Sunday, November 4, 2012

BUCS travel to the BLACK HOLE n RAIDERS Nation...the AVENGER #28 vs BEASTMode...Taste the End Zone... PURPLE PEOPLE vs 12th MAN PUGET Sound... #TBvsOAK #MINvsSEA NFL WEEK 9 Late Slate

Lead Man Schiano heads North again this time all the way across Country and into the Black Hole vs the Oakland Raiders. The Purple People fresh off of their loss to the Bucs Two Thursdays ago have their toughest Chore yet in trying to corral the Hawks in the Hawks Nest near the Space Needle.

November 4, 2012
4pm ET Games
NFL Late Slate

BUCS #FiretheCannons @ the #BlackHole vs the SILVER & BLACK

BUCS to Win: One has to love tom see his QBs Maturation Process for the Good and the Bucs Josh Freeman has been Moving up All Season like George and Weezy on the Jeffersons to the Top. The Bucs have balance and Rookie RB Doug Martin has been all that and then some. On the Outside the 2012 FA Pick Up of former Bolts WR Vincent Jackson has been a God Send. Throw in a True #1 in WR Mike Williams and the Bucs have plenty of Firepower for anybody on Sunday. The Raiders will have to show the Bucs they can stop the Run.

Defensively the Bucs are Super Aggressive and they have Players each Level starting with the Oft-Injured DT Gerald McCoy. When Healthy he is a disruptive force. Backers Quincy Black has come on but the Star in the Making is Rookie Backer LaVonte David of Big Red Lincoln. Corner Erick Wright made the Oft-Troubled Aqib Talib expendable and they sent him to the Pats this Past Week. The Safeties are a Mix of Star of the Future in Mark Barron and a Bucs Player at Safety that played with the Selmon Brothers and El Drago Hardy Nickerson and Sapp in Rhonde Barber. Raiders QB Palmer will have to be smart with the Pigskin as the Bucs will be bringing Heat every Snap.

SILVER & BLACK to Win: QB Palmer needs to be smart with the Ball and not turn it over. Can the Raiders get Run DMC on the Field as he and Cowboys RB Felix Jones (who both played at Whoo Pig Sooie together at Arkansas) are the most injured Two Backs in the Milky Way Galaxy. If McFadden is playing the Raiders will have some Balance. WRs Heyward-Bey, Moore, and Hagan must make Plays down field for the raiders to have a chance.

Defensively the Raiders are pretty good led by DT Richard Seymour and Tommie Kelly. That Front is anchored by MLB Rolando McClain and Phillip Wheeler. The Backers are good in Space as well and they will have their hands full with RB Doug Martin of the Bucs.  The Secondary is led by Excellent Safeties in Trayvon Branch and Michael Huff. The Raiders will be Really busy if they can't stop the Run and Jackson and Williams get loose.

Winner: SILVER & BLACK 20-16....Deeee-Fense Deeee-Fense and BUCS..Welcome to the Black Hole and Empty all your Pockets before Proceeding...

the PURPLE PEOPLE n #SkolNation @ #12thMAN n the SEAHAWKS

VIKES to Win: QB Christian Ponder if your not scared you should be. Not too many QBs enter 12 Zone and come out with a W. With that being said Ponder will have to make Plays down field. The Avenger "Super Purple People #28" All Day AP will be raring to go and he will get his on anybody. The most important Player in the Vikes Grand scheme of things is Percy Land USA Harvin. He is the one player on the Field that can beat the Hawks in the Passing Game, Run Game, and the Kicking game. To the Bluedude he is the #1 All Around Offensive Weapon on Sunday...Real Talk he and Steelers Antonio Brown when Brown is involved in the Kicking Game as well.

Defensively the Vikes had some never seen Weaknesses exposed vs the Bucs as they couldn't stop the Run nor the Pass vs the Bucs. The one thing they have going for them in this one is they are playing Rookie QB Russell Wilson and they have to stop Hawks RB BEASTmode if they are to gave any shot in 12 Zone. Expect a Good Game from former Vikes WR Sidney Rice vs his old Mates. Golden Tate and TE Zach Miller are also more than Capable Options for Wilson in the Passing game.

HAWKS NEST to Win: QB Wilson will have to make Plays down field as he will also have a lot of help like the Vikes Ponder from his RB in Marshawn Lynch aka BEASTmode. The Vikes have to take away Lynch in order of being successful and make the Rookie QB beat them with his Arm. The Hawks have been struggling as an NFC Wild Card looks to be the only way to get a Bid to Winning Time being 0-3 in the NFC West.

Defensively the Hawks are Dominant especially at Home. DE Chris Clemons is one of the Top Red Jersey Collectors on Sunday. The Backers have been as Good as Advertised lead by KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner. What the Vikes Ponder will have to do is go against a Top 5 Secondary in Sunday Football in Sherman, Browner, Chancellor and All-World Safety quickly approaching Ed and Troy Status Earl Thomas.  The Hawks will make the Vikes earn it and do the Vikes have that in them in the Toughest Venue to play Sunday Tackles Football.

Winner: HAWKS 27-13...The Hawks D dominates
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