Monday, June 27, 2016

Team U.S.A. Men's Basketball Roster 2K16 of a Dozen...#GoldOrBust!..."LOGO WATCH" + "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" = Mr. Bigs dba Jerry Colangelo and Coach K puts the 12-Man Roster together for Gold or Bust for the 2K16 Summer Games in Rio! @USABasketball #TeamHoops #LogoWatch #SqueezeTheOrange #SummerOlympics2016 #RioGames2016

 Well without further a due the Team U.S.A. Senior Team was put together quicker than a $3 car wash and there are a few players worth noting that said no! Before that let's get to the "Dirty Dozen" dba U.S.A. Basketball Senior Men's Team that will be going for #GoldOrBust in Rio starting in August:

Senior Men's National Team

Point God Kyrie Irving #AllIn
Point God Kyle Lowry #WeTheNorth
Sniper Jimmy Butler #WestSideStoryReport
Sniper DeMar DeRozan #WeTheNorth
Sniper Klay Thompson #StrentghInNumbers

Custodian 'Melo Anthony #KnicksVHS
Custodian Harrison Barnes #StrengthInNumbers
Custodian K.D. #RegulatorsReportOKC
Custodian PG-13 #GoldSwagger
Custodian Draymond Green #StrentghInNumbers

Protectors Boogie Man Cousins #ForeverPurple
Protectors DeAndre the Giant #ClipsNation

360 Degrees

Talking Point Guards and Snipers Team U.S.A. looks to be really dynamic with Kyrie and Kyle running the show as opposites attract! Butler, DeRozan and Thompson brings both "D", shooting and off the bounce game. 

The Small Forwards dba "Custodians" has the "Bully" of MSG going for his 3rd Gold and that would be a Senior Men's National Team Record. K.D. and PG-13 brings star power with "Dubs" bringing the Blue-Collar workman-like approach with both Harrison and Draymond.   

The "Men in the Middle" as we go Offensive low-post presence with the Boogie Man and a 24-7-365 Block Party talking DeAndre. Remember in international hoops you can take the FIBA Orange right off the cylinder.  

Blue denotes Carmelo Anthony going for Gold #3 unprecedented 
Notable Players left off either by not wanting to play or Team USA's Decision:

King James #AllIn 
Dame Lillard #RipCity
the Brow #StateBirdOfLouisianaHoops
Mr. Drummond #MotorCityPistons
Mad Man dba Russell Westbrook #RegulatorsReportOKC
Human Torch dba Chef Curry #StrengthInNumbers
James Harden #RedNation
Kawhi Leonard #SpursFamilia 
L-Train dba LaMarcus Aldridge #SpursFamilia 
Wade County #HeatNation

Red denotes all 3 players told Team U.S.A. no deal... 

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