaining Ground.....can they beat the JETS to get that AFC EAST 2nd Seed

10. BOLTS (6) 4-2: When they come EAST NATIONAL LAMPOON's is rolling their TAPE like NFL FILMS...they do NOTHING Right

11. LIONS (9) 5-2: Need to call the PLUMBER and stop that HOLE....just get back to BASICS...need to MIX RUN and PASS

12. FALCONS (16a) 4-3: BIG WIN in the MOTOR CITY and a RODDY WHITE all good in the 404

13. BEARS (16b) 4-3: Just what the DOCTOR ordered.....a TRIP over the BIG POND, a W, a no one HURT, and BYE WEEK

14. RAIDERS (10) 4-3: Too Much going on in RAIDERS CAMP...the passing of AL, the QB Situation, and the ARROWHEAD BOYZ in town

15a. COWBOYS (NR) 3-3: needed the RAMS in town to get their MOJO back.....Need to ride that Positive wave now..maybe if the RANGERS WIN the FALL CLASSIC it will RUB OFF that STAR

15b. JETS (NR) 4-3: PLAX PLAX PLAX...RED ZONE RED ZONE RED ZONE....HELP SANCHEZ OUT....thanks JETS..still on the OUTSIDE looking in

16. TEXANS (NR) 4-3: just went to MUSIC CITY and took everything but FAITH HILL...D*** Titans...UNDER ARMOUR PLEASE....PROTECT YOUR HOUSE..and CJ28...they going to start to put a HOLD on your CHECKING Account...HOLDOUT



LOSING Ground....


the Chicago BULLS...After n Before 2 NBA MVP's.....Right After AIR JORDAN and Right Before D-ROSE....the BULLS were in Disarray

We now have Derrick POOH ROSE on the WEST SIDE of Chi -City and he calls the United Center and CHICAGO HOME as was Born and Raised here. But it wasn't the Now MADHOUSE on MADISON was in complete and utterly disarray because of BAD Management.

Enter JORDAN, SCOTTIE, the WORM, and Coach Phil JACKSON's bunch when the WON their 6th Title and caped off their 2nd Three-Peat. Most Organizations would say let's NOT Break this group up right. It's the old adage.....IF IT ISN'T BROKE....DON'T FIX IT. Not if you have a GENERAL MANAGER the BULLS had that was almost envious to the point of WHEN DO I GET RECOZGNIZED for all these CHAMPIONSHIPS I put this together.

The BULLS GM then...Meet and Greet with a HOT DOG, Potato Chpius, and 4 DONUTS....Jerry "CRUMBS" KRAUSE. A Baseball man by trade he was a SCOUT with the CHicago White Sox when then Owner and CHAIRMAN of both the BULLS and PALE HOSE, Jerry REINSDORF, took a chance and put KRAUSE in the BULLS Organization as GM.

The BULLS after the 1998 Championship were tired of hearing every season is this it what is MANAGEMENT going to do. COACH JACKSON, MIKE, SCottie, and the REST of the BULLS were at a HEAD with CRUMBS and the CONS out weighed then PROS and they broke up the BULLS.

PIPPEN getting a sign and trade deal with the Houston ROCKETS, Phil JACKSON moving on to the LAKESHOW coaching SHAQFu and the BALCK MAMBA, JORDAN retiring for the 23rd Time, and the rest of the BULLS to fend for themselves.

This is where and the BLUEDUDE tells SPORTS FANS all over the GLOBE about this dreaded word called REBUILDING. WHt is REBUILDING:

by Rebuilding is to build again. To make extensive structural repairs on. To remodel or to make extensive changes in.

NBA FANS and BULLS FANS you see the BIG WORDS....BUILD AGAIN......EXTENSIVE STRUCTURAL REMODEL....this is what the BULLS and CRUMBS wanted to do instead of letting the BUILDING or in this CASE FOUNDATION of the FRANCHISE breakdown itself then fix it.

Enter the BULLS FRANCHISE right after 1998 into the 2000's....Look at some of the PICKS the BULLS made and the COACHES they chose to RUN the BULLS......some of the PICKS at the Time were RIGHT and some of them WRONG.

COACHES from 1999- the Present

Tim FLOYD from IOWA STATE 199-2003 GM CRUMBS' Guy
Bill CARTWRIGHT 2003 - 2004 took over after FLOYD's Reign and KRAUSE's Retirement
Scott SKILES 2004 - 2007 after CARTWRIGHT instilled discipline and WORK Ethic
Jim BOYLAN 2007 - 2008 SKILES assistant took over after SKILES Fired
Vinny Del NEGRO 2008 - 2010 Terrible Coach and now the CLIPPERS Coach
Tom THIBODEAU 2010- Current excellent FIND and NBA Coach of the YEAR 2010-11

General MANAGERS/Presidents of BASKETBALL Operations

Rod THORN 1977-1984 he picked JORDAN in '84
Jerry CRUMBS KRAUSE 1986-2003 picked PIPPEN n GRANT in '87
John PAXSON 2003 - Present PAX moved to PRESIDENT in '09
Gar FOREMAN 2009 - Present took GM Position

The Notable PLAYERS for the BULLS from 1999-Current

1999 Elton BRAND DUKE All-American
2001 Tyson CHANDLER Compton CA DOMIGUEZ HS Draft Day trade for Elton BRAND
2002 Jay WILLIAMS DUKE later ended career in MOTORCYCLE Accident
2004 Luol DENG DUKE
2006 Tyrus THOMAS LSU Draft Day Trade for LaMarcus ALDRIDGE WOW
2007 Joakim NOAH FLORIDA

If you look at those PICKS GM KRAUSE made those up to 2003 them PAXSON made every pick beginning 2004 Season and on. The MOVE that stuck out the most was the 2001 Draft Day Trade trading 2000 Co-Rookie Of the YEAR Elton BRAND and walking 20-10 Player for Tyson CHANDLER.....that never paid any dividends.

Then the BULLS were set back by DUKE PG Jay WILLIAMS getting into a Career-Ending Motorcycle accident after reprtedly being told by his teammates again and again not to ride it.

The HINRICH, DENG, and GORDON was a nice TRIO but could only get you to a certain point. TYRUS THOMAS for LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE was and still is a killer. But as a GM some o those PICKS just look and feel like the RIGHT ONES. It's a High Risk-High Reward Business there is NO EXACT Science to DRAFTING trust me o that.

Then you enter the NOAH pick where BULLS FANS were like Why he was the 3rd Best Player on those BACK to BACK GATOR TEAMS with Al HORFORD (Atlanta HAWKS) and Corey BREWER (MAVS via T'WOLVES) being the better players on that team. NOAH is a prime example of you can't measure a PLAYER'S DNA.....MAKE-Up....NOAH Desire and toughness outweighs some of his shortcomings in his game and he is a perfect FIT in what the BULLS are trying to do now.

Then finally a FRANCHISE PLayer and the BULLS 1st All-Star since JORDAN.....Chicago's Own DERRICK ROSE. The reigning 2010-11 NBA MVP is the cornerstone of a once Proud Franchise and he has taking us back to PROMINENCE in the NBA as we also had the NBA's BEST RECORD last season.

But looking back on how the BULLS got their isn't the way you draw it up. That's why I say FANS...stay away from that word REBUILDING as long as you can because you never know when the Division Titles, PLAYOFFS, NBA TITLES, and just relevance will come back into play.

For right now the BULLS are in a real good place and wouldn't BET AGAINST them getting another BANNER or three in the next 5-6 YEARS. I have always been a BULLS FAN but I live but how MY PITTSBURGH STEELERS Draft......Have a SYSTEM and PHILOSOPHY in PLACE..then DRFAT the PLAYERS that fit your SCHEME or SYSTEM and you will always be IN IT to WIN IT.


AFC NORTH showing it might be the best in FOOTBALL....all teams .500 or BETTER through WEEK 7

From most NFL Analysts before WEEK 1 the Best Division was probably the NFC EAST. But through WEEK 7 the AFC NORTH might be the best Division of all the Divisions.

All the TEAMS in the AFC NORTH are .500 or better with the STEELERS a top the DIVISION at 5-2. The Surprise in the Division and maybe the NFL is the 4-2 BENGALS coming off of a BYE WEEK.

Let's take a closer look at the KEY STATS after WEEK 7 in the AFC North:

2. RAVENS 4-2
3. BENGALS 4-2
4 BROWNS 3-3

Points FOR

1. RAVENS 155
3. BENGALS 137
4. BROWNS 97


1. RAVENS 83
2. BENGALS 111
4. BROWNS 120

+/- PF/PA

1. RAVENS +72
3. BENGALS +26
4. BROWNS -23


1. RAVENS 1-0
2. BENGALS 1-0
4. BROWNS 0-1


1. RAVENS 3-0
2. BENGALS 2-1
3. BROWNS 2-2


1. BENGALS 2-1
3. BROWNS 1-1
4. RAVENS 1-2


2. BENGALS 278
4. BROWNS 291


1. RAVENS +4
3. BROWNS +2
4. STEELERS -10 note: the 1st game the STEELERS had 7 vs the RAVENS.....misleading STAT

Then you wonder why the AFC NORTH is at or above .500.......look at TOTAL DEFENSE......All Teams ranked in the TOP 4.....IMPRESSIVE....Can the DIVISION put 3 TEAMS in the PLAYOFFS?

Monday, October 24, 2011


NFL WEEK 7 Rundown has told us yet another NFL ADAGE. RAVENS 4-1 lose to the JAGUARS 1-5....and that's why they play the game. The BOLTS had a chance vs the JETS in the 2-Minute DRILL but the BOLTS 2-Minute Drill look like DUCK DUCK ......GOOSE.

Forget AIR's AIR TOMLIN as the STEELERS tell the DESERT LAND or by AIR.....we will get a W...and did convincingly over the CARDS as BIG BEN threw for well over 300 Yards.

The BEARS use their Minimum Wage RB Matt FORTE to smack the BUCKS over the BIG POND in WEMBLEY Stadium in LONDON. It's almost a forgone conclusion that the BEARS pay FORTE at least CJ28 CASH or he walks.


REDSKINS @ PANTHERS: The Cam NEWTON Show this time by FEET gives the NFC EAST Leading 'SKINS their 2nd L in a row. NEWTON has just dazzled every team he has faced and the REDSKINS didn't get the MEMO. I see a lot of analyst waiting for NEWTON to FALL....He won't and TEBOW still gets all the HEADLINES.

The "SKINS have to get it together and I tell you this...the EAGLES are 2 wins away from being 4-4 and they are still my pick to WIN the NFC EAST because No ONE ELSE will step up.

SEAHAWKS @ BROWNS: A Pillow Fight......or a Backyard Tussle with the neighborhood going by ONES.....I wonder if HOLMGREN or CARROLL have 2nd Thoughts. As for the see the D*** SCORE.

DIRTY BIRDS @ LIONS: So much breaking up the MOTOR CITY LIONS....the FALCONS go into the D and get a HUGE W for their Psyche. RB Michael TURNER and WR Roddy WHITE both factor into the WIN.

The LIONS need to get a RUN GAME and fast. They are finding out in the NFL NO ONE TEAM can be one-dimensional and if they are they will get exposed. As for QB Stafford it is being reported he is DAY to DAY. And QB Matt RYAN of the FALCONS.....awaiting MRI Tests.

BRONCOS @ DOLPHINS: Skip BAYLESS of ESPN. I see former FLORIDA Head Coach Urban MEYER working with TEBOW before the GAME. I get it...a supreme competitor...but a work-in-progress at NFL QB...doesn't matter. DOWN 15-0 with just over 2 minutes to go TEBOW gets the BRONCOS Tied in regulation then the BRONCOS win it 18-15 in OT.

NOW there are a lot of TEBOW FANS in BOTH Directions on this....but he WINS and he has IT....I have no IDEA what IT is....but he has IT. As for the DOLPHINS and Coach you see why the BIG TUNA Left....UPSTAIRS there are some issues in 305. I wonder if Gloria Estefan, J-LO and her EX-DUDE, and the WILLIAMS Sisters want their CASH BACK now.

BOLTS @ JETS: It was the PLAX BOWL as he catches 3 Scores and the JETS beat the BOLTS 27-21. A game of tug of war....the BOLTS looked like early they were going to pull away and to the JETS and QB Mark Sanchez's Credit they stayed GAME PLAN and imposed their WILL on the CHARGERS.

Two things here....are the JETS real CONTENDERS to the THROME in the AFC and the BOLTS are ZERO when they come EAST. Something has to give as I think the RAIDERS win the AFC WEST and the BILLS get the AFC Wild Card in the AFC leaving both the BOLTS and JETS on the outside looking in.

BEARS vs BUCCANEERS in LONDON: The BEARS almost gave away the GAME at the end but were in control for the most part the whole game. BEARS RB Matt FORTE aka Marcus ALLEN 2K11 is the DEAL and the BUCS saw 1st hand that he is maybe the best back they have seen in the NFL and will see all year.

BUCS QB Josh FREEMAN seems to be in a FUNK and the BUCS have to get him out of that as they have the SAINTS and DIRTY BIRDS on the road down the stretch.

The BEARS have 1 each vs the LIONS, PACKERS, and VIKES and now have a Months worth of AFC WEST....GOOD EATING..maybe.

TEXANS @ TITANS: CJ28 is a prime example on WHY TEAMS DO NOT want to pay RBs a lot of money. In turn the TEXANS have a BEAST at their disposal..RB Arian FOSTER..who TOTED the PIGSKIN for 100 and caught the PIGSKIN for 100.

Meanwhile the TITANS look like they are out of gas and MIKE MUNCHEK has his first losing streak. OK COACH....what do we do now. They still have a Chance to win the AFC South but the TEXANS sent them a Message.....not on our WATCH.

STEELERS @ CARDINALS: The CARDS had NO SHOT...NONE. Then they let BIG BEN have TARGET Practice and throw for over 300 and 3 scores. I know the CARDINALS watch the GAME FILM.....DO NOT let DA KID Mike WALLACE get behind you...they did..and PAY DIRT.

The STEELERS must run the ball better but the STEELERS D has rose to the occasion and someone has woken up #56. OLB Lamaar WOODLEY has been dominate the last 3 WEEKS in OLB James HARRISON absence and the FRONT 7 of the STEELERS hasn't looked better.

The CARDS need for QB KOLB to get a tutor or something. I know he has to catch up to SPEED but his PAYCHECK caught up real quick so CARDS get him up to SPEED and QUICKLY. WR Larry FITZGERALD.....Good Luck trying to catch 100 BALLS in that mess.

CHIEFS @ the BLACK HOLE: The RAIDERS Gift Wrap one to the CHIEFS....Raiders Start QB Kyle BOLLER...3 PICKS.....bring in QB Carson PALMER 3 PICKS...en result....28-0 KC.

The CHIEFS seem to be playing better and they can still compete for that AFC WEST Crown. The RAIDERS have to get PALMER up to SPEED and they are on a short clock. the QUICKER the RAIDERS get PALMER up to SPEED the FASTER the RAIDERS start to getting back to that 4-2 Football they were playing.

RAMS @ COWBOYS: the only Highlight in this one was the coin toss.....the CARDINALS had Lance BERKMAN and the RANGERS send HAMILTON as the RANGERS play right across the PARKING LOT from COWBOYS STADIUM.

'BOYS RB and former BOOMER SOONER RB Demarco MURRAY gets 250 plus rushing yards and the 'BOYS get a much needed W. The RAMS....well...they have MEL KIPER Jr's BIG BOARD in sight.

PACKERS @ VIKINGS: Give VIKES Rookie QB Ponder credit he played well.....but the PACKERS are on a MISSION and they have NAPTOWN circled for February 2012...SUPER BOWL 46.

QB Aaron RODGERS and his PLETHORA of Offensive Weapons are putting defenses in all kinds of BINDS as they continue their assault on the LEAGUE.

PONDER impressed everyone and he looks like he is going to be a good one when he gets his feet under him. If I were the VIKES I might have started him earlier and told McNABB to stay in SCOTTSDALE.

COLTS @ WHO DAT?: and WHAT DAT? Score......62-7 and why talk about the same thing..COLTS getting BEAT and BREES throwing for over 300 and the SAINTS putting up TECMO BOWL numbers.

RAVENS @ JAGS: I talk about this too much. Why do the RAVENS play the STEELERS and PATS like no other but lose to the JAGS off of a BYE WEEK. I do not have any answers but NOW you see why they lose 3 plus TD LEADS in the playoffs.

RAVENS QB Flacco looked like his NON-CHALANT Self and RAY RICE even coughed up the ball for the first time in over 550 plus carries.

The JAGS played Hard and RB Mo JONES-DREW is TOP FLIGHT....but the RAVENS better have figured it out because the STEELERS TEam that they embarrassed in WEEK 1....was the PHOTOSHOPPED Steelers. The ones they will see in WEEK 9....are the STEELERS that go to SUPER BOWLS like Lindsay LOHAN goes to REHAB...all the time.

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1st BST (BCS) CHAMPIONSHIP Series Football POLL...with LSU and 'BAMA playing next week there will be more SHAKEUP at the TOP

The 1st installment of the BLUEDUDE's Bowl Championship Series Polls and of course the 2 BEASTS of the Southeast are at the TOP. Will there be SHAKEUP in the next few DARN right there will be.

LSU goes to TUSCALOOSA next week to take on ALABAMA and I have always said.....IF you LOSE in COLLEGE Football...LOSE EARLY. Losing late will not benefit you unless you have a STRENGTH of SCHEDULE that is outta control.

Case in Point....the LSU TIGERS...having played #7 OREGON, MISSISSIPPI STATE, TENNESSEE, #25 AUBURN, #24 West VIRGINIA, and FLORIDA GATORS.... their TSRENGTH of SCHEDULE is the STRONGEST of any in the NCAA DIVISON 1-A Football or the BST Series Championship.

Other TEAMS like CLEMSON, OKLAHOMA STATE, STANFORD, and KANSAS STATE have to fight off Tough Opponenets and In-STATE Rivals to get a berth.

The 1st Installment of the BST CHampionship Series POLL:

1. LSU 8-0: with the aforementioned Schedule even if they lose at 'BAMA in 2 weeks they may still only drop 2 spots

2. ALABAMA 8-0: beating LSU Helps their Strength of Schedule because 'BAMA's in the SEC and LSU's Opponents

HERE is where the BS in the GAME STARTS...........

3. OKLAHOMA STATE 7-0: they have played good teams in the BIG 12..beating OKLAHOMA late will only help them

4. CLEMSON 8-0: Going through FLORIDA STATE, VA TECH, and AUBURN is huge.....SOUTH CAROLINA Game still looming

5. STANFORD 7-0: Luck and the BOYS Strength of SChedule will go up if they beat USC on SATURDAY and still have OREGON to play

6. BOISE STATE 7-0: LEGIT YES..SCHEDULE LEGIT...NO...but it's not their FAULT it's their Conference...sitting in the CATBIRD Seat seeing what CHIPS FALL in front of them

7. KANSAS STATE 7-0: Rolling but still has Hookem' HORNS, 12th MAN, COWBOYS of STILLWATER, and BOOMER SOONER on SCHEDULE..can you say CHICK-A-FILET Bowl.......

8. OREGON 6-1: they have USC and STANFORD to PLAY that help's and so does the 1st loss of the season to LSU

9. ARKANSAS 7-1: only loss to @ ALABAMA so if 'BAMA beats LSU next WEEk and they keep winning they move up

10. MICHIGAN STATE 7-1: forget miracles they will win out until the inaugural BIG 10 Championship Game in INDY vs......those BADGERS....UH-OH

Receiving Votes:




Virginia TECH 7-1


Every Saturday you always say is this going to be the SATURDAY that one of the TOP 5 teams in Country lose....Every Saturday. Well....this past SATURDAY there was a BIG SHAKEUP in the BIG 12 and the BIG 10.

The Oklahoma SOONERS, playing at home in NORMAN, waited some 2 hours to get their game with the Texas Tech RED RAIDERS going and i betcha they would like to play this one at a later date. The RED RAIDERS jumped out to a 31-7 halftime lead to hang on and shock the #3 SOONERS. WHERE does this put BOOMER SOONER Now?.....Only Time will tell.

The Michigan STATE SPARTANS used all 60 minutes vs the BADGERS of CAMP RANDALL Fame to edge the WISCONSIN on a HAIL MARY. This game was #6 at the SPARTANS will make a HUGE Jump but will it be enough to get into the BCS or BSTS (Bluedude SportsTalk Series)?

The NCAA Football Power Rankings for Week 9:

1. LSU (1) 8-0: Took the AUBURN WAR EAGLES to the BAYOU and put them in the SWAMP head first. Now BYE WEEK with the Game of the Year Looming at TUSCALOOSA

2. ALABAMA (2) 8-0: Struggled with ROCKY TOP at first. 'BAMA was looking ahead a little then they came back and SMASHED SMOKEY...a BYE WEEK with #1 LSU coming to town on NOVEMBER 5th

3. Oklahoma STATE (4) 7-0: Took care of Business against MIZZOU.....they could run the TABLE and meet BOOMER SOONER for the TRIP to the BIG EASY

4. BOISE STATE (5) 7-0: Patiently waiting....had a little bit of a minor meltdown vs AIR FORCE.....Can they get a TICKET to the BIG ONE?

5. CLEMSON (7) 8-0: Play the RAMBLIN' WRECK who have fallen on hard times a little. CLEMSON is an outside threat to get to NAWLINS

6. STANFORD (8) 7-0: QB LUCK n the STANFORD RED travel to L A to play USC.....this might be the one for the CARDINALS

7. OREGON (9) 6-1: Chip KELLY in the gang took everything in BOULDER but the MOUNTAINS..still lurking but needs some help

8. ARKANSAS (10) 7-1: came back on OLE MISS......ARKANSAS will be playing on New Year's Day

9. Michigan STATE (11) 7-1: SPARTY will probably meet the BADGERS again to see who goes to the ROSE BOWL

10. Kansas STATE (12) 7-0: Rolled through ROCK CHALK like a DUST STORM....still has OU, OK ST, TX, and A&M on the schedule

11. Oklahoma (2) 6-1: A bad loss to TECH at this time in the game...needs major help

12. WISCONSIN (6) 6-1: BADGERS had a chance at the end to WIN this game

13. NEBRASKA (14) 6-1: Went to MINNESOTA and took out 5K of the 10K Lakes

14. South Carolina (15) 7-1: Looking to get to a BCS Game..not practical though too much ground needs to be covered

15. Virginia TECH (NR) 7-1: Might try to WIN the ACC if they get some help.

BEST of the REST...............

Michigan 6-1
Penn STATE 7-1
Georgia 5-2

Sunday, October 23, 2011

CRIME SCENE....a Horrific Scene at the BALLPARK at ARLINGTON....a Catastrophe in NORMAN Oklahoma....the AWARD-Winning CSI BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK

Back at it again as me n the SMURFS on a coup,e of trips to go check out 2 CRIME SCENES. One of them wasn't expected in Northern Texas and the other CRIME SCENE in the Central Part of OKLAHOMA.

You know the RULES of the Award-Winning CSI Bluedude Sportstalk...Stay out of the POLICE BLOTTER...Don't Lose if you're expected to WIN....Don't make Bonehead Plays if your the Anointed One..and if your sitting on top of the WORLD Financially...Don't fall into the HANDS of the BLUEDUDE...I will put you out there. You say between the LINES....NO....Between YOU n CSI BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.

CRIME SCENE....Arlington Texas...the BALLPARK at ARLINGTON..World SERIES Game 3...REDBIRDS vs RANGERS: Looking at the CRIME SCENE first of all...16 RUNS and 15 hits for the REDBIRDS...RANGERS get 7 RUNS on 13 Hits but have 3 Miscues. The TELLING STATS at the SCENE as the BLUEDUDE thinks he has found something.

RANGERS Pitching...11 RUNS in 5 1/3 Innings. REDBIRDS 1B Albert PUJOLS goes 5 for 5 as world SERIES RECORD 3 HR and 6 RBI's in the PROCESS. And then becomes the 3rd Player in World Series History to hit 3 HRs in a World Series game tying the "BABE" Babe RUTH and Mr. OCTOBER....Reggie JACKSON..what kind of Company is that.

The BOTTOM Line is the PITCHING in this SERIES has to shape up or we going to have to go to Fast Pitch SOFTBALL. I knew when I saw these 2 Teams paired up I was saying I know MLB wanted and FOX a PHILLIES and PINSTRIPES Series. The Both of those TEAMS have really good Pitching. But since we are here.....RANGERS have a STAT going against them no one ants to here if your for the RANGERS.

37 of the last 53 Teams in the WORLD SERIES that has WON Game 3.....has went on to win the SERIES. But the CRIME SCENE just from Tonight...Someone is GUILTY

VERDICT: in DELIBERATION..awaiting on FORENSICS and the REST of the INFORMATION from Crime Scene well the REST of the World Series.

CRIME SCENE...Norman OKLAHOMA....SOONER STADIUM...Oklahoma University...Texas TECH @ #3 BOOMER SOONER: After a lengthy WEATHER DELAY...and the Texas Tech RED RAIDERS being a 28 Point underdog...HOT D***...look what the WEATHER blew in.

The RED RAIDERS and former AUBURN Coach Tommy TUBBERVILLE shock the College Football World, the SOONERS, and of course Themselves. FINAL SCORE...41-38 after the RED RAIDERS were leading 31-7 at one point.

And I called it...It's in BOOMER SOONER Coach Bob STOOPS DNA....they are always LOADED and WIN WIN WIN...cruising...then BAM..a LOSS. They always seem to lose one that coast them a chance at the NATIONAL TITLE. Now with #1 LSU @ #2 ALABAMA on November 5th...the DOOR could be open for All PARTIES sitting at TABLES 4-7.

The SOONERS and COACH STOOPS no better and NOW they are behind the * ball once again. AS for them being 28 POINTS Favorites...there has to be a GUILTY VERDICT and it has to be at the TOP.

GUILTY: OKLAHOMA HEAD COACH Bob STOOPS unfortunately and his Coaching just cannot let this happen at this time and this late in the season.

LOOK for more and more CRIME SCENES at BLUEDUDE there is always going to be ONE...because TEAMS and PLAYERS can't WIN when they are suppose to...stay out of HARMS WAY when they are suppose, and make the WRONG DECISIONS time and time again.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

NFL FANS by TEAM....Twitter vs Facebook Wars...Who are the TOP Teams and the Bottom Teams..and is there a Direct Correlation with WINNING TEAMS

The SOCIAL Scorecard....Who are the TOP NFL TEAMS by Fan on Twitter and Facebook?....Would the TEAMS surprise you.....probably not.

The TOP Teams are also the ones who in the BLUEDUDE's Estimation WIN all the TIME, have the Most Super Bowl Appearances, have Huge Tradition, the BEST FAN BASES, and on Top of all find these TEAMS Fans in most Cities.

The TOP 5 Teams on TWITTER:

1. COWBOYS 3,574,000 Followers....Maybe they are America's Team..but start WINNING S*** then

2. STEELERS 2,919,000 Followers.....What can I say we are all over TWITTER like Twitter HASH TAGS like #6

3. PATRIOTS 2,494,000 Followers.....BRADY n BELICHEK got 3 LOMBARDI's in the 2000's first decade

4. SAINTS 2,111,500 Followers.....WHO DAT? n that is some real NFL FANS and TAILGATING in the BIG EASY

5. PACKERS 1,977,500 Followers....Even without the SUper Bowl 45 WIN....there is nothing up there but PACKERland

The TOP 5 Teams by FACEBOOK

1. JETS 203,000 Pages......Well they are in NEW YORK so the law of averages more people

2. COWBOYS 149,500 Pages...About right for AMERICA's Team....COWBOYS just think if you could win the BIG ONE at some point

3. STEELERS 148,000 Pages....right there with the 'BOYS....STEELERS Fans tell Fans to get FACEBOOK...the other part of WINNING that's AUTOMATIC

4. PATRIOTS 147,000 Pages....PATS Nation has a lot of Band Wagoners I bet...where were all these fans say 1999

5. PACKERS 117,000 Pages with all those old PACKERS Fans they don't know about FACEBOOK there lies the 116K

TOP Teams on the BOTTOM of TWITTER

1. DIRTY BIRDS 189,000
2. TITANS 248,000
3. BROWNS 249,000
4. BILLS 289,000
5 BUCS 363,500

TOP 5 Teams on the BOTTOM of FACEBOOK

1. BUCS 35,000
2. BILLS 44,000
3. TITANS 47,000
4. BENGALS 53,000
5. LIONS 53,000

The Proof is in BLACK and WHITE....the TEAMS that have the TOP Following have a TRADITION n WINNING. The TEAMS that are at the BOTTOM FAN BASES with no COMPUTERS or SMART PHONES....therefore some of you BLUEDUDE Heads need to set up shop selling MACS, I-PHONES, Smart PHONES, and plain old COMPUTERS and SEMINARS to get these fan bases up to SPEED.


NATION....let's get more PEOPLE on TWITTER so we can OFFICIALLY become Not America's TEAM.....THE TEAM WORLDWIDE.....



FACEBOOK #3 148K pages

TRAVELING (the BLUEDUDE's STAT) #1 the COUNT....MORE than the HOME TEAM numbers unavailable at this time....GO STEELERS.....PLEASE join me as a MEMBER on my might get mentioned in one of my POSTS as a BLUEDUDE Head


STEELERS at CARDINALS Game Preview....the WHISENHUNT BOWL....Can the STEELERS make it Difficult for CARDS QB KOLB n WR FItgerald....DA KID probable

The BLACK n YELLOW take their Following to the VALLEY of the SUN......PHOENIX ARIZONA for a WEEK 7 Tilt that has the 4-2 STEELERS playing the 1-4 CARDINALS coming off of a BYE WEEK.

A few things stick out looking at this one. The CONCERN for the STEELERS 2nd Half Offensive Meltdown vs the JAGS has to be corrected. Steelers Offensive Coordinator Bruce ARIANS has to keep his foot on the pedal and not worry about the DEFENSE always bailing the STEELERS out.

The RUN Game has started to come around and I like the DEPTH behind SHARD with REDMAN and RAMBLIN' WRECK #27. The PASSING Game will be huge in this one as the STEELERS have a Tender Hamstring WR Mike WALLACE who is probable but they need to watch him closely...that injury can be tricky. Look for 2nd Year WRs TONE 2.0 Antonio BROWN and Emmanuel GO GO SANDERS to play big in this one.

The STEELERS Offensive Line looks quite healthy with TWIN playing with a Sore Elbow. LT Max STARKS has given the STEELERS a Boost and look for them to neutralize the CARDS Front led by Former 'NOLES DT Darnell DOCKETT.

The CARDINALS have struggled in many areas and the OFFENSE was suppose to run a helluva lot smoother than it has with the Addidtion of $60 Plus Million QB Kevin KOLB by way of BROAD STREET in PHILLY and the COUGARS of HOUSTON University. KOLB hasn't played all that bad as he 101-172 completions and 1281 Yards and 5TDs. But it's the Inability for the CARDS to effectively RUN the PIGSKIN that has KOLB and the Offense predicatable.

The RUN Game anchored by 3rd Year Pro and Soft as a HOSTESS Honey BUN Chris BEANIE WELLS. They have to find a way to run against the STEELERS who uncharacteristically have surrendered 2 100 Yard rushers and the JAGS Mo JONES-DREW had 96 Yards last week. So if the CARDS can get the Run Game going a little it might open the Passing Game.

SPEAKING of PASING GAME...the CARDS are led by All-World WR and new $120 Million Man Larry FITZGERALD. The STEELERS know him all too well and the man with that asignment in one on one will be #24 In your STEELERS Program and #1 In your STEELERS Defensive Back Depth CHart...I LIKE IKE...TAYLOR that is. Then when the CARDINALS are not throwing to FITZ 4th Year man EARLY DOUCET of BAYOU BENGAL TIGER Fame will try to get it going opposite of FITZ. The STEELERS Secondary will be ready and willing and of course up for the challenge.

The CARDINALS D must stop the RUN and get to BIG BEN to have any shot. If the STEELERS can run the BALL it will be a long day for 'ZONA and RED ZONE.




STEELERS Note: Look for the STEELERS to use ZIGGY HOOD at NT a lot and the ROOKIE LIL IRONHEAD Cam HEYWARD to get a lot of time at DE




DE the BEARDED One #99



OLB J-PEEZY Joey Porter

PLAYERS to WATCH: The STEELERS NT who ever that might be with HOKE and HAMPTON out. And all the EX-STEELERS in this one Coaching and PLAYING....Coaches Russ GRIMM, Ray HORTON, Ken WHISENHUNT.....Clark HAGGANS and JOey PORTER.

You think the CARDINALS don't know us......this will be like a RIVALRY Game and the CARDINALS if you rememeber wanted STEELERS LineBacker Coach Keith BUTLER...and the STEELERS said NO and they took HORTON. BUTLER well be the successor to The GREAT ONE Dick LeBEAU when LeBEAU calls it quits.

This will be a NASTY ONE.....follow me on TWITTER at @bluedudesports or email me at

Friday, October 21, 2011


We are a 112 Days into the NBA LOCKOUT and it seems like the last NBS SEason was about 10 years ago unless you talk to one individual. That Individual is the DALLAS MAVERICKS 7' Shooting Power Forward of his native land GERMANY.....Dirk NOWITZKI.

NOWITZKI has to be enjoying the SUMMER and some of the SUMMER off and now the FALL Time when usually NBA Teams are in full swing is all of a sudden downtime as well.

DIRK didn't have the whole summer off as he did play in the FIBA Word Tourney with his native GERMANY aka DEUTSCHLAND to try to get them to qualify for the 2012 LONDON ENGLAND Summer Olympics.

But looking back on when DIRK was first a DALLAS MAVERICK it wasn't all a YELLOW BRICK Road sort of a speak. DIRK's Journey started on a GERMAN CLUB Team and didn't get noticed until the NIKE HOOP SUMMIT that brings the top US HS PLAYERS vs the Internationals best at 19 and under.

DIRK blew up in the game and there it was NBA Teams and NCAA Teams were vying for his services. Then on DRAFT Night 1998 the DALLAS MAVERICKS and Don NELSON and Son DONNIE NELSON had a trick under their sleeve. The MAVERICKS had the higher Pick and the BUCKS wanted ROBERT Tractor TRAYLOR at NINE so the MAVERICKS Help the BUCKS but the BUCKS in turn help the MAVERICKS and the PHOENIX SUNS.

The MAVERICKS select TRAYLOR at 6 and the BUCKS select DIRK at nine there is the Draft Day Deal and then the BUCKS also sen their 19th Pick Notre DAME'S Pat GARRITY to the MAVERICKS and the MAVS have GARRITY for about a hot minute and then send him to the PHOENIX SUNS for SUNS Back-up PG Steve NASH.

So the 1st year for DIRK was a season of learning the 1998-99 Season. The BLUEDUDE comes into play the 2nd Season working in the MAVERICKS Organization in MARKETING for the 1999-2000 Season. I remember vividly the struggles of DIRK night in and night out. One he is playing in the best BASKETBALL LEAGUE in the World and two he is also getting acclimated to the United States.

Imagine you being 19 years old and you have a little bit of game and you have to see these PLAYERS at forward and they were a little older than you.....SHEED in PORTLAND, the BIG TICKET in 10k LAKES, SHAQ in the LAKESHOW, and DUNC in San Antonio. That right there might have had a lot of guys getting One-Way Airfare back to GERMANY but to DIRK'S Credit he worked.

The MAVERICKS Roster in 1999-2000 in which the BLUEDUDE used to help on NBA TEAM UP Day and other MAVERICKS Functions:

G Erick STRICKLAND Nebraska
G Steve NASH Santa CLARA

F Sean ROOKS Arizona
F Gary TRENT OHIO University the SHAQ of the MAC

Te Coaching Staff was headed by NELLIE Don NELSON with guys like Charlie PARKER, Ro BLACKMAN, KI KI Van DE WEGHE, Derek HARPER, Brad DAVIS, and NELLIE'S Son DONNIE NELSON.

The STABILITY to DIRK and the MAVERICKS was after the BLUEDUDE left in April 2000 when a DALLAS TX Billionaire bought the MAVS after being MAVS Season Ticket Holder for a few years.

Enter MARK CUBAN and after he sold that to YAHOO for a cool $6 BILLION. CUBE bought the team from Ross PEROT JR....another reason why the BLUEDUDE had to get out of town....for $280 after PEROT JR bought them for $140 million. ROSS never cared about the ORGANIZATION but only his cash. The BLUEDUDE could right for 100 Years on what is a GOOD PROFESSIONAL SPORTS OUTFIT to an Horrendous One.

Back to DIRKilicious...DIRK NOWITZKI...he started to come around right after the New Owner mark CUBAN Stared to make the necessary FACILITIES and AIRPLANE Upgrades that the Winning NBA Teams have.

NOTE: When the BLUEDUDE was employed fro 1999-2000 Season in BIG D...the AMERICAN AIRLINES Center was being built and about a year or two away from the MAVS moving into their new house.

But DIRK had 2 Comfort Zones he started to flourish under....Steve NASH, who to this day is his BEST FRIEND, and MICHAEL FINLEY. FINdawg, is what they call him, carried the MAVS through all their tough times and all the way up to when the MAVS and DIRK started to be relevant in the league.

Fast Forward to a few years later when FINdawg was in San Antonio playing for the SPURS and NASH was back in the DESERT with the SUNS winning not one MVP trophy's but two....DIRK started to get it.

The First run to the NBA Finals in the 2006-07 season with this Roster:


C Desasgan DIOP Oak Hill Academy

That team was suppose to win that CHIP 1st and they were up 2-0 only fir the CITY of DALLAS to plan the PARADE Route prematurely and they INFO got back to the HEAT and SHAQFU and WADE COUNTY......and you will no longer need that PARADE.

That might have been the single most devastating thing to HAPPEN to DIRK and that's exactly what DROVE him to get the 2010-11 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. See the GREAT Ones don't give up and don't blame others for FAILURES...they use it as Kelly ROWLAND PLEASE.......MOTIVATION.

No to mention DIRK getting the NBA MVP Trophy the next season as the #1 Seed Dallas was and to get beat in ROUND 1 and he being the 1st NBA MVP to get the trophy not during a GAME. FAILURE....MOTIVATION......and never FAIL again.

Then you say to yourself where will DIRK rank among the NBA's BEST. Don't move so fast. they have to the BLUEDUDE's Knowledge an even better squad in 2011-12 if the season can get going with the addition of the SPANIARD Rudy FERNANDEZ and a healthy Caron BUTLER, who is the MAVS 2nd best player behind DIRK.

I know this much...from a DALLAS Professional Sports Lore.....DIRK will be synonymous with the MAVS Basketball Club and DALLAS period. But more importantly the COUNTRY of GERMANY. He was carrying the CITY of BIG D and the WHOLE Country of DEUTSCHLAND past the favored MIAMI HEAT with their BIG 3....and outplayed them all to get that chip.

So from the BLUEDUDE's Experience of having seen the DIGGLER up close when he was an NBA now.....was really special for me. And it also taught me one thing from judging NBA TALENT. You must stay patient...and sometimes stick with something even though at the TIME it might not be in the Club's Best Interest but if you are in the position to make that have to let things marinate a little bit. And to Donnie NELSON, the MAVERICKS President, he made the decision a long time ago that @Swish41 was going to be the GUY DALLAS and Mark CUBAN build around.

That was the CALL for the would only be fitting for there to be an NBA the MAVS can HOIST that BANNER and get that Special Design Whatever CUBAN had in mind on their fingers, waist, walls, MANCAVES, or wrists......LOL

GO MAVS.....and DIRK will always be a WORLD CHAMP CHIP or NO CHIP...and everyone in BIG D and DEUTHSCLAND.....put 'em up

NFL WEEK 7 Schedule Breakdown...NORV owes REX for Choppin' it up about nothing... TEXANS and TITANS battle for AFC South...STEELERS in the DESERT

NFL Week 7 is upon us and a few battles out there will have immediate impact on some Divisions Races. The BEARS travel over the BIG POND as do the BUCCANEERS for a BATTLE in LONDON. This game is crucial for both as the BEARS try to stay close to the LIONS and Pack and the BUCS try to stay atop the NFC South with WHO DAT?.

The TEXANS with all their injuries travel to MUSIC CITY for a key AFC South Divisional Battle. The WINNER takes command of the Division moving forward.

JETS Coach Rex RYAN was Choppin' it up about BOLTS Coach Norv TURNER when asked about NORV got the JOB in DIEGO he didn't. Rex replied, " With all that TALENT I would have had 2 Super Bowls".....NORV replied, " What about the 2 Super Bowls he was suppose to already have with the JETS".....STAY TUNED.

The STEELERS renew their acquaintances with longtime offensive Coordinator and CARDINALS Coach ken WHISENHUNT in the Valley of the SUN Sunday. BIG BEN should be fired up about his Ex-Coordinator in wanting to BEAT HIS A**.

NFL WEEK 7 Schedule Breakdown...powered by BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK:

Sunday October 23, 2011


BOLTS @ JETS: the NORV vs REX Game 1....I know this the JETS come into this game having done little of nothing and rank almost LAST in a lot of key CATEGORIES. Like Most PUNTS (39), 1 of # teams averaging less than 100 Yards per game rushing, and that old adage...If you can't run you probably can't STOP the RUN.

BOLTS TE GATES will be back for this one after sitting out about 4 games due to Plantar FASCHITIS in his FEET. JETS QB SANCHISE is what they call him...must RISE UP in GOTHAM CITY or else.


BEARS vs BUCCANEERS in WEMBLEY Stadium in LONDON: BERS need to stay on pace with the LIONS and PACK who are a combined 11-1...OUCH. The BUCS on th other hand beat their Divisional Foe in WHO DAT? and must stay on top of the NFC South. Something will have to give in this one.

WINNER: BUCS..riding a WAVE too big for DA BEARS....27-16

SEAHAWKS @ DAWG POUND: PICK'EM...the BLUEDUDE doesn't want to..............

DIRTY BIRDS @ LIONS: We are about to see what I have been saying all along...the FALCONS are soft as PARKAY......BUTTER. The Physical LIONS have a chance to go 6-1 before they meet their nemesis...the PACKERS. The FALCONS could put their name in the NFC Playioff Hat with a BIG WIN here. Probably is the way the LIONS are built...not losing 2 in a row in the BIG ASSEMBLY LINE....FORD FIELD.

WINNER: LIONS...have built too much to falter now...38-10

TEXANS @ TITANS: First I told you LAST WEEK the TEXANS had NO SHOT at the RAVENS in CHARM CITY. But what if i would have told you the TITANS rank almost DEAD LAST in Rushing YARDS per game...with RB and new Millionaire CJ 28. Now I am hearing TEXANS Coach Greg KUBIAK say that WR Andre JOHNSON could play SUNDAY. Don't worry TITANS he is just saying that so the TITANS Secondary will think they have to see ANDRE....NOT PLAYING and Coach KUBIAK should be fined $50K for falsifying an Injury report.


REDSKINS @ PANTHERS: You want to know what's funny. Why about this time every season 'SKINS Coach SHANAHAN has a Press Conference talking about The QB Switch. He and his SON ...'SKINS Offensive Coordinator KYLE are FUNNY DUDES. The CAM SHOW is in town and they won't WIN but the PANTHERS with CAM and SMURF STeve will give you your entertainment Dollar. LOOK for the "SKINS with new QB John BECK to RUN RUN RUN.


BRONCOS @ DOLPHINS: IMAGINE THIS....Former GATOR gets his first 2011 Start in FLORIDA in 305....and to boot...the DOLPHINS who right now couldn't beat the EVERGLADES Team called African ROCK PYTHONS. They seem to win who ever they least from the Animal Channel they WIN.

I KEEP hearing PEOPLE say there is something special about TEBOW...REALLY....then they say he is a WINNER. BREAK that S*** Down now. A know how many LOSERS are not WINNERS playing QB in the NFL and have been for a while. And I am talking LOSING in everything.....CHICKS, XBOX/PLAYSTATION, CASINO, and SHOE GAME...LOSE LOSE LOSE...TEBOW is a BREATH of FRESH 5,280 FEET of AIR. And for those of you counting at the SPOT..that would be a MILE above Sea Level...DENVER is..get it MILE HIGH..and I know not all yall are STUCK on STUPID....but some of you need this for TGIF Conversation.

WINNER: BRONCOS and TEBOW saves the BOTTOM 305 for once....27-20

405PM ET

STEELERS @ 'ZONA: Been waiting for this but the STEELERS have to take care of BUSINESS here as they have the PATS coming to the 'BURGH on the 30 and of course the NFL gives them CHEATING SOB's a BYE WEEK before they see the STEELERS....If you ain't CHEATIN' you ain't TRYIN'.

The STEELERS look loike WR DA KID WALLACE is battling a HAMSTRING so look for a heavy dose of GO GO SANDERS and HINES. We also need to get the GROUND GAME going with the NEW 3-Headed Committee. The thing I like HERE...BIG BEN loves to see WHISENHUNT on the other sideline and BEN he told the BLUEDUDE that YOU SUCK. GET'EM BIG BEN.....

The CARDINALS have LARRY FITZGERALD.....and Safety ADRIAN WILSON and DT Darnell DOCKETT.....and Todd McFARLANE....SPAWN.....and nothing else.


CHIEFS @ RAIDERS: I feeling a little giddy about CARSON PALMER here.....I hope he tears it up because I HATE MIKE BROWN that much. RAIDERS are on a mission and the CHIEFS are jut in the way...literally....

WINNER: SILVER&BLACK.....CARSON throws for 3 and RUNS for 3 1st downs....27-13

PACKERS @ VIKES: I told you McNABB was done. His MAMA walked out of the GAME last week at SOLDIERS Field. So Rookie VIKES QB Christian PONDER get his first start DOM CAPERS and that 3-4. HAHAAHAHAHA and PONDER thought the WUNDERLIC TEST was BULLS***.....this 3-4 in action is the GMAT on the CLEAR and the CREAM......PONDER just wear all the FIXINS under your jersey you can...RIBS VEST, Hip Pads, Face Mask VISOR, and ASS PADS

WINNER: RODGERS throws for a whole ROUNDTRIP vacation from GREEN BAY to OSHKOSH Wisconsin and BACK...45-9

RAMS @ COWBOYS: 'BOYS need an easy one and some General Math instead of TRIG all the time


820PM ET

COLTS @ WHO DAT?: SUNDAY NIGHT...what's on SUNDAY.....let me see....SURFING......SURFING......OK...BLOG TIME

WINNER: WHO DAT? GAZILLION to 0....PAINTER vs BREES...2 ex-PURDUE QBs......and someone tell me when PAINTER Played...before Jim EVERETT or after EVERETT hit JIM ROME in his MUG..SAINTS SKUNK RULE

OCTOBER 24, 2011

830PM ET

RAVENS @ JAGS: JAGS do STEELERS FANS some good..BEAT the RAVENS...and that S*** wouldn't even happen on MADDEN. RAVENS getting tune-ups for November 6th at the 'BURGH.

WHO MADE the MONDAY Night Football Schedule...they must be DRINKING TEA when they made it.

WINNER: RAVENS...42-13....DEL RIO fired effective immediately..WATCH and you see.