Thursday, September 1, 2016

Antonio Brown and Steelers Roster Moves 2K16!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as "Business is Boomin" for #84 and the Black and Yellow adds a Big Ben Caddy! @Steelers #StillerGang @AntonioBrown84 #BusinessIsBoomin84 #ZBergerTheQB

The Pittsburgh Steelers never negotiate a contract that has multiple seasons left unless your name is Big Ben Roethlisberger and rightfully so. Well they made a special case on "Hump Day" as they front Steelers wide out and the Shield's #1 Pigskin Grabber Antonio Brown $4 million more dollars to add to a less than impressive $6.25 million base salary for 2K16 to bring him up to $10.25 million for the 16-game trek in 2K16.

"Business is Boomin"

Yes "Business is Boomin" for #84 and the Stiller Gang and the Rooney's knew this and took care of #84 as they have promised they will bring in the Brinks and Garda Truck of Duffel Bags for #84 before the 2K16 season...let's grab Lombard #7 before that happens!

Then there is Steelers 2nd String QB and Big Ben Caddy Bruce Gradkowski who hist Injured Reserve again before the start of yet another season. Now what does the Steelers Brass and "Megamind" Director of Football Ops Kevon Colbert bring to the table the J.J. Watt Hater in former Titans and Chargers QB and Les Miles Signal-Caller Zach Mettenberger. Yes Z-Berger the Q.B. should add some "Goofy" Moments to that Steelers Locker Room but if Big Ben goes down will he add more to the Offense then former Boomer Sooner" QB Landry Jones...from what I have seen the last two years that is convincing yeeeeeeeah man! 
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