Thursday, November 8, 2012

NFL WEEK 10...Andrew LUCK and BLUE SWAGGER Indy head to J'VILLE to take on the JAGUARS and no POCKET HERCULES....AFC South Battle on THURSDAY Night Football... #INDvsJAC

The Indianapolis Colts ride into their Thursday Night Game in Jacksonville, Florida with a 5-3 1st Half and a Rookie QB who looks like everything but a Rookie. On the Flip side the Jags 2011 1st Round QB Blaine Gabbert still looks like the Guy that played in the Big 12 at Mizzou and I don't care how you slice it. The Colts are trying to go 6-3 and stay in the AFC Wild Card whiles the Jags are just trying to Win a Game.

November 8, 2012
NFL Thursday Night Football

BLUE SWAGGER Indy @ J'Ville vs the JAGS

COLTS to Win: The Colts have been following the Lead of their Best Football Player and when Former Head Coach and now NBC Sport Football Analyst Tony Dungy says he was at the 1st Colts Practice and said Luck was easily the Best Football Player on the Field I, the Bluedude, immediately 2nd that.

The Colts are riding Waves on a Couple of Different fronts as their Coach Chuck Pagano is still undergoing Treatment for his Cancer that reportedly is in remission and that is Awesome News for Coach and Family, and Colts Nation. The other Wave is Luck who broke Cam Newton's Rookie Record for Most Passing Yards in a Game. It's this simple the Colts QB is the Truth and the Jags will have Problems stopping Mr. Luck.

Defensively they still have Freeney and Mathis and their Defense has picked up Confidence from Luck and the Offense playing at a High Level. No Mo Jones-Drew aka Pocket Hercules helps the Colts Defensive Scheme dramatically in this One. Jags QB Gabbert will have to make Plays down field and he should be inspired by a Guy drafted a Year Behind him doing what he is doing.

JAGUARS to Stay Close: I am thinking Gabbert might rise up and try to match his Counterpart in this one to show the Jags he is capable. No Mo Jones-Drew hurts them immensely in this one but that Sunday Football and you would hope its the Next Man up. Jags 2012 1st Round Pick Justin Blackmon just caught his 1st TD Pass last Week and the Jags will have to put up 7s every time they are in the End Zone.

Defensively they must contain Luck and force the Colts to Run then Pigskin and get the Colts off the Field on 3d Down. Its a Tall Order since the Colts are 5-3 and riding that Wave but that's why the play the game. Look for Jags Top Notch Corner Reshean Mathis to take Reggie Wayne every where on the Field.

Winner: BLUE SWAGGER Indy too much LUCK and Colts Mo....34-17
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