Thursday, October 27, 2016

Celtics @ Bulls as the "West Side Story Report" w/Playbook gets lift off for the 2K16-17 Season!...Wade County makes his home debut as the Green Team dba the C's are rolling on some lofty "Expectations" for the 82-Game trek in 2K16-17! @Celtics @Bulls #WestSideStoryReport #SeeRed #Bullsnation @NBAOnTnt

Here we go as the 2K16-17 Chicago Bulls with an entirely different look on the roster makes its 2K16-17 debut as they host the new Boston Celtics led by that back court of Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley both from the great northwest near the 206.

Chicago in its 2nd season under the "Mayor of Hilton Magic" Fred Hoiberg loses both Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah but adds Miami Heat G.O.A.T. and Chi-City Native Dwayne Wade to the mix as we ll as some really good supporting actors trying to get a lead role from #KnicksTape in Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant to name a few.

The C's under the watchful "Peepers" of one "Trader" Danny Ainge (Celts President of Basketball Ops) has lofty expectations as they should turn the corner adding a huge piece in Big AL Horford formerly of the Highlight Factory off Peachtree Street in A.T.L..

(0-0, Atlantic Division)
(0-0, Central Division)

Thursday October 27, 2K16 at 8pm ET
Madhouse on Madison 

Projected Starters


PG Isaiah Thomas 
SG Avery Bradley
SF Jae Crowder
PF Big Al Hordford
C Olynyk Clinic

Top Reinforcement: Marcus Smart/Jaylen Brown


PG "Double R" Rondo
SG Wade County
SF Jimmy Buckets
PF TAJmanian Devil
C Robin Lopez

Top Reinforcement: B-Portis Time/McBuckets


C's back court of Thomas and Bradley must make Wade and Rondo work defensively and get buckets...

Bulls Players must play to their strengths offensively and they will get the Spalding Orange from Rondo...

Transition "O" vs Transition "D"...

Hustle Board...who wins?

Bench Points...who wins? 

Wade vs Bradley is must-see T.V.

Big Al Horford was a huge get for "Trader" Danny and the C's the Bulls must contain that dynamic mid-range game of Horford's...

Rookies Jaylen Brown (C's) and Denzel Valentine ( Bulls) should make an impact at some point on this game if given the chance...

The Money Ball...who is more efficient? 

Stevens vs Hoiberg a that is Butler vs Iowa State talking March Madness....Lol!     

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