Monday, October 17, 2016

Steelers remaining 2K16 Schedule as Big Ben might be lost at least until November or even December!..."Triple Diamond Chronicles" with a look at the Landry Jones Project as Big Ben's History with the Injury Bug continues to plague him and the Black and Yellow! @BigBen_7 #Steelers #LandryJonesProject #StillerGang #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday took it on the chin down in the 305 and to make matters worse #7 dba Big Ben Roethlisberger goes down again this time possibly for an extended period of time. Ben through numerous media circles has a slightly Torn Meniscus that requires what has been deemed as a clean-up not full Torn Meniscus Surgery as Stiller Gang enters the its first of two of its toughest stretches in the 2K16 schedule.  

Steelers back-up QB Landry Jones will get the nod and there is no reason why Pittsburgh should scale back the playbook as he has been in the system for quite sometime. Yes he is somewhat limited but the Weapons around him are not. Let's checkout the 2K16 Remaining Schedule for the Men in Black and Yellow as that Week 8 Bye Week might be a huge blessing for Coach Tomlin and the boys!

#StillerGang (4-2, 1-0 AFC North)
2K16 Remaining Schedule

Note: Red denotes 50/50 games for Steelers to win or lose

Week 7 vs #Pats

Tom Brady is back and putting up Neighborhood Backyard Football Digits and the Steelers "D" is coming off a huge "L" from of all QBs Ryan Tannehill and the Aqua Boyz 305...

Week 8 Bye Week

This is much-needed as the Bengals and Purple Browns (Ravens) continues to take L's and the Dawg Pound is where they always the basement! Couple that with Big Ben getting two weeks to heal before the next game and a week during Pats Week lookout as we never count #7 out....

Week 9 @ #PurpleBrowns

It's a Rivalry Game and Division Game and nothing else needs to be said and no its not the Mike Wallace Game who is that?

Week 10 vs #Cowboys

The new Dallas Cowboys rolling with Emmitt Smith's O-Line 2K16 and two Donut-Runners (Rookies) in QB Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott who is always eating. Don;t forget about Rod Marinelli's "D" they are a major surprise in 2K16 getting excellent secondary play....

Week 11 @ #DawgPound

This is Cleveland's Super Bowl beware Steeler Nation...

Week 12 @ #ColtsNation

Thanksgiving Night lookout as we get maybe Indy with an Interim Head Coach...

Week 13 vs #GMen

Eli and Company will come to play as they will be right in the middle of the NFC Wild card...

Week 14 @BillsMafia 

Rex and the Bills might never lose again and run the table...a dangerous game that should have all sorts of "Fight 4 Lamar" (AFC Conference) Implications....

Week 15 @ #WhoDey

The Bengals might be on the rebound or looking to wreck the Steelers Playoff Hopes...

Week 16 vs #PurpleBrowns

The Ravens on Christmas Day 2K16...hmmmmm!

Week 17 vs #DawgPound

BBQ Chicken is served...  

Look its not next man up but this remaining schedule hinges big time on QB Big Ben Roethlisberger and his health...will he play again in 2K16 and in what week will he comeback to start?  
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