Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"MONSTERS on the OUTSIDE"....Sunday Leaders in RECEIVING Yards through Week 9...BLUE SWAGGER Indy's WAYNE rolling to 1500 plus...the MARSHALL of COOK County Illinois lurking....MEGAtron a Staple but 1 in your End Zone...Hmmmm!

Sunday Leaders in Receiving Yards have been Steady Eddy as Wayne has Rookie Luck, the Marshall of Cook County Illinois has Cutler, MEGAtron has Staff, Thomas has Manning Mile High, and Wes is More has Tom Terrific. Which One or Two of these Players will go over 1500 Plus Yards  for 2012?

Wayne has established himself a the Go-To-Guy or the Safety Net for Colts Rookie QB Andrew Luck even though Luck is way beyond his Years. Wayne in former Steelers O-Coordinator Bruce Arians Scheme is flourishing as he is playing that Hines Ward/Emmanuel Sanders Role.

Cutler and Marshall are the Hottest Passing Duo in Chi City since McMahon to Willie Gault and Bears Nation I know what your thinking so slow your roll. The One Issue I have with this Duo is who is the Other WR or Player the Bears can go to when they Roll Coverage to Marshall because its coming this week or the Next vs the Texans or the Gold Rush at the Stick...the 49ers.

MEGAtron is still the Ish but One in your End Zone has to be the Madden Curse and at least he isn't hurt. The Lions already miss WR Burlison and Titus Young Sr. has to step up and be that #2 Guy off of C.J. Motor City and the #1 Deep Threat for Staff and the Lions.

Thomas  is the Deep and YAC Threat for Manning Mile High but Stokely and Decker along with TE Tamme are the Ones that do all the Underneath Stuff as well move the Chains. Thomas is their #1 Threat from a Defensive Standpoint when you Game Plan for the Orange Crush cut out of the Prototype... Fast, Big, and Physical Target.

Welker is just consistently good and it will be interesting to see if the Patriots Pay Him at his Age or let him walk. WR Lloyd has not produced as expected and Wes is More takes the Man-Under and the Safety Help with him in the Slot as he is like a Good Hot Bowl of Boston Clam Chowder...5-Star.

AJ Green and the Bengals have to figure it out and they need to get More Weapons around him and the Strawberry Rifle on the Ohio...Andy Dalton. The Bengals must get Green help as they look like a HS Offense with One Weapon to throw to.

Cruuuuuz got a Good Dose of Reality and chalk that One up to the Great Dick LeBeau as you thought Cruzzzzz was going to go off on the Steelers D you better go jump into the Hudson. Manning has another #1 in Hakeem Nicks and he needs to get him involved ASAP.

Vincent Jackson has helped the Bucs Offense as well as Teammate WR Mike Williams and the Bucs have Threat all over and V-Jack has been a consistent Deep Threat and Bolts you should have paid him. No one wants to see V-Jack and Company with that "Monster Inside Tackles" RB Doug Martin.

Roddy White of the Peach Drop 3 can go Short, Intermediate, Deep, and take Coverage with him and the Falcons look like a High-Priced Import that is headed to the Auto Show or shall I say NOLA for #47...Dirty Birds and ATL...Stand Up!

PercyLand USA blew up at Coach Frazier out of Frustration but he is headed for 1K Yards in both Receiving and Punt/Kickoff Return and he will join the Steelers WR Tone 2.0..Antonio Brown in that Category as the Only Players to that. A Super Germ on Sunday if I have ever saw one.

Sunday Leaders in Receiving Yards through Week 9:
Note: Grabs in Parenthesis

1. WAYNE Blue Swagger Indy (61) 835

2. the MARSHALL of Cook County IL (59) 797 (pictured)

3. MEGAtron Motor City Nation (48) 767

4. D-THOMAS Orange Crush (45) 756

5. #FoxboroWES83 is More Pats (60) 736

6. A.J. of the JUNGLE on the Ohio (51) 735

7. SALSA Dance at the N.Y. G-MEN Blue (57) 717

8. V-JACK #FireTheCannons Bucs (31) 710

9. RODDY of the PEACH Drop 3 ATL (47) 709

10. PERCYLand USA Purple People (62) 677

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