Sunday, November 4, 2012

NUGGETS go to 305 and TRADE SHOTS with the the ARC, Mid-Range, DUNK u very Much, Run Outs, and MONEY BALLS and in the End...the 305 Sniper SUGAR RAY of Jordan Brand in the Corner for Team WHITE HOT for his 2,700 plus MONEY BALL for the GAME-WINNER...BAAAAANG! #weGOTRay and BOSH hangs a 40 Piece...

The Denver Nuggets came into the AA 305 vs the Heat with Logo Royalty Lead Man George Karl and London 2012 Olympian Iggy of Mile High. The Heat were coming off of a 20 Point defeat as the Bully of MSG...'Melo Anthony took the Heat's Lunch Money the Night before.

After a 66-64 first Two Frames that look like a Sin City Summer League Game gone bad both Teams traded Blow after Blow. The Nuggets went Shot for Shot and Scooby Doo for Scooby Doo with Team White Hot as Seven Nuggets got in on the Act and Four Heat Players got in going for the 305.

It was the Play of the Forgotten One Chris Bosh that kept the Heat in the Game as he went for 40 Points and 7 off the Glass. Bigs for the Mile High JaVale McGhee and Kenneth "the MANimal" Faried combined for 38 points and 21 boards and most of that 38 was the high Percentage Rim Rattler Variety. 23 Lead Changes and 9 Ties later it came down to Nuggets SF Corey Brewer leaving his Man in the Corner to go help on King James. It wasn't King James who took the Shot but the Man Brewer left in the Corner was the Logo's All-Time Sniper with Money Balls Sugar Ray Allen of Jordan Brand as he calmly knocked it down...Baaaaaang!...and one. It just like that the Nuggets take their 3rd L on the Young Season.

Iggy and Faried led the Nuggets with 22 apiece. The Heat was led by Bosh's 40, King James' 20 points, 9 boards, and 11 helpers, and Sugar Ray with 23 points with 6 for 10 from the Money Ball Rack. The Difference in the Game was the Heat's 10 made Money Balls to the Nuggets 5. The Heat move to 2-1 and the Nuggets to 0-3.

King James and Wade County 305 stood with Heat VP Tim Hardaway to see the London 2012 Banner raised up in the Rafters for the Gold Medal.

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