Thursday, September 22, 2016

Texans @ Patriots as #TNF Week 3 goes "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk"!...OSWEILER vs BRISSETT with Jimmy G. on Ready Alert 5 for #PatsNation!...Can #BullsOnParade Offense get to that #PatsTalk Defense as the Chess Match here should prove to be the outcome of the game! #HOUvsNE #BullsOnParade #Pats #Texans #PatsTalk #TNF #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk

This should be a very interesting game with a few story lines that should favor the Houston Texans one would think. With the New England Patriots going to QB #3 in Jacoby Brissett with Jimmy Garoppolo playing behind him on "Ready Alert 5" that Texans "D" might have a slight advantage.

Throw in the Texans WRs of @NukDaBomb dba former Clemson All-American DeAndre Hopkins coupled with Notre Dame Rookie Will Fuller that Pats Secondary will have its hands full. Can Texans QB Brock Osweiler get them the Wilson pigskin with no issues and if he can with RB Lamar Miller being efficient it should be Texans all the way.

The Pats will go with a heavy dose of RB LeGarrette Blount and a trio of short to intermediate routes featuring WRs Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan with TE Martellus Bennett doing his work all over the middle of the field. Can Brissett play above "expectations" and if he can the Pats at home might hit the winner's circle again with Tom Brady just weeks away!

(2-0, 0-0 AFC South)
(2-0, 1-0 AFC East)

#TNF going "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk"
Thursday September 22nd, 2K16 @ 8:30pm ET
The Big Straight Razor dba Gillette Stadium


Key Players


QB Brock O. 
RB L. Miller
WRs @NukDaBomb/Fuller
DEs #99/#90
DT "Hot Plate" Wilfork


QBs Jacoby/Jimmy G.
RB the RV dba Mr. Blount
TEs Martellus/Gronk (game-time decision)
WRs Edelman/ Amendola/Hogan
RDE J. Sheard
LB J. Collins
LCB Malcolm Butler

Texans win if:

Houston must establish the ground attack with RB Lamar Miller. If they can get him going that vertical passing game with WR DeAndre Hopkins dba @NukDaBomb (a Top 3 WR in the Shield) and rookie Will Fuller should flourish once again. Watch another rookie in former Ohio State QB Braxton Miller as he has yet to get loose talking YAC! 

Secondly can Area 99 dba JJ Watt and Jadaveon Clowney get pressure on the Pats QB and slow down Blount in the run game. That Pats short passing attack is lethal and Brissett will be looking to get rid of the Wilson pigskin quickly. 

Pats win if:

New England must give as much as help to Pats QB Jacoby Brissett as possible. That will rely heavy on Blount and TE Martellus Bennett. Will the Pats give Brissett most of the playbook to use to be effective enough to give the Texans what they are expecting a scaled down version of the Pats offense?

That Pats "D" will be ready on a short week and they must be right on in this one as New England is relying heavy on the "D" to put them into the winner's circle. Edelman is my key and the Texans must take him away from the jump...

Winner: Patriots 23 Texans 19 F

Its the Patriots "D" and a little bit of Brissett as Osweiler and company turn the Wilson pigskin over one too many times...    
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