Thursday, November 8, 2012

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #53...STEELERS on #MNF looking to put #6 Up...Still No TROY n SHARD...COACH HALEY has to be looking for a Little RETRIBUTION on Chiefs Current GM...Mr. PIOLI

Steelers on Prime Time again and the Chiefs are 1-7 but its not because of their Defense but that Offense that is led by malcontent QBs Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn. It will be the Steelers Offense vs the Steelers D which brings us to the Game within the Game.

Steelers New Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley (pictured in Red) is back Home and look who is coming to Town as the Chief fired him last season after Haley lost His Team but before that lost his #1 Weapon in RB Jamaal Charles. A Publicly-Criticized  Rift between He and QB Cassell also did Haley in. But it might be Personal with Haley and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli (pictured with Peepers on in Black) whose Ties with the Patriots and then Chiefs D-Coordinator now Chiefs Lead Man Romeo Crennel probably didn't sit well with Haley as he probably thought it was a Lose Lose Situation.

Now both Parties have seemingly moved on the Dust still hasn't settled and the Steelers won't run it up on Anyone that's not Coach Tomlin's Style but there could be a Crooked #3 Up on the Board with the Chiefs stuck in Single Digits.

As for Steelers Injuries we will get the Word on Friday on the Injury Report or no later than Saturday on RB Shard Mendenhall, WR Antonio Brown...Tone 2.0, and Safety Troy Polamalu. With Ravens Week in Week 11 look for the Steelers to get Shard and Polamalu ready for Week 11 rather than Week 10 vs the Chiefs on Monday Night. The Steelers will be on a Short Week having played Monday Night.

Cassell or Quinn you should be...and see you Monday and pick up a Terrible Towel at the Gate.

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