Thursday, July 12, 2012

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012...TEAM USA Men's Hoops take a HUGE BLOW...the BLAKEshow will be a No-Show in LONDON...LEFT Knee Injury...ENTER the HIVE of NOLA UNI-BROW..@AntDavis23

The News keeps getting worse out of Team USA Basketball Squad. Last Night Yahoo Sports is reporting the BLAKEshow went down with an apparent Left Knee Injury and the MRI on BG32 was scheduled for this Afternoon.

Team USA has already moved forward and called back the Hive of NOLA Rookie Anthony Davis to rejoin Team USA as the Odds of them getting the Gold decrease by the Practice. With no Super Man of Mouse Town, no C-Bosh 305, and no LaMarcus Aldridge of Rip City Blazer Fame Team USA has the Lake Oswego Monster K-Love of 10k Lakes and MSG Landlord Tyson Chandler and the 5th Avenue NYC Block Party.

The USA now has to play really small and look for King James to be the Best 4-5 that we have. The Spaniards are Huge inside and at the #2 World Ranking in FIBA they will pose Huge Problems literally and figuratively speaking. The Argentines, French, and Brazilians will also be coming at Team USA attacking them inside out.

One thing is for certain Team USA has King James and the rest of Planet Earth does not. Get well BLAKEhsow from the Bluedude...
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