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A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report...RETRO Act #3...JAYS and Exhibition Stadium...TORONTO Ontario....KEY, STIEB, UPSHAW, and those 3 Amazing Outfielders among others

North of the Border the Toronto Blue Jays of the American League East were an upcoming organization who had to get past those vaunted Pinstripes and O's back in those days in the American League East.

It wasn't until the mid 80s the Jays started to get it right and it started with the manager and someone everyone who follows the Show closely is all to familiar...Bobby Cox the former Braves Manager.

Cox and the Jays Brass assembled from top to bottom one of the best Line-ups and Pitching Staffs in MLB in the mid 80s with their Aces and Workhorses RHP's Doyle Alexander and David Steib. Steib was accompanied by LHP Jimmy Key and RHP Jim Clancy.

The Line-Up featured an infield anchored by the corners of 1B Willie Upshaw and 3B Lance Mulliniks and up the middle with SS Tony Fernandez and 2B Damaso Garcia.

The JAYS though back then were know for their outstanding starting pitching and arguably best Outfield in the Majors in that time with LF George Bell, CF Lloyd Moseby, and RF Jesse Barfeild.

The Jays ran off of that elite outfield as the Turf in Exhibition Stadium was fast like most turfs and you needed speedy Outfielders and good arm all over to make up for the speed of the Turf.

The 1985 Jays were the best ever Blue Jays Team to that date and Cox had them flying that year as the edged out the Pinstripes for the AL East Crown. Then it was facing the George Brett led K.C. Royals and Willie Wilson, Frank White, and Brett Saberhagen leading that staff and the Jays blew a 3-2 series lead to lose in 7.

To this day the JAYS Outfield of Bell, Moseby, and Barfield was better than back 2 back Fall Classic Champs JAYS Outfield in 1991-93 led by Devon "DEVO" White and Joe Carter with Candy Maldanado and Darrin Jackson.

The 80s Jays won the AL East in '85 and '89 and they gave the O's Pinstripes, and Carmines fits that whole decade.

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...FINAL Grades are in for the NFC in the 2012 NFL Draft...Is your Team on Honors or Academic Probation? PANTHERS and PURPLE PEOPLE Dean's List?

Teams in the NFC had chances and there was a lot of movement in the Top 15 but the 2nd Round of the 2012 NFL Draft broke some teams.

With the Draft being very Deep at DT and Offensive Line it seize to amaze me that Team still reached for more than what they had to. The Panthers and Purple People made a huge jump in Talent on their Roster as they needed to make a Splash and did.

A Quarterback Driven League Final Grades for the 2012 NFL Draft by Division is sponsored by...OH if I could do the 2nd and 3rd Round over again we would have had a better draft..Yeah the Bears and the 49ers:

NFC East

EAGLES: The Eagles had to get their Defense Upfront better and they did taking Starksville's Flecthcer Cox. QB Foles was a mystery pick but they went for X-Base Hits on every pick outside of that. Best Picks DT Cox, LB Kendricks, DE Curry (A)

GIANTS: How did they get WR Randle and CB Hosley where they did...someone in this Conference missed homework assignments and it showed.  Best Picks WR Randle and CB Hosley (A)

COWBOYS: Jerry moved up like I thought he would to get Geaux Tigers CB Claiborne. But did they care about the rest of the draft as there was quality all the way up into the 4th Round. Best Pick CB Claiborne (C)

REDSKINS: They get RG3 and he may have to bail out the rest of the Draft as they went 3 Offensive Lineman after him that are average at best. Best Pick QB RG3 (C-)

NFC South

SAINTS: No 1st or 2nd Round Pick...they get an Incomplete and the Investigation of the Bounty Program. WHO DAT? might get an automatic F. Best Pick WR Toon if he can stay on the field (D-)

FALCONS: The Dirty Birds did get Peter Konz and then they all went to Magic City after that to check out......Best Pick OG/C Konz (D+)

PANTHERS: They get MLB Kuechly and then they get a Small School guy that on Tape looks like former Cowboy Larry Allen. Adding a WR and a CB was nice. Best Picks MLB Kuechly and OT Silatolu (A-)

BUCCANEERS: Barron might be the best football player in this draft. They also get a RB, OLB, and a CB before pick 6th Round. Best Picks S Barron, RB Martin, LB David (A-)

NFC North

BEARS: They get McClellin which I thought was 50/50 because of his size to DE. WR Jeffrey if he is in shape is promising..IF. Best Picks DE McClellin and WR Jeffries (C-)

PACKERS: The PACK told themselves we can't keep giving up so much on D and took all 8 picks on that side of the Pigskin. Best Picks DT Worthy and CB Heyward (B+)

LIONS : OT Reiff was a Grand Slam and they took Boomer Sooner WR Broyles coming off of a ACL. Getting Boomer Sooner LB Travis Lewis at What!...pick 233...has to be Grand Theft Auto.
Best Picks OT Reiff, WR Broyles, CB Bentley, and OLB Lewis (A)

VIKINGS: To get OT Kalil and SS Barnes was exactly what they needed. They didn''t stop there with a CB and WR later on. Best Picks OT Kalil and SS Barnes (A)

NFC West

RAMS: What was Coach Jeff Fisher and Brass thinking? Brockers and Jenkins were good picks but WR Quick at #33 with a reported 3rd round grade. Best Picks DT Brockers and CB Jenkins (C+)

SEAHAWKS: Pete Carroll tried to get Bruce Irvin when he was in HS in the 404 and Mount San Antonio CC in Cali. But to pick this guy at #15 like you were Stalking him.....C'mon Pete. Best Picks DE Irvin, LB Wagner, and QB Wilson (C-)  

CARDINALS: WR Fitz needed help as though he was in the RED ZONE War Room pleading his case and the Cards get ND's WR Floyd. Bst Picks WR Floyd, CB's Fleming and Massie (B-)

FORTY-NINERS: WR Jenkins and RB James add to an at Capacity call the Fire Marshall Units for the Niners. Best Picks RB James and WR Jenkins (D-)

DEAN's List




The Eagles, Vikes, and Lions had to hit needs or else and that's exactly what they did. Niners, Dirty Birds, Who Dat?, Hawks, and 'Skins were all over the place as though they need a tutorial.

That concludes the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Draft Portion of the NFL....see you OTA's and Training Camp

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...FINAL Grades are in for the AFC in 2012 NFL your Team on the HONOR ROLL?..STEELERS or BENGALS Magna Cum Laude perhaps?

All the scouting, the NFL Combine, the Senior Bowl, non-stop evaluations On and Off the Field and still some NFL Teams got on the Clock and went all over themselves.

The constant moving up and down to get guys early when after the smoke cleared in the 1st Round it looked like everyone got THEIR GUY. The Mid Term Grades were one thing but after Rounds 2-7 (Chapters 2-7) did your team get better or worse? Did they add adequate depth moving forward to solidify not only needs but just from a talent standpoint?

A QUARTERBACK Driven League Final Grades for the 2012 NFL Draft by Division is sponsored by...the AFC North shows its dominance once again by Excellent Draft Picks...starting with STEELERS Nation:

AFC North

STEELERS: They get almost an A+ in every round. They stayed back and let picks come to them instead of reaching or moving up. Best Picks....OG DeCastro and OT Adams (A+)

BENGALS: They get more depth in key places and add a Big Time Corner and an Offensive Guard. Best Picks....CB Kirkpatrick and OG Zeitler (A+)

RAVENS: Didn't quite understand what they did but they did get a Linebacker..after that Hmmmmm. Best Pick....OLB Upshaw (C-)

BROWNS: They get their RB and then what....QB Weeden at #22.....and then the Browns always wonder why other Teams in the Division stay on Top. Best Pick RB Richardson (D+/C-)

AFC East

PATRIOTS: Just the 1st round alone if they had no other picks everything else is good. Best Picks ILB/OLB Hightower and DE Jones (B+)

JETS: They get a DE when they need O-Line help and a WR from. Best Picks DE Coples and WR Hill (D-)

DOLPHINS: Tanneyhill they are happy with and OT from Stanford might be a Bust...where is the WR and the RB from U was good pick. Best Picks QB Tanneyhill and RB Miller (C+)

BILLS:  They put together a sneaky good draft and to get a DB and a OG/OT in the Top 50....wonderful. Best Picks CB Gilmore and OG/OT Glenn (B)

AFC South

COLTS: They get LUCK and then I called getting his TE from Stanford in 2nd Round and they get Another TE 3rd Round. Best Picks QB Luck and TEs Fleener and Allen (B)

TITANS: They needed O-Line an some kind of Pass Rusher...and they get a Speedy WR and DT. Good Picks wrong Draft. Best Picks WR Wright and DT Martin (C-)

JAGS: They get Gabbert Help so he doesn't play scared..LOL in a WR and then a DE to boot....then the PUNTER in Round 3...Prime Time went off. Best Picks WR Blackmon and DE Branch (D+) Punter in 3rd Round...Red Flag or shall I say Yellow Laundry was thrown into the Jags WAR ROOM

TEXANS: They went D when they needed a good mix of O and D. Best Picks DE Mercilus and G Brooks....watchout for DT/DE Crick of Big RED Lincoln...might be Boo Boo. (C+)

AFC West

CHIEFS: Did they watch any tape on Dontari Poe they picked at 11...looks like the 2nd coming of DT Glenn Dorsey....both sponsored by LAZY Boy Furniture and Good KC BBQ. Best Pick DT/NT Poe....maybe (D+)

CHARGERS: They get a Steal along with the Steelers in the 1st round with DE Ingram...WOW and get 2 other thats will help. Best Picks DE Ingram DT Reyes and S Taylor (B+)

BRONCOS: Does anyone know if Elway made the picks...or Craig Morton...THIS DRAFTS for  JOHN and so is this Grade (D-) Best Pick...N/A

RAIDERS: see Carson Palmer Trade 2011........Grade (I)

Honor Roll


ACADEMIC Probation


Must go to JUNIOR College


* indicates Magna Cum Laude...Draft GPA's of 3.6 or higher on a 4.0 scale......

Some of these picks where teams have the pick staring them in the face and teams reach for no reason. NEEDS and TALENT not in any one order but throw in the AFC War Rooms....Common Football Sense.....BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK...Good Day


Sunday, April 29, 2012

SUNDAY TALK....THROWBACK Act 1.....What Island would you PICK?....Rod WOODSON Steelers or Deion SANDERS Cowboys...WOOD vs PRIME TIME Exclusive

They were the two best Corners on Sunday in the 90s and they dominated the same way but in a different way but the same way.

Rod Woodson of the Pittsburgh Steelers among others and Deion Sanders of the Dallas Cowboys among others were dominant at the Cornerback in the NFL in the 90s. Arguably only Dick "Night Train" Lane of the Lions and Ronnie Lott of the Forty-Niners were better. But here is the Question that has never been asked....Who was the BEST in the 90s between WOOD and PRIME TIME?

WOOD of the Steelers among others was born to be a Steeler as he was a perfect Zone Cover Corner in the Steelers Scheme as well as just as Physical as those great Steelers Linebackers. Rod would also be physical off the Line in Man to Man....Bump and Run Coverage as he would also use that great Track Speed he possessed running Track at Purdue. Rod would be the Prototype today as the big Corner who can Run and Hit and that is why later in his career he moved to Safety because of his Ball Hawking Skill Set and playing Physical.

PRIME TIME of the Cowboys among others was the true Man to Man...Bump and Run cover Corner and if they gave out Islands back then Prime would have two of them. Prime Time and Neion Deion as he would bait QBs into thinking their WR was open on that GO Route or 9 Route and they would throw it only to see Deion recover and pick the Pigskin. His greatest asset was his Recovery Speed and he dared QBs throw to his side. The only negative was that Prime wasn't the most physical Player on Sunday but when you cover like him so what. Prime also played Baseball and ran Track at Florida State University.

Both players also had value in the Kicking game as they both returned Punts and rarely Kickoffs but the same result a lot of times....PAY DIRT.

All this brings up the Question of who would you want to be on your team on Sunday.....WOOD or PRIME TIME?


Rod Woodson aka WOOD

4 Teams but a STEELER in Canton
1st Ballot NFL Hall of Fame 2009
11 Pro Bowls
8-Time All Pro
71 Picks (Interceptions)
1993 NFL Defensive POY
90s All Decade Team
Super Bowl Champ (XXXV-Crab Cakes)
Rated #40 All Time in Top 100

Deion Sanders aka PRIME TIME aka NEION DEION

5 Teams but a COWBOY in Canton
1st Ballot NFL Hall of Fame 2011
8 Pro Bowls
8-Time All Pro
53 Picks (Interceptions)
1994 NFL Defensive POY
90s All Decade Team
Super Bowl Champ (XXIX, XXX)
Rated #34 All Time in Top 100

Numbers from

Have I answered the Question for you or would you just put them both on opposite corners on your team and sort them out later?

I have not seen any two better with my own eyes except you could throw the REDSKINS Corner Darrell Green.

STEELERS Nation is everywhere and DEEP in your City, your Stadium, and most of all in Canton..the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


LOGO WATCH...LONDON 2012...Team USA Hoops Take 1.....the ADIzero HERO..D-Rose and SPANISH Pistol of 10k Lakes..Ricky RUBIO...out for SUMMER OLYMPICS 2012 with ACL Injuries

They are entirely different as they are the same and their Impact on their respective National Teams will impact right down the middle.

The ADIzero HERO of the WEST SIDE STORY Report and the SPANISH Pistol of 10K Lakes Ricky Rubio will sorely be missed this summer in London, England as they both will be recovering from that freakish injury...Torn ACL.

Team USA will be impacted not so much from D-Rose as a ballplayer because they have the World's best at the Point Guard Spot. It just not having the  #1 Point God in the World at your disposal on and off the court is where it hits Team USA right down the center.

Just at a glance you will probably have the JOKER...D-Will 8 of the Brooklyn Nets, Uncle RUSS of Team We R One of Loud City, CP3 of LOB City, and Double R of the Green Team. That is more than enough talent to keep Team USA in the Running for the Top Step on the Podium in London this summer.

The SPANISH Pistol of Team Spain will definitely impact his team on the Court as they have Depth and a really good on in North of the Border by way of Jurassic Park's (Air Canada Center) Jose Calderon of the veloci-RAPTOR Boyz.  There is no one who can bring it like Rubio from a Unique Basketball Player standpoint he is a Special player for Team Spain.

Spain still has two more Point Guards in Sergio Llull of Real Madrid Basketball Club and Victor Sada of FC Barcelona Basketball Club. On Spain's Depth Chart Rubio is actually listed behind Calderon as expected but Sada as well.

Together both Rose and Rubio will have an impact on the Basketball fans across the Globe as they will see either Rose or Rubio this summer. As for the BLUEDUDE just being selfish a is very disappointing because the Summer Olympics are once every four years and in London only in 2012 and your only going to play Basketball and have a few shots at representing your country.

MAKING NOISE......Team WHITE OUT > Team GRANNY SMITH.....100-67 F...WHITE OUT up 1-0.....and the FLOP KING might get his RING as in King JAMES

General MATH 101

What does 26 Fouls  + 24 Turnovers + 9 by STAT + 8 by Landry = 67

How many points did Knicks Score vs Team White Out on Saturday....67

Then you ask yourself BLUEDUDE what does all this mean? Knicks are who we thought they were...Boo Boo...and we put them on a Hook.

King James, the biggest Specimen on any LOGO Court and will Flop til he Drops, had 32 points when it looked like he had 50.  Wade County chipped in with 19 points as the HEAT cruise to an easy victory.

The Heat took the BULLY's Piece and stuck him up with his Own SH** he only had 11points and 10 boards.  The aforementioned STAT only had 9 but sent his pre game meal via Instagram and getting off the Charter looking like Roscoe Dash.

Tyson was Sick and was thinking of going Mike Flu Game then he realized he was at the Hotel on NBA  2K12. Baron "Hollywood Needs Me" Davis went Retro with a 1st Quarter Dunk only to get 4 more fg's the rest of the way.

Heat up 1-0 and could someone give me a name for the Knicks that goes along with the theme of LINsanity, WOODsanity, NOVAKsanity, and STATsanity..please.

The Heat went White Out, the Bulls go See Red, the Thunder go Blue Out....Knicks give me something cool for Game 3 at MSG like Granny Smith Green Out.

On a Sad Note....Knicks Rook Combo G Iman Shumpert aka Shump aka Team Lockdown MSG Badge #21..tore his ACL as well and that is D-Rose from the South Side of the 'Go and Shump from the West Side of the 'GO....Torn ACL's on the Same Day...WOW  

CSI/LOGO WATCH #40.....Team WE-R-ONE of LOUD City take CHAMPS KO Punch....and come back with the O-KEE-DOKE....CSI CONSECO...PACERS get HIT with not David Copperfield but the a little bit of Orange County Florida MAGIC

The Mavericks know as a Veteran Bunch they had planned on getting the 1st Game in Loud City then try to nab the 2nd and put the Thunder in a hole. That plan worked almost to perfection until @kdTREY5 hit the front of the Iron and a Loud City Bounce with 1.3 seconds left on the Clock. The Mavs SF Shawn Marion , the Artist formerly known as the MATRIX31, didn't get his half court heave off in time to as time expired and so did the Mavs chance at winning this series.

It wasn't KD's 25 or Uncle Russ's 28 but Serge Ibaka's 22 and 8 and repeatedly making play after play down the stretch on both ends. Now the Thunder luckily get one and the Mavs have woken up a Young Giant.  

DIRKiliscious had 25 but only 8-18 from the field as he got going when the Stars Money Time. Do the Mavs a shot at getting a Win in the Series...of course but winning the Series....NO SHOT.

Crime Scene Investigation....NAPtown USA Indiana..Conseco Fieldhouse:

No Superman Of Mouse Problem for the pacers right?.....Yellow tape please....the Magic go in and get them the all important Game #1 from the Pacers. The Magic went with a Duo of Big Baby Davis and Plainfield New Jersey Native, former L'Ville Cardinal, and teammate of Seattle Rainier Beach HS Terrance Williams of the SACtown Kings...Earl Clark....Earl Clark and the O-Magic didn't even know what was on the pine...they know now.

The Magic were led by PG Jameer Nelson's and J-Rich's 17 apiece and Big baby Davis' 16 and 13 off the glass. The Pacers 19 from former X-Man of Xavier Ohio U Fame PF  D-West, 17 from the Circle City Strangler D-Granger, and 11 from NAPtown native George Hill.

The Game was won at the Money Ball line with the Magic shooting 9-24 and the pacers 4-13...that is +15 for the o-Magic and the win.

Now we are about to see what the Pacers are about as they will have to take the YELLOW TAPE off Conseco for game #2.

WEST SIDE STORY Report #24....BULLS win 103-91 and take a 1-0 lead over SIXERS but the ADIzero HERO puts up 23pts, 9 boards, 9 helpers....and in a FLASH....Season-Ending Knee Injury

It's an NBA Game if you understand the Logo 1 minute and change is an eternity unless you have a 15 plus lead and you have the Orange.

With just over 1 minute to go in the last frame....the Bulls Point God, reigning MVP, All-Star, and a surefire Team USA Rep on the 2012 London Summer Games gets hit with an ACL Tear out of no where.

The Bulls won the game but lost their Hero for the remainder of Winning Time and that doesn't bode well for a team that was Borderline getting past Team 305 in the East Finals. The Bulls won't give up by any stretch and they were 18-9 in 27 games without D-Rose but Winning Time is a way different animal.

As for the Sixers they will regroup unfortunately smelling what they think is Blood in the Water but what it is is See Red all over the place and the Bulls should still make quick work of the Sixers because their Logo Certified and Elite Team Defense.

Not that anyone was talking about it but D-Rose will also miss the aforementioned Summer Olympic games in London, England. The loss of one of the most humbled Professional Players I have ever witnessed has his #1 thing takin' from him for now and that is a tough pill to swallow.

See Red takes on the Liberty Bell Ballers Tuesday May 1, 2012 at 7PM CST with a that 18-9 Look...that has to become an WIN VERY GAME AT HOME Look from here on out.    

Saturday, April 28, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE.....what do these names represent....RILEY, ZEN Master, SLOAN, POPS, and KARL...time to meet and greet the 2011-12 LOGO Lead Man or COACH of the Year.

Not saying that my 2011-12 LOGO Lead man of the Year is in that Class or even one of those aforementioned Coaches but it is no fluke winning the RED Auerbach Trophy.

The Criteria for winning this prestigious award is simple.....Winning Team or Much Improved Squad, the Ability to Manage and Communicate well with Players as well as what your Peers think about your work for the season of 2011-12.

Last season it was Bulls Lead Man Tom Thibodeau aka Coach THIBS getting the award after leading the WEST SIDE STORY Report to a league best 60-22 record and an Eastern Conference Finals Appearance. Coach Thibs did all this in his 1st full season as a Lead Man in the Logo.

This years crop has some familiar faces and without further a due the 2011-12 LOGO Lead Man of the 2011-12 Season goes to:

Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio SPURS and Tom Thibodeau of the WEST SIDE STORY Report...the Chicago Bulls.

The reason for both of these gentlemen sharing this award is because POPS one had a mixed bag of rookies, veterans, and a lot of shuffling to lead the Spurs to tie with the Bulls for the Best Record in the Logo at 50-16. Yes and they still have Dunc, Manu, and TP8 but Manu was injured for awhile and Dunc isn't by no stretch the same Dunc.

Coach Thibs on the other hand has had 26 games without his star player in the ADIZero HERO D-Rose and and they went 18-8 and still went 50-16 and the best record in the Logo for 2011-12 as they win the Tie breaker with the Spurs.

Other LEAD men in consideration......

Lionel Hollins GRIZZLIES
George Karl NUGGETS
Tyrone Corbin JAZZ


MAKING NOISE.....Who is that making all them Solid Draft Picks?...WHAT!...the Boys from the JUNGLE on the OHIO...the BENGALS having best draft in years behind of all people Mike Brown....WOW!

When thinking about the AFC North the first thing that comes to mind is the Steelers and all that Black and Yellow Tradition. Then you think about possibly the Ravens and their success or why the Bengals and Browns have been suffering for years.

The suffering on the Ohio River is about to STOP. Out of all people...Mike Brown and the Bengals Staff including Coach Marvin Lewis have put together a Draft that they will hopefully look back and say we are making a serious run because of the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Bengals had #17 and #27 in the 1st Round and they went right to work and got needs and quality players. In Round #2 they went D of course and picked another Plug and Play type of Defensive tackles. Now in the 3rd and 4th rounds it has continued and the Bengals along with their Rival Steelers have arguably the #1 and #2 best Draft Classes of 2012.

A quick look at the Boys from the JUNGLE on the Ohio and the Players they have added in the 2012 April Draft:

1st Round
#17 Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama
#27 Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin

2nd Round
#53 Devon Still DT Penn State

3rd Round
#83 Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
#93 Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

4th Round
#116 Orson Charles TE Georgia

5th Round
#156 Shaun Prater CB Iowa
#166 Marvin Jones WR Cailfornia

6th Round
#191 Dan Herron RB Ohio State

7th Round

Just looking at the Draft what they did first of all was give 2nd year QB Andy "STRAWBERRY PATCH on the Ohio" Dalton more Weapons on the outside to help him and 2nd year WR AJ Green.

Then they get a nice Bump and Run Cover Corner in Kirkpatrick to go opposite of Pro Bowler and Maize and Blue Alum Leon Hall who will be coming off ACL Surgery.

Two Defensive Tackles to add to that depth and free up the Linebackers to make plays as they have Solid Linebackers in Cincy. Mavin Lewis has to love his Depth moving forward to help the #7 Ranked Overall Defense on Sundays.

They get Ohio State RB Dan Herron in the 6th Round and Final Pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.  I see only one team in the AFC North not making the Playoffs next season...the Dawg Pound OHIO on Lake Erie. Ohio

the TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles...Take 2...COLBERT and STEELERS Brass stay true like always....and get their PICKS...BUCKEYES OT Adams and the U's ILB SPENCE...STEELERS still setting the Curve on Draft Day

STEELERS Nation has a Motto on Draft Day...Before you worry about someone else's house...Take care of yours.

The Steelers don't care about you trading up or trading down we do what we do. The Networks love Belichik and his Patriots including Mayock but who gives a Rats A**.  He said tonight ," Bill has some more Toys to play with as the 2-3 round concluded".....Cool and tell him to tell Belichek to put his Camera Guy at the Giants practice in another location so he can win another Super Bowl.

I am not wasting my time talking about other teams it's just that the Steelers are Progressive in everything they do including the Front Office so the Patriots nor the Cowboys are America's New Team...write it down and take a Instagram or Twitpic.

Back to the 2012 NFL Draft..the Steelers get Ohio State's OT Mike Adams who all along wanted to be a Steeler like a lot of these potential Draftees. We in Steelers Nation treat the Steelers like a College Team and every Sunday is OUR BOWL GAME no matter where the TRIPLE DIAMONDS are playing. It's not about taking over your Town or Stadium it's just that WE HAVE TO BE THERE to see OUR GUYS play at every rip.

Adams wanted to be a Steeler and it's not easy now he is and now it's on him to be the most productive NFL Player he can be and there is some Trust in this or TRIPLE DIAMONDS would have left him of their Draft Board.

Then in the 3rd Round with a few other needs we get Tackling Machine and ILB form the U...Sean Spence...who at first sight looks like a Strong Safety and only the Great Dick LeBeau knows where to plug him in where he will thrive.

As for Big Ben's New O-Line.....TWIN, Gilbert, Colon, and the Big Legurskey coupled with Two Rooks in DeCastro and Adams....makes that so called Stop Gap O-Line a Monster in waiting.

Imagine Big BEN upright and clean the entire game with a plethora of Running Backs and a Top Flight WR Core in YOUNG $ and Heath.....NFL we have a Problem. Throw New Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley's innovative mind in the fray...Steelers Nation we have Stairway to Seven in Steelers Heaven.

As for all you Haters with all this Social Media going on..Tweet, Text, E-mail, or even Zuckerburg your NFL Team and tell them you need the Steelers Blue Print on Draft Day....Crash Dummies need not apply.

Offer not good in Phoenix, Foxboro, Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Baltimore..........ADAMS and SPENCE......Membership has its Privileges.

Friday, April 27, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE....When your Starting FIVE is acting a FOOL with their PANTS on the call Team REINFORCEMENTS aka your BENCH or your Best...the LOGO's 6TH MAN of the Year 2011-12

Every Team in the Logo wish they had it or him and when they have one or the other or both it is a lethal Mix.

It is time to for BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK'S and the LOGO'S 6th Man of the Year for the 2011-12 NBA Season. There are 2 Scorers, a Sniper, a Jack of All Trades Small Forward, and a Shot Blocker and Rebounder from the Logo's Best.

The SQUEEZE the ORANGE and BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK'S 6th Man of the Year in the LOGO is sponsored by....Ball Boys I need Towels, Equipment Managers my Shooting Shirt and Pants, and Team Trainer Original Hubba BUBBA...5-Pack for when I enter the game:

6th Man of the Year in the LOGO....

JAMES Harden THUNDER @JHarden13: The LAKEWOOD California ReINFORCER with Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Low Scooby Doos.

Harden is a Monster and on top of that he is a Southpaw which makes the covering him Double not cool. Thunder Coach Scottie Brooks has the luxury of going to #13 when @kdTREY5 and Uncle Russ the Loud City point God aren't going in on the opposition.  Averaging 16ppg, 4 rebs, and 3 helpers with just under 32 minutes per outing...Harden can get you Buckets and in a hurry like that 40 point outburst just last week on the Suns. He is hands down the 2011-12 6th Man of the Year.

Others with consideration:

JET Terry MAVS @jasonterry31: the JET averaged 15ppg and 4 helpers in just under 32 minutes and he is still lethal off the bench and will take the big Shot hence the 2011 NBA Finals vs the Heat.

TAJ Gibson BULLS @TajGibson22: Taj is the most important cog on the BENCH Mob with 7ppg, 6rebs, and 2 blocks and if he was at starter minutes.......15 and 8 all day

LOU Williams SIXERS @TeamLou23: A Poor man's Version of Allen Iverson the Answer and Lou is the Question. 16ppg and 2 helpers and a Shoots on site as when the Sixers go Evan, Jrue, and's 3 on 5.

Big AL Harrington NUGGETS @cheddahcheese7: A nice Piece off of the Nuggets Bench and he can play the 3-5 and guard the 3-5 depending on what Coach Karl wants to do.

All these BALLERS are Starters but they do it for the team and they do it for their CITY. So when the Starting Five isn't getting it done....I PUT ON for MY Squad...Congrats @JHarden13


WEST SIDE STORY Report #23....OPERATION Broad Street PHILLY P A....BULLS try to give the SIXERS 4 L's and a Heavy Dose of #SeeRED in Round 1

It is what it is and the Philadelphia 76ERS come into the 'GO with nothing to lose. What is not going the Sixers direction now is the Bulls have Coach Thibs and forget seeds the Sixers are in the way of Bigger and Better things to accomplish.

A MOMENT of #SeeRED #BULLSnation #TeamBULLS and the #WestSideStoryReport must all be going heavy on Twitter. BULLS Fans from across the Milky Way Galaxy lets be the first to be Trending on Twitter before Winning Time commences on Saturday.

Bulls have everyone healthy or at least ready to go and that is not in the Sixers favor in any shape or form. The ADIzero HERO of 3 Stripes Fame ...the LOGO Point God D-Rose will be in full effect and the Sixers will counter with Jrue Holiday of Westwood Fame and Lou Williams of South Gwinnett  Georgia HS.  The Sixers must slow down Rose if they have a shot and if they don't.....Broad Street will be closed for that Spalding Orange and only open for them Broad Street BULLIES...them Flyers.

The Sixers match up well upfront with Brand X of Peekskill HS NY by way of Cameron Indoor and Bulls #1 overall in 1999, Iggy of Bart Simpson Land Springfield Illinois , Thaddeus of Memphis Tennessee, and Spencer of U DUB Seattle Fame.

The Bulls will have to counter that being the best rebounding team in the logo and keeping the Sixers from getting extra possessions and shots.

Coach Collins of Philly won't be bringing Doc, Chocolate Thunder, World B Free, or McGinnis but he will bring a Playoff Savvy Pedigree and the Sixers might lose but they will be prepared by one of the logo's best in grooming young talent for the Logo's Winning Ways.

The Bulls will tip-off Tomorrow at 12 noon at the Madhouse on Madison and everyone is to be wearing RED or they will be denied entrance into the House that #23, #33, and the Zen Master built.

Bulls should Sweep the Sixers and then we put Operation Broad Street Philly P A in the West Side Story Report Archives 2012...Winning Time Cabinet..Round 1 for future reference.

Again....#seeRED #BULLSnation #TeamBULLS and #WestSideStoryReport on Twitter ASAP                

LOGO WATCH #39....WINNING TIME EAST Edition.....Have the BULLS took a step Forward and the HEAT a step Backwards in the EAST....we will know sooner rather than later.

The Bulls have been waiting for this opportunity since the Heat made quick work of them in the 2011 NBA East Finals last season. Having said that the Heat also look vulnerable and they still have not found that chemistry that Teams getting Chips need to have.

The other teams in the East...the Green Team, the Hit Factory of ATL, Team MSG, and the Circle City Click will compete but it is a forgone conclusion in the East as it is and has been a 2-Team race.

Looking at the East this why they play the games and the Bulls and Heat still have to come with it or they will find themselves traveling in uncharted waters for not taking care of their business first hand.

Logo Watch #39 Winning Time East Edition BREAKDOWN sponsored by....No need to go to your local Hardware store looking for that Switch it was offered for a Christmas Gift before the Season fend for yourself:

(1) BULLS vs (8) 76ers: If we were talking Throwbacks Philly is moving on but we are talking about SQUEEZING the ORANGE....the Spalding...and its that the Sixers are in trouble. Bulls Sweep and coming up next on the WEST SIDE STORY Report on BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.

(4) CELTICS vs (5) HAWKS: This series will start in the Hit Factory in the 404 and the Celtics better try to make quick work of these Hawks or if it goes 6 to 7 games with the Bulls waiting both are in deep RHINO Droppings. They Hawks must slow down the Head on the Celtics Machine in Double R....UK's Rajon Rondo. On the other hand the C's must not let the Little Rock, Arkansas CENTRAL HS via Pig Sooie's Big Sniper.....the Quiet Storm... Joe Johnson of Brand Jordan get in a groove. Celtics in 7.....c'mon Sugar Ray, the Truth, Circle City's point God J-Teague, and J-Smoove 5...too much C-4 in this series that can explode at anytime.......TICK TICK BOOOOOOOM..I see you Undrcrwn Clothing

(2) HEAT vs (7) KNICKS: 5 Players....2 Cities.....1 Series....2 of the LOGO's Biggest TWITTER Followers in #HeatNation and #KnicksNation.....and what else is there to talk about as the Knicks and Heat reach back for some inner Grand MAMA vs ZO back in the day. '

MELO will be guarded by the KING vice versa.........

WADE County leaves the comforts of Ocean Drive to travel down 21 SHUMPstreet on Cell Block 5th Avenue and the Big Granny Smith.....

Then Dallas Texas Lincoln HS via Ramblin' Wreck's and National Honors Society Member in HS Chris BOSH of Team 305 vs (S)tanding (T)all (A)nd (T)alented aka STAT sending Pre-Game Meals via Mark Zunckerburg's Instagram.....and Wardrobe like ALL of the LIGHTS and Kanye with Bosh and STAT going not MMA but DTM (Don't Touch Me) in the Paint....and even STAT has gotten Charmin on the Logo Watch.....

It is going 7 with YES Network's and NBA on ABC's Mike Breen on the call....'Melo...PUTS IT IN.....King James....BAAAANG...and the Knicks have No Answer....the LOGO...So AMAZING it's AMAZING...HEAT in 7 in a close on....BAAAAANG

(3) PACERS vs (6) MAGIC: What do they say it is not DEATH but the anticipation of....that is what the Magic are going through. They have no Superman of Mouse Town and they must deal with the 3rd best BIG in the Logo in NAPtown's Roy Hibbert aka AREA 55. If the Pacers go inside out the Magic ill be close to getting swept. Stan Van Gundy went out like the man he is and it's too bad that a player who doesn't even know if he wants to be in O-Town ruined for the Coach and Magic Nation....Pacers in 5 maybe unless the Magic can get the Pacers to AREA 51 in Nevada.

2nd Round Breakdown after the East 1st Round......          


LOGO WATCH #38....WINNING TIME WEST Edition...Seeds are in and now the Match-Ups for PLAYOFF Round #1....Who is moving on and who will be rolling the CREDITS?

Finally the verdict is in and How the West will be Won is the conversation. Sixty-Six Games from Christmas Day 2011 until now and we have them sorted out.

The Western Conference will have to go through the the Big Wireless...AT&T Center and the Alamo for the 2012 Playoffs. Pops and the Boys tied the WEST SIDE STORY Report for the Logo's Best Record in the regular season at 50-16.

The only other team close to Pops and the Spurs was the Loud City Thunder and they are a serious threat as are the Boys from Staples Purple and Gold on Figueroa Street...LA County.

LOGO WATCH #38 Winning Time West Edition Breakdown sponsored by...There is NO Switch to turn on so reach back for your favorite Energy Drink and hope for the best.

(1) SPURS vs (8) JAZZ: The Spurs won the season series 3-1 and the Jazz just getting in is good for a team that will certainly be dangerous in the 2012-13 season. With all due respect the it is once again the Spurs time and they are loaded from Starters to Reinforcements. This will be a Sweep in 4 and the Jazz still made a good step in the right direction.

(4) GRIZZLIES vs (5) CLIPPERS: Lob City could have mad an even bigger step if they had closed the season out with W's and the 4th seed. Now they have to travel Next-Day Air to the Fed-Ex Forum to battle a Grizzlies Team that Lob City's Mama knows all to well. Look for the Grizz Bench to do damage to Lob City's no existent bench. The BLAKEshow and DRE vs Mount Spaniard Gasol and Z-BO worth the price of admission. Grizzlies in 6

(2) THUNDER vs (7) MAVERICKS: How quick did that year go by where the Mavericks last season were celebrating being the NBA's Best? Now they face a team they eliminated last season that has Playoff Experience, Youth, the Logo's 2nd best record, and they have @kdTREY5 and Uncle RUSS front line and the Lakewood California ReINFORCER and the LOGO WATCH 6th Man of the Year....James " Going to be choppin' it up with @MettaWorldPeace Soon" Harden. The Mavs just don't have the Horses and they still look tired from last year. Thunder in 5

(3) LAKERS vs (6) NUGGETS: Coach Karl has done a magnificent job but the reality is Javhale McGheee + Kenneth Faried - the Spaniard + Drew Bynum = extra Get Right over the Summer for McGhee and Faried. The Lakersv will try to make quick work of the nuggets and they must get some rest with the Loud City Thunder lurking in Round 2. LAKEshow in 5

Logo Watch West Semi's after West 1st Round is completed.......


the TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles..Take 1..STEELERS Nation welcomes Help for O-Line and Big BEN in Palo Alto's OG David DeCastro aka the PUGET SOUND Bully

The Steelers Brass had to be looking at the Draft unfold like they were watching the Home of the Ravens..the Big Crab Cake fall in the Chesapeake Bay. No one leave and if you have to GO......there was a Port-a-Potty in the TRIPLE DIAMOND War Room with a Flat Screen TV still not missing any of the action in the draft.

Players kept falling and falling and teams kept moving and moving to the point that the Steelers were probably thinking at least one of our 3-4 targets will be there for the taking.

As the Pick came in at #20 with the Titans taking Baylor WR Kendall Wright the Steelers had to be thinking....OK...Poe is gonzo...Hightower and Glenn are still there and De Castro has to go...doesn't he? That kid from Stanford Red is the Best Offensive Guard in the draft and he can't slip to us can he?

Low and behold the Lions take Riley Reiff the Big Offensive Tackle that looks like Former Hawkeye and current Pack OT Bryan Bulaga all over again. The Steelers wasted no time and that War Room probably went beserk as the Steelers get a guy that fell to them that had no shot of falling from Day 1 in the process.

Now the Steelers have a nice young nucleus at WR/TE.....with HEEEEEEATH, Da KID...Wallace, Tone 2.0, and GO GO go with Big Ben's Bouncers in....Gilbert, Twin, the BIG Legurskey, and now De Castro among others.

The 5th Year Senior now lands in the 'Burgh with plenty of Promise as the Steelers, the Steel City, Steelers Nation, and Big Ben....Go Crazy...Go Crazy......COLBERT and the Gang has done it again..PERFECTO.    

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A QUARTERBACK Driven League....2012 Draft Report....MID TERM Grades for Round 1...Was there a Cheat Sheet going around the War Rooms...the Curve was set at A+ by a Few Teams

I had indicated earlier today that this may be one of the first drafts that we have a few teams trading up or down to get their guy or out of the pick and the money.

What happened tonight was that Teams were so locked in on a few individuals that teams were moving not 5 or more picks up maybe 1 pick up, 3 picks up, and even Teams at the End moving completely out of the 1st round like the Purple Browns.

Since a lot of teams got their guy the Grades overall were very high to the point the Curve was set at 100 out of 100.

A Quarterback Driven League 2012 Draft Report Mid Term Exams....Finals after Draft concludes sponsored need to intercept the have a bigger allowance coming with all them A's:

1. COLTS (A+): Andrew Luck is their QB
2. 'SKINS (A+): RG3 lands where he should have landed
3. BROWNS (A+): Trent Richardson a slam......
4. PURPLE PEOPLE (A): Kalil excellent pick but why move down 1
5. JAGS (A): They move up but they had to RAMS wanted JB

6. 'BOYS (A+): Jerry has his man and went up 8 slots to land MC
7. BUCS (A+): He looks like Ed Reed..Real Talk
8. DOLPHINS (B-): Tanneyhill and Marino in the same sentence...LMAO
9. PANTHERS (A): Kuechly looks like former Panther Dan Morgan
10. BILLS (B+): They take too many DBs at high picks

11. CHIEFS (B+): How many 8XL's will they take in 1st Round?
12. EAGLES (B+): Cox a Steal at #12 projected to go higher
13. CARDINALS (B+): Fitz wanted help...he got some in WR Floyd
14. RAMS (B): Coach Fisher starts up front w/ Brockers
15. SEAHAWKS (C+): DE Irvin has Red Flags but 'Hawks gambling

16. JETS (B): UNC's DE Coples looks like former Jet DE Abrahams
17. BENGALS (A): Bama CB Kirkpatrick excellent pick and need
18. BOLTS (B+): Ingram fell too far but he wasn't the ONLY one
19. BEARS (A-): McClellin looks like a faster JJ Watt of the Texans
20. TITANS (C+): Wright a Good solid pick...but who is throwing to him?

21. PATRIOTS (A): Belichek gets Willie McGinnest 2.0 he hopes
22. BROWNS (C+): Weeden at #22 with all that talent still on Board
23. LIONS (A): OT Reiff solid and tired of seeing QB Stafford hurt and hit
24. STEELERS (A+): D-Dub..The Best G in the 2012 Draft...fell to pick 24
25. PATRIOTS (A): Hightower to go with Jones..D will be better in 2012

26. TEXANS (B): Mercilus best Player on Board at #26 good pick
27. BENGALS (B): OG Zeitler Solid for the Bengals and QB Dalton..solid
28. PACKERS (B-): trying to take pressure off of DE Clay Matthews
29. VIKINGS (A): Needed a Back Stop and get Archuleta with Football IQ
30. 49ERS (C+): Al Jenkins of Illinois.....OK...maybe Brandon Lloyd 2.0

31. BUCS (A): Martin an excellent pick for QB Freeman and O
32. GIANTS (C+): Beamer Ball's Wilson nice reach for #32

Surprise Pick.....Seahawks OLB Bruce Irvin, Browns QB Brandon Weeden, AJ Jenkins WR 49ers, David Wilson RB Giants

Surprise Slides....Fletcher Cox DT Eagles, Melvin Ingram DE Chargers, Riley Reiff OT Lions, David DeCastro OG Steelers

Left in Green Room or Probable 1st Rounders...Courtney Upshaw DE Bama, Cordy Glenn OG/OT UGA, Jonathan Martin OT  Stanford, Coby Fleener TE Stanford, Devon Still DT Penn St, Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State, Peter Konz Wisconsin, Janoris Jenkins CB UNA, Alshon Jeffrey WR South Carolina.........Round 2 Friday April 27, 2012

Overall excellent grades all the way around but this draft is so deep that the 2nd and soem of the 3rd Round Teams can get Major value if you play your cards right.  This was Only Mid Term Grades as Final Grades come in at the conclusion of the Draft this Weekend.

MAKING NOISE...2012 NFL Draft News.....Whose Hot....Warm...and Cold? .....7PM ET...from NYC's Radio City MUSIC HALL

In NYC News G-Men QB Eli Manning was quoted as saying at an Alumni Banquet in Oxford, Mississippi, "I won a Super Bowl and I am still the 3rd most talked abut QB in my City"......Ohhhhh them J-E-T-S...JETS JETS JETS.

Now moving forward to Draft News....Whose Hot and whose is Not is the 1st Round Signing Bonus Question.


Geaux Tigers Corner Mo Claiborne.....smokin' and he adds even more value to the fray because of his abilities in the Kicking Game...maybe in Top 3

Bama S Mark Barron...has some teams trying to move up to get him and Jerry Jones of the Cowboys is afraid he won't be at #14 when the 'Boys make the call.

'Cocks DE Melvin Ingram...he has Alligator Arms but the leverage this plays with still has him in the Top 10 and if he slips he won't get past #12 the 12 Zone Seattle Seahawks.

Hot Picks at #3 and #4....What will the Purple People at #3 and the Dawg Pound at #4 do?....The Picks are staring at them in the face and in the 1st Round at these slots you have to be almost 99% right on....Vikes are indecisive and may move the Pick. The Browns my guess is Bama RB Trent Richardson and with no real proven QB yet forget taking WR Justin Blackmon.

Boise State DE Shea McClellin....they have him going as high as #19 to the Bears and he won't get out of the 1st Round if he falls to the Packers.

Boise State RB Doug Martin....he is sneaky good with Ray Rice Like abilities and he is a 3-down back....maybe Top 20 pick


Memphis DT Dontari Poe....the most recent news on this Behemoth of a Football Player is the Steelers covet his services more than anyone....others are Luke Warm on him.

Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden...could he go in the 1st Round...maybe if so late?

Michael Brockers LSU.....some liken him to former LSU DE/DT Tyson that good or bad


USC DE Nick Perry.....was a mid to late 1st Rounder a month ago now sliding like an avalanche

Ohio State OT Mike Adams....Don't know why is a mid 2nd Rounder all of a sudden...has talent is the light on upstairs?

Is this talk 'Cocks Corner Stephen Gilmore that much better than Bama's Dre Kirkpatrick?

The 2012 NFL Draft 1st round might break a record for Trading up and down starting with the Purple People at #3

SQUEEZE the ORANGE....What JERSEY are you Wearing?....and what NBA Player Jersey and Team Merchandise is at the Top of the LOGO Food Chain?....Is the WEST SIDE STORY Report's POINT GOD the ADIzero HERO #1 Literally and Figuratively speaking.

The numbers are in according to the LOGO and if you live or follow the LOGO Team in the Big Granny Smith, ie the KNICKS, it might not surprise you. But are Jersey Sales a direct indicator of Popularity as well as your Superstar Status with the Fans?

Is it fair to say also that the #1 team in the Logo should have the #1 Team Merchandise Sales? I know for a fact when Mike and Scotties were running through the LOGO in the 90s the Bulls topped everything from Jersey Sales to Team Merchandise to Winning which leaves me to bring up another equation:

#1 in Jersey Sales + #1 in Team Merchandise = the Larry O'Brien Trophy...or does it work like that?

Music Please.....Bono plus U2 and "BEAUTIFUL Day"...let's Meet and Greet the Top 15 Players in the Logo in Jersey Sales for the 2011-12 Season:

2. LINsanity KNICKS #17
3. the Black Mamba LAKEshow #24
4. King JAMES HEAT 305 #6

6. WADE County HEAT 305 #3
7. DIRKliscious MAVS #41
8. @kdTREY5 LOUD City #35
9. the BLAKEshow LOB City #32
10. Double R the C's #9

12. Sugar Ray the C's #20
13. the TRUTH the C's #34
14. SUPERMAN of Mouse Town MAGIC #12
15. CP3 LOB City #3

Just think if some of these players not saying any names but if they played in the Big Granny Smith...they have 3...'MELO, STAT, and LINsanity with the C's also with 3 in Double R, Sugar Ray, and the TRUTH.

LOB City had CP3 and the BLAKEShow but no KL of 10K Lakes and no Uncle Russ of LOUD City....Wow

Music Please Jennifer Hudson and "Think Like a Man" also in Theaters now...the Top Teams in the LOGO in Total Merchandise Sales:

2. KNICKS on 5th Avenue...Big GRANNY SMITH
3. LAKEshow across from KODAK Theater
4. OCEAN DRIVE Click 305
5. DEEP ELLUM Boys...TX 214

6. the C's...Downtown Beantown
7. LOUD City...OKC
8. LOB City on Figueroa Street
9. Soda POP Boys...Pepsi Center..CO
10. AMWAY Center Contingent...Orange County FL

The Bulls aka the WEST SIDE STORY Report is Number 1 in Player Jersey sales with D-ROSE the ADIzero HERO and Team Merchandise Sales and he #1 Team in the Logo by Record.....#WestSideStoryReport and #SeeRED what other color would you see?

numbers from else..who else...the BLUEDUDE..Music Please...Young JEEZY ft Neyo...Leave Me Alone...get off my BLOG...

Go #TripleDiamondChronicles and Kevin Colbert, Coach Tomlin, Coach LeBeau, and Staff...Lets get it Right #STEELERSnation..NFL Draft Tonight 7PM ET

LOGO WATCH #37....THERE can ONLY be ONE...the DURANTULA aka Durant 66 or the BLACK MAMBA aka KB24 for the 2011-12 LOGO Scoring Title...Which one?

It comes down to this on the Logo Watch #37 a Drama and Suspense Thriller only made for you guessed it Hollywood.

Loud City's Kevin Durant and the Lakeshow's Kobe Bryant battling it our for the 2011-12 LOGO Scoring Title. Let's look at the tale of the Tape as they both have meaningful games talking Scoring only though.

The 2011-12 LOGO Scoring Title is sponsored by...What other Scooby Doos would @kdTREY5 or @TEAM_KB24 be wearing?

KEVIN DURANT alias....KD aka Baby Ice aka Durant 66 aka the Durantula

Team....OK City Thunder aka ThunderUP aka LOUD City

Scooby Doos....KD IV with Zoom and Flywire Technology

April 25, 2012 Opponent.....vs Nuggets DURANT gets 32 points

Durant had a 37.5 ppg vs the Nuggets

KOBE BRYANT alias....KB24 aka the Black Mamba aka KB8

Team.....LA Lakers aka the LAKEshow

Scooby Doos....Kobe 7 with Zoom and the Kobe System

April 26, 2012 Opponent....@ Kings KOBE needs 38 points to pass Durant 66 for the 2011-12 LOGO Scoring Title

KOBE vs Kings

December 26 2011.....29 points
March 2 2012......38 points

KB24  has a 33.5 ppg vs the Kings

If Kobe gets 38 or more he will be the 2nd Oldest Scoring Champ in LOGO History at 33 years of age.  Only Air Jordan's 34 years of Age when he won in 1998 his lowest scoring average for a title in his 10 Scoring Titles was older.

A QUARTERBACK Driven League....WHAT IF Edition...Those 4 players in the Green Room with 3 Picks to go in the 1st Round....WHAT IF your CELL doesn't ring....then what?

The 2012 NFL Draft is here and the playing cards for 2 teams are already on the table as we know where Quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffith III are going then the Real Draft starts.

The real drama will start to unfold in the Players who are invited to attend the 2012 NFL Draft with Agents and family in what is to be known as the Green Room.  The Room where players wait to here their names called to the Podium to meet and greet the Fans and Roger That. With 32 Teams and 25 or so players getting invited to the draft it can be intimidating to say the least. There is always a scenario that comes up though that intrigues everyone from the Viewers Audience to the Draft Day Announcers to every one in attendance at Radio Music City Hall in the Big Granny Smith.

WHAT IF.....there were 3 Picks left and there are 4 players in the Green Room....sponsored by the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Exclusive...A QUARTERBACK Driven League WHAT IF Edition:

WHAT IF.....Andrew Luck has his Squeeze there...the Stanford Gymnast Nicole Pechanec....and he forgets to get a Hug and Kiss and Only kisses Mama Luck....will she be irate?

WHAT IF....RG3 knows his name is #2 and his phone never rings and the Shanahan's thinking is its a formality so why call the kid he knows he is a 'SKIN....RG3 thinking is what did the McNabb-ster say about the Shanahans'?

WHAT IF....the Purple People...the Vikes take WR Justin Blackmon...would that surprise Blackmon or the Audience or Announcers or neither three or All three?

WHAT IF...the Dawg Pound takes QB Ryan Tanneyhill will Browns nation say YES...or would they revisit QB Tim Couch or Brady Quinn?

WHAT IF...Blackmon is gone and the Rams are on the Clock at they trade down or get another WR like ND's Michael Floyd or Baylor's Kendall Wright?

WHAT IF Trent Richardson is sitting at the #7 Jags do they pull the trigger on him or if he gets past them and the #8 Fins do they let him slide?

WHAT IF...the Cowboys are unable to move up and Bama S Mark Barron is gone....but Boston College's ILB Luke Kuechly is sitting there as is Bama CB Dre Kirkpatrick and South Carolina's DE Melvin Ingram....what do they do?

WHAT IF...Eagles take 'Cocks Corner Stephen Gilmore would that surprise you?

WHAT IF....the Steelers wanted to move up in which they never know who would pick up the Phone 1st..would it be the Cardinals Lead Man Ken Whisenhunt at #13...I'm Here?

WHAT IF....the Bengals and Browns try to trade out their 2nd picks in the 1st round.....and the Ravens wanted to move up...would they do it?

WHAT IF...the Bears drafted Stillwater QB Brandon Weeden...with a lot on the Board to their liking...would Bears Nation throw in the towel on new GM Phil Emery?

WHAT IF.....the Steelers have both Bama Linebackers at #24 Hightower and Upshaw....who would they pick?

WHAT if the Ravens have no linebackers they like left on the board....where do they go O-Line or WR?

WHAT IF......your in the Green Room and your name is called on Day you come back for Day 2 like Cardinals RB Ryan Williams?

Last but not least....WHAT IF....the World Champion G-Men had OT Jon Martin, RB Doug Martin, and DE Quinton Coples on the Board at #32...who do they get?

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...WHAT IF Edition powered by BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK and sponsored by the BLUEDUDE'S Draft Cap and Towel is in the yours?

LOGO WATCH #36....LOB City now a 5th Seed....KNICKS and SIXERS down to the WIRE....O-MAGIC grab #6 Seed in East

First Lob City was trailing the LAKEshow and trying to win the Pacific. Now Lob City finds themselves looking not only at losing the Division but losing Home Court advantage in the 1st round. The loss at MSG on Wednesday has the CLIPjoint looking at the #5 seed on the West.

Memphis just has to win their last game and they will be the #4 seed in the West and the Clips will have to beat the Grizz at their place at least once to move on to the 2nd round. Memphis host the O-Magic in Next-Day Air Place on Beale Street and the Magic have already clinched the #6 seed in the east.

Speaking of the O-Magic they clinch the #6 seed in the East and they will play the Indiana Pacers in the 1st round. The Big Void in the middle with no Superman and the magic have to deal with Pacers All-Star Center Big Roy Hibbert aka AREA 55. The Magic will play Center by committee and it looks like even Sharpshooter PF Ryan Anderson will have to play some 5. Playing Anderson at the Center Spot   could be a real advantage on the Offensive end and a real Liability on the Defensive End.

The Sixers get a preview of one of their future All-Stars in Point Forward Evan Turner as he nets 29 points, 13 off the glass, and 6 waiting tables to lead the Sixers past the Bucks to stay in contention for the #7 seed in the East. Sixers Sniper Jodie Meeks, by way of UK Lexington and Norcross HS Georgia, was Early Server cut with 27 points.  

The Bucks get 19 from the Beer Town Lefty Brandon Jennings of Compton CA and 15 and 13 from promising Rook Tobias Harris of Dix Hills, NY. The Sixers now have to beat the Pistons in the D and the Knicks get Concord 11's Team...the Bobcats.

Talking Knicks Basketball they handle the Clips and send them home with an L, a long flight to the Crib, and a reminder of Playoff Winning Basketball...No Possession Off. Meanwhile the Knicks look to get that #7 seed in the East as they play the Bobcats.

The Bobcats have ONLY 7 wins and you think then Knicks want to let these Dudes have a nice party afterward....No.

Games to Watch on Thursday.....Knicks @ Bobcats....Sixers @Pistons....and the Grizz vs O-Magic.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...2012 Draft Report....NFC WEST....#6 RAMS...#12 12 ZONE the Q....#13 RED ZONE Arizona....#30 GOLD RUSH..Harbaugh Edition...the STICK is back on Top.

The NFC west has a new monster in it and it seems as though it came right out of the Bay or should I say from Palo Alto in Coach Jim Harbaugh and a nasty mix of talent.....the New Gold Rush.

The Seahawks, Cardinals, and Rams will be chasing what is the Barometer in their Division in the Niners and you have to make 1st Round Picks count at every chance.

Rams need a weapon for QB Bradford and that should be there. The Cardinals need Linebacker depth and Back End depth with their Safeties. The Seahawks get QB Flynn in Free Agency and they need to protect him and Beast Mode.....that Skittles Candy Monster in RB Marshawn Lynch from East Bay by way of Cal Berkeley. Also they need Linebacker help as former 1st Round ILB and Seahawks Bust Aaron Curry is in the Black Hole now.

The BLUEDUDE'S Projections of Trades and Picks for the NFC West sponsored by BEAST MODE (Sehawks RB Marshawn Lynch) + ADIzero Hero (Bulls Point God Derrick Rose) = No More SKITTLES Candy for You.

RAMS ( 2-14 in 2011) They have the #6 pick and they will be getting QB Bradford help in WR Justin Blackmon unless the Vikes or anyone else in that Top 5 think otherwise. Another pick could be a OLB/DE or even a Defensive tackle like Starksville's Fletcher Cox. They have to continue building as they already got a good coach fired in Coach Spags.  

SEAHAWKS ( 7-9 in 2011): 12 Zone has the #12 pick and they need Defensive Help bad before they need an Offensive Lineman. UNC's DE Quniton Coples or 'Cocks DE Melvin Ingram fits the bill or if Boston College's ILB Luke Kuechly is there for the taking. If they go O-Line look for Stanford's David DeCastro.  

CARDINALS ( 8-8 in 2011) The Cardinals have the #13 pick and they need O-Line and WR help in that order. Kinnick Stadium's Riley Reiff might be the pick here or the aforementioned David DeCastro. If they go WR look for ND's Michael Floyd to get the call. Imagine Floyd and that #2 WR FITZ...LOL...on the outsides in the Valley of the Sun.

49ERS ( 13-3 in 2011) The Gold Rush pick at #30 and they really don't need an area to look at and say we need to fill that void. They could go RB for Gore's back up or go TE in get Coby Fleener who Coach Harbaugh recruited to Stanford.  Could always use a Safety in ND's Harrsion Smith as well as added depth at WR and Ramblin' Wrecks Stephen Hill...a fast physical type on the outside could go.

With the Niners holding serve and a lot of talent on that roster the rest of the division needs to concentrate on what they control...their house. Having said that make that right pick so that you can reward yourself for last season and that pick hopefully pays huge dividends now and later.

This concludes the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Exclusive...A QUARTERBACK Driven League which will be a weekly edition every week during the NFL Pre and Regular Season along with my TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles for Steelers Nation.

Enjoy and get you a Value Bag of Skittles before Lynch and Rose 86 them boys.    



A QUARTERBACK Driven League....2012 Draft Report...NFC NORTH...PURPLE PEOPLE #3....BEARS #19....LIONS #23....PACKERS #28.....MEGATRON of the Motor City...stay off that 2013 MADDEN Cover for LIONS Nation

The NFC North will be busy and all 4 teams in the Division have a Pick in the 1st round. The Vikes have a good situation and its too bad they can't move down in the 1st round for a New Stadium but that is neither here nor there.

The Bears and Lions are both chasing and really close to the packers as far as Rosters stand. The Lions most likely need an Offensive Lineman and the Bears need Linebacker Depth as Urlacher and Briggs enter Father Time at least #54 is.

The Pack have their eyes on a Linebacker as well and they may need to address Running Back also to give Rodgers another weapon on Offense and respectable running attack.

The BLUEDUDE'S Projections of Picks and Trades in the NFC North sponsored by...Will the Pack or Bears select Boise State's DE/OLB Shea McClellin..word around Bluedude Sportstalk is the Ravens are looking at the Top DE/OLB/ILB in the Draft for their #29 pick:

PURPLE PEOPLE (3-13 in 2011): They pick at #3 and they could trade out of the Pick but they should get one of two guys....Men of Troy's OT Matt Kalil or Anquan Boldin Stillwater Cowboys WR Justin Blackmon. They already know they have the 1st real pick as the Colts and 'Skins hand is already on the table.

MONSTERS of the MIDWAY ( 8-8 in 2011): They will pick at #19 and they have many options as they could go WR in Michael Floyd, Alshon Jeffrey, Kendall Wright or go DE in Quinton Coples...Julius Peppers 2.0 or having not resigned DT Anthony Adams they could get LSU's Michael Brockers. The Bears will also look at Bosie State's DE Shea McClellin. Bears....Bears....Bears.....SPIKE LEE... DO the RIGHT THING

LIONS ( 10-6 in 2011): They have the #23 and they will select a OT unless Gilmore or Kirkpatrick falls and if that happens the Pontiac SILVERDOME will re-open. If they are both gone they will probably go Planet Glenn of UGA or Harvard of the West OT Jon Martin. The Lions need a Corner but they also need to protect their investment in QB Stafford and if he is upright....Burleson, Yong, and MEGATRON will be Lethal Weapon 3....the Ford Motor F-150 Super Cab Edition.

PACKERS ( 15-1 in 2011): They have the #28 and they need a running back, safety and Linebacker to take Heat off of Clay Matthews. The thinking here is Boise State's Shea McClellin or ND's Safety Harrison Smith. Look also for Illinois' DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus and 'CUSE Chandler Jones.

Everyone is chasing the Pack and the Bears and Lions are right there and both have explosive offenses and the Purple People need to get Kalil to get a good looking QB in Ponder more confidence.

The middle to the bottom half there will be a few DE/OLB/ILB going with a frenzy.      

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...2012 Draft Report....NFC SOUTH....BUCS #5...PANTHERS #9....DIRTY BIRDS and WHO DAT? 1st Round Picks in 2012....and WHO DAT? won't get a 1st Round Pick until 2050...BOUNTY Program + Crawfish GUMBO = Suspensions

The Division that hardly has any 1st round picks as the Bucs and Panthers have Top 10 Picks an the Dirty Birds gave all their picks away with Julio Jones Trade last season. The Saints made the wrong pot of Gumbo and it cost them dearly.

The Bucs and Panthers are sitting perfectly to address their needs and there will be some offers from Teams to move up in those slots like the Cowboys.

The BLUEDUDE'S Projections of Trades and Picks for the NFC South sponsored by...Is Who Dat? going to get the NFL Death Penalty from Roger That:  

BUCS ( 4-12 in 2011) They have the #5 overall and the Bucs need a Corner and in need of a Guard until they gave former Who DAT? G Carl Nicks Duffel Bags and G Jeremy Zuttah the new Range Rover Evoque now if he could just fit in the Darn thing. Now maybe QB Josh Freeman can worry more about coverages instead of what Hole has a leak this time. They have to LSU Geaux Tigers CB Morris Claiborne and stash his Wonderlic Test under the Contract. Claiborne should be there and if not maybe go after RB Trent Richardson of Bama.

PANTHERS ( 6-10 in 2011) They have the #9 Pick and boy did they hit a Grand Slam last season with QB Cam Newton. Two things moving forward...they need to make the right pick at #9 and keep Killah Cam off that cover of MADDEN 2013. With Coach Ron Rivera being a LB and s Defensive -Minded Coach they might take Chestnut Hill's ILB Luke Kuechly and he will be there for the taking. Now they might move out of that spot and then take a Corner like Gilmore of South Carolina or ND's WR Floyd giving Cam a #2 WR.

FALCONS ( 10-6 in 2011) No Picks in 1st Round from Julio Jones Deal.....

SAINTS ( 13-3 in 2011) ROGER took picks.....after Having Crawfish Gumbo and hearing about the Bounty Program....Cheddar Biscuits were Fire though

The Division is the Falcons to win now that the Saints may not recover from the suspensions that are still coming.  The Panthers and Bucs will be much improved and those 1st Round Picks will pay dividends right away for both.  

LOGO WATCH #35....What SEED do you want in Winning Time?...Almost everyone has to WIN OUT or LOSE OUT.....CRUNCH TIME is here April 28, 2012..Check your Local Listings

The NBA Playoffs are here and the Scenarios are like Baskin Robbins Ice Cream....31 Flavors. We know the Top Seeds in both conferences but getting from the middle to the bottom is yet to be etched in stone.

The LOGO WATCH #35 Playoff Scenarios sponsored by...Who will get FINED tonight and tomorrow for Tanking Games to dictate Seeds?

BULLS #1 in the East....they will play either the Sixers or Knicks and the Knicks have the tiebreaker vs the Sixers so if Knicks win out they get the #2 Seed Heat. Do they want they Heat match up or the Bulls match up just watch how the game plays out tonight and see if 'Melo or Stat play major minutes or do the Knicks call it resting for the Low Seed.

HEAT #2 in the East....they like the Bulls are at a place where it doesn't matter who plays but they remember what the Mavs did to them and they should be motivated. The Heat would get a tough 2nd round match up if the standings don't change tonight in the Pacers.

CELTICS #4 in the EAST....HAWKS #5....this is the 2nd best Battle in the East and this is a pick'em and you don't know who will Win this match up and it looks like it could go 7. Who ever wins will get the Bulls in the 2nd round and it will be tough sledding.

#THUNDER #2 in the WEST....Do they want to have to take out the defending World Champs to move forward? Then if the Standings stay the same after tonight they will most likely have to play the Lakers in the 2nd Round.

SPURS #1 in the WEST.....It is set up right now as the Spurs Regional in the West and the 2 Teams that pose the most problems to the Spurs getting into the NBA Finals will be beating each other up in the Laker and Thunder. Round1 vs the Jazz and Round 2 vs the Grizz or Lob City......2nd tough but not Thunder vs Lakers.

LAKERS #3 in the West...they have SACtown tomorrow night and the Clips are in Gotham City tonight for what looks top be a must-win for Lob City and the Fix might be on as the Knicks might take a hit to drop to #8 in the East. Kobe will also know how many points he needs to become the Oldest ever NBA Scoring the math.

CLIPS #4 in the WEST...2 Scenarios...if they lose and the Grizz win they will lose a chance at the #3 Seed in the West and Home Court advantage vs the Grizz in Round 1. Memphis has O-Magic tomorrow night as they will know exactly what they need to do based on Clips game tonight in Gotham.

Its single elimination I have my slippers on and we get to the One Shining Moment here. Its the first team to Win 4 games to move forward and the best team usually wins no gadgets.

NBA Playoffs 2012...starts Saturday April 28, 2012....check your local listings.....and #teamHEAT...CAN'T WAIT....#seeRED

LOGO WATCH #34....BULLS clinch #1 Spot in EAST....SUNS hit SUNSET...JAZZ in...LAKERS win Pacific with LOB City loss

Now that the Heat have finally surrendered chasing the Eastern Conference top spot the West Side Story Report won't be on cruise control as they still have work to do.

The Bulls look like they will play a fast but inexperienced Sixers Bunch that held off the wolves to get that #8 seed. Bulls know that 2nd Round match with either the C's or Hawks will be tough and they are battled tested.

The Heat have some wounds as C-Bosh 1 is nursing a hammy and Wade County has the fractured index finger on his non-shooting hand.  The Playoffs start Saturday April 28 and there will be no excuses they know it as does everyone else in the LOGO.

The Lakers win another Pacific Division Title at the expense of a LOB City loss. The Clips I thought  needed to win the Division more than the Lakers moving forward but they didn't deliver. Now the Clips have to face a talented Grizz Team that looks like it is molding into playoff form.

In the End the Suns and Point God for the Ages Steve NASHty ran out of gas and the jazz just have too much young talent mixed in with seasoned Vets. Now the Jazz have the unenviable task of trying to make a series out of facing the Spurs.

It will be interesting to see what Nash does as I have said all along he should go to the Nets and and run the Point and move the JOKER..D-Will 8 to the Sniper spot. Yeah Nash won't win the Title but he will go out in New York City.  

NBA Winning Time is almost near and the BLUEDUDE will tell you his Favs to get to the 2012 NBA Finals later in the week.  

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...2012 Draft Report...NFC EAST...'SKINS #2....'BOYS #14....EAGLES #15....G-MEN #32 the Lombardi Winners

The rough and tough NFC East has the defending Super Bowl Champions in it and that doesn't sit well with the Eagles chasing their 1st Chip, Jerry having not got a shot at one in a long time, and the 'Skins stuck on a Playoff drought let alone a Lombardi.

The G-Men have struck lightning twice in the last 6 seasons. They have a 2-Time Super Bowl Winning QB that numbers wise not better than his older bro Peyton but he has been nothing short of spectacular and doing it in the Big Jonathan.

We already know what one team is doing in the Nations Capital and now we have to wait n see what the others have in store for us.

The BLUEDUDE'S Projections of Picks and Trade possibilities for the NFC East sponsored by What will the Dream Team in Philly do for an Encore and yes the BLUEDUDE went there:

REDSKINS ( 5-11 in 2011): With the #2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft....the Washington Redskins select.....Ryan Tanneyhill.....LOL....NO...they select Robert Griffith III aka RG3. The 'Skins have everything in place for this kid to succeed you would think. The 'Skins D is a nasty one they just needed some O and now they have RG3.

COWBOYS ( 8-8 in 2011): The #14 Pick QB Romo has been reported as saying he wouldn't be disappointed at all if the 'BOYS select O-Line help but that D in the Back End needs help just as bad. If no one moves up in front of the Cowboys look for Bama S Mark Barron to get that call from Jerry. Kirkpatrick and Gilmore make sense so does DT Fletcher Cox if Barron is gone and he maybe or the 'Boys just have to trade up to get THIER GUY.

EAGLES ( 8-8 in 2011): At #15 the Eagles need a OLB/DE Hybrid and he will be sitting there in Franklin Street's Quinton Coples. Ashante Samuel won't be back and the Eagles love Corners like Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia loves their Throwbacks and Apparel as does the BLUEDUDE. Poe of Memphis could go here but they need an Pass Rusher.    

G-MEN ( 9-7 in 2011): What do the NY Football Giants do for an Encore. Do they go get Eli his help in Stanford's OT Jon Martin, RB Doug Martin of Boise State, or Stanford TE Coby Fleener. Or do they go with their gut and say that RB Ahmad Bradshaw will not make it through 16 games and RB Brandon Jacobs went West for the Gold Rush. G-Men will have some interesting pieces to sort through at the conclusion of Round #1.

The Super Bowl Champ went 9-7, 2 Teams went 8-8, and the Redskins have D and went 5-11 from poor Offensive production.  This is still the Toughest Division on Sunday with the AFC North in the passenger seat. It will be a chess match between the Cowboys and Eagles on who can make a move up from 14 and 15 to get THEIR GUY.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...2012 Draft Report...AFC West Edition...CHIEFS #11...BOLTS #18...ORANGE Crush #25...SILVER & BLACK No 1st Round Pick in 2012

How the West was won as in the 2012 NFL Draft and there is a new sheriff in town and he plays for the Denver Broncos....Peyton Manning.

The Chiefs pick at #11 and they have Interior Offensive Line issues as they need a Corner opposite of Pro Bowler Brandon Flowers. The Bolts have more issues as they thought they addressed their Pass Rushing with NIU's OLB Larry English a few years ago but he hasn't played at all.

The Broncos need a Interior Offensive lineman as well and they also need a another WR to go with Thomas and Decker. The Silver and Black have no 1st round pick in 2012 from the Carson Palmer Deal last season and the Bengals have the #17 as well as their #21 pick in the 1st round.

The BLUEDUDE'S Projections of Picks and possible Trades in the AFC West is sponsored by the AFC West is now going Prime time thanks to the Orange Crush picking up QB Peyton Manning:

CHIEFS ( 7-9 in 2011): They pick at #11 will select 3 positions..OG/C...DT....or Corner. They have Stanford's David DeCastro right here or Memphis' Dontari Poe or Mississippi State's Fletcher Cox. They really have no the Dyer needs outside of these positions.

BOLTS ( 8-8 in 2011): They also need a Pass Rusher or Safety Help at #18. ND Safety Harrison Smith would be ideal here or even Illinois' Mercilus or USC's Nick Perry. They nedd to get to the QB to take pressure off of the back end.

ORANGE CRUSH ( 8-8 in 2011): They get Manning and they have Thomas and Decker on the outside. Up front they need a OG/C in Stanford's David DeCastro or UW Madison Peter Konz. The other name that is flying up draft boards is Baylor WR Kendall Wright but protecting #18 should and will be 1st priority.

SILVER and BLACK ( 8-8 in 2011): Carson Palmer Trade last last season so their #17 pick goes to the Bengals.

Looking at how the division went last season it would be safe to say that the Broncos have all the makings of getting into Winning Time with #18. The Raiders not to be out done have just as much talent as anyone in the West but can they put it together? Chiefs need a plan Offensively and Cassell regressed last season and that is not a good thing.  

POST 1,000 for the BLUEDUDE since July 26, 2010....A QUARTERBACK Driven League...AFC South Edition...COLTS #1...JAGS #7...TITANS # 20...TEXANS #26...and it goes through HARRIS County Texas

The AFC South has been the talk of the NFL off-Season because of the Peyton Manning Story. Now Peyton is out of the Division it is still the Talk as the AFC South's Colts have the #1 pick.

The Jags need upgrades everywhere and so much for the talk of was it Cam or Blaine. The Conversation should have been Who is scared and who is not.

The Titans 1st round Pick QB Jake Locker of U-Dub Seattle was a pretty good pick at least he could leaner a little from Matt Hasselback. What will the do for 2012 remains to be seen but I see Corner help.

The Texans are now the Toast of the Division and they may have got over the Hump in getting into Winning Time last season and they have All-Pro Pieces in the 2nd Best RB ad #1 WR on Sunday in Arian Foster and Andre 305 Johnson.

The BLUEDUDE'S Projections of Picks and possible Trades for the AFC South is sponsored by...Everything in the Division will have to go through the Big Energy Burst....Reliant Stadium in the Rocket City:

COLTS (in 2011): The #1 Pick overall...Everyone quiet the Commissioner Roger Goodell is walking to the podium to kick off the 2012 NFL Draft with the 1st pick......Welcome NFL Draft Picks and NFL fans from all over the World to the 2012 NFL Draft. The Indianapolis Colts have elected to bypass the Time to make the Pick and the Pick is in. With the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft...the Indianapolis Colts select QB Andrew Luck for the Stanford Cardinals. Looking at their current roster can Mr. Luck shop for the Colts 2nd Pick in 2012 like a tight end?

JAGS (in 2011): The #7 pick the jags have a ton of work to do. All-Pro Corner Rashean Mathis tore his ACL in November so they picked up G-Men Corner Aaron Ross aka Big Tigga as the G-Men had room from the #20 Pick last season Big Red's CB Prince Amukamara. QB Blaine Gabbert played scared last season and NFL Network's Analyst Michael Lombardi was right....the shakes you had Blaine looking like Rick Mirer and David Carr. The JAGS need immediate WR help and help for Gabbert. look for OK State's WR Justin Blackmon to get the call ...I don't think he will be there and if not the JAGS will trade down and look for WR or DE help.

TITANS (in 2011): They have the #20 Pick and they upgraded a little in the Off-Season up front on the D-Line with DE K. Wimbley but they need a DT. Sparty's Jerel Worthy or Memphis' Dontari Pope could fit the bill here. Also they need corner help and and North Alabama's Janoris Jenkins or Bama Dre Kirkpatrick could be there. They have to go DT or CB no other options.

TEXANS (in 2011): They are at #26 and they did what most people in the know thought they would do and not retain Super Mario as he didn't look comfortable in that Wade Phillips 3-4. But they picked up JJ Watts last season and they have a need for a 3-4 Technique OLB/DE. If Boise State's Shea McClelelllin, Illinois' Whitney Mercilus, or USC's Nick Perry. They have a plan in place and they will be in the Playoffs again as AFC South Champion.

Everyone in the AFC South is now chasing the Texans after for so many seasons chasing the Colts and Manning. The Jags and Colts seem to be a little further away than the Titans unless the Colts can get that Defense back to match Freeney and Mathis. It goes through Harris County, Texas and the Texans are now an AFC force.



A QUARTERBACK Driven League...2012 Draft Report...AFC East Edition...FINS #8...BILLS #10...JETS #16....PATS #27 #31

Sometimes I think that he is me...Like Tim....I want to be Tim...I want to be like Tim. That's what the New York Daily will be running on the 4th week of the NFL Season as SANchise loses his job. The Bills on the the hand Circle the Wagons early by corralling Super Mario of the Texans.

Then out in Foxboro they do their usual "Every NFL Vet wants to Win a Lombardi so come play with us Vet Pick ups" and they have two 1st round picks in 2012. The Fins of 305 have some work to do and what Hole do they plug up...leaks all in the ship.

The BLUEDUDE'S Projections of Picks and possible Trades for the AFC East sponsored by You know who you have to catch in the AFC East.....Bill and Tom Terrific:

FINS 305 ( 6-10 in 2011): They have the #8 pick and have to address the back end on D at Safety and they need a Outside Play maker on Offense. But before all that its A QUARTERBACK Driven League and they may have to go with a QB at #8 and my thinking along with a lot of people in the know is 12th Man's QB Ryan Tanneyhill. He looks the part but is he Jay Cutler or Joey Harrington? They also go the WR route and take Justin Blackmon or ND's Michael Floyd who will definitely be there. If they don't go QB look for a surprise in Bama Safety Mark Barron who the Cowboys are drooling over at #14.

BILLS ( 6-10 in 2011): They have the #10 pick and went out and got Super Mario of the Texans and resigned Why So Serious and I drop a lot of balls in WR Stevie Johnson...Pass Rush and WR check. Fitz is solid at QB and they may need to bolster the Corner Position. The O-Line specifically at the Guard spot most likely will be looked at and playing with Bills Cash take the Big Fella in the Interior Line. David DeCastro of Stanford Red might get the call. If they go Corner Gilmore of the 'Cocks or even a back-up QB as Fitz is that young in Brandon Weeden Oklahoma State.

JETS ( 8-8 in 2011): At pick #16....let the Circus begin in SANchise vs TEBOWmania and then there is Coach Rex Ryan. Only in NY where there is already hype and then you pull off that move to compound the fact that the Real Tenants in New Giants Stadium got another Chip.....BLUEDUDE went there. They need an ILB, Safety, and O-Line. The Pick here might be 'Bama DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw or DE Melvin Ingram of the 'Cocks of USC Columbia. Safety Barron won't be there as he is a Lock at #14 with the Cowboys.

PATS ( 13-3 in 2011):  At picks #27 and #31 something tells me they will move #31 for 2 picks in the 2nd round and then financially you get away from 2 1st round Bonuses. They need Back End help at Safety and play makers at OLB/DE. Harrison Smith of South Bend could go here as could Boise State's Hybrid DE Shea McClellin who remind me of a faster former PAT Mike Vrabel. If they choose to keep both picks they could get both of these players along with O-Line help as Tom's Protectors are getting up there.

Look for the PATS once again to get 4 to 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds as they will all be within the Top 100. NFL drafts always have quantity and the PATS seem to have things always sorted out in the middle rounds perfectly.

Jets, Dolphins, and Bills know they are always chasing the Pats and need to make start making a move north to the Top of the AFC East. Neither 3 of these teams can ill afford to keep missing in the 1st round.          

East Tennessee State BUCCANEERS.....Golden State WARRIORS... and one of the All-TIme Leaders in Thefts and Helpers.....Keith "MISTER" Jennings

The 5th smallest player ever in the LOGO didn't stop one 5'7" 170lb player from excelling at the High School and Collegiate Level.

A 2nd Team All-American before he was done in Johnson City, Tennessee and the East Tennessee State University Buccaneers. I remember watching MISTER Jennings in the NCAA Tourney and how he controlled the floor no matter who he was playing.

Jennings is 4th on the All-Time NCAA list with Helpers at 983 and 13th All-Time in Thefts with 334. A Four-Year Starter for the Buccaneers he went undrafted his 1st year out of STATE and then was picked up on a 3-year deal with the Golden State Warriors.

Playing for the Warriors he joined the likes of Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin..a whole 2/3 of Run TMC. Also was on the roster when the Warriors selected Chris Webber aka C-Webb of the Maize and Blue.

Jennings played a whole 3 seasons with the Warriors and then toiled in Pro Ball over the Big Pond.  He joins the likes of Tyrone "MUGSY" Bogues, Earl Boykins, and Spud Webb as some of the shortest to ever lace them up in the LOGO.        

A QUARTERBACK Driven League....2012 Draft Report....AFC North Edition....STEELERS #24...Dawg Pound #4 #22...the Jungle #17 #21...and #PurpleBrowns #29

The time has come so future NFL Players is your Cell Phone Bill paid in full to get that call or do you have the Blow Up Phone?

Another BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Exclusive....A Quarterback Driven League 2012 Draft Report...and first up the rugged hardly imitated and never duplicated AFC North.

The 2012 Draft Order is in and who is going to make that pick or picks that make an immediate impact on Sunday or who will get some duds.

We will be going through all 32 NFL Teams and what they need to do in the 1st round and then after that you need to get to someone else.

BLUEDUDE'S 2012 1st Round Projections and possible Trade Scenarios for the AFC North by Draft Order sponsored by Dawg Pound and the both have 2 picks in front of the STEELERS and Purple make them count because we in Steelers Country are tired of the excuses:

DAWG POUND ( 5-11 in 2011): They have the #4 and #22 Picks in the 1st round and what should they do?  They need immediate upgrades on Offense and at #4 they have 2 options in 'Bama RB Trent Richardson or Stillwater's WR justin Blackmon. If they take 12th Man's QB Ryan Tanneyhill they have messed up again. At the #22 say they get Richardson at #4 they need to get speed and a playmaker on the outside in Baylor's WR Kendall Wright or they also need a Right Guard in UGA's Cordy Glenn. If they get at #4 WR Justin Blackmon they need to get Glenn at RT if he is there or trade #22 for Bears RB Matt Forte.

BENGALS ( 9-7 in 2011):  The Bengals have #17 and #22 and they need Defensive Help at both Corner and OLB. Corners available at #17 should be Bama's Dre Kirkpatrick, South Carolina's  Stephon Gilmore, or former Gator and North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins. If they get that at #17 then at #22 the best OLB could be Bama's Courtney Upshaw but he might be gone to the Jets or Eagles before #22. Would they trade out of #22...maybe. A OG or WR could be on the Menu as well and again Glenn is on everyones Wish List and throw in South Bend WR Michael Floyd.

STEELERS (12-4 in 2011): They really need to keep Big BEN upright and Steelers Nation and everyone else has been saying that for years. They also covet the 6'4" 250lb Violent Type and we know that for sure in Steel Town....Linebackers and Primanti's Brothers. Do they get Bama' ILB Dont'a Hightower or go for UGA's Glenn or even LT Mike Adams of The Ohio State University. Suppose Glenn and Hightower are gone then what?....Help at Corner in UNA's Janoris Jenkins or Bama's Dre Kirkpatrick.

PURPLE BROWNS (12-4 in 2011): Ray Lewis is getting really old and they need an ILB like Bama's Dont'a Hightower. They also need a compliment for WR Torrey Smith and that could be South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey or Ramblin' Wreck's WR Stephen Hill. What about Center Matt Birk and his age and Center could also be a priority.

This is just what the BLUEDUDE has on his 2012 Draft Board and watching a lot of College and Sunday Football this season. Being part of Steelers Nation I really know the AFC North like a part of the Steelers Staff and not only what the Steelers need but what everyone else needs in the Division.

Look out for the Bengals as they started to turn the corner REAL TALK last season and the Browns have to come North sooner than later they have gotten old and almost retired staying South. Forget the Cardiac Kids and QB Bernie Kosar.....make the right DA** Pick for once.

Steelers have work to do at #24 as they have to have some luck for THEIR GUY to fall to them whom ever that may be. Purple Browns aka the RAVENS need some luck to with Pick #29 towards the end of the 1st round.        

Monday, April 23, 2012

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #6....April 2012 Power Rankings...Are you on the RUN?....the TEXAS RANGERS are looking for you as are the BOYS in BLUE of DODGERtown USA.

The first of many in the Cup of Joe in the Show Report Power Rankings not done by Senior Circuit and Junior Circuit but by both combined to give you the overall picture of who might get into the 2012 Fall Classic.

There have been some surprises like the Boys on the Potomac in D.C. coming out the gate at 12-4. The Pale Hose of the South Side of the 'GO at a surprising 9-6 after losing a couple of their leaders.

Then the Clubs playing below the .500 clip like the Carmines of Fenway Park, the Fightin' Phils, and the Halos. It looks like Cash can buy you a lot of things but it won't but you a move to the top and you know who you are.

The 1st Installment of the CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report Power Rankings...April Edition sponsored by Bobby V get you some of that good Boston Clam Chowder and keep the Boston Press out on the Clubhouse....WANNA GET Bristol MLB Studios:

Only the Top 10 Teams......

1. RANGERS 13-3 : They have everything in place.....Skip Wash....Big Time Players like Kinsler, Hamilton, and Cruz....and they have solid Pitching and Defense. The Favs were the Halos from Jump Street and they are still in the Basement grabbing Lumber and Mitts.

2. BOYS in BLUE Chavez Ravine Edition 12-4: Give the NL MVP to Mr. Kemp and no need to send the collector so he can keep it at his house and make it dirty....Yeah Right. They have a #1 in Kershaw and every ones #2 in Billingsley and Kemp has a Partner in Crime in Ethier....Congrats Magic Johnson and your new ownership.      

3. REDBIRDS 11-5: No Gateway Arch Hammer Big AL....and 11-5 to boot. They also play in the least toughest Division in the NL..the Central. They have a Blue-Collar approach and they play D and their Pitching is Solid....C'mon Bucs, Red Legs, and Brew Crew.

4. NATS 12-4: The Washington Nationals are 12-4 and they have an Identity, Fans coming out to the Park, and their Pitching is really good. The have Vet leaders in Zimmerman and LaRoche and Strasburg is looking like a #1 and I know its early.

5. TIGERS 10-6: Four names....Cabrera, Fielder, Verlander, and Leyland.....any questions, comments, or concerns.

6. BRAVES 10-6: Chipper Jones is still playing and RF Jason Heyward and 1B Freddie Freeman anchor the Braves Hitting. They will be in it because of September 2011 Swoon and they have a nice mix of youth and Vets.

7. BRONX BOMBERS 9-6: C.C. Sabathia then what in that Starting Rotation. The Bombers will hit and they will be in the race all season because if their close they go get what they need at the Trade Deadline. Cashman has a lot of Bread under the me. New Yankees Stadium should be called the Big STASH HOUSE with all that DINERO they have.

8. BLUE JAYS 9-6: OK the Jays have Jose Bautista in their lineup and they have Francisco Cordero closing shop and then they have what?....Someone name a few of their other players. These are the teams that are dangerous because they are playing for themselves...everyone in that clubhouse...with no pressure.

9. PALE HOSE 9-6: Paulie is still manning first base and they have a Ex-Sox great Robin Ventura (the NCAA Baseball Decade Player of the Year at Oklahoma State in the 80s)  as their Skip and GM Kenny Williams has one less job now that Guillen is running his Yap in 305. They have young talent mixed in with the aforementioned Paulie Konerko, Adam Dunn, and AJ Pierzynski. If they take on the demeanor of their skip they will battle until they turn the lights off in October.

10. RAYS 9-7: Skip Joe Madden has all that Pitching behind him and Stars in 3B Evan Longoria and CF BJ Upton. They are one of the few teams that relish the OPS they get to battle the Bombers and Carmines like the Halos and Rangers. They will be at the top of the Power poll all season because they have been there time and time again the last few seasons.

Teams that needs to join the CARMINES in taking SUDS out the Clubhouse for now as well as all Game the PS3 and Xbox....and the Ping Pong Tables, Black Jack Tables and what ever else is in that Sacred Place in the Show:

CARMINES of course 4-10
TWIN-kies 5-11
HALOS 6-10

Fightin' PHILS 7-9
FISH 305 7-8
GIGANTES 7-7 (losing Closer B. Wilson was huge and they may not recover)



LOGO WATCH #33....the 24K, 12K, and 2.5K Club in the LOGO...Membership has its Privileges...and there are ONLY 3...the Big DIPPER, the SKY HOOK, and the DREAM SHAKE

Looking at all the stats in the LOGO a lot of numbers jump at you like the Assists Record by Jazz Point God John Stockton aka Stock of Salt Palace Fame. Then there is the All-Time Points leader in Kareem. What about Wilt in Rebounds as the All-Time leader in the LOGO.

Then there are the exclusive clubs like the 50-40-90 of 50% FG, 40% 3pt FG, and 90% from the charity stripe.  Players like the HICK from French Lick, Miller Time, NASHty, DIRKiliscious, and Mark Price are the only players in the LOGO to do it.

The one club players might have a hard time getting to is the 24K, 12K, and 2.5K in at least 24,000 points, 12,000 rebounds, and 2,500 assists. Only 3 players ever did it in the LOGO and guess who they were?

They all played the same position and with all them rebounds you know it can't be an Guard but possibly an NBA Forward.

The 3 Players in the LOGO to ever do it in my opinion are the 2 of the 4 best Centers ever in the LOGO and they pout him at Center but he was a Power Forward playing Center to the BLUEDUDE.

In this order sponsored isn't Michael Jordan or Magic or Bird for the fact of the matter or even Dr. J:

1. Wilt Chamberlain aka the Big DIPPER aka WILT 20K aka Wilt the STILT
2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar aka the artist formerly known as Lew Alcindor aka the SKY HOOK

3. Hakeem Olajuwon aka DREAM aka the Dream SHAKE


Sky Hook 38,387
WILT 31,419
Dream 26,946


WILT  23,924
Sky Hook 17,440
Dream 13,748


Sky Hook 5,660
WILT 4,643
Dream 3,058

Are you kidding me from the Center position and to get all those points and boards and have the audacity to get well over 2,500 assists.

The next time your at lunch, happy hour, or even a long family vacation by Plane, Train, or Automobile....throw these numbers out and start with the Only 3 to do it in the LOGO......Surprise Surprise Surprise

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

LOGO WATCH #32....from BRICK CITY ' 2006 Lottery Twin D.C....and to LOB City Sniper....Mr. Randy FOYE....NIKE BASKETBALL's FOYE Boy

There comes a time in your life where if someone in the family doesn't step to the forefront it might be over. Case in point 6'4" and 210 plus el bees of LOGO SNIPER Mr. Randy Foye aka FOYE Boy of now LOB City on Figueroa Street in the City of Angels....the L.A. Clippers

Foye reportedly was left standing on the porch with his Grandmother as they both watched his young mother get in a car to never return as she was in and out of drug rehab. Was that the driving force of Foye's Life to maybe one day to see his mother.

Randy's Father died in a motorcycle accident a few years prior to mom abandoned Randy. So all this and being surrounded in one of the worst crime-ridden neighborhoods in Newark-East Orange New Jersey Area...aka the Brick City is Newark was bad in itself.

A consensus Top 30 National recruit out of Newark's EASTSIDE HS....Foye was a dominant Combo Guard built in that former Fighting Turtles Combo Deluxe Guard Stevie Francis mold but without all the extras. A solid shooter from deep and so physical with the attack off the dribble.

Foye then took his talents to Current Villanova Coach Jay Wright's 'Nova Wildcats squad. There Foye joined two more Top Guards nationally in Bronx NY's St. Raymond's HS G Allen Ray and Kyle Lowry of Philadelphia's Cardinal Dougherty HS where one former Rhode Island Ram Sniper and NBA Player Cuttino "CAT" Mobley attended.

Foye, Lowry, and Ray along with 4th wheel PG Mike Nardi led Wright's Wildcats to the best 4 year run in 'NOVA History.  Foye could have left after his Junior Season at 'NOVA but elected to stay to the delight of everyone in the Program and was 2005-06 Big East Conference Player of the Year.

The #7 Overall Pick in the 2006 NBA Draft by Boston then on Draft-Day Trade sent to 10k Lakes in the twin Cities and the T'Wolves. Playing pretty good in his years in the Twin Cities and then starting to find himself in Chocolate City D.C. with Wizards has led Foye to this season with the L.A. Clippers.

Having Cp3, Mr. Big Shot, and Mo Williams had the odds looking like one of either Foye or Williams would be sent off in a Trade but things happen. Mr. Big Shot...Chauncey Billups goes down for the season with a Torn Achilles and now the CLIPS aka the CLIPjoint aka LOB City needed a Shooter to go with CP3 and Mo Williams handling PG Duties and Foye has answered the bell.

In only averaging just above 25 minutes per outing Foye is at 10ppg, 3 helpers, and 3 boards and shooting 86% from the Charity Stripe. One of 7 Clippers to be in double figures for the season.

Randy Foye has come full circle on and off the court and for a Kid to see Mom leave and never come back is one tough pill to swallow. Now to see Randy and his response in High School, College, and now the Professional Level is a Testament of ho he is inside and out.

LOB City that was Same-Day Delivery from the BLUEDUDE........and welcome to the 2012 NBA Playoffs....Enjoy