Thursday, November 8, 2012


The Regulators come into the Windy City on the Heels of a revamped Offense, Bench, and a New Role for their #1 Weapon @kdTREY5. See Red comes in as a Unit the Sum of its Part as the Bulls are holding down the Fort until #theReturn...of the ADIzero Hero D-Rose.

November 8, 2012

8pm ET
@ the U.C...the United Center


Thunder vs Bulls Outlook: The Thunder come into the West Side a whole different Ball Club with no @JHarden13. They still have Kevin Durant and Point God Uncle Russ holding down the 1A and 1B Spots in the Line Up but they are still looking for the 3rd Option. So far this Season the Thunder have gotten good production from New Pick Up K-Mart of Loud City but the Dynamics have changed. The Thunder's Leading Rebounder is @kdTREY5 (pictured in TeamUSA Jersey) as his Role has changed since the trade of Harden.

Offensively they don't have the 3rd Players to put it on the Deck and get his Own as K-Mart is Your Neighbor's Driveway Shooter. The Lane has shrunk down for the Thunder and they are Pick and Rolling with Russ and KD. Ibaka and Perk are still holding down the Paint but the Thunder need more from them. Point Guard Eric Maynor (coming off of an ACL this Past January) still is at least 3-4 Months away from getting back to his Game. The Thunder are a Different Team and they have to get use to it and build their New Parts.

The Bulls have played well and at 3-1 with their Lone Loss coming at the hands of the O-Magic the Other Night. That Night was a Perfect Illustration of when they don't have Offense when D-Rose is usually their to Bail them out its going to be tough to get Points. They are getting production from C-Booz 5, Luol (Pictured in Great Britain Jersey), and Jo Knows. A Nice 4th and 5th Contribution is coming from the TAJmanian Devil 22 and KRYPTOnate as they have provided Stability in the Front Court and at Point Guard.

The Bulls defend and they will always defend under Coach Thibs and that will be the Challenge Tonight as they know they must contain KD and Uncle Russ. Martin is a Standstill Shooter so they need to keep him off the Arc with Open Looks and force him to put it on the Deck to get his off. Vice Versa he Thunder will make the Bulls play in the Back Court as you can expect Uncle Russ to force the Tempo to see if any of the See Red Guards can stop him as he is as Explosive as they get in the Logo.

Winner: It will come down to how well the Bulls play Offensively and how well they contain KD and Uncle Russ because you don't stop the Great Ones but what you do is Make them work and try to slow them down.  Bulls will also have to Match the Thunder on the Glass and minimize the Turnovers especially at the U.C..

Bulls 96-94...and it will come down to the See Red D vs Uncle Russ and @kdtrey5
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