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NFL WEEK 8 Schedule Breakdown....Tom Terrific is 6-1 vs STEELERS.... EAGLES off of a BYE WEEK host the COWBOYS....n more

NFL Week 8 its the End of the 2nd Quarter of the NFL SEASON and the BLUEDUDE has a little explaining to do. If your Team is 5-3 or better going into the 2nd half of the season your in pretty good company. Which means if you do the same in the 2nd half of the season you will be a 10-6 Wild card team at worst.

Now the MARQUEE Match up this week is in the BIG KETCHUP Bottle in Western P A known as HEINZ Field where the PATRIOTS and QB Tom BRADY try to move to 6-1 and the STEELERS riding a 3-Game Win Streak of their own try to go 6-2. A lot riding on this one....HOME FIELD Advantage maybe throughout the AFC Playoffs....a Division Title....and possibly the #1 Overall Seed in the AFC. Now the RAVENS will have something to say about that but who ever WINS this battle puts themselves in the FRONT SEAT and maybe not the Drivers Seat.

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CARDINALS @ RAVENS: You face the STEELERS at home and you get whipped almost in every PHASE and now you have to come EAST and play at 1PM ET to face a RAVENS Team that lost MONDAY Night to the JAGS.

Now CARDS QB Kevin KOLB has to go through the GAUNTLET facing the STEEL Curtain and now the RAVENS Defense that played well in J'VILLE only giving up 12 PUNTOS. KOLB needs some kind of Running Game and maybe RB Beanie WELLS is smarter than we were led to believe. He might have looked at the SCHEDULE and said," I can't play the STEELERS and RAVENS D back to must be crazy"....."I have got to come up LAME in the STEELERS GAME" and he did and is probable for the RAVENS Game.

The RAVENS need to get RB RAY RICE involved and then the OFFENSE will flow. Even QB Joe FLACCO isn't as effective if RICE doesn't get his touches. The RAVENS D will be up for this one...and GOOD LUCK WHISENHUNT you know the RAVENS from your STEELERS DAYS it's just that you don't have the STEELERS D on your side anymore.

WINNER: RAVENS 31-10....The REDEEM TEAM will be in Full Effect Mode

VIKINGS @ PANTHERS: The CHRISTIAN PONDER Experiment got off to a Great Start last week even though he didn't get the WIN he played exceptionally well considering he was facing the PACK'S 3-4 and Dom CAPERS.

The VIKES will come with a heavy dose of ALL DAY 28 and they need to incorporate I LIVE IN PERCYLAND Harvin somewhere in the Game Plan. Defensively the VIKES are a work in progress and they are not what they were 2 years ago. But they will have their hands full in stopping that 2-headed Monster at RB in WILLIAMS and STEWART as well as Rookie QB Cam NEWTON.

NEWTON has surprised everyone in the NFL but maybe himself. Not too many of the NFL Analysts though he would develop this QUICKLY and the reason being he doesn't look the PART. You can say what you want to the BLACK QB is always ATHLETIC......then WHAT? I went there so WHAT....where is Blaine GABBERT now he can't even HOLD NEWTON 's Under Armour Equipment.

The BLUEDUDE has always said that NFL Combine can sometimes be misleading in either DIRECTION..REAL TALK.

WINNER: PANTHERS..CAM goes Off again....35-13

JAGS @ TEXANS: The #1 Back in the NFL might be in this game or the 2ND Best RB in the LEAGUE in TEXANS Arian FOSTER. He put on a show in MUSIC CITY last week and CJ28 was no where to be found in that one. FOSTER had 100 TOTING the pigskin and 100 RECEIVING the pigskin. Remember the TEXANS don't even have Andre JOHNSON back in the FOLD after the Hamstring Injury he suffered vs the STEELERS.

The JAGS coming off of a HUGE Win vs the RAVENS will have their work It out as GABBERT sooner than later will have to make THROWS down the field to soften up the BOX because JAGS RB Mo JONES-DREW has been taking way too many hits with all those 8 man fronts in the BOX.

This game will be a lot closer than anticipated with the TEXANS And FOSTER too much.


DOLPHINS @ NY FOOTBALL GIANTS: OK the FINS were just in JETS Stadium playing the JETS now thy have to turn around and play the G-MEN in the same stadium and they will get the SAME L.

The GIANTS are the best team in GOTHAM CITY this season and they face an 0-6 FINS Team in Complete utter Disarray and playing for a coach who could have a NEWS Conference any day now.

The ONE thing to look for in this one is how the GIANTS D is coming along. I still think the G-MEN and EAGLES will get into the PLAYOFFS I just don't know where they will be seeded when they get there.

WHO DAT? @ RAMS: The NFL loves the SAINTS....last week the win less COLTS and now the win less RAMS. The Good News for the SAINTS is that BUCS have lost 2 out of 3 and the SAINTS seem to be in the DRIVERS SEAT with the BUCS having to come to NAWLINS' soon.

This game will get ugly in a hurry and the SAINTS will win but by HOW MANY?


COLTS @ TITANS: What used to be a good Divisional Battle has turned into the TITANS get a BONE thrown to them as they need a WIN in the worse way. The COLTS are just trying to survive at this point and their coach needs to put a couple of W's together and quickly. the COLTS are not an 0-16 Team.....REAL TALK.

The TITANS and QB HASSELBACK need to get RB CJ28 going and they might revive their PLAYOFF hopes. Ever since WR Kenny BRITT was out on IR with the TORN ACL...the TITANS have not looked the same on OFFENSE.

WINNER: TITANS....23-13..hopefully LOCAL TV only

400PM ET

REDSKINS @ BILLS: Just when the 'SKINS need a WIN they have to FACE a really good BILLS Team coming off of a BYE and a LOSS before the BYE Week to the G-MEN.

The 'SKINS have to solve their QB Problem and on top of that they lose RB Tim HIGHTOWER to season ending Knee Injury. Coach SHANAHAN needs to reach back and find something that will work because the 'SKINS it seemed like they were just 3-1 last week.

The BILLS need to get back to being balanced on OFFENSE and creating TURNOVERS on Defense. That was the FORMULA they had before the BYE WEEK and they need to get back to that Formula because it worked.

WINNER: BILLS...34-24..FITZ and Company show the 'SKINS they are PLAYOFF Bound

LIONS @ BRONCOS: STAFFORD vs TEBOW.....the biggest COCKTAIL PARTY.....DAWGS vs GATORS. The LIONS need to get a W to go 6-2 in the 1st half of the SEASON which would not put them in a bind the 2nd half as they still have the PACKERS twice and the BEARS once on the schedule.

TEBOW has to play better early in the game and often. Every time he starts the BRONCOS start slow and in the NFL you can only keep going to the WELL so many times. The BRONCOS need to establish the RUN GAME to help TEBOW east into the PASS Game. the BRONCOS D is coming around a little they have some play makers over on that side of the BALL led by MLB DJ WILLIAMS and ALL WORLD Corner Champ BAILEY.

LIONS need to RUN the ball to offset STAFFORD having to throw the BALL 50 times. MEGATRON and JUMBOTRON need to get their touches still and the LIONS D has to be able to STOP the RUN. We have seen this before...TEAMS that can RUN THE BALL...CAN'T STOP the RUN.

PATRIOTS @ STEELERS: It's been well documented almost like BRADY's getting married again. BRADY is 6-1 vs the STEELERS and the SHORT PASSING GAME in the Middle of the Field kills the 3-4 Zone Blitz. Ok the STEELERS know that and LeBEAU and TOMLIN you think are going to sit on their hands and let TOM do it again.

The PATRIOTS are not stupid and their Game Plan will be a little different as will the STEELERS Defensive Plan. Oh and did you know the PATRIOTS are 32nd Ranked on DEFENSE....when does that come into play. Big BEN ROETHLISBERGER isn't BRADY but he is BIG don't get nicknames on SUNDAY unless you can PLAY or you SUCK....he can PLAY. And don't be surprised if we don't TORCH the PATRIOTS Secondary with the NEW SMURFS in Black n Yellow....DA KID...TONE 2.0.....and GO-GO SANDERS.

This will be one helluva game and the DEFENSE that can get the other TEAMS offense off the FIELD will win this game.

NOTE: #56 for the STEELERS has been on a him vs the PATRIOTS O-LINE....if he can get to BRDY a lot it will be a long day for the PATS.


BENGALS @ SEAHAWKS: Te BENGALS D is for real and their ROOKIE QB will get tested in BIG Q in the great Northwest on SUNDAY. The BENGALS need a heavy dose of RB Cedric BENSON and a timely passing game with the rookie AJ GREEN and TE Jermaine GRESHAM.

The HAWKS have to get RB Marshawn LYNCH going and thy need to find GOOD QB Play. Last Week in CLEVELAND the HAWKS could only manage 3 PUNTOS vs the BROWNS.....something has to give.


BROWNS @ 49ERS: The BROWNS have the 4th Ranked Defense and they just cannot get anything from the Offensive side of the ball. QB McCOY has to start going down field and RB PEYTON HILLIS has been non-existent. What did I tell you about that MADDEN COVER.....NO GOOD...NO GOOD at all.

The 49ERS are putting somethings together and QB Alex SMITH is reborn under the tutelage of Head Man Jim HARBAUGH. The DEFENSE has STAR LB Pat WILLIS and a host of other play makers. the Offense has RB GORE, WR CRAB , and TE VERNON Davis. There are WEAPONS all over the field for the NINERS and they will use all of them. No to mention PR/KR/WR Ted GINN JR. who has finally found a home in the BAY.

WINNER: NINERS 45-17....NINERS are serious

820PM ET

COWBOYS @ EAGLES: The LINC will be going berserk and now only if the EAGLES can give the Home Folks something to CHEER about.

The COWBOYS have to get the RUN GAME going in order for QB ROMO to have any success. We have seen it way too many times when its on ROMO to do his thing he CAN'T DO IT. Or he tries to do too much and then we have the TURNOVERS in WAVES. Rookie RB DeMarco MURRAY showed off some of his skills last week even though it was against the RAMS its an NFL Defense.....RIGHT?

The EAGLES coming off of a BYE WEEK when they had to have a BIG WIN they got one at the EXPENSE of the REDSKINS in DC. Now with another Divisional Game they can make up a lot of ground by just winning this one and getting to .500 for the 2nd Half run. QB Mike VICK has to get RB LeSean McCOY involved and early as he has been the difference maker in their offense. Also WR JACKSON and MACLIN need to make their presence felt as well as the EAGLES need ALL HANDS on DECK.

WINNER: EAGLES...23- 17...the EAGLES are catching their stride

Monday OCTOBER 31st 2011 HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Bluedude Sportstalk and the BLUEDUDE

BOLTS @ CHIEFS: A key AFC WEST Divisional Battle and the BOYS from ARROWHEAD can make their presence felt in the WEST by beating the BOLTS and making the division and 3 team race.

The CHIEFS have been doing on DEFENSE of late as they had 6 Interceptions on the RAIDERS in the BAY last week. So the OFFENSE didn't have to do much and the CASSELL to BOWE connection has been in IDLE for a few games.

The BOLTS luckily don't have to go al the way EAST and they have to take care of BUSINESS or the RAIDERS and CHIEFS will be tied with those 2 teams with 8 to go. QB RIVERS and JACKSON and GATES must have big outings. As well as RB Ryan MATHEWS vs that CHIEFS D who is looking to get some TURNOVERS and trying to create some.

WINNER: CHIEFS....BOLTS still don't get it.....27 - 23
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