Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SUNDAY TALK....THE BEST PLAYERS at their Respective POSITIONS in SUNDAY TACKLE Football through 9 Weeks...QB and RB may be the hardest to tell...How many BEARS, FALCONS, and TEXANS are on the List?...ALL-SUNDAY Team from the Bluedude

Let's cut to the Chase forget listing the Top Players like an All-Pro Team the Bluedude just going to give you the #1 Player at his Position Period.

The Top Players at their Position in Sunday Tackle Football and there will be some Players Left Out there will also be some Ties and it goes to Both. If you have Problems with the List get to writing on your Blog, Newspaper, Journal, Tablet, or what ever you put your Questions, Comments, and Concerns on.


Manning Mile High..Top QB Rating

Matty Ice Dirty Birds...Falcons 8-0

Big Ben STEELERS...having his Best Year and #1 with Pigskin Last on Sunday

Twin Cities Avenger #28 Vikes...AP is the Best and he is 80%

BEASTmode #12thMan...I always wonder if there were no Skittles

Vonta Leach #PURPLEbrowns..the A Gap Grader and ask the Charm City Express #27

Gronk Pats...he is almost Unstoppable and do they ask him to Block?

Heeeeeeeath STEELERS...Blocking and Receiving there is no TE better

Reggie Blue Swagger Colts....Did Wayne just come out of the "U" in 2011?

MEGAtron Lions...forget getting in the End Zone he is a Monster Walking

Cruuuuuz G-Men...the NYG could be cutting Check at any moment
"Young Money Crew"STEELERS...the Best WT Corps on Sunday w/Heeeeeeath

Roddy of the Peach Drop 3...Matty Ice's #1 Target and he is Cowboys HOF WR Michael Irvin...the Playmaker 2K12 in Red and Black

Duane Brown Texans....has become #1 over Browns Joe Thomas

Mike Iupati Niners...All That and ask 49ers RB Gore what he means.

Twin #53 STEELERS...combines Athleticism with Strength and Nasty


Area 99 Texans...He plays like a DE...not a DT...Watt's Motor makes him #1 not by much

J.P.P. Watt its his Motor and Athletic Ability and #1 on that G-Men Line is saying something

B-Ware of D-Ware Cowboys....until he retires the Man on the Outside DE or OLB

Calais Campbell Red Zone...disruptive and at 6'8" a Physical Specimen

Daryl Washington Red Zone...leads all ILBs in Red Jersey Collections and is he better than Willis or Bowman of the Niners?

Lt. Briggs of Desert Swarm...Bears..has been the Best Defensive Player on Bears since 2006 and still is

BEARS Island near Lake Michigan..Peanut of Halas Hall and Mr. Jennings Soldier Field Edition...Combining both of these Corners gives you 24 Hour Lock Down..Shoe Program on Sunday Wide Outs

Antrell Rolle NYG...He is the Best Play maker on the Back End of that D and one of the Best not named Troy or Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Eric Weddle Bolts Nation...he is everywhere the Pigskin is and plays like a Corner in Coverage and will hit you...lost in Diego's Misery

PercyLand USA Purple People..Percy and the Avenger single-Handily are keeping the Vikes above .500 and Percy is a Threat once he gets to the Stadium and even from the Locker Room

Dawson Dawg Pound..without Mr. Phil Dawson the Browns would be averaging 6 Points per

Brandon Fields Aqua Boyz 305...51.6 Avg Nasty

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