Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SQUEEZE the win a CHIP and get a CHANCE to "FIGHT for LARRY" in June 2K13...its all about the DEFENSIVE END...Its Early but POINT DIFFERENTIAL Leaders in the can't be the KNICKERBOCKERS can it?

Its is way too early for even speculation but the Logo is about 5-6 Games in and the most interesting Stat to the Bluedude isn't Scoring for Teams or Individuals or even Overall Team Records. It's all about the Defensive End as what are you holding your Opponents to or What is your Point Differential? The Team might be winning but are you outscoring Opponents by 7.5 plus PPG that is the Magic Mark in the Logo.

The Point Differential Stat will Tell the Tale about Pre All-Star Break or about at the Midway Point 41 Games in. Through just under 5 Games the Leaders are Important now but the Point Differential and your Team's Record early is a Good Indicator of what your Team is doing on the Defensive End.

Top 10 Teams in the LOGO in POINT DIFFERENTIAL and W-L Record....

1. MSG Contingent..NYK +19.34 (3-0)

2. MAVS of Big D +9.75 (3-1)

3. SILVER & BLACK Texas +9.50 (4-0)

4. O-MAGIC +9.33 (2-1)

5. WEST SIDE Story Report +8.50 (3-1)

6. FEAR the DEER Beer Town USA +7.00 (2-0)

7. REGULATORS Report Thunder Hoops +5.75 (2-2)

8. OCEAN DRIVE Clique 305 #WhiteHot +5.25 (3-1)

9. the GRIND HOUSE Beale Street Memphis  +3.34 (2-1)

10. CLUTCH City Texas #Rockets  +2.00 (2-1)

The Knicks are playing well and at 3-0 with almost a Twenty Point Differential...Wow

Mavs upgraded and out some Young Pieces with the Vets and they look quicker and Guard Play will be the Key...PG Collison with Extra MAYO

Pops and the Spurs doing it the Only Way to get a Chip on the Defensive End....

New Lead Man Jacque Vaughn has the O-Magic laying their Hat on the Defensive End like the Spurs..Imagine That!

Coach Thibs knows with or without the ADIzero Hero D-Rose we will Guard some Folks or we won't have any shot to put Numbers in the W Column...

The Bucks are Athletic and Fast with a Super Back Court and they are directed by Lead Man Scoot Skiles of Plymouth, Indiana by way of Sparty Legend Jud Heathcote....That has D written all over it.

The Regulators Report...OKC Hoops without Respect The Beard is going to have to concentrate on the Defensive End even more....

The Heat are just filling out the Season tight now and come talk to me by Christmas they will be a Top 5 All Season in Differential under Coach Spo...

The Grizzles don't call it the Grind House for nothing ...its always a Grind on Beale Street vs the Grizzzz...always

The Rockets are a Product of its Early and they have @JHarden13 scoring in Bunches who is a Walking Point Differential who ever is guarding him....

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