Monday, June 20, 2016

King James, Kyrie and CAVS win it all!...Bluedude Sportstalk Front Line June 19, 2K16 as @CavsDan and the CAVALIERS hit the Phone Booth and out comes "Believeland" on Planet Oracle and defeats the nearly impossible odds versus #StrengthInNumbers dba #Dubs in a winner take all Game 7! #CLEvsGSW #CavsvsWarriors #CavsNation #DubPeatNo #NBAFinals #theLandGetsAChip

Where do you start with these headlines as the Cleveland Cavaliers down 3-1 in the NBA Finals and facing elimination in games 5-7 defeats the impossible beating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 on Planet Oracle for a Chip and a parade route for the Land!

Yes King James dba "Just a Kid from Ohio" grabs Chip #3 but this one was for his childhood dreams and the Stage of Ohio as well as the Land and Akron, Ohio.  He also grabbed the "Fight 4 Bill" dba Bill Russell Trophy as the M.O.P. In the 2K16 NBA Finals. His partner in crime Kyrie Irving made his name even bigger in this series as I thought he would share the Trophy with the King as no there can only be one King...right!

It was Kyrie's Triple with with the game tied at 89-89 with 53 seconds remaining that beat "Dubs" as the Splash Brothers for once went silent for the most part when the lights were brightest. James went triple-double with 27 points and eleven boards with eleven helpers as he almost went 'Melo Anthony (ISO Offense in the waning moments of this one) to lose a chance at the chip.

Irving was butter as he went for a cool 26 points showing why he is the best non-dunking finisher in the Logo repeatedly getting by folks with his 5pm ET rush hour NJ Turnpike Handle that is "Fresh 2 Death".

Look if it wasn't for @Money23Green dba "Just a Kid from Saginaw, MI" (32 points 15 rebs 9 asst including 6 for from deep) that Warriors would have gotten drilled in a winner take all game 7. Curry and Klay Thompson went a combined 6 for 24 from deep and had 31 points between them. "Dubs" was +27 in points from the stripe as it came down to getting to the rim and making the right play to put your team in position to grab a Parade Route!
Now the city of Cleveland rejoices as an NBA Championship Winning City and for Northeast Ohio and that Cleveland Fan Base the Bluedude salutes you wearing my Scottie Pippen 1998 NBA Finals Motel Red Jersey...Lol!

Congrats #AllIn and #CavsNation coming back from the "Logo" Dead at 3-1 in the series...  

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