Sunday, November 4, 2012

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #51...GAMEDAY is HERE 4:25pm ET...the BLACK and YELLOW take over MET Life BLUE and try to beat down N.Y. G-MEN BLUE...BIG BEN vs SUPER E...#PITvsNYG Game Preview...Here We Go Stee-lers...Here We Go...Clap Clap

Ok NFL Network made it a Clean Sweep for the NY Football Giants in Offense, Defense, Kicking Game, Traveling Airlines, Coaching, and Eli over Big Ben. Look Steelers nation you know how we roll the Only Reason us the Steelers and the Raiders are the Most-Hated and Celebrated is because a lot of Teams are still reeling from those 70s Beat Downs we put on the Sunday Contingent. This is a "5-Star Match Up" because as former Steeler Great MLB Potsie Farrior would say, " Because we in it". Look when is the Last time any Network picked the Steelers or Big Ben that's why if Certain TV Guys are calling the Steelers game I will go to Steelers Radio Telecast or I Heart Radio and listen to this Top 20 on the Pop Rock List...Lol...Pop Rock Yeah Right. All these Haters because WE WIN all the Time...

November 4 2012
4:25pm ET

Steelers Nation and the BLACK and YELLOW @ N.Y. G-MEN Blue

STEELERS to Win: All of a sudden in a Month it look as though the Steeler D has their Feet under them or maybe its even simpler than that we are just healthy. This Weeks Match Up vs the NY Football Giants in Jersey is easily the Game of the Week. Look the G-Men since their Week 1 loss have reeled of 6 out of 7. They have Comeback Wins almost in every game and they have Eli. That maybe a Problem for most.

Big Ben and the Steelers come into Sunday Game with arguably the Best WR/TE Collection in the Game talking 4 WRs and 1 TE in the "Young Money Crew" and Do-It-All TE "Handy Heeeeeeeath" Miller. Yes the Back are banged up but we get One Back back in REDdawg Redman and he is the Best Steeler Back in the Passing Game. Ben and the Steelers are also Straight Parkay on 3rd Down...BUTTA!....STEELERS!....BUTTA! Then G-Men could not stop the Cowboys and 14 Pick Throwin' 'Boys QB Tony Romo on 3rd Down. I think the Steelers will expose a Giants Back End that is less than Average and forget getting to Big Ben its can you grab him looking Big Ben's built right out of the Animated Character "Mr. Incredible". And FROzone is "Da Kid" Mike Wallace so watch yourself G-Men.

The Steelers D has been playing excellent even though we have to start getting to the QBs as we have only 12 Red Jerseys on the Year and that's under Half of what the Top Sack Teams on Sunday have. The Young Players are starting to play better and with Safety Ryan Clark on the Back End we haven't missed Troy as much as some would think. We have to slow down NYG RB Ahmad Bradshaw and Company and then try to take away WR Victor Cruz at least his Splash plays. Hakeem Nicks is just as good and the Steelers will have to tighten up the Coverage on Both. TE Martellus Bennett has emerged for the G-Men but I look at him as not much of a threat. Steelers D need to start creating Turnovers and the Offense needs to sustain Long Drives and putting 7s  on the Board.

G-MEN to Win: I don't even see why the Giants have to play since everyone is picking them to Beat the Steelers Today with No Problem. Eli is better than Ben. G-Men's D is better than the Steelers. Coughlin is a better Coach than Tomlin even though Coughlin is almost Fired every Season until he wins the Big One. Eli has a Run Game in Lightning Ahmad Bradshaw. They have Two Top Flight Weapons on the outside in Cruuuuuuuz n Nicks. They will be a Challenge for Dick LeBeau and his 53 Plus Years in the NFL as was RG3 last Week.

The Giants D Front 4 is a Top 3 on Sunday and they can be dominant. The Steelers O-Line is always Terrible even though we have Back 2 Back 100 Yard Games they cam never be improving. I am completely surprised they didn't say the G-Men Backers are better than the Steelers and we covet the 6'4" 250 LB Violent Type and collect them like Tiger Woods was collecting Breezies. Yeah I put Tiger in there so what. C'mon G-Men I want your Best Shot so we have No Excuses. We don't talk in Steeler Land USA we just Ride Out from anywhere from a Go-Cart to a Smart Car to an RV to a Carnival Cruise Line Ship that Terrible Towel is Everywhere and #Winning.  G-Men Secondary I hope your Ready and you will be with the Better Coaching than the Steelers...right NFL Network.

WINNER: STEELERS 30-17  and Throw your Terrible Tizzle in the Air and wave them like you just don't care....#OperationMetLifeBlueTakeover in Full Effect
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