Thursday, June 2, 2016

CAVALIERS vs WARRIORS as the "Fight 4 Larry" + "Logo Watch" w/Playbook goes "Believeland" vs "Dubs" Part 2!...Can King James and the @CavsDan Gang bring Confetti and a Parade Route to C-Land for the Love of Jim Brown and Lou the "Toe" Groza!...Can Chef Curry and Klay-metheus dba "Los Splash Hermanos" and #StrengthInNumbers send the Town into a frenzy going Back 2 Back behind nothing but Money Balls? #CavsvsDubs #Believeland #WarriorsGround #NBAFinals #Fight4Larry #LogoWatch

Here we go as many predicted this same match up from last seasons final. The Cleveland Cavaliers playing the 82-game trek hosting Eastern Conference Business under the "Q" Invite gets back to the "Fight 4 Larry" with King James arriving for his 6th consecutive finals appearance.

The Golden State Warriors come off of what many called a "Close Call" but others called it a wake-up call" as they sneak by the Regulators Report O.K.C. dba #ThunderUp coming back from the Logo Dead at 1-3 to win series 4-3 in miraculous fashion.

Now moving forward throw out the two 2K15-16 games as the Warriors won on Christmas Day and then put King James and the Cavs into frigid Lake Erie on the second time around. Both teams are playing at a high-level and this is it as we will crown a Champion after this series...

(12-2, East Champions)
(12-5, West Champions)

2K16 NBA Finals dba "Fight 4 Larry" inside "Logo Watch"
Series Format 2-2-1-1-1

Game 1 Tonight @ 9pm ET NBA on ABC 
Planet Oracle near the Black Hole

"Stars" on the Red Carpet


King James
Lake Oswego Monster


Chef Curry

"Extras" trying to get a Lead Role


"Get Shots" J.R.
Grandpa Frye
21 Shump Street 
Tristan T.


"Iggy" from Planet Oracle
Harrison from Ames
Brazilian Blur


Top 6 Items for both:

Money Balls
Transition Offense vs Transition Defense
Winning the end of quarters...
Small Ball vs Cavs Ball...
Don't settle for 23'9" as the Free Throw Line is and can be your best friend...
Lue vs Lue and his Clipboard ready 4 battle as Kerr and Company are a well-oiled machine?  

Cavs to win series:

King James must be a little more aggressive getting his buckets. Yes he also needs to be a facilitator but he needs to be really selfish at times. The "Lake Oswego Monster" Kevin Love must show up and Kyrie needs those NJ Turnpike Handles to be devastating towards "Dubs" and he needs to stay in Attack Mode and nothing else. 

J.R. Smith, Channing Frye and Matt Dellevedova must be "Big" throughout the series and if they can all make an impact throughout lookout then Cavs will need Cavs Dancers and 2% in the Victory Circle! 

Warriors to win series: 

Can anyone stop Chef Curry and Klay-metheus as they might be from "Area 51" or their respective Jumpers might be? "Dubs" knows they will be up for the challenge but who plays 3rd wheel? Draymond has to get back to being Draymond and leave the Bill Laimbeer Tactics back in Saginaw, Michigan! 

The Warriors Bench woke up late in the O.K.C. Series and who will lead the charge in this series. Harrison Barnes is a real treat as is Mo-Buckets win the big fella is going. Can the Warriors Bench outplay the Cavs Extras as this series might be Epic1       

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