Friday, September 9, 2016

DeCastro a STEELER through the 2021 Season!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the Puget Sound Bully by way of the "FARM" in Palo Alto gets his well-deserved Duffel Bags from the Rooney's and the Black & Yellow! #66 #PugetSoundBully #DavidDeCastroBiz @Steelers #StillerGang

The Pittsburgh Steelers were going to get a deal done and they did with their former 2012 top pick in OG David DeCastro. The Steelers and DeCastro agree on a six-year $58.6 million deal that includes a whopping $16 million signing bonus and roster bonus.

Pittsburgh and the Rooney's takes care of their own especially if they perform to or above expectations and the "Puget Sound Bully" from the "Farm" in Palo Alto (Stanford) is no different. The former Bodyguard for Stanford QB Andrew Luck has flourished under the tutelage of NFL HOF O-Lineman Mike Mucnchak as that Steelers O-Line is improving game to game week to week and season by season.

The last Steelers O-Lineman to wear #66 was former perennial All-Pro and and Pro-Bowl OG Alan Faneca from LSU. Look the Steelers should past the next #66 after DeCastro to "Next in Line" great OG for Stiller Gang.

Big Ben, Le'veon, DeAngelo and a host of other Steelers Skilled Players on the offense have to be elated that #66 is back and back through 2021...       
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