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"WHAT IF" Sports Scenarios for JUNE 2K16 as the Infamous and Award-Winning "WHAT IF" Happenings covering the World of Sports! #NBAPlayoffs #NBAFinals #MLB #NFLDraft #NHLFinals #NBADraft #NCAAF #NCAABB #HSBB #Boxing and more!

It's back for the month of June 2k16 as we go the infamous and award-winning "What If" Sports Scenarios that have transpired in the last few months. Let's get after it...

"What If
Sports Scenarios  
June 2K16

"What If"...the Seventy Sixers and Lakers didn't get the #1 overall pick in the 2K16 NBA Draft and the Minnesota Timberwolves did...who would the 'Wolves dba TeamThibs grab at #1 Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram or even package the pick up for a Superstar Vet?

"What If"...The Chicago Cubs dba #MaddonBall at 39-16 as we go to press meets all expectations and grabs the NL Pennant and Fall Classic will Chi-City call the Local Five-O or grab them the National Guard with Tanks and Ghetto Birds (Helicopters) to slow down a raucous and uncontrollable Wrigleyville and #CubsNation?

"What If"...The Pittsburgh Steelers had both CBs in Houston Cougars William Jackson III and their Pick Artie Burns from Miami Fla at #24 as well as #14 Raider Pick Safety Karl Joseph (Highlights below) from Morgantown U...would they still have chosen Burns? I am thinking Burns is still the pick...

"What If"...the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins were in the 2K16 Stanley Cup Finals would the NHL get the biggest TV Ratings with these two teams more than any other two teams?

"What If"...Team CP3 of the Nile EYBL Circuit (Currently 14-2 and #1 in the standings) wins the Peach Jam and the EYBL Champs for 2K16...with no Top 30 Recruit...would it be a huge shock or that's the way the AAU Circuit plays out at times?

"What If"...If Team USA Men's Basketball Core is Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Anthony Davis (Injured and not playing in 2K16 Olympic Summer Games)...would you agree there are 7 slots left to fill and heavily undecided?

"What If"...I said Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh is burning both ends of the candle as he is borderline a joke at this current moment in time...would you agree or disagree?

"What If"...I told you Canelo Alvarez and Triple G dba Gennady Golovkin would be the best fight in over 10 years if it happens...would you strongly agree or 50/50 or tell the Bluedude quit hitting the Medicine Cabinet?  

"What If"...I told you the best NFL RB in the South resides at LSU playing for the #GeauxTigers dba #TeamMadHatter in Leonard Fournette (Highlights below)...would you strongly agree or that's a huge leap Bluedude from lining up against the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and Atlanta way is Leonard the best RB?  

"What If"...I told you the L.A. Sparks and Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA (both at 7-0) are on a WNBA West Finals collision course and the winner of that series will be crowned WNBA Champs as the East can't compete is that True or False?

"What If"...The Chicago Bulls want to move a piece of that current roster and that piece is PG D-Rose...will they have serious suitors if they package that off with the #14 pick in the 2K16 NBA Draft?

"What If"...I said MLB misses #2 from the Bronx Zoo in Derek Jeter would you agree or say the Yanks Faithful misses him even more?

"What If"...Does anyone get how Jay-Z and "Ball and Chain" Beyonce Knowles markets their music as "Lemonade" didn't spark enough interest and intrigue as he Concert Tour followed suit as that is called Strategic Marketing and's that simple!.."B" didn't mes up the Bluedude's Fav Lemonade and that would Cheesecake Factory Strawberry Lemonade....5-Star!

"What If'...I said Ocean Spray Cran-Grape Sparkling Drink was a must-have...would you go grab some ASAP...or wonder why this scenario is even in the mix?

"What If"...I said the best NFL Player as we go to press on the Planet is Steelers WR Antonio Brown dba "Business is Boomin'"...would you give him majority of the votes?

"What If"...I said the Air Jordan 12 "Black Nylon" which debuts in the Fall 2K16 is the best looking Jordan 12 or Top 5 Jordan 12 of all-time...would you agree or disagree? (It looks like a nasty piece)

"What If"...the 2k16 Kansas City Royals wins the AL Central again and grabs the AL Pennant could they beat anyone team from the Senior Circuit which might include the Cubbies and Gigantes for starters?

"What If"...#TeamTeal dba San Jose Sharks led by Captain Joe Thornton looking like "Grizzly Adams" come from down 0-2 and beat #TeamHappyFeet dba "Pens" of 'Burgh Ice Hockey Fame?

"What If"...I told you new Miami Hurricanes Lead Man Mark Richt will have the 'Canes back in two seasons in the Top 10...would you agree or disagree or ACC Football is not your thing?

"What If"...I said Dallas, TX HS BB Star in PG Trevon Duval (Highlights below) might be the best HS BB Player in the Class of 2K17...would you agree or disagree?  

"What If"...I said the Cleveland Cavaliers will get beat 4-1 in their series with "Dubs" would you agree or disagree and go 4-2 or even 4-3 in seven?

"What If"...I said LSU and projected #1 overall NBA Draft Pick Ben Simmons of Australia and LSU is highly-overrated and Brandon Ingram will be a better Pro...True or False?

"What If"...I said the best College BB Player for the 2K16-17 season will be two freshman in Duke PG Frank Jackson and Kentucky PG DeAaron Fox...True or False?

"What If"...the Boston Red Sox dba Carmines run the table the AL East...will "Big Poppi" dba David Ortiz (Highlights below) cement his legacy as one of the best Red Sox Players ever and is he Cooperstown N.Y. worthy?

"What If"...I said the 2K16 Chicago BBQ Fest (July 12-15) > the 2K16 Taste of Chicago (July 6-10)...would you agree or disagree?  

Checkout the next "What If" Sports Scenarios coming July 2k16 after the Holidays...

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