Thursday, October 27, 2011

FALL SATURDAYS Edition 8....the #8 K-STATE WILDCATS host #9 BOOMER SOONER..#6 STANFORD at Men of TROY n more TOP 25 Games

Here we go Deep into the College Football Season where a LOSS now almost assures you of NO SHOT to the BIG EASY to play for #1. Point in Case the Oklahoma SOONER huge loss at home to the RED RAIDERS will most likely keep them from going to New Orleans.

Now this week the Clemson TIGERS, STANFORD, Wisconsin BADGERS, Michigan STATE, and Nebraska CORNHUSKERS are all on the CLOCK this week.

The BIG One is MANHATTAN KANSAS where the One Loss Oklahoma SOONERS vs the WILDCATS of Kansas STATE. If K-STATE loses it will send them to a Non-BCS Game and if OKLAHOMA loses it will definitely give them NO SHOT at BCS.


OCTOBER 29, 2011


11 MICHIGAN STATE @ 14 NEBRASKA: Now SPARTY having beat WISCONSIN is in a good place but can they close the DEAL in the BIG TEN. NEBRASKA won't play at home like they did when BRUTUS and O=STATE cam to town they will be ready.

The KEY in the GAME is the QB play for both in STATE's Kirk COUSINS and BIG RED's Taylor MARTINEZ. Which ever QB has the BEST GAME their team will probably win this game.

WINNER: STATE 27 - 17.....Defensively they are more sound than the BLACK SHIRTS

330PM ET

9 OKLAHOMA @ 8 KANSAS STATE: this is the GAME that will have HUGE BCS Implications. K-STATE's Head Coach Bill SNYDER knows this is one of the next four games he has with the BIG 4 in the BIG 12. STATE must WIN this game as they still have STILLWATER, 12th Man, and Hookem' HORNS on the Schedule.

Middle LINEBACKER Arthur BROWN leads a STOUT WILDCAT D and QB COLLIN KLEIN leads the Offensive attack for the WILDCATS. This will be STATE's First real test and the SOONERS have the better athletes but it will come down to more than that.

The SOONERS can still get to the TOP of the Mountain if they beat STATE here n K-STATE goes on to beat STILLWATER, 12th Man, and Hooke' HORNS....the SOONERS Strength of Schedule will be at the TOP.

QB Landry JONES must play better and that Vaunted SOONER D must contain KLEIN or it will be another Loss for the SOONERS.

WINNER: SOONERS 24-21...I just can't see the SOONERS losing 2 in a row....NO WAY


5 CLEMSON @ GEORGIA TECH: A couple of weeks ago I was under the thought that the TIGERS Road Block would be this game. But the RAMBLIN' WRECK is struggling and the TIGERS are rolling.

One Question...Can the YELLOW JACKETS STOP Freshman WR Sammy WATKINS of the Clemson TIGERS and how and the heck did he get out of the STATE of FLORIDA? The TIGERS are playing better than anyone in country and they have dominated their opponents in every facet of the game.

TECH will have to get that GROUND GAME going and eat the CLOCK up to keep the TIGERS Offense off the field. If they can do that they have a CHANCE plus a little bit of that DOWNTOWN ATLANTA MOJO.

WINNER: TIGERS...31-21..too much Sammy WATKINS and the TIGERS Offense

6 STANFORD @ USC: The game NFL Scouts have had circled for quite some time. Andrew LUCK vs Matt BARKLEY
and forget the HEISMAN Trophy this for STANFORD is to stay on course for the BCS Title game.

The CARDINALS come in not having really been tested and the MEN OF TROY know this. STANFORD also knows to a man that the TROJANS have better athletes in some areas. But LUCK knows he is the difference maker and the STANFORD RED just needs to stick to their GAME PLAN.

QB BARKELY, Left Tackle Ryan KHALIL, and WR Robert WOODS are future HIGH NFL PICKS and minus the SC Sanctions the TROJANS would be a lock for a BCS Bowl REAL TALK. They handled good Notre Dame team last SATURDAY in South Bend and they looked good in all 3 phases.

The TROJANS must keep attacking with a nice mix of BARKELY and the RUN GAME to keep the STANFORD D off balance. if the TROJANS can keep the CARDINALS and LUCK at bay they will score some points look out in the LA Coliseum SATURDAY.

WINNER: TROJANS....38-34 LUCK n BARKELY put on a show and that's the last TIME TROJAN Fans see BARKELY vs LUCK as both are TOP 5 2012 NFL PICKS.
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