Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NBA Power Rankings APRIL FOOL'S Day 2K14 Edition....PACERS the best in the NBA...LAKERS will make the PLAYOFFS as they go undefeated in APRIL...and KNICKS Tape will win an EMMY and the EAST...APRIL FOOLS...#NBAPowerRankingsAprilFoolsDay2K14

Now that we have all those April Fool's Jokes out the way who is going to catch the San Antonio Spurs who have won 18 in a row and went 16-0 in March? Pacers are the 2K14 Titanic only difference they don't have a Band playing while its sinking but the pretty Pacer Dancers cheering! Heat is in first place as we hit April. OKC quietly #2 in the West as they know it goes through the Riverwalk and the Alamo City. Last but not least the Mavs, Grit and Grind, and the Sun all tied up for the #7 and #8 seed in the West with nine games to play...Photo Finish.

APRIL FOOL'S NBA Power Rankings 2K14
Note: In parenthesis is the St. Patrick's Day Rankings

1. #SpursCommunity (1) 58-16: 16-0 in March and on a 18-Game Win Streak and Lead Man "POPS" says they don't care about Home Court in Winning Time...tell the Rest of the West that!

2. #RegulatorsReportOKC (5) 54-19: Starting to put things together as they know it will go through San Antonio as they have the Logo's only Reaper...the "SLIM REAPER" in Nike Basketball's @kdTREY5 wearing the KD 6.

3. #Champs305 (4) 51-22: Now they have regained 1st place in the East can they stay in that position with eight to play?

4. #ClipsNation (2) 53-22: Darren Collison playing the Shooting Guard has made Clippers Nation even more dangerous as Lead Man Doc Rivers goes through his normal Lab Rats Scenarios....and more times than not it works! Watch These Dudes they will be dangerous in Winning Time!

5. #RedNation (6) 49-23: They have cooled off a bit but they have nice young pieces surrounding "Dwight of Three Stripes" and Fear the Beard #13 and those two are "Fight for Larry" battle-tested!

6. #PacerNation (3) 52-23: PG-24 has arrived with his Hand Shake last season in the Playoffs with the King and Lance Stephenson makes a play and goes into his "Brooklyn Shimmy"..Funny and See Me in the Playoffs as they all of a sudden look like the Milwaukee Bucks!

7. #RipCityBlazers (8) 48-27: They get the Logo's only Train back in time to make the necessary Station Stops to stay in the mix in L-Train Aldridge.

8. #WarriorsGround (7) 45-28: Mark "Action" Jackson not getting an extension is Par for the course as he gets the Warriors out of the Basement then the the Coach that suppose to look the art tales over #HogWash Warriors Brass straight Gator Droppings that is...meanwhile Warriors keep "Splashing"!

9.  #Mavs (9) 44-30: Tied with the Suns and Grizz but they have Big D's G.O.A.T...

9. #Grit&GrindBealeStreet (11) 44-30: No one wants to see them or the "Grind House Bigs" @macBO50 and Marc Gasol...and they come with Beef Brisket, Riblets, and Memphis Dry Rub!

9. #PHXhoops (13) 44-30: They are loaded with Pieces everywhere and Eric Bledsoe back with Dragic and Green doing what they do...the Sun will Rise in Round 1 and you would hope its not in your Arena facing them!

12. #WestSideStoryReport (10): 42-32: No one wants to see the Bulls in the "Fight for Larry" 2K14 and you might win Pacers or Heat but your minus a Molar, and Ear Lobe, a Finger, a Toe, and a piece of your Basketball Thinking Cap and Luv-A-Bulls you keep shaking the Madhouse!

13. #Dinosaurs (12) 42-32: Can they hold of Brooklyn to win the Atlantic? GM Masai Ujiri will make more magic happen "North of the Border" in the Summer of 2K14 and move over Leafs Team Store and make room for Dinosaurs Gear!

14. #BrooklynHasAHomeTeam (15) 39-33:  They are right there and they need help as they try and snatch the Atlantic Division Title...and where is KG dba the Big Ticket?

15. #WizKidsDC (14) 38-36: What a turnaround as the "Lights" have turned bright for All-Star PG John Wall and the Wizards are only going to get better.

16. #MikeCATS (16) 36-38: They have two Pieces to build around in Big AL Jefferson and Kemba Walker and the 'Cats will be in the Playoffs....congrats to GM Rich Cho and Air Jordan...oh did I forget anyone else?

17. #10KLakesBoyz (15) 36-37: They won't go to Winning Time but they have made huge strides and now they have to devise a plane to keep the Logo's only Loch Ness-Type Monster in the "Lake Oswego Monster" Kevin Love.

18. #StateBirdOfLouisana (21) 32-42: If they get 110% out of REKEhavoc to join All-Star Ant Davis and PG Jrue Holiday...the Pelicans will be Top 8 in the West in the 2014-15 season. Davis is bigger than Jabari Parker will be in the Logo the next ten years, Jalil Okafor (Duke 2014), and Cliff Alexander (Kansas 2014) as they all hail from the "City with Big Shoulders"...Chi-City!

19. #HighlightFactory404 (18) 32-41: They lead the Knicks by a game for #8 in the East and without Big AL Horford the Hawks will go down as Big Al is easy +12 in the Win Column...go Chop Shop and Braves Country!

20. #MileHighNUGS (19) 32-42: They have lost all those bodies but Nugs Lead Man B-Shaw is the best at developing Players in the Logo...look at Lance and Paul of the Pacers that is not Frank Vogel!

21. #KnicksTape (20) 32-43: Here come the Knicks and it would be Theater if they get #8 and face the Heat ion the 1st Round as the Heat needs to face them and play in World's Most Famous to get that "Fight for Larry" Edge back!

22. #BelieveLand (22) 30-45: They have played well without Kyrie Irving as Dion Waiters has rose to the occasion. What will the Cavs do in the Summer of 2014 as Lead Man Mike Brown is going nowhere and Anthony Bennett needs to spend the Summer with the Bluedude ...Real Talk developing his game.

23. #MotorCityPistons (23) 27-47: Who will be the next head coach in Detroit and will Joe Dumars be there to pick it?

24. #ForeverPurple (24) 26-48: They are going to let Rudy Gay walk and I would as well moving forward with Isaiah Thomas and @boogiecousins as the Core for the new Arena in Sac Town!

25. #LakerGang (26) 25-48: If anything the Lakers found out what NBA Castoffs could play like @kbutta5, X-Man, Wes, and Mr. Meeks.

26. #GreenTeam (27) 23-51: What will they do with "Double R" Rajon Rondo as he looks like a Trade Piece come 2014 NBA Draft unless the C's get a Top 3 Pick!

27. #SaltPalaceJazz (27) 23-52: They are oozing with young pieces like Kanter, Hayward, Favors, Burke, and Burks as the future looks bright for the Jazz!

28. #MouseTownMagic (28) 21-53: The Magic are following the Master Plan and do not let them get #1 Overall and if they do...Eat Playoffs in 2014-15 if they grab Jabari Parker!

29. #SeventySixers (29) 16-58: They didn't get 27 in a row but there is plenty of work to do on Broad Street for the Sixers moving forward as they get two Lottery Picks in 2014 with Nerlens Noel coming off an ACL suffered two winters ago.

30. #FearNoDeer (29) 14-60: Would Jabari Parker save the Bucks? Joel Embiid nor Andrew Wiggins is not the answer for immediate results...trust me on that!

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