Saturday, October 29, 2011

WEEK 8 SHOWDOWN PATRIOTS at STEELERS....BRADY loves playing the STEELERS...and can the LEAGUE's Worst DEFENSE stop BIG BEN......NO

The SHOWDOWN and for the STEELERS its the 1st of 2 at the BIG KETCHUP BOTTLE as they have the RAVENS coming in next week for a SUNDAY NIGHT Tilt.

It has been well-documented that PATS QB Tom BRADY is 6-1 vs the STEELERS and last season in HEINZ Field he threw 30 for 43 and 350 Yards with NO SACKS and NO PICKS and 3 TDs. Now BRADY has 14 Career TDs and only 3 Picks vs the you can say BRADY has STOCK OPTIONS in the STEELERS.

Now who gave the STEELERS Problems in that game last season was the Tight End Rob GRONKOWKSI who caught all 3 TD PASSES BRADY threw. GRONKS seemed too fast for the LINEBACKERS and too BIG for the CORNERS and SAFETIES. But then BRADY likes to throw it around and he has WELKER, BRANCH, HERNANDEZ, and CHad OCHOCINCO who yet knows his PLAYBOOK it seems.

They also come at you with a nice Running Back TRIO of Green-Ellis, Ridley, and Woodhead. That Group is among the best in the league in totality on the GROUND. So the STEELERS just get set back and put that 3-4 in nickel passing situations...they must also STOP the RUN.

Now the PATRIOTS have Problems of their own. They didn't really STOP BIG BEN last year as BEN threw for 30 for 49 387 Yards 3 TDs and 1 Pick. That 1 Pick was costly as it was a PICK 6.

The PATS are ranked at the BOTTOM in DEFENSE but they have good news as one of the TOP Inside Linebackers on SUNDAYS is back in Jared MAYO. He should help solidify the RUN D and help sideline to sideline pursuit with the other PATS LB Brandon SPIKES.

The STEELERS have a FAST WR Corp led by arguably the fastest WR in the LEAGUE in Mike WALLACE "DA KID". But the other 2 are really fsat and will give the PATS Secondary FIts if BEN has Tone 2.0 and GO GO Sanders.



PATS Tom BRADY 160/237 67.5% Comp 2,163 Yards 16 TD 8 INTs 104.8 QB Rating

STEELERS BIg BEN 147/234 62.8 Comp 1,937 Yards 12 TDs 6 INTs 95.3 QB Rating

PATS RUSHING 124 (10th) PASSING 350.5 (1st)
STEELERS RUSHING 117.9 (14th) PASSING 265.4 (9th)

PATS RUSHING 101.5 (8th) PASSING 322.2 (32nd)
STEELERS RUSHING 107.1 (12th) PASSING 171.9 (2nd)


PATRIOTS 474.5 (1st) in NFL
STEELERS 383.3 (9th) in NFL


PATRIOTS 423.7 (32nd)
STEELERS 279 (3rd)


Looking at the STATS something has to give as the STEELERS are TOP 10 ion BOTH Categories with the PATS #1 on OFFENSE and DEAD LAST on DEFENSE. The RECIPE for the STEELERS is to keep the PATRIOTS off the FIELD and keep the PATS D on the FIELD all day long. STATISTICALLY speaking they will fold and NUMBERS don't lie and if it doesn't get the PATS NOW and will bite them in their A** later....REAL TALK.

So who has the EDGE...all the ANALYSTS never go against BRADY and the STEELERS need to pull out the RAVENS TAPE on how to BEAT these GUYS. The RAVENS own the PATRIOTS and BRADY if you ask him he would probably say I dislike the RAVENS the most in the AFC.

PRESSURE up the MIDDLE bother BRADY and the STEELERS know it and so does the PATRIOTS. but BE CAREFUL they get no smarter than BRADY but the STEELERS have their own Fire Power as well with BIG BEN. They can't underestimate BEN and that OFFENSE.....the STEELERS O is SUOER EXPLOSIVE especially on the OUTSIDE.

THE SKINNY or the PRIMANTI BROTHER'S on this one: BRADY is 6-1 vs STEELERS but that D is going to cost him sooner than later and I think it is BIG BEN'S coming out party as he gets after the PATRIOTS and BELICHEK'S Scheme and the CURTAIN wins this going away to tell the WHOLE AFC and THE's coming through HEINZ...and see you FOOLS in CIRCLE CITY Indiana.

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