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NFL TEAMS cleaning up NFL Free Agency on the BACKSIDE....BEARS getting COWBOYS......EAGLES still doing DAMAGE....and more

The NFL Free AGENCY Frenzy is moving on like a Day after Christmas SALE into the NEW YEAR.......DEALS every day. We already know which TEAMS have A Grades on the Front Side of Free Agency.....what about the MIDDLE and BACKSIDE of Free Agency.

Take a look at these NAMES and you tell the BLUEDUDE what's happening:

1. The BEARS gave up TE Greg OLSEN and BEARS Fans were A little shocked as was one QB Jay CUTLER. But there is even bigger news out of Camp BOURBANNIS......Perennial All-Pro Center Olin KRUETZ might be a BEAR NO LONGER. Reportedly he just wants a LITTLE more cash than the BEARS are Offering. KRUETZ has the CARDS n the NINERS to boot.....showing INTEREST.

The BEARS are not done as they are quickly becoming the DALLAS BEARS as they add.....just this week...EX-COWBOYS WR Roy WILLIAMS, WR Sam HURD, and now a PISSED off MARION BARBER...who has some left in the TANK.....a little over a 1/4 one would think. Not a BAD HAUL for the MONSTERS of the MIDWAY.

2. The EAGLES are done right?............WRONG.......the City of BROTHERLY love is increasingly becoming NAPSTER......with NO COURT DATES in SITE. They pull the RUG underneath everyone on PRIZE FA CB Nnamdi ASOMUGHA and now they get a real steal. Ex-PACKER and DE Cullen JENKINS, younger brother of Man-Child and Current JETS NT Kris JENKINS, is a MONSTER of a DEAL and the EAGLES and ANDY REID are on the CLOCK for a LOMBARDI for REAL.

Mike VICK is probably saying all we have to do is SCORE 14-17 POINTS and we r good. Ex- EAGLE QB Donovan McNABB is probably saying to the FOOTBALL GODS......All this GOODWILL for the EAGLES.....C'MON Football GODS...REALLY?

3. The BENGALS have good NEWS and it doesn't involve #9 or #85..........with the DEFECTION of CB Jonathan JOSEPH the BUNGLES go out and get Free-Agent CB Nate CLEMENTS who is a BUCKEYE ALUM. That will solidify their D on the EDGES with MAIZE&BLUE Corner Leon HALL on the OTHER SIDE.

* Ahmad BRADSHAW Rb Free AGENT At 25 yrs of AGE you wouldn't think you would have any trouble signing with your former TEAM. Well BRADSHAW is having exactly that Problem with th G-MEN and he could go back....but MAN this little ENGINE has some CHUCKIN still left in him. Although the G-MEN could be a POSSIBILITY.....there has to be a SUITOR or TWO.

*EX-DIRTY BIRD WR and BUCKEYE ALUM Michael JENKINS will try to fill the VOID left by the departure of South CAROLINA COCK Star and WR Sidney RICE as he signs with the PURPLE PEOPLE. JENKINS who has been much maligned throughout his career in A T L....will have some pressure as he might be one of two lone DEEP THREATS the VIKES have in he and VA BEACH NATIVE n GATOR WR PERCY HARVIN.

* ILB and Ex-PACKER Nick BARNETT was cut by the PACK on FRIDAY and now will at DIVISION FOE DETROIT...If he signs.......MAN.........BARNETT might be looking for a LITTLE RETRIBUTION.....wouldn't you?

* COLTS RB Joseph ADDAI was rumored to be all but out of the CIRCLE CITY......INDIANAPOLIS.........Now after PEYTON MANNING gets a Much ANTICIPATED DEAL.....They keep ADDAI in the BACKFIELD as well......good Look COLTS.

* A day after the BUCCANEERS give one their LB'S a PIRATE SHIP full of CASH......MLB Barrett RUDD walks right over to OPRYLAND for his net GIG in TENNESSEE. The BUCS will miss this HUMAN-TACKLING MACHINE in the MIDDLE.

The 2 BIGGEST NAMES left in th WIDEOUT GROUP are Plaxico BURRESS and Vincent JACKSON.

BURESS visited the STEELERS on STAURDAY and the GIANTS on FRIDAY and it's between them two teams. What gets me is that WHY would PLAX even entertain the THOUGHT of going back to GOTHAM CITY......Won't be a good look....they need you but you don't ned them. Look for Another TEAM possibly he RAVENS and/or the JETS to try to pull a PHILADELPHIA EAGLE OH!....I mean a NAPSTER......DARN know what I mean.

JACKSON on the OTHER hand is almost a FORMALITY to back to the BOLTS. If thy could an SHOULD come up with a nice enough package......JACKSON will be a BOLT for a LONG TIME. I know it's not easy to find Good thowing QB'S and BOLTS QB RIVERS throws a NICE a BALL as anyone......i mean ANYONE...and is an ELITE NFL QB. So look for JACKSON to STAY PUT.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

the #1 NFL Free AGENT...CB Nnamdi ASOMUGHA goes to the BROAD ST in PHILLY P A....YES

The #1 Corner in the 2011 NFL Free Agent POOL and the #1 NFL Free Agent overall Surprises everyone and even one team admitted sweating BULLETS like it was the SUNDAY of the NCAA Men's Basketball TOURNEY Selection SHOW.

Standing at nearly 6'1" and around 210 EL BEES or so......the CORNER that everyone wanted and some TEAMS were letting their own Free AGENTS walk ( like the JETS) to open up CAP SPACE for the CAL BERKELEY ALUM. Nnamdi ASOMUGHA knew he was going to get PAID in FULL...just where?

Here were the SUITORS vying for his services:

1. the NY JETS: The PAPER CHAMPS east of the MISSISSIPPI........COACH Rex RYAN runnin', FIREMAN whatever his name is CHANTING, they have HOW MANY LOMBARDI'S?.........KLECKO, GASTINEAU, O'BRIEN, McNEIL, WALKER, TOON, LYONS, SHADE TREE JONES, My FAVORITE MARTIN.....the JETS are it everywhere but where it COUNTS...THE BIG ONE......SUPER BOWL CHAMPS.

But they were all amped up and excited as everyone from ESPN'S ADAM SCHEFTER and HIS SOURCES to JOHN " call me YODA" CLAYTON to the UNFLAPPABLE TWITTER KING and MMQB....SI's Peter KING had the JETS on LOCK to get ASOMUGHA. And all the way up to around 5pm ET I thought so to. With that new CAP which is 13% less than what is was last season......the JETS still have Good CORNER out there in these STREETS. FA CB Antonio CROMARTIE could be a CHOICE for the JETS if they can mend the FENCES.

2. Ol' RELIANT.....TEXANS: They really didn't need ASOMUGHA after the BIG MEGA DEAL they gave to Jonathan JOSEPH who I think is a TOP 5 CB in this league...REALLY! But the actual thought of putting ASOMUGHA out there on one side and JOSEPH on the OTHER.......probably made the TEXANS feel we could take 10 STEPS Forward if WE CAN....but they DIDN'T.

ASOMUGHA didn't really ever say the TEXANS were his FAVORITE but had them in HIS BASKET for LEVERAGE...probably to use against the 'BOYS.

3. JERRY'S PLACE...'BOYS: How could someone turn down the COWBOYS in the best FOOTBALL STADIUM BUILT since the START of ENTOURAGE on HBO. But the COWBOYS had a problem area in trying to sign the CAL BERKELEY Standout.....CAP SPACE. Jerry and his TEAM knew they were on the CLOCK and I think the CLOCK just ran out on them.

If the COWBOYS had the CASH right after signing OT Doug would have been a done deal. The BAD THING now is you didn't get ASOMUGHA and the 'BOYS have to see him twice an possibly in the PLAYOFFS.....NOT GOOD.

Then after all those you heard the BUCCANEERS and maybe the RAVENS because the BMORE TEAM was cutting everyone but OZZIE NEWSOME and RAY LEWIS......GET OUT.

Then FRIDAY rolls around and the EAGLES and COWBOYS know there is possibly another TEAM out there waiting to get in on ASOMUGHA at the LAST MINUTE. So as you look at the LANDSCAPE no one team really jumps out at you........then.......Aorund 5PM CENTRAL or earlier........the NEWS of NNAMDI ASOMUGHA signs with the EAGLES.....ESPN NFL REPORTERS are shocked and didn't see it coming.....MY TWITTER @bluedudesports DIDN'T see it.....and if I don't see it I know SCHEFTER, MORTENSEN, Rachel NICHOLS, or John CLAYTON didn't see it........LOL.

He signs with the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES leaving unrest with the COWBOYS and the LEADERS of the Nnamdi ASOMUGHA Sweepstakes sponsored by the SMURFS.......PLAYING NOW at a THEATRE near you. Unbelievable an me being all about HEINZ KETCHUP on my FRIES and the STEELERS.......As long as the JETS didn't get him.....COOL BEANS FOOLS.

The deal was reported as being 5 years $60 Million with $25 Million Guaranteed and heavy clauses and incentives. This also makes the Ashante SAMUEL getting traded a LOCK......#22 will be playing somewhere BUT not in PHILLY.

The EAGLES have been known to PAY Big Money to Corners and TODAY backs up all that and then some. Remember they also get a 2010 Pro-Bowler and young stud corner in Dominique RODGERS-CROMARTIE of the DESERT CARDINALS by way of TENNESSE STATE TIGERS. ROMO, ELI, and whoever the 'SKINS out out your wallets......PHILLY is COMING.

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What another wild day in the NFL with more trades, acquisitions, and TALK. There were a FEW Surprises out there an there is some work left to be done as all the DOMINOES have not fallen.

SCENE.........Foxboro MASS........Bengals trade outspoken and outgoing WR Chad OCHOCINCO to the PATRIOTS for a DRAFT Picks. And #85 was just a CAP Casualty to the BENGALS.
DT Albert HAYNESWORTH gets a fresh start as he will join OCHOCINCO in FOXBORO and man the middle of the PATRIOTS 4-3. Can you imagine HAYNESWORTH and WILFORK in the MIDDLE of that Defensive Line......That's enough ASS for NEELY'S BBQ to serve a FRIDAY Opening from start to FINISH....and nothing 86ed. The REDSKINS and their FANS were like GOOD RIDDENS......enough is enough.

SCENE..........the BOTTOM......305......MI M I YAYO......the DOLPHINS pick up Reggie BUSH in a TRADE right before the SAINTS were due to either decide to keep him or MOST LIKELY CUT HIM.....there was a SUITOR. Now the FINS have BUSH and the NOMADIC ONE....RUN RICKY RUN....WILLIAMS.....ESPN 30 for 30...that was a GOOD ONE.

SCENE..........the DESERT......Phoenix AZ.....the CARDS finally make a TRADE for their MAN.....QB Kevin KOLB of the EAGLES.....but they lose another STAR on Defense in CB Dominique RODGERS-CROMARTIE.....the TENNESSEE STATE one.....and CUZ to Antonio CROMARTIE who still has to find a JOB. The CARDS pay KOLB 5 years $63 Million and $21 Million Guaranteed......See you PHILLY.

SCENE......BROAD STREET........PHILLY P A.....well EAGLES TRAINING COMPLEX......NO D-JACK in sight...but guess what the WIND BLEW IN......Hookem' HORNS Vince YOUNG. As he signs a 1-year deal to CADDY VICK (VINCE Will play this season because VICK will get hit sooner than later). So with KOLB gone and RODGERS-CROMARTIE in CAMP because he has an existing deal......The EAGLES made hay today.......PHILLY looks like the EARLY FAV in the NFC EAST....EAGLES FANS give me a BRONX CHEER

SCENE....HALAS HALL...lake forest Illinois.....BEARS trade TE and QB Jay CUTLER'S BFF...Greg OLSEN to the PANTHERS because Mike MARTZ needs a BLOCKING TE. SO the BEARS do what most TEAMS do trade a really good PLAYER so the SCHEME can work......Mike MARTZ aka the MAD SCIENTIST didn't want OLSEN last SEASON either.
The BEARS also struck out on Free-Agent OL Willie COLON as they offered a reported 5 years and $32 MILLION but he went back to the STEELERS as TERRIBLE TOWELS are thicker than MONSTERS of the MIDWAY. THe STEEL CITY give him 5 years $29 Million.

SCENE.......Houston TEXAS..........EX-BENGALS CB Jonathan JOSEPH from..........USC GAMECOCKS......signs a HUGE DEAL with the TEXANS and he is SLEEPY GOOD...ask BIG BEN ROETHLISBERGER. J-JO inks a 5-Year just over $48 Million and $23.5 Million Guaranteed. This signing pretty much tells me that NNAMDI ASOMUGHA'S Teams of interest are narrowed down to the JETS and maybe the BUCCANEERS....YEAH RIGHT.....It's almost a FORMALITY that NNAMDI ends up in the BIG APPLE.

SCENE........CINCINATTI OH......MIKE BROWNS OFFICE.........We are SPLIT on what to do with CARSON that what your saying.....On a CONFERENCE CALL with a SUPPOSED GM of the BUNGLES.....well you want to run to get some 5-Star CHILI and we might have to call Mr. PALMER and tell him HIS HEINE is DUNZO.....MIKE BROWN runs this town......NOT RIHANNA....
WHAT's worse in CINCY is that the BENGALS and MARVIN LEWIS had built this up and only to be torn down by a GUTLESS SOUL in MIKE BROWN......he is officially in TWILIGHT 5.......the JUNGLE.

only SCENE where in MAYIOR MIKE BLOOMBERG is PLAXICO BURRESS going?.....Remember that PLAX....if you sign with the GIANTS BLOOMBERG will put them BOYS on you. If you sign with the STEELERS......we have IRON CITY BEER and 24hr SAMICHES.....PRIMANTI BROTHERS.......not to mention.....WE WIN.....alot.....none of this ELI SCRAMBLING BULL****......So where you going #80?....that was his # in the 'BURGH..... Well as I am writing this at 1:18AM Central TIME......I will go to SLEEP thinking this play call.


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

C.R.E.A.M......NFL PLAYERS getting PAID in FULL......Cash Rules Everything Around Me....E-WEDD, TONE, and more

So much for the FREE AGENT 'bout the BRINKS TRUCK....or just walk into your local Convenience Store.....and GRAB the ATM.....NFL.

They talked about the SALARY CAP, what ROOKIES were making.......then right out the gate...NFL TEAMS were SLICING and DICING.........then something happened. THE TEAMS were clearing CAP SPACE for these JOKERS.....and I mean CAP SPACE like SHAQ at 24 years old on the BREAK and the WHOLE left side of the FLOOR the BIG TNT is on and get the HECK out of the WAY like a DOUBLE DECKER BUS on the MAGNIFICENT MILE SIDEWALKS.

Let's look at these list of PLAYERS that have got a WHOLE LOT of NEW know Brothers, SISTERS, UNCLES, AUNTS, NEPHEWS, NIECES, the COACH from Middle SCHOOL, your BEST FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIEND, and the LONG LOST UNCLE.......that hated the FAMILY until you started to get BUSY BACK in the DAY.

In Robin LEACH'S VOICE (U know LIFESTYLES of the Rich and Famous).....MEET the 2011 NFL VERSION of the C.R.E.A.M. TEAM:

1. WR Santonio HOLMES aka TONE J-E-T-S JETS JETS that's enough: Thanks to Ex-Teammate and WR Braylon EDWARDS' Shortcomings it was a fairly easy choice for the JETS to pick their #1 STUNNA......TONE is a BEAST...HANDS, MITTS, whatever you call them....CAN'T MISS and WON'T MISS the ROCK...RAIN or SHINE....SLEET or HAIL. TONE solidifies the JETS PASSING GAME for YOUNG QB they must get a WIDEOUT for the other side.

DAMAGE: 5 years $50 Million.........$24 Million in Guarantees.....and 'SKINS would have reportedly paid more

2. FS Eric WEDDLE aka E-WED BOLTS: By No mistake did the BOLTS under estimate their Adam ARCHULETA 2K11.......a better least this one is of the BALL HAWKING Variety. He makes that CHARGERS Back end SOLID with and AGING Hookem' HORNS Q. JAMMER at one CORNER, with the FA signing of Former COLTS SS Bob SANDERS, and Desert SWARM Alum ANTIONE CASON at the other corner.....BOLTS had to PAY WEDDLE....just to have STABILITY back there in the COMING YEARS.

DAMAGE: 5 years $40 Million......$19 Million Guaranteed.......with a CARRYOUT Order of $13 Million (SIGNING BONUS) His BALL and CHAIN if he is married is going APE S*** right now.....wouldn't you be.

3. RB DeAngelo WILLIAMS aka D A PANTHERS: just when you thought the PANTHERS would go with a more Bruising BACK of the TWO in QUACK ATTACK RB Jonathan STEWART.....CAROLINA Owner says MEMPHIS UNIVERSITY RB WILLIAMS is my least for the NEXT 5 years or so. With QB Cam NEWTON back their a only a MONTH to prepare...the PANTHERS need A 2-headed Monster back there.

DAMAGE: 5 years $43 Million.........$21 Million Guaranteed.........DINED IN No least I didn't hear of one....I know he received one though......HEY DeANGELO if your reading this......TWEET me @bluedudesports and tell me signing BONUS

4. KICKER Olindo MARE aka the KICKER Ex-SEAHAWK now PANTHER: Ok NO must be sound in the KICKING GAME.....ESPN'S LEAD College ANCHOR RECE DAVIS via ROLL TIDE would say. The reason I am mentioning his will be MARE's 15th YEAR coming up......LAUGH NOW.......PRIME TIME Deion SANDERS

the KICKERS DAMAGE: 4 years $12 Million ...........with a CARRYOUT of $4 Million in SIGNING BONUS....D A hope you get your before the KICKER got his or you FRESH outta F***** LUCK over here.

5. RT Doug FREE aka FREE FREE COWBOYS: The #1 Priority in BIG ROMO is safe on his right side...then what.....JAIL BREAK on the LEFT. The COWBOYS need to keep ROMEO Upright and get that GROUND GAME Going.....they lost #1 WR ROY "LEGEND" WILLIAMS........he WENT HOME.

DAMAGE: 4 years $32 MILLION.......$17 Million Guaranteed.......Big Fella had a TAKEOUT Somewhere...LITERALLY

6. OLB Quincy BLACK aka LUCKY BUCCANEERS: The OLB you have never heard about unless your team play in the NFC South or you roll with the BIG PIRATE SHIP. This kid can play and there is a REASON THE BUCS almost made it to the PLAYOFFS last season and their defense led them with this DUDE.

DAMAGE: 5 years $29 Million.......$11.5 Guaranteed....... TAKEOUT.....DID you order anything BLACK?

These are just some of the numbers TEAMS have been shelling out on FREE AGENT SIGNINGS from their respective TEAMS or OTHER TEAMS. One of the BIGGEST out their to get his money is maybe the #1 OVERALL FA......RAIDER CB Nnamdi ASOMUGHA. What has been reported by almost all in the KNOW. The NY JETS are really pursuing this guy and if they get him......with REVIS ISLAND........that movie in NY will be called......ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK 2......and a Hill of BEANS with KURT RUSSELL...starring REVIS and theatres SEPTEMBER 11th.......HUH?

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.............aka TERRIBLE TOWEL Smurf.......see you in SMURFVILLAGE on JULY 29th...look for the MUSHROOM with the STEELERS and BULLS Flags on it.........6 CHAMPIONSHIP CIRCLE......I'm OUT

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LA Connection....Meet and Greet the BALLERS from the CITY of ANGELS and THUNDER ALLEY Teammates...UNCLE RUSS and BIG GAME James 2.0

Los Angeles by population is the #2 City in the US and is the most spread out city of any city you will ever visit. But the Basketball Talent...Well let's never spread out.

Meet and Greet the Ballers of the City of Los Angeles aka Hollywood aka LA LA Land aka the City of Angels who will have a huge impact if not already on the Association we know as the NBA.

Without further a due let's get to it....the Ballers of Metro Los Angeles:

Russell Westbrook aka Brook AKA Uncle Russ of Loud City. Imagine averaging 25ppg, 8rebs, and 3 steals and having your scholarship put on hold. That's exactly what happened to Westbrook as he waited till the last minute before UCLA G Jordan Farmar said he was entering the Draft. Russ wasn't a highly decorated HS Player coming out of the Long Beach California Area as his Teammate was that I will mention in a few.

He enjoyed success at UCLA under New Head Coach then Ben Howland, who defected from Pittsburgh in the Big East, especially on the Defensive end. Brook's Soph. Season he joined the Nations Top Prep Player in Kevin Love to take UCLA all the way to the Final Four. Then after that run both Brook decided enough was enough and entered the 2008 NBA Draft.

A Top 5 Pick in the DRAFT didn't disappoint from the start as he joined 2nd Year Pro Kevin Durant and they have quickly become one of the Hottest Duos in the Association. The Thunder PG reached his 1st All-Star Game this past season and led the Thunder deep into the Playoffs. The explosiveness to the Basket off the bounce and in transition put him in rare company. And now he is starting knock down the shot from behind the Arc...almost makes West unguardable.

James Harden aka Big Game James 2.0 South Paw Edition Loud City is a teammate of Westbrook in OK City. Harden is starting to blossom in what the Thunder thought he would be all along. The Lefty out of Fame Lakewood Artesia HS joins the likes of Ed O'Bannon, Brother Charles O'Bannon, and Jason Kapono who attended Artesia and all were McDonald's All-Americans and went to Westwood....UCLA. Harden on the other hand played for the Sun Devils of Arizona State in Tempe.

After a 2-Year run in Tempe under the Direction of Rick Pitino Protege Herb Sendek...Harden entered the NBA and went to a Squad that was loaded with young talent. He had to be patient as did the Thunder Brass led by GM and Former Spurs Exec Sam Presti. The Thunder seeing what they had last off-season made a huge trade at the NBA Trade Deadline sending talented Forward Jeff Green to the C's for C Kendrick Perkins. It was a trade that shocked both squads when it went down. But Presti and the Thunder knew exactly what it freed up on the Roster.

Harden's minutes ballooned and so has his Game since the Trade and he was an undeniable Force for the Thunder all the way up to their 4-2 Series loss to the eventual NBA Champion Mavericks. Harden now knows what is expected of him and the Thunder along with teammate Westbrook know that it's Larry O' Brien or DIE and nothing else matters. And now they have another weapon to go with Brook and KD...Kevin Durant that is proven in the time of need.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 STEELERS Secondary.....not the SAFETIES...but the ISLANDS.....Who Comes? and Who Goes?.....2011 Bluedude STEELER Report

The Pittsburgh STEELERS have always been known to have the Top or one of the TOP Defenses Annually in the league. Now with the Current Group holding on to a WINDOW that is about to CLOSE for the OLDER PLAYERS.......#86, #51, #99, #91, #98, #92, and a FEW OTHERS......the STEELERS Secondary, not in the SAFETIES, but on the ISLANDS have come into Question.

Not saying that this is the TROUBLE Area for my STEELERS......but merely we just need to stop the BLEEDING on the ISLANDS. First thing is first Who do we need to re-sign to stay on the SECONDARY at the CORNERS?

Ike TAYLOR the #1 Corner in your heart and #24 in your PROGRAM........SWAGGIN'...didn't quite live up to the MONEY they gave him in his last contract. I personally thought he played above average but the STEELERS, being in a Small Market, don't pay the BIG BUCKS unless you have shown them something. So signing free-gent to be Ike TAYLOR is a HUGE Decision as they cannot go into the 2011 Season with the young corners at both CORNER spots on the current roster.

The OTHER Free-Agent to be is NICKEL CORNER.....the Deshea TOWNSEND spot if you will......Louisville CARDINAL William GAY #22. The STEELERS have them one here but they tried putting GAY in the Starting Corner spot the year before and the STEELERS thought process was right on......A better NICKEL CORNER......shouldn't have trouble signing him.

Now let's look at the maybe 2011 DEPTH CHART at CORNER when they got to LATROBE:

#1 is 2010 Starter and Back from the ARIZONA STEELERS (WHISENHUNT leave us alone also wanted Keith BUTLER but he is the Heir Apparent to the GREAT Dick the STEELERS told you to go to your LITTLE hole in the DESERT).....NOW Bryant McFADDEN was a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT and the STEELERS know they have to go young and probably release #20 if they haven't already. The FORMER 'NOLES All-ACC Performer was a Low 2nd Round Pick for the STEELERS in 2005.

If they do here we go.......DEPTH CHART

Keenan LEWIS Quack ATTACK....TERRIBLE...DEER in the HEADLIGHTS every time we play him.....Not READY..pressing at times....looks afraid to make a PLAY.....can't have that.....and not fluid in the HIPS....bad footwork......ALL things in a NFL Corner you don't want

Anthony MADISON ROLL TIDE....A STOP GAP Guy.....Played descent...but in no way is he a STARTER..But just as important on Special TEAMS.....

Crezdon BUTLER Death VALLEY.....last years DRAFT PICK.....I think the CURTAIN might have them something.....ATHLETIC and LONG...very insyinctive corner has the intangibles you can't teach and played in the ACC.....Remind me of and Built like JETS FA CB and former 'NOLES All-American Antonio CROMARTIE

Curtis BROWN Rookie 2011 Pick Hookem' HORNS: He can cover in the SLOT and a 3rd round Steal but with all the OTA's and TRAINING CAMPS MISSED.....he has to get up to SPEED quick. He and LONGHORN Teammate and BILLS #32 Pick CB Aaron WILLIAMS did damage in the BIG 12.

Cortez ALLEN Rookie 2011 Pick The CITADEL: Watch out for this guy #31 pick in the 4th Round......a BALL HAWK who only played in a MID-MAJOR...but he can play...the eye in the SKY doesn't lie.....on TAPE he is physical, fast, and goes after the ball

MAYBE THE STEELERS will look on the waiver line is there will be a lot of activity putting this rosters together and I think the TOP 3 AFTER CAMP is done are

They Re-Sign TAYLOR.........WILLIAM GAY in the SLOT....and go with 2nd Year Corner Crezdon BUTLER......We need to find out what these guys can do...or use TOP $ in the 2012 DRAFT next SEASON to get one. The SAFETIES.....TROY and RYAN are a TOP 3 Safety Tandem in the LEAGUE.....But they can only do so much. We could afford to lose one not BOTH. If we were to LOSE one in Free-Agency.....GAY would most likely be the Choice if IKE not asking for too much $....He shouldn't be.

But what ever it is.....COLBERT and the STEELERS already know the PLAN so there is no reason to jump the GUN STEELERS FANS.....We are in a GOOD PLACE.......LOOK AT THE............Won't go there......NOT YET.

BIG UPS to Deshea TOWNSEND...,a member of the FRATERNITY PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY INCORPORATED (Theta DELTA Chapter)in which the BLUEDUDE is a MEMBER as well (GAMMA EPSILON CHAPTER) both in the STATE of ALABAMA, was hired in FEBRUARY 2011 by the ARIZONA CARDINALS and Former STEELERS Defensive BACK COACH Ray HORTON......It's like WHISENHUNT is trying to stick it to the STEELERS for the NO HIRE....get over and GRIMM.

1978-79 NBA World CHAMPS Seattle SUPERSONICS...coached by HOF Player and COACH Lenny WILKENS and led by one of the BEST TRIO of GUARDS in NBA HSITORY.

It's only fitting that I have been talking about the HAPPENINGS in the GREATER NORTHWEST the last few posts......I MISS the SEATTLE SUPERSONICS......the SONICS cool looking COURTS...the JERSEYS......and all that HISTORY is not to go to least not with the BLUEDUDE.

One of my All-Time Great NBA TEAMS which took on the personality of their coach Hall of Fame PLAYER and Coach Lenny WILKENS.....ST. LOUIS HAWKS with him and HOF PF Bob PETTITE Jr. and successful Coaching stints at SEATTLE, Cleveland, ATLANTA, Toronto, and New York.

The SONICS were led by 3 Guards and a Bruising Blue-COLLAR CENTER. The Guards were as smooth as the other side of the PUGET SOUND and all 3 of them took different parts of their game to mesh into COACH WILKINS' Simple System of MOTION INSIDE then Out.

the Guards:

Gus WILLIAMS 6'3" 180: from famed Mt VERNON NY HS (which also produced the McCRAY Brothers...Rodney and Scooter who went onto play with the LOUISVILLE CARDINALS and Denny CRUM) who played with Younger Brother RAY WILLIAMS, who also played in the NBA, was a TERROR at the Point of ATTACK. He was silky-smooth off the DRIBBLE and could get to the rim with the best of them. Also a really good defender and he was 1 of 2 SONICS Guards that made it tough on opposing teams OFFENSES.

Dennis JOHNSON 6'4" 185: from the LA AREA and PEPPERDINE WAVE Alum....the LATE Great D.J. as they call him was one of the best defenders in the LEAGUE at the TIME and he fed off of that. He made his DEFENSE his Offense on most nights and he and GUS were in those PASSING LANES instantaneously. I remember D.J. from wearing those Knee Pads when he played and that's why I wore them when I was playing LIL DRIBBLERS LEAGUE.

DOWNTOWN Fred BROWN 6'3": from the the WINNINGEST JUNIOR COLLEGE in the LAND Southeastern CC in West Burlington IOWA by way of the UNIVERSITY of IOWA......You had to guard FRED from no where else but.....DOWNTOWN. A SNIPER if you ever saw one QUICK-RELEASE, off the Bounce, Off-Balance, straight up and down...however you wanted it ...DOWNTOWN could make and create the shot.....reminded of Mid to Late 80's SONICS PLAYER Dale ELLIS with the range. An with GUS and D.J. doing most of the ball-handling......BROWN would just spot up.

the MAN in the FRONT COURT:

The Muscles of the OPERATION were led by none other than Center Jack SIKMA. From Illinois WESLYAN and as unorthodox as one player may worked. And JACK played off of the other bruising SONICS PLAYERS like Lonnie SHELTON and Paul SILAS.

The SONICS finished first in PACIFIC Division in the '78-'79 NBA Season and Beat the LAKERS in round 1 led by Abdul-JABBAR, Norm NIXON, Jamaal WILKES, and Michael COOPER.

In the 2nd round thy finished off the Phoenix SUNS with their crew of Alvan ADMAS, Paul WESTPHAL, Truck ROBINSON, Gr HEARD, and Walter DAVIS.

And in the FINALS the SONICS were too much for the Washington BULLETS led by Wes UNSELD, BIG E Elvin HAYES, Kevin GREVEY, Greg BALLARD, and Phil CHENIER.

The BACKCOURT Play of the SONICS along with the PHYSICAL Style upfront with SIKMA, SHELTON, and SILAS provbed to be too much for the BULLETS and they had more trouble with the LAKERS, before SHOWTIME as MAGIC was the #1 in 1979, and the SUNS as their team mirrored the SONICS as both of those series went 4-3.

The only team that comes close to Comparison with these SONICS were the 1995-96 SONICS led by the GLOVE, REIGN MAN, DETLEF, the BIG SMOOTH, Nate McMILLAN, and Hersey HAWKINS. They finished atop the WESTERN CONFERENCE that season ran through the WEST only to succumb to the 72-10 Regular SEASON BULLS.

But hats off to the '78-'79 WORLD CHAMPIONS in the NORTHWEST.......your the reason why SONIC BASKETBALL might creep back into SEATTLE.......and it SHOULD.

Monday, July 25, 2011

the FAB FIVE...WHAT IF they never went to UM Ann Arbor....WHAT THEN?....Where do they all go?.....And would they have been TRENDSETTERS still?

I know they have been covered a lot and the Piece by the ESPN SERIES' 30 for 30 covered them with the facts as good as anyone. But having said all that the Bluedude digs in his library to show you want they didn't uncover. And these are Facts because the Bluedude follows everything with the intent that it will be useful to me someday.

The most ballyhooed NCAA Men's Basketball recruiting Class of All-Time arguably. They had 4 Top 20 and let's run them down before we get into the What If's.......In order as they signed Letters of Intent.

1. Juwan Howard 6'9" PF Chicago Vocational HS aka CVS Chicago Illinois: He was the 1st domino to fall on his recruiting trip to Ann Arbor with 2G Jimmy King. Juwan was rated as the 3rd best PF in the Class and a Top 5. Other Schools after JUWAN: MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, KENTUCKY, IOWA, DePAUL among others

2. Jimmy King 6'5" 2G Plano East HS Plano Texas: He signed with Juwan on their recruiting trip.....The best hands down Shooting Guard in the nation that year....on every ones list......ARIZONA, DUKE, MICHIGAN, North CAROLINA among others

Then this is where the FAB FIVE was created ..............

3. Jalen Rose 6'8" PG, 2G, SF Detroit Southwestern HS Detroit Michigan: The Best All-Around Player ion the Class could play 3 position and a Top 20 in the Class. He signed his letter of Intent but as also leaning towards the Syracuse Orangeman at the Time. Coached by Perry Watkins who joined Jalen and another Commit both persuaded to come to UM . Jalen had MICHIGAN, SYRACUSE, among others

4. Chris Webber 6'9" PF/C Detroit Country Day  School Birmingham Hills Michigan: The Consensus #1 Player in the USA that Year. Beat out Glenn "Big Dawg" Robinson from Gary Indiana Roosevelt HS and Teammate Juwan Howard of the aforementioned CVS. Jalen ,who grew up with Chris, joined Coach Watson who had been around both for years, to persuade C-Webb to join them at UM Ann Arbor. C-Webb at the time was heavily considering MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN STATE, and DUKE among others coincidentally.

5. Ray Jackson 6'6" SF Houston Texas Lyndon Baines Johnson HS: A consensus Top 60 Player in the nation that season Jackson was the last to fall and he had everyone in the Southwest after him...ARKANSAS, TEXAS, HOUSTON, MICHIGAN among others.

Now the Big Question...What If?...they chose the other schools that were vying for their services. The FAB FIVE 's Impact on College Basketball was enormous from the Over zealous celebrations, to the Long Shorts, and the Black Nike CB Air Max with the Bubble along with Black Socks. Even though I think the Bulls were the 1st in the Association with the Black Socks but anyway you get me.

Also they sent a clear message to recruits that when highly rated in a Class and a School wants you that's loaded "Don't Try To Beat Them...Join Them.

So What If Chris goes to Duke or Michigan State and Juwan stays home and plays for Illinois, Jalen burned up the home state and attends Syracuse, Jimmy King goes to Guard University in Arizona,  and Ray stays home to attend the Cougars of Houston.

What would've been then? Long Shorts...Jordan was the 1st in the NBA to have his Shorts tailored Longer. What about the Black CB34 Air Max with the Bubble? Who showcases them?...Those were Sir Charles Barkley NIKES' (CB34 Air Max in the Desert playing for the Phoenix Suns).

All these gentleman put their agenda aside to become one Powerful Outfit in the Big Ten and NCAA. Together for only 2 seasons as C-Webb entered the 1993 NBA Draft and was selected #1 by the Orlando Magic and traded to Golden State on Draft Day for Picks and the #3 Pick Anfernee Penny Hardaway (see my Penny Hardaway Post it explains the Trade).
The Fab Five never won a NCAA Championship and was runner-up twice to Duke and North Carolina. they also never won a Big Ten Title.

The FAB FIVE started a possible 304 out of 305 games in their careers at UM....and the only one not drafted in the NBA was Ray Jackson. But some look at their Legacy as a bit tarnished at UM for some NCAA Violations. We are all young one day and make some mistakes we try to correct them and move on. The Bluedude looks at their Legacy as in tactful, impactful, and unforgettable Period.

Bluedude Sportstalk coming soon My Top NFL Players by Position and Camp LaTrobe opening soon. For the March to 7 so all STEELERS Fans get their stairway to Heaven.

Big UPS to Coach Steve Fisher at SDSU Aztecs now, Coach Perry Watson coaching somewhere in the D, and to these Great Players of the FAB FIVE still making a Positive Impact in Society. This is why I Blog...Maize and Blue...One.

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SHAWN KEMP...aka MANCHILD...aka the REIGN MAN.....One of the NBA'S best in the LAST 20 years and Seattle SUPERSONIC Great

SCENE.......Market Square Arena.......Indianapolis, INDIANA...aka NAPTOWN.....aka CIRCLE CITY. 1988 High School Basketball STATE Championships. Everyone in the ARENA including Robert Montgomery KNIGHT and Gene KEADY came to see not a team....but one DUDE.....6'10" 240 pound MAN-CHILD Shawn KEMP of ELKHART INDIANA CONCORD High School.

Kemp did not disappoint already being named to the BEST MCDONALD'S All-American Boys team in History (check my post at BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK on the 1988 McDonald All-American Team) the 1988 Team and the game was real tight. Back and forth as CONCORD was being held together by KEMP and a Freshman PG Jamar JOHNSON who went on to play for Danny KNEE and the Nebraska CORN HUSKERS.

KEMP, who was ultra-athletic and gifted at his size and weight, was very undisciplined as that might have played a ROLE in him finishing 3rd in the Mr. Basketball of INDIANA Voting. The Crucial part of the game I remember like yesterday.......CONCORD down by 1 point with about 10 seconds to go KEMP steals the BALL for the GAME-WINNER....and guess what?.....He tries a 360 between the legs DUNK....and MISSED it.....there went the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and I remember the looks on every face in the building pulling for KEMP.......that was DUMB....and that's SHAWN'S Game though.

KEMP was to sign with the KENTUCKY WILDCATS and then COACH Eddie SUTTON and finally he did after he supposedly passed all of his tests. The PROBLEM was that the NCAA saw a vast improvement and nullified the TEST as KEMP was already enrolled at UK. Later investigations found that KEMP also received MONEY and a 1988 Chevy CAVALIER.

The NCAA did an investigation and all of KENTUCKY'S Recruits that year (and they had the #1 Class) KEMP, Chris MILLS of LA FAIRFAX and LeRon ELLIS of Mater Dei in Santa Ana, CA. That Class was about as talented as a CLASS could get.

They all transferred immediately as Mills went west to Lute OLSON and ARIZONA, ELLIS went to BOEHEIM and SYRACUSE, and KEMP went to Trinity Valley Junior College on TEXAS right outside of DALLAS.

KEMP never played at TRINITY VALLEY, who had another ALUM come trough there about 2-3 years later named Nick"the QUICK Van EXEL aka NICK at NIGHT. them KEMP did what most people thought he was going to do......Enter the NBA Draft in 1989 NBA DRAFT at 19.

KEMP was drafted by the Seattle SUPERSONICS and it took awhile as the X-MAN Xavier McDANIEL took KEMP under his wing to develop the Man-CHILD. In his 2nd full-season KEMP was starting to show his ability as the SONICS started to rise to the top of the WEST....ld by a Young KEMP, Gary "the GLOVE" PAYTON, Nate McMILLAN, Detlef SCHREMPF, and Sam "the BIG SMOOTH" PERKINS.

KEMP and PAYTON started to click as GARY was the SONICS 1st round pick in 1990 a year after KEMP was selected. GARY used to throw Alley HOOPS to KEMP so high that the SONICS Play-by-play announcers dubbed KEMP.......the REIGN MAN.....and that stuck to SHAWN the rest of his career.

As the 1995-1996 SONICS team, the best that KEMP and PAYTON played on finally go to the NBA FINALS. But like other GREAT PLAYERS in the LEAGUE ran up against the 1995-96 72-10 BULLS with 4 Future Hall Of FAMERS......and lost 4-2. KEMP held his own and the BULLS SIMPLY couldn't guard the REIGN MAN but held almost everyone else in check that series.

Towards the end of KEMP'S Career.....he played for the CAVS, BLAZERS, and MAGIC. DRUGS and ALCOHOL really took its toll on the backside of his career and he retired officially in 2006.

The Seattle SUPERSONICS named KEMP to the 16 member 40th Anniversary TEAM.....the players who I think should be on that team......Jack SIKMA, Dale ELLIS, Tom CHAMBERS, Gus WILLIAMS, the LATE Dennis JOHNSON, Gary PAYTON, Xavier McDANIEL, Downtown FRED BROWN, Slick WATTS, Shawn KEMP, Nate McMILLAN, Sam PERKINS, Detlef SCHREMPF, Ray ALLEN, Michael CAGE, and Ricky PIERCE.........if anyone out there thinks different send me a message on TWITTER @bluedudesports or e-mail at, and/or comment on my BLOG POST....thank you in advance for your kindness.

SHAWN T. KEMP.....Elkhart Concord HS INDIANA.......and Great Seattle of the BLUEDUDE'S FAVS....check him out on YOUTUBE.....just a sensational PLAYER who could've played NOW or in the ABA with all the THEATRICS.

BLUEDUDE never know what I am THINKING....HECK I don't even know the IDEA form talking about Detlef SCHREMPF and my CLOSET.....1996 Shawn KEMP Mitchell and NESS Away SONICS Jersey......that they put the WRONG YEAR on it.........HOLLA

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The day Former MAVS Owner Donald CARTER brought the NBA to DALLAS TEXAS they strived like everyone else to be NBA CHAMPS one day. And now some 30 plus years later the LARRY O'BRIEN Trophy rests in the Great STATE of TEXAS.

Having said that the PLAYERS that have played for DALLAS in that span have ranked up there probably in the MIDDLE of the PACK as far as TALENT. But they have had some good ones like and maybe the best PLAYER ever to don a MAVERICK JERSEY is GERMANY'S Own Dirk NOWITZKI. But hold ON.......Before the DIGGLER, aka the GERMANATOR, aka DIRTY, aka DEUTSCH MARKS.......there was Fellow Countryman Detlef SCHREMPF......WHO?......and for those who don't know.....u better ask the BLUEDUDE.

Standing at a mere 6'10" and around 230 plus EL BEES......DETLEF was a PROBLEM on almost every level that he played. He led his HS Team CENTRAL Washington to a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and only played there his SENIOR YEAR.

From 1981 -1985 DETLEF literally ran through the competition in the PAC-10 at the UNIVERSITY of WASHINGTON HUSKIES....SEATTLE. He was named his Senior YEAR at UDUB 2nd Team ALL-AMERICAN. There in UDUB he also teamed up with another Fellow GERMAN in Christian WELP who also was a 1st round Pick in 1985.

Having made his mark at those two levels........Mr. SCHREMPF entered the 1985 NBA DRAFT to get picked by the DALLAS MAVERICKS 8th Overall. In BIG D he joined a nucleus of Derek HARPER, Mark "WEST SIDE of the CHI" AGUIRRE, Rolando "RO" BLACKMON, and the "BIG SMOOTH" Sam PERKINS. DETLEF took his lumps but those MAVS TEAMS were really good getting beat by the SHOWTIME LAKERS everytime they saw them in that SPAN of 1985-89.

Then DETLEF was traded to the Indiana PACERS where he won back to back NBA 6th MAn of the YEAR Awards from 1989-1991. With the PACERS he played with Reggie MILLER aka "It's MILLER TIME", Chuck PERSON aka the RIFLEMAN , Georgia's Vern FELMING, and the 'NOLES George McCLOUD. Detlef turned himself into a protoype NBA Small Forward in INDIANA. Meaning he could take you off the BOUNCE, Post you up, Hit it from DEEP, and finish on the BREAK.

But all that was for not when he was traded in 1993 back home to the Emerging SEATTLE SUPERSONICS with a one of the BEST SONICS TEAMS to DATE under UNC Alum Coach George KARL. LOOK AT THIS WHIP:

Shawn KEMP aka the REIGN MAN
Gary PAYTON aka the GLOVE
Kendall GILL aka the ORIGINAL KG
Vincent ASKEW helped Coach KARL and MArio ELIE to the CBA ALBANY NY PATROON Championships
Ricky PIERCE aka SLOW MOTION for me....SMOOTH.....OLD MAN'S Game

The SONICS went 63-19 that year and stayed on top of the WESTERN CONFERENCE all the way to meeting the 1995-1996 BULLS....the 72-10 BULLS.....the 4 Hall Of FAMERS on the ROSTER BULLS. They put up a FIGHT led by KEMP, PAYTON, and SCHREMPF.......but to No Evail....they lost in 6.

DETLEF had his best years the CITY by the PUGET SOUND........3-Time ALL-Star for the SONICS and plenty of memories as he played HS and COLLEGE in the STATE of WASHINGTON.

GEREMANY has had some of the BEST ATHLETES in WORLD like DIRK NOWITZKI, Katarina WITT, Jurgen KLINSMANN, Boris BECKER, and Michael SCHUMACHER. And not saying DETLEF was one of the best ATHLETES ever in GERMANY...but he is their 2nd BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER behind the DIGGLER DIRK.....and they both STARTED in BIG D.


Christian WELP UW SEATTLE Teammate of DETLEF
NOTE: Both BLAB and WELP were 7' Centers

Thursday, July 21, 2011

PRIME TIME....NEION DEION.....Deion SANDERS...2011 NFL Hall Of FAMER.....Why is he going in as a COWBOY?

OK first is first.......The MAN was something SPECIAL from JUMP STREET. He did it at North FORT MYERS HS in Fort MYERS in which he lettered in FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, and BASEBALL. Was an ALL-STATE Pick in all 3...and was selected as one of 33 FOOTBALL PLAYERS in the STATE of FLORIDA'S All CENTURY HS TEAM......NOW this is just HIGH SCHOOL.

After HS he chose to take his talents to TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA and play for the LEGEND Head Coach Bobby BOWDEN. And DEION wasn't just a FOOTBALL PLAYER at FSU for the 'NOLES. He also ran track, as most of your BURNERS in the SOUTH that play football always run TRACK for SPEED Purposes, and played BASEBALL for them as well.

But OH did PRIME TIME make his name on the FOOTBALL FIELD. To this day DEION is one of the most Brashest and SHOW ME Football Players of all time. And the rest of that list......... Billy"WHITE SHOES" JOHNSON, Terrell OWENS, Lester HAYES, and Merton HANKS. Now there were a lot more of these types of PLAYERS but those are the ones that come to mind.

DEION made his name at FSU as a COVER CORNER and a Kickoff/Punt RETURNER. And at all times when TEAMS kicked to DEION the whole house stood up to say , " HOLD YOUR BREATH........hey are kicking to PRIME TIME". He was a fascinating athlete and he was the 1st player in my eyes DEEMED........SPEED KILLS......Rumors have it that PRIME ran a SUB 4.2 40 Yard Dash at his combine...and I think the only person close to that was Chris JOHNSON of the Tennessee TITANS.

AFTER winning almost every AWARD a College Football PLAYER could win except the HEISMAN......DEION chose to take his take His talents to the NFL.....and stayed SOUTH and the ATLANTA FALCONS picked him 5th Overall. The CAMERAS caught this DUDE with more GOLD on then MR.T...REALLY.......And I can remember DEION being introduced to the MEDIA in ATLANTA with a ," PRIME TIME".

He had really TOP NOTCH Years in ATLANTA and he evened ventured off into playing for the MLB Atlanta BRAVES Right Before Football Started in '89-'93 and then later the RED LEGS in CINCY. DEION is the only player to play in a SUPER BOWL and World bout them GRANNY SMITHS.

After 5 years in A T L.....NEION DEION went to the Eddie DiBARTOLO 49ERS and may have had his best Professional Season in his career. He helped the NINERS solidify the DEFENSE on their way to DEION'S 1st Super Bowl. After the SEASON you would think the NINERS and SANDERS would strike a deal but their was a Battle in the LOCKER ROOM with one Jerry RICE.

DEION then said OK you want to play that......He signs a HUGE DEAL with JERRY JONES and the COWBOYS......and the rest was history. DEION went onto Win his 2nd Super Bowl and helped the 'BOYS win their 3rd in 4 years. But after that the COWBOYS were a non-factor in getting back to the LOMBARDI as DEION played 4 more season in BIG D.

He then toiled around with the REDSKINS and RAVENS getting BIG MONEY but never really doing anything spectacular as PRIME'S Body began to breakdown. Which poses the QUESTION........WHAT TEAM SHOULD PRIME TIME represent going into the Hall of FAME?

With all things considered he won a LOMBARDI in both the BAY and BIG D......but the ORIGINAL PRIME fresh out of FSU....the BLUEDUDE aka TWITTERsmurf is rolling with PRIME representing the DIRTY BIRDS of Fulton COUNTY and now the GEORGIA DOME aka The HOUSE THAT PRIME BUILT......ask Andre BAD MOON RISON whose house it is?.....Remember their 1st PLAY from Scrimmage with DEION wearing a NINERS JERSEY and BAD MOON RISON wearing a DIRTY BIRD JERSEY......FISTS FLYING......PRIME SAYING......This is.....MYYYYYY HOUSE FOOL.

DEION Luwynn SANDERS aka PRIME TIME aka NEION DEION will go into the HALL as a COWBOY next MONTH but all FOOTBALL FANS all over the NFL will remember him as being the Original SHOWMAN especially after PAY DIRT.

Now it's all done the LEGEND is helping youth all over the Dallas/Fort WORTH METROPLEX through Himself and his biggest SPONSOR....UNDER ARMOUR....and has never forgotten where he has come from. And if you ask the LEGEND Bobby BOWDEN......he would most likely say.....DEION and RANDY MOSS were his best ATHLETES EVER at FSU......EVER.

HATS off to PRIME TIME and FAM and BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK saluted you on your way to CANTON............PRIME 21 is what they call him.

2011 MAIZE and BLUE FOOTBALL...Power I Formation....Power Toss Right....Power Toss Left....4-3 Defense...Bump and Run

Ex-University of Michigan Football Coach Rich Rodriguez aka RICH-ROD is what they called him.......had a very Successful Stint in Rebuilding the Boys from Morgantown West Virginia to National Prominence.

The MICHIGAN Athletic Department did their homework and thought Rich-ROD was their guy. It looked like the right choice their for a minute or two. Then something struck the BLUEDUDE....He isn't a MICHIGAN/Bo SCHEMBECHLER Guy.....heck he isn't even a LLOYD CARR Guy......what in MAIZE&BLUE is going on HERE.

Well a few years later and some Minor Football Violations by Rich-ROD.....the WOLVERINES have come full-circle and GOT THEIR MAN. He isn't as Ballyhooed as you would think but he BLEEDS MAIZE n BLUE and that's all that MATTERS,

MEET and GREET the New UM ANN ARBOR BALL COACH....Brady HOKE. Ok so he is not a Michigan man through and through but was an assistant coach in Ann ARBOR from 1995-2002. He played his college ball in Indiana at BALL STATE (the other famous ALUM from BALL STATE in MUNCIE INDIANA.....David LETTERMAN). HOKE held assistant coach's jobs at Grand VALLEY ST (MI), Western MICHIGAN (MI), Toledo (OH), and Oregon ST (OR) before becoming a Head Coach at SDSU for the AZTECS (San Diego STATE......2011 NFL HOF Inductee RB Marshall FAULK Alma MATER).

Coach HOKE had successful Stints at BALL STATE and SDSU....with BOWL APPEARANCES at Both Schools. Now he has his DREAM JOB and the MAIZE and BLUE are looking for a little RETRIBUTION.....If you will.

The WOLVERINES will have to do a little STOP GAP Job this season and although IT'S MICHIGAN their schedule is tough......LOOKING at the New BIG TEN and UM'S 2011 Schedule:

First 5 Games at the BIG HOUSE in Ann Arbor
Western Michigan
Eastern Michigan
@ Northwestern ROAD
Biolermakers HOMECOMING

The Schedule is favorable for them to compete for the Top of the BIG TEN they miss VAMP RANDALL and the BADGERS and PENN looks like a 7-9 Wins.....finishing up with Home games vs the CORNHUSKERS and BUCKEYES will be tough even though the WOLVERINES might have their 1st advantage in a long time vs BRUTUS and his BOYS.

The BIGGEST Part of the MICHIGAN Program that has fallen off highly due to Ohio STATE'S Dominance the past 9-10 Years has been recruiting. Now with the BUCKEYES doing Damage Control the WOLVERINES and HOKE.....not by Design have and will reap HUGE BENEFITS from the BUCKEYES Indiscretions.

As we speak the 2012 UM FOOTBALL Recruiting Class as 16 COMMITS and ranked 6th i the NATION by ESPN and #1 in the BIG 10.
In that bunch 7 from MICHIGAN, 7 from OHIO 1 from California, and 1 from ILLINOIS. UM has NINE 4-Star Recruits and SEVEN 3-Star Recruits.......lookout Big 10 and looking to add in the other 9 Scholarships some more TOP 100's.

DID Michigan get the RIGHT GUY?.....YES.........Does COACH HOKE have the MAIZE & BLUE pointing in the RIGHT DIRECTION?.....YES......And are the UM FAITHFUL...HAPPY and very Optimistic?.....Rightfully Coach HOKE and the 2011 WOLVERINES......GO BLUE!

For @7Boss1 and @MrStats11......this post is for you n all my FOLLOWERS @bluedudesports who roll with the WOLVERINES......go MAIZE&BLUEsmurfs...........

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the 2011 NFL SEASON is almost here creating a Franchise TAG and Free Agent Frenzy.....Who are the BIGGEST NAMES in BOTH?...Let's Explore

With the 2011 NFL Season just a couple of Signings away.....the Free Agent PLAYER and Franchise TAG Frenzy will ensue. TEAMS will be scrambling also to get NON-DRAFTED Players signed as well, which reportedly TEAMS have already been in discussion about.....just reporting through my sources.

What is a FRANCHISE TAG BLUEDUDE? The FRANCHISE TAG is designation a TEAM may apply to a player scheduled to become an unrestricted FREE AGENT.

Let's look at some of the TOP NAMES in the NFL that will get FRANCHISED which also means the TEAM that the PLAYER is FRANCHISED BY is a very important PIECE to that FRANCHISE moving forward and hopefully a MULTI-YEAR Deal can get done.

The TEAMS and PLAYERS that will most likely put TAGS on these PLAYERS:

The FINS Paul SOLIAI Nose Tackle important piece in the middle of that DOLPHINS DEFENSE

J-E-T-S David HARRIS MLB/Captain the most underrated Defensive Player in the NFL......BIG BUCKS coming

BMORE Haloti NGATA Defensive TACKLE why you think RAY RAY LEWIS is still running around looking 25 yrs old

Dawg POUND Phil DAWSON KICKER reportedly sold his house at the end of the SEASON in C-TOWN.....but still may be a BROWN

STEEL CURTAIN Lamarr WOODLEY OLB Maybe their best LINEBACKER STEELERS don't pay everyone.... he's a KEEPER

NAPTOWN Peyton MANNING QB What did you think.....DE and AAMU GRAD Robert MATHIS was crying about a New DEAL...HOLD UP

JAGS Marcedes LEWIS TE Whoever is throwing to LEWIS they need him BIG TIME in J-VILLE

BOLTS Vincent JACKSON WR He missed 8 games last year before reporting RIVERS needs him and the BOLTS to

EAGLES Mike VICK QB with Back-up QB Kevin KOLB almost gone right after the new labor deal.....What else?

VIKES Chad GREENWAY MLB The only bright spot in a few in VIKING LAND on D...Greenway is heat seeking missile

CHIEFS Tambi HALI DE Why do you think the CHIEFS made HAY last wasn't all Charles, CASSELL, and BOWE

Now the FREE AGENTS to be......Somewhat BIG NAMES Only....Some of these PLAYERS are above already FRANCHISED and some of these FREE AGENTS might get the TAG


2. Sidney RICE WR VIKES They drafted 'NOLES QB Christian PONDER......which means ALL DAY will get plenty of TOTES and WR?

3. Nnamdi ASOMUGHA CB X-SILVER&BLACK We know what happens when a D has a LOCK DOWN CORNER?......$$$$$$$ but where?

4. Antonio CROMARTIE J-E-T-S CB He played well opposite of REVIS ISLAND.....JETS NEED HIM....You could never have enough good corners
5. Santonio HOLMES WR J-E-T-S BIG-TIME Playmaker n still wish he was wearing BLACK n GOLD.....JETS will pay him and let WR Braylon EDWARDS WALK.....wouldn't you

6. Tyson CLABO OT Dirty BIRDS a Right TACKLE and ask Michael TURNER which side he prefers to run to.......PAY DA MAN!

7. Cullen JENKINS DE the PACK Brother of JETS KRIS.....PACK run that 3-4 these guys are important in run and pass..RAJI controls the middle

8. Dawan LANDRY BMORE S he isn't ED REED but who is.....a sure tackler and a VITAL part to that RAVENS D.....he knows REED really well and thats a TON to know in COVERAGE and/or BLITZES

9. Jason BABIN DE MUSIC CITY They waited and waited now he is what they thought he would be.....NOW the MONEY....MLB TULLOCH needs some attention to......HMMMMMM.

10. Matt LIGHT PATS They have to deal with Logan MANKINS and then LIGHT.....he could walk...and he's really underrated

Others to WATCH

PATS BenJarvus GREEN-ELLIS RB......he is his own LAW FIRM...DAMN that's a lot of NAMES
Silver&Black Michael BUSH RB
Eagles Quintin MIKELL S

These are just some of the Issues teams have to deal with when the LABOR DEAL is APPROVED....and there will be some guys missed and some MISTAKES made by TEAMS that are rushed into signing a GUY that AGENTS are saying is wanted by an x amount of teams now.

NOTE: The BIGGEST Potential Free Agent Could be BENGALS WR Chad OCHCINCO aka Esteban OCHOCINCO aka PEPE PAPARAZI OCHOCINCO.....if BUNGLES let him go.......Boston CLAM CHOWDER it will b at the BRADY'S House the 1st meeting....LOOKOUT..remember the last GUY who was picked up RANDY MOSS

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I remember when I first heard of the man they call "PENNY".....I was watching a MEMPHIS STATE Basketball Game in 1989-90 Season and DICK VITALE aka DICKIE V was telling a story between Timeouts and it went a little something like this.....VITALE says," I can't wait til NEXT YEAR FOLKS....REMEMBER this name......Anfernee PENNY HARDAWAY......right here in MEMPHIS will be a STAR....write it down......he is a FABULOUS High School player and has Big Man on CAMPUS written all over him".

He was the 1990 Parade MAGAZINE Player of the Year his senior year at Memphis TREADWELL HS in Tennessee. Look at these HS STATS.........36ppg 10 rebs 6 assts 3 steals and 2 blocks........oh and ran the concession stand at HALFTIME of Home GAMES. A ridiculous talent that is one of the best to come out of STORIED MEMPHIS High School Basketball.

I couldn't wait to see PENNY HARDAWAY and and it was almost 2 years until I finally saw him due to becoming Academically Ineligible his Freshman Year at MEMPHIS STATE. And then he was shot in the Foot on a robbery attempt that almost cut his whole career short.

Then it finally came.....the 1991-92 MEMPHIS STATE Basketball. He did not disappoint to the TUNE of BACK to BACK All-American teams in '92-'93 at MEMPHIS and in 1993 he passed up his FINAL SEASON to turn Professional.

And then came one of the CRAZIEST non-talked about Draft DAY TRADES of All-TIME. PENNY was projected TOP 3 PICKS in the 1993 DRAFT but was no way going in front of Michigan ALL-AMERICAN and FAB-FIVE STUD Chris WEBBER. So the Orlando MAGIC are on the CLOCK and everyone in O-Town to the MEDIA and throughout the NBA saying the MAGIC have to pick WEBBER.....So they did.

But hold on.......#2 is the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers.......and they have told everybody but themselves that their consensus pick will be BYU'S 7'6" TREE Shawn BRADLEY......cant' pass up height right. Now with the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS holding the #3 Spot and already have Perimeter Players everywhere including aging Chris MULLIN, young stud BILLY OWENS, who thy acquired in the '92 Draft for sending Mitch RICHMOND to the SAC-TOWN KINGS, and LATRELL SPREWELL....Does PENNY REALLY FIT THEM?......Really he doesn't because of OWENS and SPREE.

The WARRIORS select PENNY and the Crowd is like...MAN the WARRIORS are going to be NICE.....all them Young PERIMETER PLAYERS....but hold up....NBA COMMISH DAVID STERN comes back and says (those FAMOUS DRAFT DAY WORDS)," WE HAVE A TRADE".

The WARRIORS send Anfernee HARDAWAY along with 3 future 1st round PICKS to ORLANDO fir the RIGHTS to Chris WEBBER......Both STARS were BORN and PENNY with SHAQ...was suppose to be MAGIC and KAREEM.......KAREEM and the BIG O.....Hal GREER and WILT.

So at the beginning PENNY and SHAQ were doing their THING...BIG TIME......the MAGIC had the most powerful PLAYER since WILT and a PG that was off the dribble....unguardable...PENNY could get to the RIM, Shoot it from deep, and passed like MAGIC and J-KIDD....a real treat.

The 1st Season for PENNY All-ROOKIE 1st Team and Runner-Up to C-WEBB in NBA Rookie of the YEAR. The 2nd Season PENNY took off and was All-NBA 1st TEAM with SHAQ and led the MAGIC to the FINALS where DREAM and the HOUSTON ROCKETS swept them in 4.

The next season one AIR JORDAN CAME BACK for revenge having came back from Baseball the year before when the MAGIC beat them. PENNY was too tough to guard #23 and #33 couldn't check him, Tyra BANKS, or LIL PENNY.......thanks NIKE. But MIKE and the BULLS got the best of them as they went on to beat PENNY, SHAQ, and the MAGIC.

Then for some unknown Reason....SHAQ decides that the GRASS is GREENER on the OTHER Side...and leaves PENNY and the MAGIC before the 1996=97 Season.......To this day SHAQ'S Agent Leonard ARMATO had promised Jerry WEST and LA SHAQ way before SHAQ even knew he was leaving.....but I didn't say that.

Penny in his 3rd campaign made the All-Star and he and the MAGIC were knocked out by the HEAT in 5. The 1997-98 Season PENNY'S Career turned and he had Season-Ending KNEE INJURY....which later he would have to have MICRO-FRACTURE SURGERY in PHOENIX when he played there from 1999-2004.

Penny had some good years in the DESERT playing with Jason KIDD and STEPHON MARBURY then traded to the KNICKS from the 2004-06 Season and finally ended his Career in MIAMI in 2007-08 season.

PENNY will always be remembered as the GUY that if he hadn't gotten injured and SHAQ would have been really hard for the BULLS to PULL off the last 3-PEAT.

A sensational TALENT and when he was in his HEALTHY EARLY ON in his career......NO ONE WAS BETTER than ANFERNEE PENNY HARDAWAY.....I mean NO ONE.

NOTE*****Happy BIRTHDAY on the 18th of JULY to PENNY, the GREEN TEAM'S SUGAR RAY ALLEN, and the GLOVE EAST BAY'S Finest..and SUPERSONIC forever......GARY PAYTON.

Monday, July 18, 2011

RANGERS Win Streak at 11.....2010 AL MVP Hamilton even missed a MONTH and a HALF....AL WEST Might be Won in AUGUST

If you would have told the BLUEDUDE that the Texas RANGERS are to lose 2010 AL MVP Josh HAMILTOn for about 30-40 GAMES I would have told you the RANGERS might be out of the RACE Early in the AL WEST.

Fast Forward to after All -Star BREAK.....the RANGERS were HOT before the Mid SUMMERS CLASSIC.....and they are still hot as they SWEEP another Series. This time the Victim being the M'S of SEATTLE.

The RANGERS haven't had the Big Offensive Outburst that had last year on their way to the RANGERS 1st ever FALL CLASSIC but the PITCHING has been the STory.

In the 11-Game Win Streak and 99 Innings the RANGERS Pitchers have held opponents to a .194 Batting AVG. and have struck out the Opposition 86 times to only 23 walks. That my friends will keep you at the Top of any RACE in the SHOW. RANGERS Pitching Coach Mike MADDUX, the OLDER Brother of former CUBS and BRAVES ACE Greg MADDUX, has done wonders with the STAFF and only in his 3rd year with the GROUP.

Now all of sudden the RANGERS have a 4-Game lead on the HALOS who haven't been playing that bad themselves. The RANGERS, with the 4th Best Record in the BIGS at 55-41 behind the Fightin' PHILS, CARMINES, and the Bronx BOMBERS, are in a good spot because OFFENSIVELY they will start to put up bigger numbers and that doesn't bode well for the rest of the American League Specifically the AL WEST.

Rangers SKIPPER Ron WASHINGTON has his Pitching in ORDER, has the EXPERIENCE from last year's run, has a HEALTHY HAMILTON for the Stretch run, and His CLUBHOUSE seems to be in order......WATCH OUT for the RANGERS in the AL.

NOTE**** BLUEDUDE'S Rangers 2011 W-L Projection...they will stay hot 95-67....will win the AL WEST by double digits

Sunday, July 17, 2011

THE ABA...Best PLAYERS...Professional Hoop way before it's time....The Best Teams....MERGER with NBA

In the BLUEDUDE'S Opinion....write this down.....the best Professional Basketball League in the US from the Mid to late 60's through mid 70's was the AMERICAN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION.....known as the ABA.

This league would've fit right into what we call the NBA now. And it's players were BAR NONE better as a whole than the NBA Players at the time. While the NBA had it's CELTICS and LAKERS......the ABA had a High Flying, Above the Rim, Let me do this for the Crowd Game.

The ABA started in 1967 and ended in 1976 with the merger to the NBA although the NBA didn't take all the ABA TEAMS. Some of the Well-Known ABA Teams an its PLAYERS:

Carolina COUGARS- Doug MOE-Later Head Coach of the NBA 's NUGGETS
Denver NUGGETS -David THOMPSON SKYWALKER Bobby JONES -Later a NBA Philly 76er and the Secretary of Defense
Indiana PACERS-Mel DANIELS/George McGINNIS-McGinnis later joined JONES as a NBA SIXER in PHILLY
Kentucky COLONELS-Artis GILMORE/Dan ISSEL-Gilmore starred later for the NBA BULLS and ISSEL for the NBA Nuggets
Memphis PROS-Steve "SNAPPER" JONES-later Color MAN Commentator for the Portland TRAILBLAZERS in the NBA n NBC
New York NETS-Juluis DR.J ERVING-the BEST ABA Player Hands down..A NBA 76er Later..The DOC was JORDAN in the ABA
Pittsburgh PIPERS-The HAWK..Connie HAWKINS....later NBA Hall of FAMER....and with the Phoenix him late
San Antonio SPURS - George GERVIN the ICEMAN...Future NBA Hall of FAMER....Swen NATER and James SILAS also
San Diego CONQUISTADORS- Travis MACHINE GUN GRANT.......Wilt Chamberlain had a coaches ROLE ONLY w/SD
SPIRIT of St.LOUIS- Marvin MAD BARNES and Moses MALONE....who later JOINED the SIXERS and the '82 Championship
Utah STARS-Drafted Moses MALONE out of St PETERSBURG HS in Virginia...same HS of R&B Singer Trey SONGZ
Virginia SQUIRES-Loaded..Charlie SCOTT...Julius ERVING and later added George GERVIN

Just some of the NAMES that went on to even BIGGER NAMES in the NBA. and before the NBA/ABA Merger in 1976 the best ABA teams by WINNING % were:

San Antonio SPURS
Indiana PACERS
Carolina COUGARS
New York NETS

The ABA High FLYERS aka DUNKERS......these guys were better than anything they had going in the NBA at the time:

Julius DR. J ERVING Nets Squires From the Free Throw Line TAKEOFF

David SKYWALKER THOMPSON Nuggets Best VERTICAL I have ever seen....NO JOKE a straight Beast at NC STATE

Connie the HAWK HAWKINS Pipers kicked out of the UNIVERSITY of IOWA on a Supposed Assault Charge...was on JV at IOWA


George McGINNIS Pacers 6'8" and about 250 and the MAILMAN before the MAILMAN and an extremely Explosive Leaper

Artis GILMORE Colonels A gifted 7' footer out of JACKSONVILLE FLA University...later starred with the BULLS of the NBA

Dan the HORSE ISSEL Colonels Nuggets a Kentucky WILDCAT Great......known for his Teeth missing LOL

Later some of the well-known ABA commodities went on to star in the NBA with the merger in 1976. and just dazzle even bigger CROWDS then. The ABA was just simply before its time with its FLASH and DASH. From the Entertainment from the Halftime Shows and between Timeouts and Quarters to the FASHION displayed by PLAYERS and COACHES and how they marketed the ABA.

The NBA has kinda took a Marketing page out of the ABA as far as MARKETING its Great PLAYERS...then the GREAT TEAMS.....not one before the OTHER.

The most notable ABA Player of all-time was the DOCTOR Julius ERVING from the Big APPLE by way of the UNIVERSITY of MASSACHUSETTS Minuteman. The DOC was a SHOW within a SHOW from his ACROBATS and Aeriel Displays...whether it was jump-shooting or DUNKING.

Then the DOC took the Whole ABA on is shoulders and did not Disappoint once he got to PHILADELPHIA to play for the 76ers. And to this DAY my 2nd favorite team all-time is the 76-77 SIXERS Team that lost to the Late Maurice LUCAS and BIG RED Bill WALTON.

The ABA was just a fun league and a LEAGUE I always refer to when people talk about the NEW know circa 1984-now.....The ORIGINAL SHOW ME PLAYERS were in the ABA....Don't FORGET.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

PIRATES lead NL CENTRAL.....WHAT?.....the Pittsburgh PIRATES aka BUCS aka BUCCOS lead for the 1st Time in almost 20 years.

The last time the Pittsburgh PIRATES were relevant in the NATIONAL LEAGUE they were in a PARK that has since been demolished.....THREE RIVERS STADIUM. that LINE-UP in 1992 had guys like Barry BONDS, Bobby BONILLA, Andy Van SLYKE, Doug DRABEK, and Skipper Jim LEYLAND.

The LAST Time the PIRATES won it all, in 1979 World Champions as they demolish the O's in Five they had one of their three HALL of FAMERS leading them in "PAPA" Willie STARGELL. And he was joined by guys like Bruce KISON, Kent TUKULVE, Omar MORENO, Dave "the COBRA" PARKER, Bill "MAD DOG" MADLOCK, and Skipper Chuck TANNER. AND not to be forgotten....those HATS.....the PILLBOX JOINT......and you say your NOSTALGIC with it.....Have One in the COLLECTION since AMERICAN NEEDLE Remake.

Now it is some almost 20 years to the day that the Pittsburgh PIRATES call themselves a Frontrunners as they lead the NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL after a Win tonight in H-TOWN. These PIRATES look more like the '92 Edition because of their YOUTH in Key Places.

The 2011 Edition is led by a Very Good Manager who last time he managed took the Colorado ROCKIES for a RIDE, Clint HURDLE. They have 2 All-Stars in Center Fielder Andrew McCUTCHEN and Right Handed Pitcher Kevin CORREIA. They have a SOLID Bullpen led by Joel HANRAHAN with 26 Saves in in 26 Chances. McCUTCHEN leads the BUCS with 14 BOMBS and 2B Neil WALKER...WHO?...leads them with 60 Runs Knocked in.

So the Pitching Staff is doing by Committee and Offensively they are Jump-Started by the aforementioned McCUTCHEN and everyone else FOLLOWS. Their running neck n neck with the REDBIRDS of the LOU in the CENTRAL. And for the 1st time since they opened PNC in 2001...they have had 38,365....a SELLOUT at the BIG ATM on the ALLEGHANY RIVER on a couple of occassions.

The PIRATES outlook looks good as the REDBIRDS are starting to feel the risidual effects of losing RHP Adam WAINRIGHT for the Season, the BREWERS have difficulty winning on the ROAD, and the REDLEGS don't have it like last season....And I don't know what IT IS.....But you know IT when you see it.

The PIRATES LATE Hall Of FAMERS Honus WAGNER, Roberto CLEMENTE , and "PAPA" Willie STARGELL have to be smiling upstaris as they see their PIRATES Doing work. Now all they need is to BRING BACK the PILLBOX JOINTS, have SISTER SLEDGE singing "WE ARE FAMILY" on the LOUD SPEAKERS, and some PIRATES VERSIONS of the TERRIBLE TOWEL waving in the AIR........and you might have the 2011 NL CENTRAL CHAMPIONS.......PITTSBURGH PIRATES.

Friday, July 15, 2011

WHAT IF.......2011 INSTALLMENT.....What if BULLS beat the HEAT...What if HEAT gets #1 Pick instead of BULLS.....WHAT IF

The BLUEDUDE'S Latest Installment of WHAT IF Scenarios.......and there is a lot of them but I try to hit the most important ones from the last time I posted a WHAT if back in MAY or JUNE 2010.

A lot has happened since that time especially after the well-documented never duplicated DECISION by King JAMES. So let's get to the 2011 INSTALLMENT of WHAT IF:

WHAT IF the Fightin' PHILS don't pick up Pitcher CLIFF LEE would they still be the FAVORITES?

WHAT IF the BULLS sweep the HEAT 4-0 WHAT do they say about JAMES and the HEAT 3 then?

WHAT IF the BULLS faced the MAVERICKS in the NBA FINALS?....Do the BULLS WIN?

WHAT IF KOBE and the LAKESHOW don't get swept but the MAVS still beat them.......are the LAKERS still OVERHAULING the FRONT OFFICE?

WHAT IF the CLIPPERS BLAKE GRIFFIN didn't jump over that car.......does he still win the DUNK CONTEST?

WHAT IF Matt KEMP still dating his NUMBERS still up and would he be an ALL STAR?.....MAN DOWN?

WHAT IF NASH was still playing in DALLAS instead of JKIDD......Do they still get the CHIP?

WHAT IF the NBA found out a lot of their players were using PED'S......would it kill the SPORT Right AWAY?

WHAT IF Roger CLEMENS told the think he and ANDY PETTITE would be best of FRIENDS STILL?

WHAT IF THE RANGERS won the FALL CLASSIC.....would the COWBOYS be the 3rd best team in DALLAS/FORT WORTH?

WHAT IF Tiger WOODS never got caught with all those BREEZIES...would he still be golfing at a HIGH LEVEL? and would his health be in JEOPARDY?

WHAT IF Tiger and A-ROD'S DOCTOR GALEA of CANADA never got caught? think they would be still uninjured and PLAYING WELL?

WHAT IF RAVENS RB Ray RICE never fumbles at the beginning of the 2nd the CRAB CAKE BOYZ continue to smash my STEELERS?

WHAT IF there were no ESPY'S.......What would they call them?.......The BLUEDUDE'S 'bout a GOLD JOCK....NAW....then what would the LADY ATHLETES GET?

WHAT IF the GREEN TEAM never trade Kendrick PERKINS at the DEADLINE?.....DOES PERK get them back to the TOP?

WHAT IF the CARMINES aka RED SOX don't get ADRAIN GONZALEZ...does Big PAPI and YOUKILIS get the BOSOX to the TOP?

WHAT IF the KNICKS couldn't get STAT either....LAST SUMMER would've been called in the BIG APPLE.......the SUMMER when MSG Cries out......YOU FOOLS....You left me for This

WHAT IF QB Aaron RODGERS never falls to #23 to the PACK on DRAFT DAY.......who leads the PACK then?

WHAT IF Derrick ROSE Jumper NEVER IMPROVED......does he still win MVP and the BULLS win 62?

WHAT IF KID CROSBY never gets a season-ending injury in STEEL the PENS WREAK HAVOC on their conference in the PLAYOFFS?

WHAT IF Tim THOMAS wasn't in GOALIE for the they beat the CANUCKS?

WHAT IF OSU Football COACH tells the NCAA about the Tattoos and turns PRYOR and the Group over to NCAA COMPLIANCE OFFICERS....would they have talked about the CARS?

WHAT IF Oregon and LSU didn't pay that SCOUTING SERVICE ran by Will LYLES....would the NCAA be breathing down their neck?....and former LSU DB Patrick PETERSON has to be in QUESTION NOW

WHAT IF YAO and T-MAC Stayed HEALTHY...would ROCKET CITY would have won another CHIP?

WHAT IF...SHAQ stays HEALTHY for the CELTICS......Do they get past the HEAT?

WHAT IF Carl CRAWFORD of the CARMINES is HEALTHY all the BOSOX have a BIGGER lead on the BOMBERS?

WHAT IF the BREW CREW can pay PRINCE FIELDER TOO......are HE and BRAUN.....MOLITOR and YOUNT 2k11-.....?

WHAT IF the TRAILBLAZERS beat the MAVERICKS in ROUND 1....does CUBAN and the MAVS front office BLOW IT UP after yet another 1st round EXIT?

WHAT IF Mark JACKSON took Jeff VAN GUNDY with him to Golden STATE....would the WARRIORS have the BEST Coaching STAFF in the BIZ?...they would have the funniest......boy them 2 JOKERS......MIke BREEN break that up...he would be the TRAINER and the HIGHEST PAID TRAINER

WHAT IF EJ took a month off.....who would lead the NBA on TNT SHAQ, the ORIGINAL JET Kenny , or Sir CHARLES? WOW that would be like DEF COMEDY JAM......COMIN TO THE STAGE................

WHAT IF this wasn't so long.......would you have finished reading this 5 minutes ago or what?

WHAT IF the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK wasn't would have the SAME ole B*** S*** A** BLOGS to read

WHAT IF....just WHAT If.......WHAT IF the Chicago CUBS won a WORLD SERIES.............NO.......that can't be......TYPO

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ESPY'S FASHION......Who was in Attendance?.......and ESPN hits a GRAND SLAM Again

The BLUEDUDE is more of Hip-Hop/Business Attire Guy. But watching the ESPY'S RED CARPET last night.......ATHLETES sometimes take it to a level FAR BEYOND the call of duty.

Take for instance.....and you know where I am going......SF GIANTS Reliever Brian WILSON.......was that a MALE CAT SUIT......maybe some BATMAN thrown in there......but as Crazy as he may seem.....He kinda Pulled it off. The SHOES could have been better but for the most part not bad.

KNICKS Forward Amare' STOUDAMIRE w/ his BABY'S MAMA ALEXIS......CIARA is kicked to the CURB like that AMARE'....BABY MAMA said it's time to PUT MY NIKE HUARACHE TR TRAINERS Down in BEIGE.........and AMARE' looked like he was Young JEEZY or KANYE TO DA.....He was wearing a ROLLED up SLEEVE JOINT that was all black with the RHYTHM NATION GLASSES.........AMARE' u know better

Dirk NOWITZKI and his reported FIANCE' Jessica OLSSON and she a SISTER from SWEDEN.......STOCKHOLM is the CAPITAL...that SWEDEN. DIRK had the BLACK FORMAL thing going on and was up to PAR with MS. OLSSON wearing a ALL WHITE DRESS.....A perfect 10.......and NBA PLAYERS need to start looking in SWEDEN

ARIAN FOSTER the RB from the Houston TEXANS got dropped off in the 5th WARD...the GETTO BOYS dressed him......and then he took the RED EYE to LAX.......Don't know what that was he was wearing and don't want to know.

RAY ALLEN was sitting next to A JORDAN BRAND Guy that is everywhere SUGAR RAY is.......I see this dude at COURT SIDE GREEN TEAM GAMES and Big CELTIC GAMES on the ROAD......someone tell the BLUEDUDE who that is.

Why was JUSTIN BEIBER there?.......Really.....,and was getting CAMERA SHOTS....ESPN.....STOP IT....JUST STOP IT......Who cares if BEIBS is in the BUILDING.....tha BLUEDUDE doesn't

And SERENA WILLIAMS, STUNNING to say the LEAST...when seeing her walk out I went back to STANDARD out of HD to see if that's what I was really seeing. BEAUTIFUL FULL SISTER right there.....scanning the crowd...there was a whole lot of DUDES out there thinking...DAMN ...Why did I bring my BALL and CHAIN.

And the ESPN CAMERA Guy was thinking...OK....FRONTAL....NO SIDE.....NO BACK....TOO MUCH in the BACK...can't get all of it in the SHOT.......OK CAMERA 2 go to NOWITZKI'S DATE......

EAGLES WR Jason AVANT was so cool with the ESPY AWARD did you see how he was holding it walking off the STAGE......He thought he was ENTERING the SPOT in PHILLY........WHY SO SERIOUS?

VIKINGS RB Adrian PETERSON got his ATTIRE in ST PAUL MINNESOTA. It was just voted 1 of the 10 WORST DRESSED CITIES.....he looked like the BLACK DON CHERRY of HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA.....that PLAID BULL****

And of COURSE on the SERIOUS SIDE of the ESPY'S the 2 STORIES you heard from the Gentleman locked up fro some 30 years and the Wrestler from Arizona STATE.......the ESPY'S are the BEST AWARD SHOW running and ESPN is the BEST at putting any ALL SPORTS AWARD SHOW on.

DAMN 5 MICS.....the ESPY'S get......... 5........... BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK.........GONE...THANKS Chris BERMAN aka BOOM.....Oh and where was TJ? aka Tom JACKSON.......BOOM'S Sunday NFL COUNTDOWN SIDEKICK

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 ESPY WINNERS......Best BLOG...BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK...Best NBA PLAYER DROSE and the new 9.8 by ADIDAS...Best WNBA Player Lauren JACKSON etc.

Ok you know the ESPY'S are tonight in Sunny LA CALIFORNIA. The RED CARPET is fun to watch because SPORTS and FASHION go hand in hand. But I have some new Categories for the ESPY'S.....I mean really COOL.

So Without further A due let's get to it:

Best SPORTS BLOG: BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK......I would be stupid to put anything would put your BLOG #1 Right? all of the Chicago's Western SUBURBS Stand UP...for the BLUEDUDE aka TWITTER SMURF..HOLLA

Best NBA PLAYER: Derrick ROSE BULLS: Out of INGLEWOOD in the SOUTH SIDE of the CITY with BIG SHOULDERS.....Mr. 9.8 Himself.....and those new 9.8 ADIDAS Shoes are in select retailers....CHI CITY put your HANDS TOGETHER for "POOH" ROSE #thatswhatmamacallhim

Best WNBA Player: I always go with the ORIGINAL CP3 but she was injured last best thing Lauren JACKSON Seattle STORM...Best AUSSIE BALLER out there including Andrew BOGUT......AUSTRALIA aka From DOWN UNDER STAND UP

Best FIGHTER: PACMAN Manny PACQUIAO...until I see otherwise....and MONEY MAYWEATHER let's say you the BEST....until you get in the RING the BEST is DJ KHALID...n WE THA BEST.....the PHILIPPINES.....STAND-Up for your KING

Best BASEBALL PLAYER: JOSH HAMILTON RANGERS and he has come a long way....with all those DEAMONS....n now one more unfortunately.....A helluva talent.....and MANAGER Ron WASHINGTON is a Big HELP to him. All of RALEIGH NC get in those STREETS for JOSH MAN

Best NFL PLAYER: James HARRISON STEELERS....ON and OFF the FIELD......I don't Vote for QB'S too PROTECTED...until they take the RED JERSEY and FLAGS off of them .......NO QB's All of Eastern OHO Stand UP


GAME of the YEAR: NFL AFC Championship RAVENS vs STEELERS...the CRAB CAKES forgot there was another 2 Quarters.....thanks RAY RICE, JOE FLACCO, and Ozzie NEWSOME.......but we couldn't close the DEAL..all of STEEL CITY Get in those STREETS

BEST GOLFER: Hands Down TIGER WOODS.....just the fact that he was trying to catch the LATE GREAT WILT CHAMBERLAIN and fell short a Few THOUSAND.....that a MAJOR WIN #uknowbettercomingfromtheHARVARDoftheWEST

Best COACH/MANAGER Award: Bruce BOCHY....GIGANTES....out of Nowhere...the BOYZ from NEW CANDLESTICK get one....AMAZING and might get another one with that PITCHING #BUBBKLEGUMskipnotabaccoplease

Best COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Killah Cam NEWTON....Took AUBURN from the UNKNOWN straight out of BLINN TX JC......Now those MONSTERS in the NFL r waiting on you.....n the LOCKOUT didn't help DAWG...all of ATL and LUDACRIS...STAND UP...when the BLUEDUDE MOVES....YOU MOVE

Best MALE College BASKETBALL PLAYER: Has to be KEMBA WALKER of UCONN....the only reason he will get it over JIMMER FREDETTE.....ESPN loves the HUSKIES....SORRY...they are practically NEIGHBORS ask GENO AURIEMMA about ESPN TOURS or Maya MOORE they will tell you all about it........#OOOOOOOrockytoptennessee all of the BX and MANHATTAN RICE...STAND UP

There you have it a SCALED DOWN Version of MY ESPY can follow me on TWITTER @bluedudesports or email me at a BLOGGER or a TWEEP ain't NO JOKE......#thebluedudeneedsaLIFEnREALJOB

The PRINCE FIELDER Story between he and DAD CECIL......the Senior Circuit beats the Junior Circuit for 2 in a row...FIELDER MVP

The National League again will hold home field Advantage in the 2011 FALL CLASSIC. The game was at a Standstill until Brewrs 1B Prince FIELDER came up with 2 men on and just got it over the FENCE in LEFT CENTER for a 3-run shot to give the NL a 3-1 lead at the time.

The NL then tacked on 2 more runs later in the game for a final score of 5-1. The PITCHING of the NL was the deciding difference as the AL couldn't get anything cooking the whole game. The NL went with the PHILS 1-2 Punch of Doc HALLADAY and Cliff LEE through the 1st couple of INNINGS.

Then came with The NATS' Tyler CLIPPARD, the BOYS IN BLUE'S CClayton KERSHAW, and the BRAVES Jair JURRJENS to just dominate the AL and keep that whole Roster off- balance for the majority of the game.

The AL Staff was cruising along until the RANGERS C.J. WILSON was touched up by FIELDER for that 3-run blast that came in the bottom half of the 4th after the AL scored in the Top Half.

The National LEague once again holds bragging rights at least through the FALL CLASSIC and all the way to the 2012 Season.

PRINCE FIELDER was awarded the 2011 Ted WILLIAMS Award and the MVP of the 2011 MLB All-Star GAme.FIELDER has been a bright spot for the BREW CREW since he came up a few years back and the Big QUESTION is are they going to be able to keep him in BEER TOWN. The BREW CREW are already on the BOOKS for paying OF Ryan BRAUN Big MONEY until 2020.....Guess we will have to wait and see.

Speaking of the PRINCE a few years back there was an article in Sports Illustrated that talked about the STRAINED relationship of Prince and his father and Former TIGER All-Star CECIL FIELDER.

The Relationship became strained when the Financial WOES of the FIELDER'S became public and CECIL was accused of having a HUGE GAMBLING Problem. Almost to the point where a lot of times he would lie to PRINCE and his MOTHER about where he had been for weeks at a time.

CECIL of course blamed the money issues on his wife elaborant spending. But one day in 2004 the Knock at the door of their Huge House in Melbourne FLORIDA (which still stands today as my older brother lives in MELBOURNE and the house is behind PUBLIX Food Store in Melbourne) and it was the BANK telling MOM and Little PRINCE that they are to get out of the HOUSE due to NON-PAYMENTS on the MORTGAGE........So in a few days they left and CECIL never let them know that the HOUSE was in FORECLOSURE and that he had stopped making payments on it.

So the Interview with Prince as he was in the MINORS he told a Detroit PAPER ," As FAR as He (PRINCE) is concerned...HIS FATHER IS DEAD".

And to this DAY from what I have been hearing is that CECIL tells everyone that He and PRINCE have a Good Relationship but if you ask PRINCE...........And nothing HAPPENING.

CONGRATS to mr. PRINCE FIELDER and are one of the best in MLB.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The BRONX ZOO knows him....MLB Players know him....After the 2011 HR DERBY.....BASEBALL WORLD Meet and Greet BOMBERS 2B Robinson CANO

The Most Exciting thing at MLB ALL-STAR Week is the Actual GAME itself and Home Run DERBY. The 2011 Edition was no different and the Final Round pitted Two RIVALS vs one another in BOSOX 1B Adrian GONZALEZ aka GONZO and Bronx BOMBERS 2B Robinson CANO' aka NO NO.

With everything on the line the BOMBERS and CANO' pulled it off with an exciting 12 HR final Round which is a HR DERBY Record. GONZO finished with one less at 11 and the YANKS beat the BOSOX yet again.

The coolest thing and a First in HR DERBY History was the Pitcher for CANO'....His FATHER Jose' CANO' who was a Houston ASTROS Player in the 80's. But to have your FATHER pitching and you win the DERBY all in One...the CANO'S couldn't have asked for a better NIGHT.

The YANKEES and their opponenets know him all too well but he is without FANFARE because of the YANKEES loaded ROSTER of players like #2, #13, #42, #52, and #20. So from a FAN STANDPOINT CANO' definately flies under the RADAR except from BOMBERS Opponents.

YANKS Manager Joe GIRARDI has moved CANO' all the way up to the 5Hole and sandwiched in between A-ROD in the 4-hole and Swisher in the 6-hole. But after it is all said in done I could see CANO' Moving all the way up to the 3-Hole.........he is a natural Run-Producer with almost as sweet a swing as the KID.....GRIFFEY JR.........ALMOST.

This Season CANO' is only hitting .296.....which is down by his standards ad 15 Leaving the PREMISES and 57 Knocked in. Last Season ROBBIE hit .319 with a Career Best 29 Hrs and 109 RBI .381 OB% and .534 Slugging the YANKS and their Opponents know exactly what kind of DAMAGE he is capable of.

And just think he was a throw-in with the A-ROD Trade from the RANGERS to BOMBERS........a Piece to TRADE in the Carlos BELTRAN Deal(that never happened), the RANDY JOHNSON DEAL and he didn't go there because the D-BACKS rejected him.

NOW you look at #22 in PINSTRIPES and he is arguably the CORNERSTONE of the YANKS at only 28 years old and JETER and A-ROD not getting any younger the BRONX ZO will be turned over to the likes of Big TEX (TEXERIA), Granderson, and CANO' well as a few other TOP Yankees Veterans and Farmhands.

It is safe to say that #22 will also be looking for his BIG PAY DAY from the PINSTRIPES and Boy has he earned it. The YANKS love their OWN and he will most certaintly be taken care of.


2x Silver Slugger Award 2006/2010
3x All Star 2006 2010 2011
2011 HR DERBY Winner
2010 GOLD GLOVE Winner
2010 World Series Champion

Monday, July 11, 2011

MIDSUMMER'S Classic Leaders......Fightin PHILS Best Record..... JAYS Bautista HR Leader...YANKS Sabathia 13 Wins..and more

The SUMMMER is flying by and this is my BAROMETER to tell me to start getting my SONS School Stuff in order. The Major League Baseball MIDSUMMER'S Classic from the Desert in PHOENIX ARIZONA.

The MLB Leaders in most categories the Top 3 at All-STAR Break:

1. PHILS 57-34
2. CARMINES 55-35
3. BOMBERS 53-35


Pitching Leaders in WINS
3.CORRIEA BUCS 11 4 Tied w/11 Wins

Pitching Leaders ERA

Pitching Leaders STRIKEOUTS




AL CY YOUNG WINNER Justin VERLANDER TIGERS TOP 3 in all Triple Crown Stats



ALL-STAR BREAK World SERIES.................CARMINES vs Fightin' PHILS


Games BACK
1. Bronx BOMBERS -
2. RAYS 5
3. HALOS 5
4. TRIBE 6.5
5. JAYS 10

Games BACK
5. BUCS 6
6. AMAZINS' 7.5

There should be races all over and in all categories........The BLUEDUDE'S Pick to win it all......the Fightin' PHILS...until I see know in the Late Fall it is Pitching and Defense

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The GREEN ROOM.....Draft Day...What will Happen?.....I don't want to go to that team......I can't go 2nd Round....What Suit Will I wear?

We have all seen the madness that goes on Draft Day. The one thing the Athletes try not to do as this is their BIG Embarrass themselves...or Others. Some Players invited have been told they will be Drafted 1st Round......then the Phone doesn't ring. Some have went HOLLYWOOD with the Attire they have on. And SUREFIRE High PICKS might even come with certain Demands......Like If that TEAM picks me....I will not Report or want a TRADE.

DRAFT DAY SCENARIOS 400............DAMN I shouldn't have Wore That......or.....They passed me up NOW WHAT. Check out these Draft Installments as the BLUEDUDE is not singling out any one ATHLETE...But you DID it, SAID IT, or Wore It:

KARL MALONE LA TECH aka the MAILMAN: A Hall of FAMER to be but hold on......the SUIT he was wearing was suppose to be XXX-L not a SMEDIUM.

Charles BARKLEY AUBURN aka SIR CHARLES: You laugh at the MAILMAN all the time but wasn't your tie a little SHORT...and a MAROON SUIT.

JALEN ROSE MICHIGAN : The only one ever to wear a PINSTRIPED RED SUIT....and actually pulled it off......DETROIT STYLE....DIDN'T see the SCOOBY DOOS....TRACEY ADAMS or my DETROIT GATORS.....NOTORIOUS B.I.G.

Nick YOUNG USC: WHO put it together is the Big QUESTION.....The top HALF WHITE COACT and a COOL TIE..Bottom....BLACK PANTS......Looked like a Security Guard at the Entrance of the SEARS TOWER not the WILLIS TOWER.......DUMB*** NAME

Dwight Howard SW ATLANTA Christian Academy: Same look as YOUNG Blue PINSTRIPED SUIT COAT....BLACK PANTS.....HUH?

Samaki WALKER LOUISVILLE: The HAT and the SUIT......He left CHURCH in the 'VILLE and came straight to the GREEN ROOM


JoahKIM NOAH FLORIDA:......A MESS......including the HAIR

How BOUT I Don't want to Go to that TEAM.........

STEVE FRANCIS MARYLAND: The Vancouver GRIZZLIES SELECT with the 2nd Pick in 1999 NBA DRAFT.....I am not going....they better not call my name GRANDMA...Steve FRANCIS......Guard.....for the UNIVERSITY of MARYLAND......CAMERAS to FRANCIS.....Crying not because he was drafted but to who he was drafted by.....Hug her EAR...MAMA not going.....GRANDMA'S Ear.....MAN GRANDMA...disappointed......AGENT'S EAR...get me the HELL out of VANCOUVER

Eli MANNING OLE MISS: Reporters saying it, Draft Day Coverage saying it, Father ARCHIE Saying, DID ELI ever say it.......How does a College Guy entering the NFL DRAFT have Demands having not even put on a UNIFORM......SCENARIO....Manning doesn't want to go to the CHARGERS aka BOLTS.....The CHARGERS then to his demand make a TRADE drafting him #1 and immediately trading HIM to the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS...WOW.....u think McNABB, YOUNG, or even CAM NEWTON could've pulled that off.....Yeah RIGHT

Rashard LEWIS Houston ALIEF ELSIK: Was in the GREEN ROOM with the TOP 15 Prospects in the DRAFT as TABLES EMPTIED one by One.......LEWIS' NAME was never called.....he was hoping to be drafted by his Hometown ROCKETS...THEY PASSED as with the 3rd Pick in the 2nd Round the SEATTLE SUPERSONICS made the PICK as LEWIS now was on a Non-Guaranteed Contract and he was CRYING LIKE A BABY.......OK first thing is first....Why did he enter the DRAFT?......and two.. it's your own DAMN FAULT you were a 2nd Round PICK...QUIT CRYING FOOL....GO to COLLEGE ...and he is till the same player he was back then except a SOFTER than the other side of the PILLOW

Brady QUINN DUBLIN (OH) HS: The 2nd Best QB on the BOARD in this DRAFT sitting in the GREEN room.....all the TEAMS that said they might take him......PASS....and rightfully so.....It gets so bad for him...that his table decides to go back to the HOTEL and SAVE the EMBARRASSMENT......Heck no one else just left....STAY THERE QUINN...REALTY SETTING IN HUH?....I knew u Weren't that what you played at Notre DAME and your sister was dating and now married to AJ HAWK of the GB PACKERS by way of the BUCKEYES of OSU.
Finally his name was called and he reappeared as they wait for him to come back from the HOTEL and the BROWNS have traded for him...a LOCAL KID...they needed ASSES in the SEATS at the TIME.....since then Traded to BRONCOS......and now seen tailgating at BUCKEYE Football GAMES

LOOK SPORTS their own FAULTS....WHAT THEY WEAR......WHAT THEY SAY.......WHY THEY ARE LEFT IN THE GREEN ROOM......Could've been better dressed.....worked out harder on your craft......or got a better AGENT.....WHO KNOWS.....but the BLUEDUDE KNOWS THIS..........THERE WILL BE can GREEN ROOM IT.

OH?....almost forgot......KING JAMES and that PINK/WHITE MIX.........Didn't FRANK LUCAS tell one of his brothers the one that's the LOUDEST ONE in the SPOT HAS SEE ME ON IT.......NEVER that MUCH PINK PLAYA

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yao vs SHAQ no YAO calls it QUITS with the Houston ROCKETS....but his impact on the NBA GLOBALLY will be everlasting.

It seem like yesterday when the MEDIA and everyone else involved built up the Shaq DIESEL vs a young 7'6" CHINESE Product named Yao MING.

But after numerous injuries in the last couple of years and FOOT INJURY that his BIG BODY just couldn't recover from......MING Called it quits today. The one problem is he couldn't even call the ROCKETS and tell them because of the LOCKOUT.

Even if you ask YAO about his LEGACY he would probably tell you the most important thing was trying to get to that elusive Larry O'Brien Trophy. But Yao's Legacy will be ever felt around the NBA and his fellow COUNTRY of CHINA.

From a BASKETBALL Standpoint.......YAO was HUGE in HOUSTON when he teamed up with an exciting backcourt of Steve "STEVIE FRANCHISE" FRANCIS and Cuttino "CAT" MOBLEY. Unfortunatley Houston's OFFENSE was based around those 2 guards in Rudy TOMJANOVICH'S Offense and YAO was the MAN clogging the MIDDLE.

Enter his 2nd Season YAO was in a New Offense with a new HEAD COACH.....Former KNICKS Head Man Jeff Van GUNDY. Van GUNDY centered the Offense around YAO and that YAO'S Numbers dramatically improve to where he was voted to his 1st All-Star Appearance.

His 3rd year the ROCKETS made the Blockbuster trade and sent FRANCIS ands MOBLEY to the O MAGIC for Tracy "T-MAC" McGRADY in a Blockbuster Deal that was suppose to put the ROCKETS at the TOp out WEST.

Unfortunately again neither one of these STARS could sty healthy enough to really ever takeoff like once thought of. Tracy's Knee Problems and YAO had numerous little ailments but at his frame became Bigger ailments.

With those issues YAO only played in 2 Full Seasons....and those were his first 2. Injuries caught up to YAO through most of 2005-2011 as he was never really able to be that dominant force he once was.

Looking at YAO'S STATS....Yao best PPG were the 2006-07 Campaign where he averaged 25ppg in only 48 games. His best Rebound per games Season was 2007-08 where YAO Averaged 10.8 rebs/g.

YAO'S Achievements are through the Roof and this is where he made a HUGE IMPACT in the FAR EAST and on the NBA:

8-Time NBA All-Star
5-Time All-NBA 2-2nd Teams 3-3rd Teams
2003 All-NBA Rookie Team

The NBA will and should give a HUGE Thanks to what YAO brought to the ROCKETS but a a whole the entire Country of CHINA was watching their guy Perform on the NBA Stage for all those YEARS YAO was a ROCKET. The ROCKETS should and probably will retire that #11 as he captivated a WORLD Audience like no other......except JORDAN.....Real Talk.

As for what YAO will do after this.......IT'S up in the AIR...but what ever the BIG Fella will do he has MILLIONS of People pulling for him.

NOTE: Ironically YAO and SHAQ retire in the SAME YEAR......who would have imagined that as YAO turns just 31 in September.

Friday, July 8, 2011

RUN TMC....Tim, Mitch, and Chris.....had EAST BAY doing big things in the LATE 80's and early 90's

Not since Coach Al ATTLES, Rick BARRY, and Nate THURMOND has the EAST BAY seen an explosion with their Hometown WARRIORS when Don NELSON put his Run and Gun STYLE together with these 3 Players.

Tim HARDAWAY, a Chicago Carver HS Grad by way of University of Texas-EL PASO, Mitch RICHMOND, a Ft. Lauderdale DILLARD HS Grad by way of Moberly Junior College in Missouri and Kansas STATE, and Brooklyn New York Native and Catholic Xaverian HS of Brooklyn by way of the JOHNNIES of St. JOHN'S university.

Nellie put this unheralded TRIO of PLAYERS together and it was pure FLASH and DASH to their new nickname....RUN TMC.....standing for the players First Names.....Tim, Mitch, and Chris.

The TRIO was jut spectacular together as you had the Killer Crossover Dribble by Tim HARDAWAY called the "UTEP 2-Step, the All-Around Off-Guard Game with MITCH who could Post you, shoot it from deep, and get to the RIM on nearly anyone, an the Smooth Stand-still Shooting of the KID from GOTHAM CITY by way of BROOKLYN.....MULLIN.

Chris Mullin was the more decorated STAR in College by becoming a Fixture on All-Big EAST TEAMS and All-American Squads at St. JOHN'S under the Sweater-Wearing Lou Carnasecca as well as a Gold Medal Olympian in 1984.
Note***Mullin teamed up in High School with former ROCKETS and Spurs Great Mario ELIE at Power Memorial for a YEAR

Mitch Richmond took another route.....the Junior College Route and became an All-American at Moberly Area CC in Missouri and a All-Conference Performer at Kansas STATE.

Note: Mitch was best friends with NFL Hall OF Famer Micheal IRVIN at Ft Lauderdale Dillard HS

Tim HARDAWAY was a beast of a player ion the Chicago Public League then made a name for himself down at UTEP under legendary Coach...the LATE GREAT Donald Lee HASKINS aka the BEAR. Hardaway was a One-Man fast break at UTEP with that UTEP 2-STEP Crossover and played with the likes of Greg FOSTER, a transfer from UCLA and Antonio DAVIS who played HS BALL in the EAST BAY.

The BEAR who lead the then TEXAS WESTERN (Now UTEP) All Black Team to the 1966 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP over Adolph RUPP and All WHITE Kentucky Wildcats......HEAT President PAT RILEY and ESPN Announcer Larry CONLEY were on that UK Team.

These 3 players also played with Rod HIGGINS, who has now tied at the HIP with Mike JORDAN and President of the Charlotte BOBCATS, and Sarunas MARCIULIONIS the LITHUANIAN Guard who was a RUNAWAY TRAIN on getting to the RIM. He and Arvydas SABONIS teamed up on the Russian National TEAM to take the GOLD Medal in SEOUL KOREA.

NOTE******The US NATIONAL TEAM was still using TOP Collegians at the TIME and that loss Spurred the US NATIONAL TEAM to take a real hard look at using our PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS in the OLYMPICS.

A remarkable Run RUN TMC had in the Late 80's and Early 90's was all for not when Don NELSON and the WARRIORS decided to go in a different direction by trading RICHMOND in his prime to SACRAMENTO for the the rights to SYRACUSE Hot Shot F Billy "the KID" you know the rest of the story.

Richmond was a SCOUT for the WARRIORS under MULLIN as CHRIS was President and GM for the WARRIORS for some years and now is an ESPN ANALYSTS.

Tim HARDAWAY was working for the Miami HEAT for a WHILE and his younger son Tim HARDAWAY JR now is going into his SOPHOMORE SEASON at UM ann Arbor....and can GET IT...REAL TALK.


CHECK Out a SALUTE to RUN TMC by way of T-SHIRT at one of the BLUEDUDE'S Favorite look for the Tim & MITCH & CHRIS & ROD & SARUNAS Tee in light-blue and navy-blue......BLAZIN'